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  1. Well, to my surprize. Discount Drug mart is starting to stock plastic kits again. For awhile now they have been loaded with die cast kits, but have recently brought back plastic kits. The selection consists of Revell kits. I emailed to customer comments on the Drug Mart website letting them know my appreciation. I mentioned an interest in them stocking some Round2 kits. I am hoping others may appreciate them stocking kits and letting them know. Prices range from $13.99 to $19.99 I grabbed these two today.
  2. Looks great.... Nice details on the chassis
  3. I'd say it's looking good. As an FYI, the hood is not straight across, there is a peak that follows the front header.
  4. Found a Revell 48 Ford in Columbus. Grabbed it along with a Gremlin, Diamond Reo, Kenworth cab over, International Transtar, and a flatbead trailer. Was a good day.
  5. Well, he is from New York City... Cost of living is high there, so if you adjust for that, it's a $100 kit. LOL
  6. Of course Ebay is packed with all these kits Ollies had. I grabbed a 1/25 Pumper. Anyone want to trade a Diamond Reo?
  7. It is looking great!!!! One of the issues this Torino has is the trim on top the door. It is too thick and raises the door and line making the openings to small, especially the 1/4 glass , Revell added the height of the entire piece to the top of the door and 1/4 glass whereas the trim is almost flat on top the door and rolls over the side. Even it out to open up the window the way it should be. Major kit flaw that drives me insane!!! i marked up one of your pics for reference.
  8. PM me if you do. I have a stalled project that I was trying to figure what to do with and I saw these on a page and thought they would be perfect. Til then, I'll watch Ebay
  9. Thank you so much!!!! You would not want to get rid of a set would you?
  10. Looking cool.. No skirts unless you lower the rear. IMO
  11. Found it on the web and I want a set for a build.
  12. Looking forward to seeing these come together. I have this set too... been holding off because I want to upgrade the front suspension on the coach.
  13. I thought Godzilla was supposed to arrive this month? Somehow I missed them... oops
  14. Cannot believe these have not been brought up : 1964 Olds Cutlass F85 Convertible 1963 Chevy II Station Wagon Craftsman Series
  15. That looks ready for anything... pretty cool
  16. Sledsel

    '76 Pinto

    Very nicely done. The painting of the filler panels on the bumpers sets it above the rest.
  17. Looks Fantastic! Although it is an old school kit, they still build up nice. Anyone wanting more chassis detail can use the 65/66 Galaxie suspension with a few mods.
  18. Sledsel

    Coke Charger

    As much as many complain and joke about the "Coke" themed kits, this thing looks darn cool. Makes me want one for my case because she "pops" Great job on it!!!! TonyK is correct, it is inspiring
  19. I never could bring myself to build mine. The front end just looks too bulky, especially the front bumper. The Revell 57 Ford suffers from this also. A side view of either car clearly shows the bumper is quite a bit higher than the bottom of the rocker panel.
  20. I just scored the tractor online for $30..... Figures, but I figure I did okay. I imagine this will have the Lindbergh trailer.
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