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  1. I think so, I will need to check and see if the sizes are listed Thanks for the replies guys, I was able to trade off the tires I have, but when I need more, I know where to check.
  2. My car model budget is safe, my truck budget is screwed
  3. I need the van, Hostess truck and Ford 9000.... I will have to deal with the price I guess.
  4. Now I have seen the flaw, I cannot un-see it.... Great
  5. Love that Barris Merc. Good luck with the build, hopefully you can make that Revell body look good. Would not have been my choice to start with because the sides are too flat and the hood contours are way off. There are other things, but those are the glaring ones from that kit. She shows her die cast roots.
  6. Sweet. They look "just right" on those trucks. Great job, love the broken grill
  7. The Woody, okay. That just needs the AMT front bumper to be more correct. The chopped custom can die a slow death. Great parts donor, but the body is so bad that I pitched it in the trash. I attempted corrections and just gave up. The 48 is a lot better than the Mercury and the rear quarter windows are the only thing really needing fixed
  8. Those look good for that Jeep. Is that the old Revell Mork and Mindy Jeep? The Linbergh F150 has some nice tires too.
  9. Nice build. Yea, seems the 70's and 80's kits had the smaller tires
  10. I recently bought a set of desert dog tires and wheels from that site. These things are HUGE. Definitely not what I wanted. I know there is a 1/25 scale desert dog that is smaller, but not sure where to find them. Anybody have a clue? Pic is a comparison to the Firestone tires from my Super Stones truck
  11. If you cut the valance off, cut the front fenders also. It is one of the many inaccuracies of this kit. Your build is looking great though
  12. I have a Monogram 66 Mustang built... the front end just looks wonky to me. The 67 Coupe would just need side panels for the rear and a rear seat. They could add a score line on the fastback side panel to remove the rear section. Just a thought.
  13. Very cool... Those metallic colors sure do pop
  14. I love the color. Looking good!!!
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