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  1. I agree about the rear wheel wells and I like how you resolved them, I’m taking notes - hope you don’t mind. Your craftsmanship is outstanding and inspiring. Keep it going please.
  2. Mike, I didn't have the patience to sit through the entire Round 2 webcast (if that is what you are referring to) due to the amount of time spent on non-auto projects, so I don't know what was said there, and I certainly don't know all that the Round 2 team have up their sleeve right now. But a reasoned guess would be "yes". As always, time will tell! TB Tim, Thanks for responding. I didn’t watch the whole video either, I just watched the automotive part - like most of us, ha ha. frim what I saw and heard, the comment of we’re working on a muscle car too (or words to that effect) sounded more like a passing comment. You are correct, time will tell, what a great time to be a builder, cool 😎
  3. That is going to look nice. Knowing your building style I know it will come out great.
  4. Thanks for sharing this Tim Boyd and all. I have a 1964 Olds hardtop that I got a few years back. Not to stur up anything, but could this be the muscle car that Round 2 mentioned that they were working on in their video? Hopefully we will see this sometime soon.
  5. I picked this up last Saturday at my local LHS. I’ve built one of these before when the glue kit first came out as a 2016, so I kind of know what I’m up against. These are really sinister looking when you build them right.
  6. I’ve got one of the AMT 25 T’s going, I never thought that I would like it until I got into it. An excellent boxed Model T frame and the suspension is great to modify. Mine shown has had the frame Z’d and the much maligned 241 Red Ram out of the newer Ala Kart. Hope that y’all enjoy.
  7. Well I didn’t get this today, but I attended a model show this last Saturday in Clackamas Oregon and among the things I got was an AMT 1959 Fairlane Hardtop body and a complete built up of a 1962 Lincoln Continental Hardtop. Time for some Superclean.
  8. I have used the staggered chop on various bodies, it indeed works. You do have to do a bit of thinking it out in some applications.
  9. My thoughts too Snake45, My own opinion, I would be very surprised if they really do a 4 door hardtop or whatever. Personally I’d be looking for a re-issue of the 67 hardtop with a wheel change. Not that I’m trying to kill an otherwise good conversation.
  10. Personally as far as the real cars go, I much prefer the 63 Impala over the 64 Impala, that’s just my opinion. With that being said, the AMT or REVELL 63 would make a great starting point for a mid 60’s custom. Just an idea.
  11. Sign me up for at least two of the Dodge D100 long beds.
  12. mrmike, and anyone else for that matter. Before you toss out your color of paint you might want to shoot your color over a white primer. It’s an old car painters trick I learned from my dad years ago. Simply light colors and warm colors shoot over white it makes the color more vibrant. Also the paint colors would very a bit from day to day during assembly (atmospheric conditions). It looks good so far, keep it going. Best Regards
  13. Nice work, I hope that you keep going on this.
  14. I like what you are doing so far. I personally like the retooled version from AMT.
  15. Question; Is there a website for MCW Resins?
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