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  1. Ratmad

    Really? wow. I looked at a few of the castings a vendor was selling at a show. I was able to back engineer how you made it and made my own from a monogram 57 nomad body. I changed the rear mounted radiator concept in mine and used the cutdown radiator from a old revell beatnik bandit kit.
  2. Blockbuster Video

    Wow. Looks just like how I remember them 25 plus years ago. What did you use for reference? Did you work there and build it from memory? Very nice work on historical accuracy. early 90s for sure. somewhere late 92-93 it looks.
  3. Ratmad

    Sweet! I built the 57 posted in here. Guy in my model club just built one from the recent new 57 Ford wagon kit.
  4. 57 chevy wagon rat rod

    Thanks! It was a fun build. Built it a few months ago, but one of my favorites.
  5. 57 chevy wagon rat rod

    Sure. I used a 41 plymouth chassis plate. I cut off the front crossmember forward to shorten it down and replaced it with a piece of sprue tubing then built the 37 Ford front axle off of it. Rear end and suspension is from the 32 Ford kit.
  6. 57 chevy wagon rat rod

    Been a while since i posted any builds on here, so I figure I'd post this one I built recently. Based on a real car. Thought it was pretty cool so I had to build it. Although a resin body is available, this is built from a Monogram 57 Nomad instead. I cut the body up and reorganized it into this. Sits on a shortened AMT 41 plymouth frame with rear end suspension assembly from a Revell 32 ford kit and the front suspension from a Monogram 37 ford kit, 36 Ford front seat / roll bar, engine is the 57 kit small block, rest is various parts box stuff.. Enjoy guys.
  7. 1966 thunderbird landau bars

    response PM sent.
  8. 1966 thunderbird landau bars

    OK thank You.
  9. 1966 thunderbird landau bars

    Heres the 66 bars. They differ slightly in curve and edges. I bought them to restore / replace missing parts for one of my father's custom builds from the 60s. but these ended up being different than what i was needing. He told he used T bird bars but couldn't remember which kit he got em from. I bought these but they were the wrong style. The 63 bars look exactly like what he used.
  10. 1966 thunderbird landau bars

    I've got the ones from the 66 . but need the ones from the 63 instead.
  11. thanks for the replies guys! PMs sent.
  12. A club member recently passed and I ended up with some of his un-finished build projects. one is a resin 55-57 chevy suburban body. missing parts or need parts. I'd like to finish it up in his memory so I'm gathering up the needed pieces. windshield glass being the main part. I traded my last glass off a month ago before I got it and now I need another..Just curious if anyone has an extra one from a parts kit or something useable from a gluebomb. Might need other pieces but I don't know yet. I have parts to trade but too many to list. let me know what you're looking for and I might have it. Thanks.
  13. Estes Garage

    Don't have either. closest I have is a old 1/24 Testors Lamborghini countach 5000S. Started on it 30 years ago but never finished.
  14. Estes Garage

    Hands down the BEST garage kit ever made at an affordable price. Too bad that was shut down and no more to be made..Kinda ironic R&D Unique is no longer around now. They shoulda' obtained the estes tooling instead of having it destroyed and mass produced it themselves since it was their tool patterns that were copied. I got / built one back in 2000 and have been looking for another ever since for all the stuff to put in a diorama I've been working on for years....The tools / equipment in it are better than the Fujimi kit..This was the only american made garage / tool kit that I know of and it rocked! Man, I'd be interested in yours here, but you never went into specifics here of what you wanted in return for it.
  15. Wrecked ‘70 Super Bee

    That is the most detailed Carter AFB Carbuerator I have seen in this scale. What kit is it from?