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  1. A Windsor distributor does not go thru the intake, the FE series does. A little trimming on the intake and relocating the hose and coil fixes this Revell mistake. FYI on Ford intakes 351W 351C Ford "FE"
  2. Too many paint blunders to mention..... Lol. Built, wired, and finished a 427 SOHC Mustang only to notice the valve covers were on the wrong sides! I warn people now if I see that on a WIP
  3. My very first kit was the Revell 57 Ford 1/32nd snap kit. My first glue kit was the bad man 55 Chevy.
  4. Attempted some painting on the Vic. Came out better than I thought.
  5. Trust me, I am not giving up at this point but just highly frustrated at times. If I made it thru this, I am hoping there is some fight left. Actually been walking (with the aid of a walker) for 3 weeks now. And that is with rods, nails, screws and plates in both legs. FYI it's a 94 F150 extended cab.
  6. I am going to give this a shot. Box stock with some detailing and minor changes.
  7. Cut the rear of the interior tub off where the trunk hinge attaches. Use a piece of tube to mount the hinge, it will fit more firmly
  8. Thank you for the encouragement. Gonna pull out something to mess with in the future and see how it goes. I'll post how it goes.
  9. Sept 1, '22 I was in a head on collision with a semi. I got busted up pretty badly but luckily only broken bones, nothing internal. Unfortunately my left arm had a compound fracture and some bad radial nerve damage. I have very limited use of my left hand and if therapy don't help I may hang up my files and glue. I may try some of my more simple kits but getting y desired build quality may lack. Worst part is I have several hundred kits in my stash.... Here are a few past builds and on the bench builds.
  10. Very nice. Working on one myself. A few minor challenges, but going well. The absence of door panels bothered me a bit, but I got over it.
  11. Well, maybe it is just the pic, not sure but it looks off in my eye. Won't stop me from buying a few though.
  12. That hood has a lot to be desired!!! Between the peak, slope and body lines, that piece is more of a Palmer Hope they just include the hardtop/coupe hood because that one is total trash.
  13. Well, The garbage truck is a must for me, along with the Avanti, and the Track Boss peaks my interest. I have the others in multiples.
  14. Great.... just great... I thought I was done adding to the truck stash.
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