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  1. Eleanor Mustang

    Looks great! Round2 should do this.....
  2. I like it..... Wonder if the mold exists still? The body sure looks like the Cuda snap kit
  3. AMT 1966 Ford Fairlane update 7/17/16

    Looks Cool.... but the wheels are just a bit big for me.
  4. 2019 Round2 Car Kit Releases

    Many of the body's are still pretty good on those Galaxies.... just need some updated interior and chassis under them. Same with the 61 Ranchero, 66 Mustang, and others. As for Revell new toolings, I stay away from a lot of them. Too many of their offerings have incorrect bodies, and I just got tired of trying to correct them. Some are tolerable, some are just junk IMO
  5. '71 Mercury Comet F/C

    Verry cool, will be watching.
  6. 1959 Imperial Convertible

    Pretty cool.... Definitely thinking out of the box. I like it. All it needs is Jason Voorhees driving it.......
  7. '69 Mercury Cougar Eliminator

    Looks great!!! Yes, yellow is a bear to paint. I have found that a white primer or flat white base lightly scuffed helps me painting yellow.
  8. Freight liner COE questions

    The Freightliner is number 2 on my list of trucks I am building. I have been doing some research before I start. Best solution for the cab looks to be assemble, sand, fill the seams and use the archer rivets. Going to do as Brian says and leave the drums out and do some thinning of other items. Alot of trial fitting also.
  9. 2 tone 57 Ford Custom

    Good looking build of a botched kit. Love the details and colors.
  10. Build "block" 63 Vette

    Thanks... That was my thought. Only ended up with 2 tiny specks in the paint. Good 'nuf
  11. Build "block" 63 Vette

    Yes, they are.... actually all these old AMT kits are fun. I just need to stop trying to update or improve them and enjoy them. Too many people whine and complain about these old kits. And we have color.... The color is called Medium Metallic Blue. Not doing anything with it, no rubbing, buffing, anything, just let it dry and BMF the body.
  12. Round2 June 2019

    I sure was hoping to see that Cyclone soon!!!!! I plan on several. Never was a Brat fan, but I may be in for that one too. Started doing some trucks... that wrecker looks cool.
  13. Build "block" 63 Vette

    Day 3 progress was a bust... layed some paint down and it was old and went on like spackle. After it set up, into the purple pond. Day 4, did the interior, basic black, flocking for carpet, white face gauges, kit provided seat belts (thinned a bit) Engine mostly assembled, used a parts box intake, carbs and air cleaners. Body sanded, primed, sanded. Trying for different paint Friday.
  14. Build "block" 63 Vette

    Progress on day 2. Chassis painted and detailed, engine is painted, emblems shaved off the body per Snake's thoughts, and the body primed. Weather is going to be good tomorrow, so I hope to lay some body color. The burnt orange is kinda in the air right now. Floor is in flat black with a satin black on the frame. Exhaust is flat aluminum. I decided on the big block just because this will be a street machine, not a stock build.
  15. 1948 Lincoln Continental

    Personally, I think it is looking pretty darn good. I was working on one of these but shelved it for a bit. Not because of frustration, but other ideas for builds pop in my head and off I go. I assembled the body first an it fits together well as a one piece body although the assembly was tricky. Can't wait to see it done.