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  1. Looking for a set of decals from the Pepsi Chevelle Got in a hurry and ripped mine. THX
  2. I just took ownership of this 49 Merc. I was brave and drove it 900+ miles home. I was not waiting for no damn transport truck!!!
  3. My Wooster Ohio Walmart and Hobby Lobby score today. I bought the metallic tape to try to use like bare metal foil on side trim.
  4. Right. I almost grabbed the Caterpillar dozer also. I did find the Pete' online for $42 delivered from a place I buy from frequently.
  5. But the monogram is a 1/24 scale making the size correct, or more correct
  6. One of those old simple kits that build up to look so nice. Outstanding job on this build! FYI, want Buick wheels? Maybe someone has a set from the Monogram GSX......
  7. I have been seeing quite a few of these nicely built lately. Yours ranks right with the other nice ones.
  8. I took this apart and it just has not caught my fancy so I figured I'd try to trade it off before auctioning it. Johan 69 AMX, Undamaged body, interior, glass, and chassis. Engine needs work and is missing intake. Missing tail light lense and hood. Small chip in grill. More pics on request. Interested in MPC Mustang II Funny Cars, Revell Miss Deal, AMT Studes, , rigs ect. Will consider others of course. 20's to 80's
  9. I have used them over primer also. I used the O scale 5/8 rivets on my Freightliner and wish I had used the 7/8 rivets.
  10. I grabbed one of these recently even though it looks all distorted on the box art. The roof looks kinda squashed and the entire car looks twisted. After opening the box, I thought about using it as a donor kit for an MPC trans Am, but I have enough "projects" so I quickly traded it off. The body was a mess in my opinion and I was not gonna try to correct it..
  11. It is built like an old tractor.... the drive train is the frame.
  12. Wish I had grabbed some when Hobby Lobby had them. Although simple I always liked that kit.
  13. Very cool.... Glad you posted the screenshots cuz I knew nothing of the car.
  14. Looking good. I like these older Nascar builds from when they still used factory panels
  15. For a first Nascar build, you are going "all in" and it is looking great.
  16. Considering the horror stories I have read about this kit, I have seen several great builds of it.
  17. Great job!!! I plan on tackling this kit in the future myself. Any hints to pass along to us other masochist?
  18. Good job on this. I like the way you combined parts to make a cool build
  19. Nice conversion there.
  20. Looks pretty good for a 4th build. I have to agree with others, the door numbers are to low. Still looks good though.
  21. I was going to message and ask about how resistant they finish is to handling. I will update unless someone else gets an answer before me.
  22. Someone forgot the side wings on the Mustang II..... Seriously, I'd prolly buy all of these just for the fun of building them
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