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  1. I am looking for AMT, Monogram or Revell un-built only kits of 50-60's car or truck kits.
  2. I need an AMT 58 Chevy dash and steering wheel. I would rather have unused.
  3. I don't have it yet and it may not be very bad but thanks for the tip.
  4. Does anyone now how to fix minor warping on old promos?
  5. I am building a diorama and for the parking lot I bought a roll of cork board from Hobby Lobby it looks pretty good.
  6. I am looking for AMT Craftsman or Styline kits built in good condition. What do you have? I am wanting them for my Goode Shop diorama. I have a couple of 64 Chevelles that I would trade for other craftsman or Styline cars.
  7. I am looking for an un-built AMT 53 Corvette kit # AMT910, AMT310 or AMT-6552.
  8. Does anyone know how tall the Coke Bottle decals are in this kit?
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