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  1. 60 Plymouth Rear Bumper & Glass

    No problem and the older you get the more you will do that. Yes I am going to use the resin body I would rather use the kit glass. Elvin
  2. 60 Plymouth Rear Bumper & Glass

    Thanks Steve
  3. 60 Plymouth Rear Bumper & Glass

    I need a rear bumper and glass for Johan 60 Plymouth HT but will take station wagon bumper and glass.
  4. AMT Modified Stockers To Trade Kits Added

    still looking
  5. Z-7 Debonder

    I have always broken parts when taking old kits apart but my son showed me the Z-7 Debonder for debonding CA glue and it works great on the old tube glue. I bought a 60 Plymouth that was probably built in 1960. I used the Z-7 and got it apart without breaking a single part. It had a roll bar glued to the back of the front seat and floor put Z-7 on it and in less than 5 min. took it out and wiped the glue off.
  6. Open Wheels [Steel]

    still looking
  7. I need a 60 Pontiac Bonneville an old Craftsman built up [No glue bomb] or the Trumpeter. The Trumpeter can be either HT or convertible. I also want a Lindberg 61 Chevy convertible.
  8. AMT Motor Pans

    still lookig
  9. AMT Modified Stockers To Trade Kits Added

    still looking
  10. Posting for MREDJR 1955 Ford

    Thanks Bruce
  11. Open Wheels [Steel]

    I need sets of the open wheels that came in the last issue of the Fred Lorenzen 65 Ford and the 62 Belair Chevy.
  12. Posting for MREDJR 1955 Ford

    Thanks Chris
  13. Posting for MREDJR 1955 Ford

    Thanks Bruce and Bill
  14. I have 2 sealed modified stockers 1 69 Falcon sealed and 1 69 Torino sealed. I would like to trade each for 64 Ford modified stocker. I also would trade for AMT 63-64 Chevy, 56-63-64-65-66 Ford, 64 Mercury, Revell 59HT-60-65-66 Chevy, Also need Johan 62 Plymouth and 62 Dodge Dart can be built no glue bomb.
  15. Posting for MREDJR 1955 Ford

    Thanks to Mark J for posting this for me. I cut the top off the AMT 56 Ford raised it about 3/32 and made the c pillows used the grille out of the Jukebox 55 Ford and made the front pan to hold the bumper. The 6 cylinder is out of Moebius 69 Ford truck. I made the 4 barrel intake and distributor the grease rags on the breathers is a red party napkin. This is a model of a hobby car the Jr. Johnson ran at the New Ashville Speedway in 1965 when Ford boycotted NASCAR. Jr's Mechanic drove the car. The only picture I could find was a news paper picture of the car on a ramp truck. It is not a super detailed car but I enjoyed building it hope you enjoy.