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  1. I have no words... I am still trying to absorb the quality of the craftsmanship going on here
  2. I posted this pic to the Round2 FB page to bring it to someones attention "hopefully"
  3. Everything looks pretty good except this area looks to need a bit of work. I'll get one and see what it takes to fix if it needs fixed when finalized.
  4. Love the vibe it gives off. Personally, I always thought the 58 was nicer looking than the 57.
  5. J and J does the hardtop, not sure about the sedan.
  6. LOL.... Cool..... One of those new mini pumps... Yup, that's what it is!
  7. Wow... just wow. All that fabrication is too nutty for my ability, but looks awesome. I am assuming there will be a dry sump of sorts for the engine since there is no place on the oil pan for the pump. LOL
  8. Thanks... Now I am searching parts boxes.. I swear I have the cockpit cover for the Cobra.
  9. You have definitely found some great deals in the past!!!!
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