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  1. Year changed to 1972 on the thread title. Thanks guys!
  2. Did you ever find what you needed? I have a complete set on hand.
  3. In search of a 1972 Chevelle so I can build a replica of the VGG Independence. A glue bomb or built kit would be fine as the real car is a bit rough. 😃
  4. Looks great from here! Are the emblems and SS scripts decals?
  5. Fantastic work Mr. Robertson. I had no idea that kind of craftsmanship was even possible.
  6. I love those things. I keep one on my work desk stocked with sanding sticks.
  7. TASTY!!!!! Dang those are nice. Very clean work.
  8. Looking great so far. Good luck on the engine hunt.
  9. Thanks! I certainly looked to your build for inspiration. I had to have one as well. If you are able to use them,I would be glad to send you a section of the decal sheet. Just PM me your address.
  10. Is this it? They have sizes down to a 1/16th. https://www.cableorganizer.com/metal-braided-sleeving/
  11. I completed most of the chassis. The real car is in pretty good shape with only a bit of road dust so that's what I replicated. I used the dirt from the Rustall set. I still need to scratch build the exhaust,fuel system,and rear shocks but I am waiting on an order of styrene to arrive. Traction bars are from the Baldwin Motion Camaro kit.
  12. Got some interior work completed.The seats have black/white houndstooth so I would need some decals to replicate this. I didn't want to pay the $17 for a sheet from Scale Motorsports so I decided to try making my own. As luck would have it ,I had a pack of decal paper from a decade ago. Thankfully it still worked! My computer skills are less than stellar so the best I could manage was to shrink and repeat an image I found online. It looks to be a bit large in scale but i liked it. I sprayed the base white and taped it off for the decal inserts. I sprayed the whole affair with matte clear at the end. I also removed the factory console and filled it in with epoxy. The flocking covered everything up nicely.
  13. I almost always use auto touch up paint by Duplicolor. I get better results with those vs hobby enamels.
  14. Great idea. I need one to keep my kids from "playing" with my cars when I am not around.
  15. The small block in the Monogram Monte Carlo has a nice set.
  16. You win! Those are killer, especially the 1st one. Clean clean work.
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