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  1. Nice. I'm working on those same diorama kits too. I had considered making the arms moveable as well but didn't .
  2. I have the wrong chrome parts for a 65 Impala parts body that I might want to build up. Want to trade Revell 1966 Chevy Impala front and rear bumpers , taillights and grille ( unused still on chrome tree) for Revell 1965 Chevy Impala front and rear bumpers, taillights and grille. Or will trade the 65 Impala body ( already painted a nice light silver green but no hood) for a 66 Impala body, if that is simpler. Thanks.
  3. Man I've never had a problem with that kit..I built several . Couple I even converted to "stock" before the Lindberg 66 or revell 67 kit came out. Makes a great project car for a garage diorama with the front cap removed ..I always enjoyed it.. Ohh and the rear bumper/tailight panel piece won't fit the revell 67 body very well . I've tried that already .
  4. Two of my favorite kits returning! Nice to see that the monogram 66 malibu is finally returning..and as a 2n1! Thank you to whoever has been listening. I've been saying for last few years on various sites and posts that it would be cool to see that kit brought back with parts from both the red and black versions in it to build it either way or as a combination of both. I look forward to building that one again fresh and new. It's been 17 years since the black version was out..been 30 years since the red one was last made. I also look forward to the revell 55 Chevy with opening doors ..been 31 years since I last seen it new.. the black " skips fiesta " version was the last one made when the ,then new, amt 55 sedan dethroned it.
  5. I'm looking for the front end parts for the monogram 70 roadrunner or gtx kit. Gluebomb, junker, prebuilt parts body will do. Specifically I need the drivers side fender cut from the body shell, hood, grille and front bumper parts. Condition isn't too important. Stuff to trade. Thank you.
  6. Exactly. Thus exposing the achillies heel of everything in this current information age of digital computerized everything: Electrical power via the grid or batteries. All connected together wirelessly stored in a invisible virtual world that you physically cannot sense or even access without a computer. Everything in our world rests on that and that alone. Can be gone instantly quite easily..And that is VERY concerning.. At least with a physical book or magazine , I can still read and find information when the power is out. I keep a library of old car mags and technical manuals.. just for that reason. The knowledge and information in them is much better and more in depth than what is left printed today. Most young people today would not know what a Hollander interchange manual is.. Used to be mathematical equations were common in car magazines like hot rod..to calculate cubic inch displacements and cfm rates for instance ..geometry, physics, thermodynamics, mechanical engineering , electricty, hydraulics, even metrological things like atmospheric pressure and humidity etc...I learned a LOT as a kid on how to build , work on, modify and even paint a car from mags alone ..mags today explain none of that stuff anymore.
  7. 20th century world / culture we knew and grew up in is dying off. The good magazine writers are gone just about. Subject matter is less interesting. Too many advertisements. Prices too high. Younger people and kids do not read physical books, magazines anymore.. Etc. My favorite was car craft for years because it was more geared towards us regular broke guys on a budget. Hot rod got to where it catered towards subject matter and expensive stuff I can't afford..I got tired of seeing silver / bare metal cars with overhyped LS engines and stupid huge rims or blacked out cars with huge turbos and overkill NOS systems.. Or articles that were basically advertisements and instructions for products advertised elsewhere in the mags. Just not interesting or practical anymore. Last article series I got excited about, a few years ago, was a early 90s S10 V8 build in car craft by Jeff Smith using a swapmeet / junkyard 80s TPI system. Real world hot rodding that can be done by the real world average gear head on a budget.. I was hoping to duplicate that to use in my Nova one day. Only reason I resubscribed at the time. Sadly, the feature build slipped and skipped a few issues and I lost interest again..letting my subscription expire. Never knew if they ever got the truck done . Ohh well.
  8. Yeah. Having worked in the auto restoration field professionally , I've seen cars come in where things were replaced needlessly , sometimes well over 3/4 of the car would be new reproduction aftermarket parts...personally, I try to keep as many of the actual original parts as possible..flaws and all. Many cars are over restored..looking better than they were originally new. It's a misconception these things were perfect off the line..they were not originally show cars..but production cars. Next time you're at a car show and looking at those beauties, think and ask yourself: how much of what I'm looking at is original vintage stuff that physically existed back in that time is was made? How much of that car was recently manufactured and put together? It's possible now to build a new 55-57 Chevy and not one bit of the car even existed in the 50s. Same goes for a 32 Ford. So the " Lee 1" charger is actually gone. What's left is just some pieces of it on another car. What they should have done is kept it and preserving it as is. Maybe using other original general Lee pieces scavenged and saved from other chargers from the show used to fill in the blanks..like the missing door on it..keeping it as original tv car . By the way, you did an excellent job on your build here..especially that teal paint color..I've got a glue bomb general Lee that I've been considering re building in this version..just not wrecked up..
  9. Nice colors too. The stock flat hood is a unique touch.
  10. Man that turned out great looking . I've got several of these. Some from Ollie's too.. I can't see what you guys go on about them being a terrible kit..I see nothing wrong..it turns out great with some work..you showed it could be built . Just takes a thing called skill to do it. Which you have..I recently built the 72 GTO with no problem showing it too can be built. these kits are the same as they were when I was a kid 30-40 years ago. I've built the more recent revell 69 Nova..it was ok..but lacking in a challenge to my skills..given the choice, I would still buy the AMT kit here. Which I'm grateful that it is still available all these decades later. So you did a superb job on building this. It's a testimony to your building skills. excellent.
  11. Built this one a year or so ago for a club contest..got what was left of a cut up Lindberg 53 Ford victoria body shell from a friend . Pieced it back together and used a hood from a AMT 56 Ford and custom pieces from the AMT 49/50 Ford kits. Found a Revell 89 Thunderbird SC parts kit at our club show in Memphis . Kit bashed the two together based on an old early 90s SAE magazine feature of a light blue AMT 49 Ford using the same Thunderbird kit. The 53 is similar dimensions as a 49 and I knew it work just the same to build a updated version of a 53 Ford. I used the complete chassis, engine bay, wheels and interior from the Thunderbird kit . The fit require very little mods to work the two together..the t bird donor kit was missing some of the V6 engine parts..notably the factory supercharger setup..so I substituted it with a parts box Ford FI V8 from a mustang kit I think. I used the T- brid optional wheels with monogram tires with handpainted whitewalls. Color is Testors firey orange and duplicolor silver.
  12. Excellent work..I've considered this project as well , but wanted to do it as less damaged as it was before it was " wrecked" ..but can't figure out that wierd color. Looks like teal blue/green? They restored that real car ..which I thought was a mistake since so much had been replaced that little of the actual original car that to made that iconic jump is left. Shoulda left it as it was in it's "petty stock car" configuration .
  13. Thank you. That is neat. I had thought about scratch building my own. But that is a much more attractive alternative . It would cost that much just in evergreen material to build it.
  14. Man ,I dig the car crusher. You scratch build that? I've thought of doing the same..buy a bunch of old prebuilts and weather and wreck em up..much easier than using new kits since most of the paint and assembly is already done.
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