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  1. Some but not all are here. https://public.fotki.com/OldTrucker/
  2. Feel like a road trip?  Carney comes to a toy show in Dayton, OH late January/early February.  They have show specials of 1/24 and 1/64 cases.  I think the 21 car case was less than $100 (at this past years show)

    If you're looking to buy several more cases, you may be able to save enough $$ to make the trip worth it.  I won't know the show date until the November toy show.


    screen name: HomerS

  3. Until you look at the price of individual cases. I probably should have gotten the ones that hold 21 cars as they have taller spaces that would accept the pickup trucks and some of the other taller and longer cars. The Super Bird barely fit! I still have around 50 of the old Johan cases that most of these were in. May try and polish them up as they are pretty hazy looking from the wide using the wrong stuff to dust them!LOL
  4. Discovered I'm about 3 cases short as still have almost as many builts still left! Did not imagine that many finished!
  5. I had the bottles of blue and the green metalic. The green was never opened and the blue was 3/4 full and both were still usable when I gave then to my son two years ago. That paint had an entirely different smell from other paints!
  6. I believe it is a 37 Chevy. I know Mike's car is a 39 Chevy coupe with the roof chopped off.
  7. Was watching a 1963 episode of My Three Sons and they had a Pontiac that looked like a cross between a 65 GTO and a Grand Prix!
  8. Maybe if they had tooled some of them up 25 years ago when there was still a lot of us old guys that remember these cars still building models they might have sold. (note, I said "might have" LOL) It very well may have reinvigorated some to come back to the hobby back then!
  9. Don't wait, it only makes it harder to get another futty friend in the end. Know this from experience as we haven't had another pet in over 20 years. Had too long to think about it and now can't face the chance of another loss. Guess part of that may have to do with age and not rebounding from loss like I did when we were younger.
  10. The were ordered direct from Carney Plastics. 114.95 + 24.00 shipping. (each)
  11. Just got three Carney 24 car cases delivered to the house today!
  12. Found out my 70 year old sister has covid! Three weeks ago the nursing home she is stuck in (by the state) had their first case in a resident. They tested all the staff and found 1 that was positive and after an hour of tap dancing around he admitted his mom whom the 45 year old is still living with has active covid-19 and has had for over a month and was in the hospital now! The home went from 0 positive a month ago to now 107 positive cases and 5 deaths.
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