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  1. articzap added a post in a topic Rainy Day + $45 = New Project   

    The tubs do fit perfect between the stock wheel wells. The Willy's tubs have a longer slope back which will need to molded. I'll try and snap a couple of pictures of what I'm talking about later.

    I must say this now, the Escalade was the last model I did. I was in school and only had access to rasor blades. I had no point and was broke. Typical college kid, lol. It was also my first customized model. I'm fairly please with how it came out.

  2. articzap added a post in a topic 72 Chevy Pickup   

    Ohhh this looks good. It's hard to tell by the tires but is this going to be an offroad style truck?
  3. articzap added a post in a topic Rainy Day + $45 = New Project   

    If you guys keep the comments coming, I'll keep the updates coming.

    After seeing a couple of your comments, I decided to dig back into the project. The next issue you I had to address was the dropping the front end. I cut the spindles and added in about an 1/8th inch. This dropped the front end to where I wanted it to sit. I also cut the hood so I could see what the blower would like sticking out of the hood. I still have a clarence issue on the right strut that's causing the body to sit a little high. I'll fix that after the spindles dry some more. I set the front bumper in place so you could see what it'll look like.

  4. articzap added a post in a topic 2003 Infiniti G35 Coupe 7/7/17 Replaced photos fron Fotki   

    Simply stunning! I never thought I'd see someone convert a RHD to a LHD. I look forward to seeing more.
  5. articzap added a post in a topic 1968 Pontiac Firebird aka "Phoenix"   

    Looking good. I look forward to more progress pictures. I love to see the work that goes in to these things.
  6. articzap added a post in a topic Rainy Day + $45 = New Project   

    Well I started back into this today. At first I just trimmed the stock body to fit the Willy's four link. Well it worked, I wasn't happy with it. After seeing some of the detail guys go into on here, I decided to back half the car much like what you'd actually do in real life. I also added some rear tubs. They're not prefect looking, but I'll mold those in later.

  7. articzap added a topic in On The Workbench   

    Rainy Day + $45 = New Project
    Well I haven't built a model car in a few years now but it was raining all day so I went out and bought a couple of models. I love customizing so I decided to buy two and make one cool model out of it.

    From the Willy's I'm using the engine, rear 4 link and the rims and tires. The rear axle had to be lengthened to properly fit under the Mustang. Strut towers and to be ground down to allow the engine to fit. Motor mounts had to be modified.

    Please bear in mind this is a work in progress and nothing is set in stone yet.

    Post comments!

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