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  1. I'm really looking fot a coupe, but I'd take anything at this point to rescue this kit.
  2. Hello folks...I am looking for a roof/partial roof to a '40 ford kit, i believe its the IMC or AMT kit, but its clean, unbuilt, unpainted, and part of the roof is hacked off. Also looking for some kit steel wheels and tires from same kit(s). To me if it's a modern kit or older kit i dont care, as long as its a 40 ford roof. If you have a complete body or gluebomb that would be even better. Thank you all Edit- im also looking for a single, vintage AMT slick, the m&h racemaster/bluestreak kind that the tread feels like a record. It's the last part i need to fix up a vintage 49 merc i have
  3. Is that Testors Emerald Pearl Mettalic? I love that color
  4. Sounds Cool! If only I had the skill you had! Im only good with rats and beaters.
  5. I've been contemplating getting this kit lately, How good is it? Any major difficulties? It's either this or another 240z kit.
  6. The Hong Kong phooey hotwheels look like it could easily be made from a speedwagon kit
  7. Here's a picture of the car. As built by last owner, I'm guessing sometime in the 70's?? Nothing anything close to modern on the car it has a 440 and a Dana as installed sounds like I'm gonna have to find something just similar to the tire, dug through all my parts bins, I think it's gone for good
  8. ill say it right now, not sure where to post it but it's related to models I am fixing up a built up 49 merc, but it's missing a wheel and tire, but the tires are very strange... one side says Goodyear blue streak. the other says M&H Racemaster... the tread feels like what a record feels like. plus I don't know what wheels they are...anyone know
  9. Lookin Good Anthony!! BTW whats the MSRP, or just what they are going for?
  10. I like it, you have some good fabrication and paint skills! just wish I could get rid of orange peel to make it look like your cars!
  11. Thanks for the tips skip, really the sedan was to clear out just one of my parts drawer to make space for a project. I just through it together for fun. Starting on the roadster soon, still unsure what to put under the hood
  12. We'll figure I might as well upload my progress so far on these. 1 gasser, 1 rat rod, 1 salt flats car. sedan just needs a distributor and the drive belt, and headlights put on. just started the Vicky, put some lettering on it, first time I've ever hand lettered a car roadster isn't started
  13. well got the roadrunner up and riding. plus my sister got a trike project. pics later today
  14. wow, that right the is a good story!! Ive always called them that, mostly because (at least with bikes that apply) have bigger wheels out back, smaller in front, and slicks, and sometime the stance mimicked them too
  15. that's a nice looking bike, wish I had a Raleigh chopper now!! I think a bug may have bite me, because I'm diving Im head first into these muscle bikes!!
  16. Barris designed the chain over on them. Didn't get a tire but I did wash it and got a patina'd bolt that way the new hardware wouldn't stand out. I've got a fascination with rat rods and patina, what can I say... ha ha. rode the schwin down to my neighbor that is of buddy of mine, talked to him about cars, and told him it was my birthday 2 days ago. He gave me a model box FULL of anything and everything 32 ford. Expect a build thread here soon!!
  17. That's a nice bike Kerry!! Hopefully my schwin will be like that when I'm done with it
  18. I know most of us have had, or still have one. I've got a Schwinn Stingray, but its a repop but yesterday I bought a 1967 Iverson Roadrunner, in all original condition for a grand total of $47, it may of cost me my first johan, but lately ive been wanting bigger things I can sit on/in. Tommorow im going to the local muscle bike expert to get a rear tire and a carriage bolt to make this beauty all vintage. I will get some pictures soon, But in the mean time lets see some of your bikes, Full sized or scale!! Oops!!! Sorry mods wrong thread!! Just realized this should be in off-topic.
  19. Well guys, I sold the kit, but to buy that Iverson roadrunner, the thing is all original! im definitely keeping it for a while
  20. Just looked up the movie, I want the 62 fury wagon!!! hopefully I find more good deals in the morning
  21. That interior looks good, but I'm going to just use the kit interior just so it keeps all the original parts together. Tommorow might yield another good haul from the swap meet. ive got my eyes on a all-original Iverson Roadrunner bike from 1967. But time will tell. thanks for all the input guys!
  22. I'm going to save this model from the grips of the evil styrene trees. im thinking a slight lowering, in a light mist blue metallic, with a white interior oh and some white walls, anybody know what engine is in this, looks like a poly but not sure Sorry for my messy couch haha
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