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  1. The 70 Torino Cobra is coming back?
  2. Kudos to RMR.... they had exactly what I needed and got it to me quick and easy. Looks like I now have just about everything I need to do a pair of 1968 Cougars. 😊
  3. Hmmm... looks very similar to what I need for a Maverick project......
  4. This car went to Paul Moody in 1967 and became the Expressway Gulf Thunderbolt.
  5. This one is on my To-Do list.......
  6. I just got one of their PS Mavericks thru Slixx.
  7. I've emailed them in past and never got a response. They have some Cougar parts I need, so I'll give it another try.
  8. Any idea if these will be available to order again in the future?
  9. 1967 GT500 hardtop or convertible, haven't decided yet. Poppy Red with white guts and top.
  10. I'm well versed in Ford colors, and I prefer the original Grabber Green! 😎🤩
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