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  1. Old tool Revell 57 Chevy or 57 nomad with opening doors has that optional setup. The recent " Ed Roth " version release should have it too.
  2. I want to convert the revell 69 Nova into a 73 model. Are there any resin bumpers/ grilles to use or even a resin body avaliable ? Or is this a scratch build project? Thanks.
  3. Built this 1/25th scale slot car just to do something different. Another member in my model club builds a bunch of them and races at the track in the local hobby shop. Inspired me to build one. So , knowing absolutely nothing about this stuff..I jumped right in and bought a H&R racing adjustable slot chassis with big n littles silicone tires on slot mag wheels. Dug through my junk bodies and parts box and pieced together a AMT 70 montie carlo. Used the interior from the AMT 70 Chevelle because the tub is shallow and allows the slot chassis to fit better. I kicked it up in the rear for a 70s era feel. The side pipes hide the chassis pretty good.. Used the yenko decals from the revell Camaro and a scratch built cowl hood made by a club member who passed away last year. Added a driver figure from the 75 dodge dart kit. I run this on occasion but not a whole lot. But it was different and fun to build. Even cooler to see it move on the track..
  4. Doesn't revell own the monogram line? It would appear they obtained permission to copy them in a smaller scale. Or is it even considered a " copy" since these are not in the original 1/16th scale? I wonder if round 2 bought/ obtained the Aurora line designs from the recent revell bankruptcy situation.. Would be interesting to know the story on this one.
  5. Nice..I knew those looked familiar somehow. just scaled down to 1/25..It will only make sense for them to eventually release the building display to put all three kits in.. plan on getting these soon..hopefully they will make new tool expansions to these series of garage diorama kits.
  6. Not sure on color yet. But I did get it primered. Then I took a break to let the primer surfacer dry real good and scratch built a painter figure for my shop crew mainly just for this shot.
  7. Rotorbolt73

    need decals

    Have these. This is from the mongram 82 Vette kit.
  8. Got a couple kits in a lot that I purchased that I probably will never build. In bags, no boxes. Both look complete. AMT 96 Corvette. molded in grey off white. Some paint work on body and engine started on. Rest of parts bare plastic on trees and some loose. Revell 96 stingray iii. Molded in purple. Paint work on some parts still on trees and two wheels assembled. Some loose parts.. Both appear complete..the random paint on a few parts looks like testors enamel bottle paint applied by a novice builder. Should strip off easy with purple power or la awesome. I can unbag and post pics, if interested. Might be missing a random small piece , I don't know. But I can check against the instructions and give a more detailed description.. Like I said , I'll probably never build these and they will just sit in my collection forever . Figured I'd check to see if any one wants to trade for them..not picky..send me an offer on what you got to swap for.. thanks.
  9. Still looking for the rear bumper and taillights bezels.
  10. I would be interested in your 25 T wheels, I build a lot of Model T's and could use them too. What would you need in trade?


  11. Also the spare tire carrier Then I have these. I think they are model A. Little bigger diameter than the ones above.
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