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  1. new for 2018

    Actually a 1950 would be easy to build from Revell’s 1949. How about instead Revell put out a 1951 Mercury, that would really sell since a 1951 has never been produced in plastic.
  2. For my 2 cents worth, I really would like to see: 1967-72 Chevrolet C10 Pickup 1950’s-72 Dodge Pickup any pre war (1930’s-40) Chevrolet or Mopar Coupe. way to go Moebius & Round2 how about opening the vault and bring back some of those 3/1 kits or restore the 1965 Fairlane back to stock. keep up the good work.
  3. 30 Ford model A---- resin

    Norm Verber’s ‘30/‘31 Model A is the best I’ve seen and it is accurate as far as I’m concerned. I would go ahead and send him an email and ask if it is still available, you never know.
  4. Darned fat fingers, what I ment was The Rolling Bones Shop. I’ll be watching to see your chassis build. Thanks for sharing your skills.
  5. This is looking good Ace, I have picked up a couple of these kits this last year. The styling here is very reminiscent of what would come out of the Rolling ones Shop. Thanks for the reposting of the tutorial, I’m definitely going to do this.
  6. 1957 Chevrolet 150 Four door sedan

    I have done the same thing, I have done it to the Bel Air Sedan. The roof on the two door and four door are similar. they both look very good. You did an excellent job.
  7. I am curious about the '32 Plymouth Coupe as well, by the time I had heard of this vendor he had just stopped. So if anyone does have information on Early Racing Classics stuff, I would be most interested.
  8. From what I just saw from Tom Geiger, I'm going to have to get a couple of these. I personally like the old school customs (or is that kustoms). As far as the more modern seats I'm finding many uses for them as well. I'm working on a Pro Touring right now and with a little modifying both front and back seats are working out.
  9. My first custom

    I have chopped a few of the 1940 Ford Coupes. It looks good so far, keep it going.
  10. If this is a re-issue then the interior should get you close to a stock appearance. Hope so at least, any word on that?
  11. 1968 Corvette

    This is wild, it is one of those "now why didn't I think of this". really cool
  12. Hi all, I thought that I would jump in on this but not to stur the pot. I picked up this kit a few weeks ago and started to look it over. First off thank you Tim for an excellent review (I did go to your Fotki site it was worth the time). I have just started mine, I am just beginning to do a kit review for my club's newsletter here in Portland Oregon (SABA-NW). I will let y'all know how it goes when I'm done. It will be a straight build, which is different for me since I generally don't build right out of the box and besides it is also a bit out of my wheelhouse. I have started some of the sub assemblies and a little finessing is needed here and there on some places but nothing unsurmountable. I will post up some stuff later in the Workbench section soon. Have a good day all.
  13. i thought so, the kit is made to transplant any 1/25 scale '32 hoods and grill shells. Sounds good, thanks.
  14. I was hoping that someone would have gained access to a real '30 Model A coupe and take some measurements. Still it might be worth picking up for parts, at least I still have one of Norm Verber's coupe to work with still 😊. By the way, thanks guys for looking into this, now I know what I am up against when I do tear into one hopefully soon.
  15. "New" Revell 48 Ford

    Well, l finally got my replacement kit, I gave my first one away to a kid last weekend. This kit looks like it will sell well. The roof looks a bit odd, but that might be just me. If the roof is just a bit off it is very fixable. cant wait to tear into this. Moonshine runner.