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  1. Before i start I am going to provide some back story to this build. When i was younger (9 or 10) my grandma loved cars. my grandpa had just passed away and she needed something to do in her free time so she started building model cars and being the young kid i was i got interested and started building for a few years and then we moved away from my grandma and i just kinda stopped until about a year ago well my grandma just passed and this has gotten me interested and her dream car was a yellow 66 fastback mustang so i guess its time to build a mustang as much as i hate ford. so i have a few questions where can i get decals small enough to look good on a 1:24 scale i have talked to a few lettering guys near home and they say they cannot print this small and make it look good so is there anywhere to get some? will have pictures of the started build later today.
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