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  1. Well, I visit resale/antique shops, garage sales and flea markets all the time. Was out of town for work and saw a resale shop and decided to stop for the heck of it. Finally had some luck so I had to share.... AC Cobra was built nice, nothing missing, little clean up and on the shlelf MPC? 1970 Mustang, scoop and rear bumper missing, built pretty well, not painted. Clean up, on the shelf til I want to rebuild 40 Ford, open and complete, engines assembled nicely. GTP Mustang, sealed Everything cost a whopping $35. I think I did okay..... finally! Anyone else have a good story about a resale shop or similar?
  2. That is coming along nicely
  3. I'll never build this, so it is up for trade. Body was painted but then stripped. Complete Open to trades, I lean towards 30's - 70's cars and trucks.
  4. Missing cylinder heads, valve covers wheels and tires. Remainder unbuilt. Trade for? Interested, drop me a line and we can work something out.
  5. Looks good... I have always like this kit.
  6. Been going thru kits this will never be built by me. The Buggy is missing the Cragar SS wheels, otherwise complete. Trade for? Am looking for AMT 39/40 Ford parts. Interior tub for a sedan, fenders, frame, any misc. AMT 63 Galaxie or 64 Mercury chassis 61 Ford body Open to ???? Rather someone build these than collecting dust.
  7. Wow... That's nice. This is my only pic accessible right now
  8. As for removing the exhaust, I have not done the 65, but did a 55 Chevy... A lot of trimming with a knife and then careful sanding left me with good results. Inner fenders on Fords from the factory were a semi-gloss black.
  9. Because he had it, it is a challenge, and any good builder can make something from a dog kit. I love seeing what I can do with them. Keep going Jeff, looking good
  10. This should help under the hood. Black engine, aluminum intake. R code XL's would have bucket seats and poverty caps were standard. Good there. The one thing not addressed is all R code 65's had headlight covers. So to be correct, you will need to fabricated them.
  11. Looks Great!!! I am biased though because I have a 1:1 in the garage that is Ivy Bronze Poly (the color of the one in your picture)
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