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  1. Thoughts for this one are simple. Roof to be painted to match the rest of the car, dual exhaust, done. I have other cars I am gonna tinker with more.
  2. More than 25 years old is older enough. Always liked that color on a Fox. Nice
  3. This guy did not help the cause...... https://youtu.be/gIiRR-P5thk
  4. From my understanding, NC made this illegal for safety reasons
  5. I know it has been on that truck, in that spot for several years. Finally sopped to peak at it.
  6. Nice save.... Looks cool
  7. Around Newark Ohio I'll have the get a pic to show the vastness of it...... Nahhh leaving it alone. Rides and drives beautifully as is. Besides, I have very little investment into it, gonna keep it that way.
  8. I posted about my modelling experience to repair my grill, and now I have worked out enough bugs to put her on the road. Summer is almost over, but I am gonna log some miles before the snow flies in Ohio. 1971 Monterey 2 door hardtop, 72,000 original miles, original paint. I am going to paint the roof soon because I do not like vinyl tops. My only other modification will be dual exhaust. Posting an as purchased pic first. Who else has a cool older daily? Especially up north here.
  9. Just by looking at it, the body flaws from the Del Rio (and Custom kit) are not there. Beautiful build
  10. Fantastic. I love the wood grain. Obviously based off the old Revell wagon and not the crappy Del Rio.
  11. Came out really nice. I wasn't keen on the rear treatment during the build, but it came together at the end.
  12. Cool subject. Never knew it existed. Great save
  13. I'd want this.... but I would rip it apart and rebuild it how it should be
  14. Seems the more they change, the more the fan base shrinks
  15. My movie car vote goes to......................
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