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  1. Thanks everyone, only second time doing one like this. I'm more of a chevy man, don't know ford years very well just going by what the box said.
  2. Meant to put this in the truck section, sorry guys. Don't know how to move or delete it.
  3. Finally done, lifted it a bit and spaced the wheels out a tad.
  4. Lifted it a bit and spaced the wheels out a little.
  5. Nice build, I just finishing up this same kit. But mine is going to be the rusty look.
  6. Just bought this kit yesterday, excited to get started on it. But I need to learn to finish one before I start another.
  7. samdelsky

    68 GTX

    Your right it is a 69, 68 had the little round side marker lights, my bad. Built that about 10 years ago. It was packed away in a box when I moved, dug it out and cleaned it up.
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