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  1. I feel your paint woes...... Looking great. You can never have too many of this kit. So much you can do with it.
  2. I thought the same thing.... I will be watching, this is a nice kit, and will be interesting where the build goes.
  3. Got a kit missing a horn. Revell W900 Kenworth snap. Thanks
  4. Sweet... I have 2 on the back burner so I'll be watching.
  5. I am loving this build... Chopped 32 Ford and Y-block? Does not get much better. Ed does make some really nice stuff, and that body looks great. May I offer a suggestion? Whack off those carbs and use a set from the AMT 56 Ford Victoria. They look much better than those molded on the intake. You may want to look into an air cleaner modification as the ones on the build would not (in 1:1) seal the butterflies. Just some observations. The wheels, stance and bobbed fenders really set it off. Can't wait to see the finished product.
  6. Despite the simplicity of this kit, it is one of my favorites. It just looks "right" To my eyes my Revellogram Shelby GT350 has always looked weird in the front.
  7. Looks Great!!! For all the complaining I read about the windshield opening, it does not look that far off comparing to your 1:1 picture.
  8. Coca Cola Charger.... Hmmmm
  9. Looks really good. Yea, these headers were a pain, so I made my own for the 37 Chevy I built. I have the Ford and Plymouth, but have not started them yet.
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