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  1. The die cast Studebaker Pickup I’m interested in. There a few things of interest, except for that it looks like my money is safe again.
  2. I agree with everyone, I too wish someone would do this in styrene. I don’t know though how profitable it would be for Moebius do one, I wish they would. I wonder if 3D printing would be an alternative?
  3. Finally up on wheels and tires. Time to do the chrome trim on this and then the interior. What do y’all think?? Keep smiling.
  4. Not a stupid question, jokingly I would say “With little tiny brush strokes”. Sorry, my sarcasm gets me in trouble sometimes. But seriously I have an old cheap Badger air brush that I use. I’ve had it for years and it hasn’t let me down. I should have mentioned it. Thanks for asking. Cheers
  5. What did I accomplish?? I paint with fingernail polish at times and I didn’t get full coverage when I painted this the first time. So I wet sanded with 1500 wet-dry (wet of course) and got all the boogers out. Then I bought more of the same color and 3 more coats later - here we are. Debating on scallops now. Cheers.
  6. I’m interested in the Bronco and the Gurney Eagle, but we will have to see what the cost will be.
  7. Getting back to the 64 Dodge Pickup, doing a bit of work on the exhaust system. I pulled the exhaust from the AMT 57 Chevrolet Bel Air Street Machine kit (new tool). It has an excellent exhaust system but there were modifications to make it fit right. I made my own hangers. I also scratch built a gas tank and mocked it up in place. Ready for more paint. Cheers
  8. Here is a build idea, from Gene Winfield. This would involve quite a bit of work but the end result would be so cool. The Olds Toronto engine could be sourced from the recently reissued MPC kit “The Californian”. The Eldorado and the Toronto shared the same engine transaxle setup.
  9. Getting back to the upcoming MPC reissues. I for one am glad that Round2 is reissuing this vintage of Toyota Supra. I prefer it over the F&F 93 Supra. I do have one in my stash and it looks like it was an attempted build but the paint stripped. I thought this was a good detailed kit and a risk since it wasn’t another Camaro, Mustang or such. on a side note although I do have a Revell-Monogram 65-67 Corvette I might just pick up the Streaker Vette when it comes out. Depending on the cost. Cheers
  10. I am kinda curious about the old Revell 57 Bel Air, I did acquire an original built up 2 years ago. Does anyone know if Atlantis did any cleanup or fixing the mold or are they just leaving it as is and issuing. Does anyone have any photos of what’s in the box??
  11. Well it’s been awhile since I’ve posted anything, the weather in my area prevented me from painting. I decided to two-tone this paint job. Both colors are Testers Extreme Lacquer, root beer brown and bronze. It came out okay but I have some fixing to do on this with some color sanding and polishing. Pardon the dust on the model but I did have to let the model sit and gas out. Enjoy and thanks for looking. Cheers.😎
  12. I have a few of the previous issues of the 58 Impala. So my money is safe.
  13. Now that the hardtop snd 2 door post are out, I’m waiting and keeping my eyes peeled so I can build this. From Martin Brothers in Austin Texas.
  14. Well my money is safe for this month at least.
  15. Finally I’ve managed to get back to this. The weather here in the Pacific Northwest has been rainy and cold, but today it was sunny and decent. So I have finally managed to get this into primer. I’m thinking of a two tone, Root beer brown and bronze. What do you guys think? Thanks for looking in the comments, cheers.
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