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  1. Possible Trade Gone Bad?

    Man, I hate to hear this still goes on. I've been burned on a couple deals here before..Last one was the drdevil deal where a bunch of us got taken. Didn't stop me from trading but i am more cautious and mindful of who I deal with..Made some great trades recently. I always make sure we both see the pics of whats being traded with each other and get tracking numbers.. Research postings and profile of anyone you are not familiar with or never traded with before. Read the great traders list here to see what others say and always post any good trades/ deals you make for others to know about as well...If you're still not sure, then ask around with others you talk to here or have done deals with before on what they think or might know..I've found that most of us are honest on this site and are great to interact with. As with anything, there are gonna be a few bad apples but we can't let them ruin the whole bunch. What goes around comes around eventually.
  2. Yeah, I got the pieces I needed Carl. Thanks for asking. Matt
  3. Thank you Paul. Let me know.
  4. Missing a part for a gluebomb rebuild I'm working on. Looking for a cab floor / running board plate from the AMT 53 Ford f100 truck kit. Any condition. Please let me know if you can help. Thanks.
  5. Thank You Paul! Great trading with you!
  6. Just finished up a great trade with Paul Gardner / Gardnerpag44. Thank You!
  7. AMT 1965 Buick Wildcat Taillight needed.

    I just obtained my father's only surviving model car build from his childhood today. Was in my grandmother's possession for the last 48 years at least until her recent passing last week. It is an original old screw bottom AMT 1965 Buick Wildcat built in the late 60s by my father before he joined the Marines. Was my original inspiration for building model cars and after 40 years of eyeing it, I finally have it as willed to me by my grandmother. Over the decades, some of the parts have fallen off and gone missing. I would like to fill in the missing items, if possible. I know its a long shot since this kit has never been reissued in my lifetime that I know of..My father built it as the custom version. Missing one custom tailight bezel / lense for it. Considering restoring it, but just want to add back the missing pieces for now..Any condition acceptable as the model itself is quite rough looking from deterioration. Thanks for any help. Here is what the tail light looks like if you have one in your parts box.
  8. I am in need of 4 tires from any of the Lindberg Dodge L700 kits. My "Little red wagon" team kit is short 4 tires to build the long version of the flatbed trailer.
  9. The Chevelle is done.

    Excellent work! One of my favorite Chevelle kits. I also convert them from flip nose back to stock. Most of the time I just fill in the hood with flat sheet to make it a Malibu standard hood. looks like you used a Revell 66 wagon for the donor and the Monogram 70 Chevelle for the wheels/ tires. Last one I built, I used the engine bay from a monogram 64 GTO and the front frame/suspension clip from the Lindberg 66 Chevelle to convert the front back to stock.
  10. School me on the MPC 1970 Coronet Super Bee

    I've done that. I would buy the 70 coronet bodies people would sell from the pro street issue and use the interior and chassis from the old "general lee" 69 charger kit. Fits pretty good. Kinda' like restoring it back to MPC specs. As it is in its current AMT "stock" issue, It takes some work to get the late 80's 68/69 roadrunner chassis parts to fit. Trimming the glass is a must for sure. I call it the "kitbash in a box" kit.
  11. Great Traders List

    Excellent trading with Larry Ray and Partsmarty. Thank you guys!
  12. 68 Dodge Charger back yard project

    Very nice..inspiring . I have a 70 roadrunner build that I started into a backyard project like that..need to work on it some more..Very well done.
  13. Two Lane Blacktop 55 Chevy

    Yep. Walmart colorplace/ homeshades primer. Thanks, I had to make those myself. No kit made today comes with these rims. luckily, I had a couple old ones in my mismatched rim parts box that I used for masters when making the mold. One of the rims I modified to make it the deep rim for the rear and the spare tires inside. But you can find these on ebay in resin as well . Thanks, Yeah, it would be nice to see a kit of it..would save a ton of work on the AMT 55 stock kit..Would make an excellent basis to build as various 55 flip nose gassers commonly seen in the 60s. It could just be a generic kit with all these same mods and features but not actually advertised or marketed as the "two lane blacktop" car itself to avoid the hassle of licencing and trademark fees and royalties to whoever owns the film or actual cars. But allow the builder to leave the body in primer without gasser decals to build it as this car..Just a plain 55 chevy sedan flip nose gasser kit. Doubt it will ever happen though. too simple of an idea..
  14. Two Lane Blacktop 55 Chevy

    Thanks. I did it using evergreen .030" rod. Glued to the outside edge of the wheel opening. Glue and primer just blended it in..back in the day, they used conduit tubing to flare the cut out openings on real cars..so I just sorta duplicated that in scale..
  15. Two Lane Blacktop 55 Chevy

    As far as I know, that bumper is from the kit. No mods to it. Straight off the parts tree I had.. Yeah, I considered it..lol.. good luck to me on that..hard to find kit. Thank you guys for the interest and comments..