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  1. Both look great. I am a bit biased though, although simple this is one of my favorite kits.
  2. Going to try to locate a 442 this week. Robberbaron, you should have asked to open to inspect the contents. I know there was one damaged at a HL near me and the allowed me to inspect a damaged box before purchase
  3. I read there was a DOHC YBlock but cannot find info. Y Blocks are my normal go to on Hot Rods so I am always looking for inspiration. Interesting Y block read if interested https://www.curbsideclassic.com/cc-global/cc-global-ford-argentina-fairlane-with-292-v8-the-y-block-gets-a-high-performance-second-act-in-argentina/
  4. The cylinder head length on the 1/24 Thunderbird engine is 13/16" Center to center on the outer exhaust ports is 11/16"
  5. Agree. The opening parts are a little finicky but some patience pays off
  6. They look pretty good in my opinion. Maybe shrink the flange size a bit and try to leave the port spacing pretty close to what you have. That set may work on the 56 Thunderbird from Monogram because it is 1/24. I will dig up my 1/24 engine and measure the head length. Nice job for sure.
  7. Weslake Y-block, built by Harry Weslake's famous British racing and aircraft engine company. The engine features aluminum heads with "Industria Argentina" cast onto them, which indicates that it was likely developed after Ford sent its Y-block tooling to South America. After some digging, I think a SBF head will work for starting to replicate one in scale. Very interesting what they did in Argentina.
  8. They do dump slightly towards the block. As for the casting bumps No biggie if they are not there..... to me at least
  9. Looks great!!!! If these are successful, I'd like to purchase some. I have a stalled kit awaiting these. I was gonna look for some SBC manifolds to modify but I am going to hang tight
  10. Nice job!!.. It really is a cool kit and a cooler build. Doing a similar one, but a military unit modified by a returning soldier. Adding a 260 V8 Ford
  11. Sledsel

    1964 Comet

    Very nice... Hope they release this one and I hope they do this like the Chevy II wagon... Curbside and an updated full detail. Hmmm.... off to write Round2 an email
  12. Nice. I keep looking at getting that kit but I do not like the pancaked hood. Anyone know if the older Revell hood fits?
  13. Unfortunately these are the only measurements I know and I do not have a physical set to measure the rest. I do know from the center line of the exhaust port to the top of the manifold is 4 1/2" and from center line of exhaust port to outlet flange is 4"
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