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  1. Kids today...

    Reminds me of when we got our first computer in 2010. It didn't take me long to mess something up. The guy that lived across the hall worked with my wife at Walmart and he couldn't figure out what I did so he said he would get the guy that fixed his computer issues who lived in one of the other apartment buildings. He comes back with a 12 year old kid who had my computer up and running in less than 10 minutes and then did something that would keep it from happening again! Called on him 2 more times while we lived there!
  2. What Irked You Today?

    That is one thing I don't miss doing!
  3. The return of Hemi Under Glass

    I just don't see the rise of the same excitement that came about with the original wheel standers. But I could be proved wrong!
  4. A Idea for NASCAR

    Cool stuff there Dave!
  5. What Irked You Today?

    What irked me today??? The flex pipe on my 2006 HHR broke again! Last time I bought a repair piece that was supposed to be a slip over and clamp affair only to need to be welded on. In the end I could have bought the whole cat converter for less than what I paid in the end! This time I ordered a new cat so it is just a bolt in. Also ordered new O2 sensors rather than fighting the old ones out, besides they were most likely bad as they were throwing codes. Then had a tire separate so had to get a new pair for the back. Guess I know why that tire had a slow leak that no one could find.
  6. What Irked You Today?

    I wouldn't put those nut bags onto my worst enemy! My daughter-in-law knows the breeder, she was a vet tech and he used the clinic she used to work at. Said as a breeder he is a class act . She knew that he put down his own animals but did not know that he was doing that. I checked with the locals and they said it would be my word against his (my friend said he was staying out of it) so they would not even consider going after him without more to go on. They went on to say that they know him to be a good dog breeder and considered him above reproach. The ones I thought would be the most appalled by it said how he puts down a suffering animal is his own business. Said it wasn't like he was being cruel or abusing the animal. So guess that is where it stands!
  7. Earl Thomas Conley died today

    One of the song writer/performer crew of that era. I really liked his music!
  8. The BIG hole

    Looks like a out of focus picture of a doughnut !
  9. What Pleased You Today!

    This little guy we watch one day a week and him and his sister 2 days a week in the summer but alas he goes to grade K next fall and we won't have them except for school breaks. This guy and his cousin Liddie (his dad's twin brother's daughter) who is exactly on month younger are our last 2 grandkids. Now we are waiting to see which of the older of our grandkids will be the first to give us a GREAT!
  10. What Pleased You Today!

    Seeing one of my grandsons helping daddy work on his car!
  11. What Did You Have for Dinner?

    Had homemade chicken and noodles with homemade chocolate cake for dessert!
  12. What Pleased You Today!

    Was finally nice enough for the wife and I to get outside and putter around! Cleaned up the winter mess around the patio, cleaned and repainted one of the patio tables and scrubbed down the swing and after it dried sat and counted airplanes for while!
  13. Gary Schmidt

    Godspeed Gary Schmidt
  14. Happy Birthday Rich aka (Ramfins 59)

    Happy Belated Birthday Rich!