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  1. Splash Paints LLC Order

    He recommends a .15 for colors and clear and .4 for primer
  2. Splash Paints LLC Order

    Follow Samuel's recommendations for needle size and pressure. Results are great
  3. Throwing in the towel. Need some advice

    You might want to consider going to the NNL West in Santa Clara. Get a vendor table and bring what you want to sell. http://nnlwest.org/nnlwest.html
  4. Using Splash Paint now. Great paint and it shows up in 2 days after you order it. You also get a tracking number
  5. BeeMax 935 K3

    M&S Hobbies carries BeeMax. http://www.mshobbies.com
  6. Revell "Eldorado" model

    For what it's worth, there were a number of Foose models in different categories at the IPMs Nationals in Phoenix. Cadillacs and the Ford pickups. Don't underestimate how popular Foose is. Box stock or detailed, they are great kits.
  7. I'm glad you got your paint Albert. I purchased Gravity paints before these issues started cropping up. Liked the paint but the last order I placed, Mate told me that the post office was having issues. Label was printed but paint hadn't been shipped. Finally got the paint but that was my last order. At the IPMS Nationals I ran into two people that have been waiting over 3 weeks for an order with no communication. I've ordered from Splash Paints, Upscale Hobbies and HobbyworldUSA. Great communication. Email acknowledgement of the orders. Orders shipped the next day with tracking.
  8. IPMS nationals 2018

    You're welcome! :-)
  9. IPMS nationals 2018

    Here are all the automotive category photos: http://svsm.org/gallery/phoenix2018-auto?page=1 and the awards. The list is by category with the winners listed 3rd, 2nd, and then 1st place. Cars start on page 20 http://svsm.org/gallery/phoenix2018-awards
  10. IPMS nationals 2018

    Going to be there Wednesday, Thursday, Friday, and Saturday
  11. Oh no , not another Cobra !

    If you're talking about the Gumball rally, they used to very real 427 Cobras for the film
  12. Green work mat

    Try Mega Hobby. https://www.megahobby.com/
  13. HRM (Historic Racing Miniatures) does the roadster. Working on it -slowly
  14. http://www.mshobbies.com are they ok?

    No problem ordering from them. They are absolutely still in business. Like Dale said, if it's not in stock it may be coming from Japan. Don't worry, it will arrive
  15. You're looking for Zero Paints ZP 1012 Gulf Blue / Orange or ZP 1103 Gulf Blue. Specifically for the GT40's https://www.zero-paints.com/Gulf_Blue_Paint_for_917s_and_GT40s_etc_60ml--product--103.html https://www.zero-paints.com/Gulf_Blue_and_Orange_Paints_2x30ml--product--13.html