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  1. I have pile of various (sealed) Moebius kits that I'm afraid to open now.🤨
  2. Steve, Just wondering is there is an ETA for the new '66 Mustang fastback kit?
  3. Following, I've got one of those original built AMTs in my 65-66 stash. Will those engine compartments be offered for sale?
  4. This is from my 2nd kit. I should be able to build one model from the 2 kits, and I only spent $100 bucks!😖
  5. Very nice work! Did they run 2-4 barrels in 1968? I thought they were single carb.
  6. Well, I've got 2 warped deck plates and 1 warped hood. Moebius told me they could send me a hood, but they didn't have any deck plates.
  7. Looks great! I have a 69 Ranchero in my WIP collection. Did you fab up those tail lights?
  8. I've got 3 on order..... been chompin' at the bit for a long time! 🤪😁
  9. Anyone heard an ETA for the AMT 65-66 Mustang kits?
  10. The 70 Torino Cobra is coming back?
  11. Kudos to RMR.... they had exactly what I needed and got it to me quick and easy. Looks like I now have just about everything I need to do a pair of 1968 Cougars. 😊
  12. Hmmm... looks very similar to what I need for a Maverick project......
  13. This car went to Paul Moody in 1967 and became the Expressway Gulf Thunderbolt.
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