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  1. My advise would be get a readily available NASCAR kit and start there.
  2. Since I love Rancheros, this is an awesome build. I am sure there is a caster that would reproduce it.
  3. I have been searching and have found a resin behind cab tool box but am really wanting side mount boxes for my build. Anyone know of a source?
  4. Anybody have an air cylinder half from an AMT Mack in their parts box? Lost one and am kinda stuck on the build. I'd take a resin copy even. Ebay pic for reference. Thanks, Andy
  5. Shocked nobody mentioned the guy on the right checking out the oil leak from the car above. Hope they fixed that leak!
  6. The irony of having a 44 year old truck as a back up when the newer ones are down.
  7. Not interested in the Hornet car, but will grab one or two to build a more custom Imperial
  8. Builds up good, but in my eye the front end looks wonky.
  9. No stock or stock style windshield? Well, that lowers it on my want list for sure. Looks cool otherwise.
  10. I for one am gonna grab one. A few years ago I had one partially built and traded it off for something. I made some minor changes to that one and plan to do the same again. Glad to see it back.
  11. HORRAY!!!!!!!!!! The front of the Revell always looked wonky to me so this is great news.
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