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  1. With the bodies being pirated from Johan and AMT, I bet they are actually 1/25 (or close to it)
  2. Sweet.... Couldn't the AMT 65 Bonneville be used as a donor to make it better?
  3. No different than having some nicely built annuals IMO. Looks great
  4. https://www.facebook.com/groups/1757409821029826/
  5. Simple or not, I like the subject matter. Wonder if the Revell Cadillac low rider chassis will fit under it? I also see the model "C" , "P" and "B" is available
  6. Cool build..... Here is some inspiration.....
  7. So happy to see this... been scanning Ebay for awile. Now... what best to pull it with.....
  8. Thanks but they were all previously started and all pretty basic builds.
  9. The Ford LNT 8000 is must for me, probably a few.
  10. Yes, I will get this... I have 2 of the Cruising vans, but this is pretty cool, but I will need to open the rear doors. Hope the Coke Machine is not to tall to fit inside. I have one correct wheel and dog dish (molded together in black) for this off an unknown kit. I may need to get a resin casting kit at HL
  11. I remember this from the magazine. Clearly recall you mentioning the rear fenders are already tubbed.
  12. Pretty sure they are from the AMT/Ertl Fast and Furious Charger
  13. Looks pretty darn good to me
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