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  1. Ron Bushy passed away from esophageal cancer early this morning at the age of 79.
  2. Did a little messing around with things like that working at a small business called McGraw Brothers that made horse shoes for thoroughbreds! Waiting for shoe rods to come from the trimmers and grinders gave us time to try a little metal bending other than bending horse shoes!LOL
  3. Had that breakfast many times at the little hole in the wall trucker restaurants back when I was driving OTR! Usually served on a platter instead of a plate!
  4. Biscuits and gravy and scrambled eggs for breakfast!
  5. Not the first to do this! I can remember years ago a fella wanted to be buried in his Cadillac. They had him sitting behind the wheel when it was lowered!
  6. I just automatically assume I'll be wrong!
  7. Stone's drummer Charlie Watts passed away this morning at the age of 80. He was my inspiration for picking up a set of sticks.
  8. X2 I live every day for itself because no one is guaranteed a tomorrow.
  9. "Shut Down" An Accurate Version of the Beach Boy's song It happened on the strip where the road is wide** Two cool shorts* standing side-by-side** Yeah, a fuel-injected Stingray and my 413, We're revvin up our engines and it sounds real mean Tach it up, tach it up, buddy gonna shut you down... Tach it up, tach it up, buddy gonna shut you down... Declining numbers at an even rate At the count of one we both accelerate The Stingray is light, his slicks are startin to spin, But my 413s really diggin in Gonna make tracks now, button-shift, here we go... My Super Stock Dodge is crankin out in low, but The fuel-injected Stingrays motors startin to blow To get the traction, hes ridin the clutch, His pressure plates burning, man that smokes too much! Pedal to the floor, hear my dual quads drink and watch my 413s taillights startin to shrink Hes got a Chebby engine so its understood Hes got a crank and rods and pistons shootin out of his hood Shove-a-lot, Shove-a-lot, Mopar muscle shut you down, Shove-a-lot, Shove-a-lot, Mopar muscle shut you down, Shove-a-lot, Shove-a-lot, Mopar muscle shut you down.
  10. Chassis and engine mostly complete. Just sprayed the chrome wheels with dullcoat.
  11. I was there today and nothing has changed since I was last there three months ago. Asked the guy inventorying the paints which are almost non-existent, about the same kits and he said they aren't selling and the manager is looking at reducing the size of the display as they do sell. I noticed their military section was already reduced to about 2/3 of what it once was.
  12. A familiar very voice for decades in auto racing, Indy and Nascar. Passed after an 8 month battle with brain cancer.. Godspeed Bob Jenkins
  13. Well if they invest tax dollars into charging station I truely hope they are better than those that are in use around here! Talked to the guy servicing them at the hospital and he says he is working overtime trying to keep them working! Said he is at the hospital 2 to 3 times a week due to equipment failure.
  14. Moving along slow. My paint for the main color went bad. Finished up the interior tonight.
  15. I owned a 76 Caprice for a short time, big ole 4 door in ugliest green color with a green interior to match! It had a SB 400 that kept overheating found it had 2 cracked heads which was all too common with the 400. Most I have seen (mostly being used in demo derbys) had the 400. Like has been said, rode like a Cadillac but had terrible gas mileage!
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