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  1. I was able to attend my first model car show and I was really impressed by the quality and diversity of the talent on display. The host club, ACME, did a great job with the event. Really enjoyed meeting Clay Kemp and Jay Savarese as I’m a big NASCAR fan.
  2. Does anyone have any recent reference pics of Cup engines? I’m building a Salvino’s Next Gen and would like some engine pics for painting and wiring. Specifically, what color are Chevy oil pans? What is the current Hendrick valve cover logo? What do the headers look like; are they wrapped or bare metal? Any help appreciated.
  3. Been tinkering with one of the new JR Salvino’s Next Gen Camaro. I’ll try to post more pics as I have them. Just getting started messing around with my first decent airbrush, a Badger 155. Tried my hand at heat-stained headers and didn’t turn out terrible for my first attempt. Ordered the Power Slide Engine Goodies decals from Mikes.
  4. Love your build and really interested as I’m working on one of my own Salvino’s Camaros right now too. I’d like to know how you built your dash, particularly the switches! Any other info on the detailing you did (hoses, wires, etc) would be appreciated. Thanks, Jed
  5. Following this thread as I’m building the NAPA #9 right now
  6. Thank you! I used the Tamiya Insignia White and it turned out great! Wasn’t sure if it would be grey enough but looks spot on!
  7. So the few pics I’ve seen of the real NASCAR Next Gen cars seem to have the chassis painted a light grey instead of white. Anyone know what shade of light grey would work best?
  8. Hey, where can I order back issue of this issue? I’d like to see what info is on the Salvino’s Next Gen build. Thanks
  9. Love this build! Would like to see what your progress has been lately!
  10. Just getting started airbrushing and saw where some guys had small parts on the end of little wooden sticks to airbrush. Do y’all glue them on with shoe glue or use some type of putty or what? Are the sticks bamboo skewers from the grocery store? Any help appreciated. Thanks
  11. Just starting to build a little bit again. I have a bunch of old Model Master paints that I’d like to use with my new Badger airbrush. What is the best thing to thin these enamels with to paint small parts? I assume lacquer thinner shouldn’t be used with enamels? Thanks
  12. So now that the Salvino’s Chase Elliot kit is out, I’m looking for tips, tricks, ideas, and reference photos to start my build. Has anyone else started on one? If so, any issues to look out for? I mainly build older NASCAR cars, so what color is correct for the chassis as they appear a off-white/light grey? What color is the back shelf under the back windshield, grey or black? Correct colors for transaxle, shocks, seat, etc? Any reference pics for interior, engine, suspension? Really looking forward to these kits being a possible resurgence in NASCAR modeling! Any input appreciated! Thanks, Jed
  13. I just saw where the Chase Elliott kit was available for purchase on Salvino’s site. I placed my order for 3 kits. It says available late March. Does this mean they are shipping them now!?! Has anyone seen these in the flesh? How was the first Next Gen kits? Any input appreciated. Thanks
  14. So I’ve been hearing rumors of Salvino’s JR models may be doing Chase Elliott’s 2021 Cup Series Championship Napa Camaro. Has anyone heard anything about this? If so, like any idea of when it may be coming? Thanks, Jed
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