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  1. She is in storage now. I have an older pic. Looks bout the same but no mudflaps and now Cragar SS wheels
  2. Sweet looking build! As many said, this (and others) are long gone which is too bad. Wasn't Moebius supposed to have the 58 Dodge?
  3. Very Cool, I love the Y-Block aspect.
  4. Good job on it. I hope you are right about it being released again, I need a few more in my stash.
  5. That is the AMT kit? For being simple, they still build up good. I got mine low, and it was not as easy as some may think.. LOL My build on this kit..
  6. Sledsel

    75 Torino

    My favorite build of this kit so far
  7. I love all the detail paint work and you are doing a great job on this kit, but it is far from correct.The body has a ton of flaws that make the built kit look wonky.
  8. Sledsel

    tuned muscle

    Thinking outside the box.... I like that. Looks pretty sharp, and I really like the flames.
  9. This build (and story) just keeps getting better. Outdoor pics make that Chevy "pop"
  10. This is more along the lines of Artwork than actual model building! Fantastic
  11. Love her color choices on this. Your paint work is super impressive. Cannot wait to see it done! PS, turn the oil pan around or it will not sit in the frame correctly (Sump and filter to rear)
  12. Looking great! Be sure to get the resin tail light panel for it.
  13. Sweet... mine is green also, not that green of course.
  14. I must say, the change to the hood makes it look so much better overall, Looks great
  15. Wish i could be of more assistance, but my 1:1 is in storage right now.
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