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  1. 93Z34 added a post in a topic AMT Chevy Dually   

    Wow! What else can I say? What a gorgeous looking Silverado! The paint looks flawless! Fantastic job and an absolutely impeccable, clean build!
  2. 93Z34 added a post in a topic 69 AMX   

    How can you not like this car? A perfect choice for color and the build just looks awesome! Keep up the great work!
  3. 93Z34 added a post in a topic 1965 Impala Conv.   

    Beautiful looking Impy! I built one of these and painted mine gloss white. I really enjoyed building it, and seeing this one makes me want to build my other 'Vert kit I have on the shelf.
    The color combo and wheels really set it off and the engine mods fit perfectly with the theme! Great job!
  4. 93Z34 added a post in a topic Another Merc   

    Thanks for the compliments guys. I spent alot of time trying to go back to the basics on this project. I didn't worry so much about the added details and so forth as I did the building blocks of building a nice looking model.
    I forgot that I did scratchbuild the armrests for this car as well. I think the quality of the kit actually contributed alot to the end result you see here. This kit just went together great from start to finish.

    Paul, I used Testors Inca Gold from their new line of paints. I used several coats of Testors clear and spent alot of time polishing and waxing the body. The interior is flocked in light tan, dark tan, white and brown. It's hard to see all of it with the car completed, but it's in there. Fishing line was used for the fuel lines from the carbs to the fuel block. That's about it. The rest of the car is box stock.
    I have another Merc that I am thinking of going more old school with...we'll see what comes of that project...
  5. 93Z34 added a topic in Under Glass   

    Another Merc
    With a little prodding from Markus yesterday, I finally got motivated enough last night to put the finishing touches on this project. It's the first completed model of 2011 and it was a thorough pleasure to build. The Revell '49 Merc is easily one of my favorite kits and I look forward to getting my hands on more of these in the future.
    This kit was done basically box stock with just a few mods such as plug wires, fuel lines and flocking for the interior. I know it's not as elaborate a custom as most that are posted here, but for me it was a fun build and it's a nice shelf addition. Here are a few pics of the finished project...

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  6. 93Z34 added a post in a topic Modelhaus 49 Ford custom   

    While I enjoy wild customs, this project really caught my eye. The subtle styling changes on this car really make this project pop. From the side view, it takes on the feel of a speeding bullet without the extreme mods we so much of these days. Absolutely perfect execution of a fantastic subject. From the color to the stance to flawless building techniques, this car is a head turner, no matter which angle you look at it. What an inspirational build!
  7. 93Z34 added a post in a topic Spare parts '32   

    Absolutely gorgeous looking '32. The color and flames really pop to get your attention and then everything else just falls into place. Definitely a head turning rod, that's for sure. Sometimes the parts box builds surpass anything you can find in a kit and this is a prime example of that concept. Fantastic work!!!
  8. 93Z34 added a post in a topic '69 Chevelle 300 Deluxe   

    Looking great so far Greg. It's cool seeing cars replicated in scale that weren't actually available in kit form. You are definitely a brave soul to use that kit as well and try to turn it into something presentable.Your work looks awesome so far. Can't wait to see more progress!!!
  9. 93Z34 added a post in a topic Modelers High   

    I think there are various highs you can get from the hobby. From tearing the plastic off an old, vintage kit and going back to the day when that kit was new on the shelf and getting caught up in the moment of the history of the hobby, to adding the final touches on a project you have labored over for the past several weeks, months, or even years, there are many different ways to get your fix in this hobby.
    For me, I get that fix when I sit back and admire the finished product of my labor. It's even better when it was a project that maybe fought me a bit harder than other projects, or a model I ventured out into unchartered territories with.
  10. 93Z34 added a post in a topic Trevor who ???   

    If I understand correctly, Trevor has already specified that his points from this race be awarded to the series he's racing in full time. I don't THINK those points can now be transferred, but who knows. It'll be interesting to see which direction this young driver's career takes now. I think it's way too early to tell or figure though...
  11. 93Z34 added a post in a topic Trevor who ???   

    How great is it to see the Wood Brothers and that famouse red and white #21 Ford back in Victory Lane? What a classy kid too. It is really refreshing to see a feel good story like this unfold. We saw both past history and a future star of the sport come together at the same place today. It don't get no better than that!
  12. 93Z34 added a post in a topic '32 Ford Sedan Street Rod   

    Looks great so far Mike. I have this kit myself and am looking at taking an engine from one of the Revell Mustang KR kits to put into this. I'm not sure what mods I'd have to do to make a conversion like that work, but at least it would be Ford powered and i haven't seen this kit with one of those engines used...yet.
    Nice color combo and clean build, as always Mike. She's gonna be another head turner!
  13. 93Z34 added a post in a topic What is your dream model kit?   

    I know we got the Revell '59 Caddy, but there are so many other cool bodystyles of those cars that would look great in kit form. An accurate '57 Caddy, maybe a '61-'63 Coupe deVille...They look great in stock form and are also catching on huge with the custom crowd now.
    Not much in the way of new cars that I can think of as there aren't that many with a distinctive design with the exception of the cars already being put into kit form.
  14. 93Z34 added a post in a topic Revell Edelbrock Midget   

    Definitely looks like the real car. I actually had that kit in my hand yesterday at the hobbyshop but opted for the '41 Chevy pickup Revell kit instead. I will definitely pick up at least a couple of these kits though as well as the Offy version when it hits the shelves around here.
    You did a fantastic job on that car and seeing it built up so beautifully will really turn more builders onto this kit. It's definitely a jewel, that's for sure. Great job!
  15. 93Z34 added a post in a topic 1949 Revell Merc   

    That Merc is one sweet looking ride. You did a fantastic job on that car! This kit is easily one of my favorite kits. I'm in the process of adding the final touches to my first attempt at this kit myself. I absolutely love the way this kit goes together and the optiosn Revell made available to the builder with the optional custom pieces and so forth.
    You really did a great job on that car.