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  1. This is some really useful information I've been trying to find out what gauge people are generally useing so I can get my scales straight and this really helps thanks for takeing the time to share all this info
  2. I would like to just say WOW. I just read threw all the pages on this topic and the amount of knowledge you've learned from beginning to now is really motivating . Your expert craftsmen skills really leave me speechless and I cant wait till you get to melting some metal will be tuneing in and I'm very exicted to see you get back to this ! Cheers, John
  3. Is that the Riviera Danny did ? Or just freakishly similar ? lol
  4. I agree those that can fully plumb a 1/25 th scale engine/car I as well look up to them. I don't go crazy with the plumbing but I think a few little things here and there can go a long way; but to each is there own and I'm sure your still pumping out amazing quaility work ! Cheers, John
  5. Thanks for the advice gator I like the fishing line idea I may have to take a trip to canadian tire and pick some up. I think the mistake I made was I didn't strip the wire I was using I left the rubber insulator on and instead of being 0.2 it was likely .4 or something way to big i may end up makeing a new coil and fixing this, I'm thinking 0.1 or smaller would be better but I'm not sure. What is the "ideal" gauge to use for 1/25th ?
  6. When I was at micheals picking the model up my girlfriend came with me and I was tossed between a few greens and she insisted this was the best looking one , I would have to agree with her. That will look sweet on a classic rod like that ! Can't wait for the wip or when she's all under glass
  7. Micheal it is Possiable to import them , there's a few real type r eks kicking around the east coast of Canada. A buddy of mine owns a Jdm rhd teg , the blue vin tags are still on it and everything she's a beaut
  8. I was trying something new , somewheres online I read that the inside of Ethernet cable or phone line was a good source for plug wire.but I guess not xD thanks for the tip Im still working on my understanding of scale and what looks right, I usually use very thin solder. until I find something better I guess I'll just stick with that lol , thank you for the advice and kind words
  9. That's halirours Im working on this same exact kit! I don't have the pe parts but The kit is still pretty detailed; I've been looking all over the web on a site that will ship to me but it seems impossiable to find them separately, I'm from Canada so I'm building mine as if it was an import and modified. I love yours it really turned out awesome ! Great job !
  10. Thank you everyone for the motivating words I'm still learning a lot of the more advanced technics and I'm always challenegeing myself that really helps
  11. I've yet to do any black washing I'll have to do some research on it and give it a try thanks a lot I love to hear other people's opionons helps widen my knowledge, I did it for a local meet so I did put alittle more thought and care into it
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