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  1. Nice breezy partly sunny day to work outside on a car!
  2. Repairing rear window channel and have to use flux core. Keep burning through the metal no matter how I adjust!🤐
  3. The Testors is not a true lacquer paint. It isn't as hot as a real lacquer is.
  4. A friend and myself started hitching and along the way joined up with a REAL hippy and his chick along the way. Got to mid Ohio when we were busted for hitch hiking on an interstate ramp and they found a big bag of weed and about 15 tabs of acid in the hippy chick's bag! They called our parents and stuck us on a bus back towards home! So missed out on the big concert! Although I wouldn't trade what I have for anything, sometimes I wonder how things might have turned out different had we made it there!
  5. Didn't take long to figure out it didn't work worth a hoot! Went back to the original tube glue and still using it! Took an old yard sale kit apart a while back that used the lemon stuff. Not only can you still smell it for the most part it didn't set up hard at all!
  6. Just don't push it. Let it heal at it's own pace.😀 Takes a real calm person to drive a big vehicle with 30+ kids behind your back!!! Been there, done that!
  7. Had a flawless paint job on an AMT 65 Chevelle wagon but when I went to shoot clear on it I picked up the wrong can. Didn't even notice. The clear looked great when I put the car in the shoebox to cure but when I checked later the paint was all wrinkled up! Lacquer over enamel!!! 🤯 Now I have 3 soaking in the purple pond. A Willys panel that I painted when it was too cold and a 65 Nova funny car that the paint fish eyed really bad on . Candy red over silver base. My wife evidently sprayed room freshener through the ac system when the car was on the bench!🤐 Also working on a 1:1 66 Buick Special and although the most solid car from all appearances with solid floors and most trunk and lower quarters I keep finding rust in some of the oddest places???🤔
  8. My feet have to be covered no matter how hot it is! If not I can't sleep!LOL
  9. Or like my sister-in-law sleeping with your eyes open! Freaked me out the first time I saw her like that when she fell asleep in our couch when she was about 12 years old!
  10. What irks me today is feeling like what the dog left in the yard all day and not getting anything done. Same stuff that has been going on for years that none of my doctors can seem to tell me the cause of.
  11. I can attest to every word he said to you! I too thought I had the world by the tail when I was a youngin'. I have since learned that I still have a lot that I don't and never will know!
  12. I swear I have seen some of those models over at Randy's site!
  13. Worked for a fella that had a VW repair business. One of his younger brothers had a 58 that he put a Porsche 6 into. That thing would lift the front wheels on a hard launch! Cool build!
  14. 49 years ago today we made a promise to each other and have kept it! I must be crazy!!!
  15. LOL That reminds me of a place we lived when I was a kid. Downstairs apartment that was all horsehair plaster and lathe. Grandpa made repairs as needed and took it off the rent as per the landlords instructions. He had just patched an area that had crumbled between the back and bathroom doors. Looked great all it needed was a day and then paint. Just before he came home from work on the day he was going to paint my sister grabbed a couple cookies that I had on the table while doing homework and took off. and ran into the bathroom! She slammed the door to lock it before I couyld ctch her and all the plaster from ceiling to floor fell off the wall, all except that small area that he had just repaired! Yeah, we used to buy and rehab houses and lived in them while we did. We went drywall on all of them. I wouldn't wait on doing the plumbing. Once you have the wall open just do it now and save having to rework later. You will be glad you did!
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