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  1. Cool build. Can't wait to see the end result. Did you try swapping in the Merc chassis? FYI, the engine is a Caddy, not a Yblock. Still period correct though. Pay attention to the wibndshield posts. Although you chopped this, the top will be a little narrower than the bottom. Revell Botched the windshields on all the 48 Ford kits, most eveident in the chopped version.
  2. I have had thoughts of this and the rear winsow also. I think i have a simple solution for it. but am mot revealling til I see if it works.
  3. That was my thought. Cannot wait to build it. Gonna be a period type custom.
  4. Pretty cool. I like the fix, makes it interesting. Many would have stripped it, but you kept on and made it unique. Great job
  5. Just received a chopped 51 Chevy Fleetline from J and J. Nice casting, as normal, a little flashing around the windows to clean. Other than the chop, all the body is stock. I may remove the door handles, not sure yet. If you are wondering, there is not paint on this. All the resin stuff I received from J and J have been excellent castings. Just sharing my experience.
  6. Awesome kit I had one and knew I could not do it justice. Traded it to a friend who gave it what it needed. As published in MCM..... Great job Charles
  7. I have no words... I am still trying to absorb the quality of the craftsmanship going on here
  8. I posted this pic to the Round2 FB page to bring it to someones attention "hopefully"
  9. Everything looks pretty good except this area looks to need a bit of work. I'll get one and see what it takes to fix if it needs fixed when finalized.
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