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  1. Very nice. Working on one myself. A few minor challenges, but going well. The absence of door panels bothered me a bit, but I got over it.
  2. Well, maybe it is just the pic, not sure but it looks off in my eye. Won't stop me from buying a few though.
  3. That hood has a lot to be desired!!! Between the peak, slope and body lines, that piece is more of a Palmer Hope they just include the hardtop/coupe hood because that one is total trash.
  4. Well, The garbage truck is a must for me, along with the Avanti, and the Track Boss peaks my interest. I have the others in multiples.
  5. Great.... just great... I thought I was done adding to the truck stash.
  6. What engine do you want? The Mach I was available with a base 302/2v, 351C/2v or 4v or a 429. Other than the valve covers, externally the "Boss" 351 is the same as the 351C so with the stamped steel valve covers, this engine would be appropriate.
  7. At least the "Retro box art" is not Matchbox retro!
  8. Looks like a well used work truck. Very nice
  9. I agree with that assessment also. The host should have said something right away. Considering listening to the way the story unfolded, they only went about 2 miles or so before this happened.
  10. Very nice! Looking at purchasing one of these in the near future.
  11. Ohhh yea, I am in for the Bronco and Cobra, maybe the Lotus. My last Carl Casper dragster ended up as a parts kit.
  12. The Revell Bronco is closer to the correct wheelbase for a Pinto/Mustang II
  13. Saw this on Youtube and my opinion is the driver/owner is an idiot. Let's forget the fact the car is Chevy powered, the owner is totally stupid and negligent in my opinion. What are your thoughts?
  14. Pretty sure it is the Revell tow truck because of the visor.
  15. Found this behind some Revell W900's at Hobby Lobby. Was 40% off week too! Win win
  16. I am glad you did not take it the wrong way. Since it is not finished, maybe grab another kit and do it opposite then you have 2 wide bodies, each different. Another thought for suspension that could work well (only cuz I am considering it) is an AMT NASCAR truck chassis. Reasonably priced and gets it low and is detailed. Just my 2 cents.
  17. Just stumbled on this build looking for ideas for the same kit. Pretty cool thoughts on the wide body modification and I actually think is a great idea. I do have one observation about it and please do not take it as criticism. The thing that kinda bugs me is the difference in widening of the truck. The front was widened at the top of the fenders whereas the bed was done at the body line. I guess I like things too symmetrical. In my eye it looks as if it has a Doge Ram bed. Keep 'er going, I am sure the finished product is gonna be sharp, I am especially diggin' the 2 tone color choices
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