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  1. I think it looks great! I especially like the thinnned front fenders
  2. So I have the basic shell of a spray booth built out of plywood. I need to paint/coat it so I can finish assembling it. What do you all recommend I paint or coat it with? I will likely be using it to spray typical model enamels and acrylics. I'll post pics once I figure out how to do that Thanks, Jed
  3. BTW, where did you get those decals?!?
  4. That car is awesome! Being an ol’ Georgia boy, I am going to have to build that car since they built them in Atlanta.
  5. Thanks MarkJ! Love this car (though being a GM guy at my core, his Chevies were my favorites 😀). It was really cool talking to him about the SEDCO Black Widow ‘57’s. Gotta do one of those soon.
  6. Hello, I was really happy to see this site back up and running! I want to build a 1962 Pontiac stock car, maybe Fireball’s or Junior Johnson’s. 1)What kit would be best to start with? 2) Where are good sources for reference pics? 3) How would I need to go about building the roll cage? 4) What other modifications would need to be done for a accurate kit? Thanks for any help you might provide!
  7. Hey, I’d really love to see this build as I was fortunate enough to meet Rex a couple years ago. Super nice guy!
  8. So I recently purchased my first airbrush and am looking for tips to get it set up. I bought a Rigid pancake compressor with built in regulator from Home Depot and am looking to get set up. I’ve read where I may need a finer regulator and maybe a moisture trap? Will I also need a trap at the airbrush? Any help appreciated. Thanks, Jed
  9. I was trying to up my detailing/realism game and was wondering if anyone knew of a simple way to tone down the gloss on paints, especially when airbrushing? I would like to be able to vary the gloss when building engines and chassis parts to help with realism. I notice many engines are as glossy as the car body. This is not the case in real life. It's not too hard to mix different ratios of flat black with gloss black but what about orange/blue/red engine blocks? I was worried that if I just sprayed Dullcote after painting then all of the components would be the same shade of "dull". Any thoughts or tips appreciated. Thanks, Jed
  10. So I was just wondering if anyone had any good suggestions on helpful, good-quality YouTube channels or individual videos for model car building tips/techniques? Thanks, Jed
  11. Bill, those plans were very good. Thanks for the link.
  12. Ok, so after reading here and other places where I need to abandon my bathroom fan-powered plastic tub spray booth, I bought a Dayton squirrel cage blower and now would like some tips or plans on how to build a decent booth for cars. The fan is rated for around 400 cfm. I am pretty handy so I was thinking of building it out of plywood. What size opening would work for this size fan? Anyone have any links to good booth plans? What are the pro/cons of downdraft vs rear-mounted fans? Any help appreciated, Jed
  13. I am looking for suggestions on my first spray booth for model cars. I'm just starting to build a few kits again and I would like a serviceable booth. In college I used a plastic tub with a bathroom fan bolted to the back but I've been reading that might be hazardous due to fume ignition. I've seen the folding portable booths on eBay and Amazon for around $70. Are these good? I don't mind building one but don't want to invest more than about $70 or so. Many tips appreciated. Thanks, Jed
  14. I'm just getting back into modeling and have a question about airbrushing the Tamiya Fine Surface Primer. What is the best thing to thin it with? Lacquer thinner? Also, will Scale Finishes paint work ok over the Tamiya primer? I've never used Scale Finishes paints before. Thanks, Jed
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