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  1. Cool old thread! Even had one from me in another lifetime!LOL I guess this one was more dangerous for other drivers! Oil burning 53 Studebaker that looked like a mosquito fogger going down the road. Ran it on used or bulk oil. State police made me park it after one followed me seveal miles to my house and I had no idea he was behind me with his lights flashing. The exhaust was so loud didn't hear him either! LOL
  2. Snake, remember seeing a 65 and 67 GTO "Gassers" at US 30 and Great Lakes in the late 70's. The 65 had been converted by the original owner to its racing form in 1966 according to the then owner. The 67 was restored back to original in the late 80's by a local guy who actually was able to track down the original engine! There were a lot of street gassers here local for a few years. (then they all seemed to disappear into a black hole or something???) Some home builds and some were ex drag cars made streetable! (barely) Most were early Falcons and Chevy II's with a mix of 50's shoebox Fords and Tri Five Chevy's.
  3. Just the hood decals would be enough. I had another set from a friend but they were cracked like mine were!
  4. At the very least need a set of black hood decals. Thanks!
  5. I think one of the things that confuses people is when a member offers multiple kits to choose from and after one is claimed leaves the others still posted. Now are they willing to give away multiple kits or are they offering just one after they have claimed one? That is where it becomes confusing! I would assume that they only intend to offer up one to offset the one that they claimed.
  6. I started as a kid in my room on an old kids dresser for a bench. After zi was married it was on the dining room table or coffee table in the living room. Eventually kept what I was working on in boxes stashed under an end table next to my recliner and used a TV tray for a work bench. After all the kids were out of the house then and only then did I have a room dedicated to build in that is shared with the wife's sewing machine. The great out doors is still my paint booth although wjen we were in our first apartment I would stand on a board on the bath tub and paint them out the bathroom window! We had a very colorful screen!LOL
  7. X2 I tried to use his style merged with Kieth Moon's!
  8. Great save and great tribute to the original builder! BTW, what paint did you use?
  9. Early 70's Lace paint jobs were big in this area. A place called Customs Unlimited was set up in an old 1940's service station building with an added bay. They would buy out KMarts supply of plastic lace tables cloths every couple months until the trend dies out!
  10. Terrible to hear. Prayers for all the families affected. I had the honor of flying on the Nine-O-Nine several years ago. I was out to the airport when they were there and took the tour of the planes. While standing watching the planes take off and return I was talking to a guy about them and that my dad whom we lost in Korea had flown B 17's along with his brother who was a navigator and his other brother was their line mechanic. They were on the ground getting ready for the next group and after they were loaded one of the crew runs up to the guy I was talking to and asks if there were any more. He said no and walked out to the plane with him and they talked for a minute then he ran back and asked "want to go up?" I had to ask him to repeat it and he said someone was a no show and tey had an open spot if I wanted it! I said no way I can affrd the price and he said "who said anything about paying? You want to go or not?" That was one of the greatest days of my life getting to see what my Dad must have seen (minus being attacked) flying in one of those great birds!
  11. Yes on and off over 25 years combined including diesel mechanic certified by CAT! Had over 3000 dollars worth of tools and boxes stolen in the 1970's after a shop I worked at closed and locked us all out.
  12. Unfortunately not all dealers are that dedicated. Here they came and went pretty regular. The best Snap on dealer hey had here owned his own repair shop and ran his tool route to boot. Then snapon divided his area up with two others and made it no longer profitables for the guy so he gave it up and it was all down hill from there.
  13. All I can say is the quality of ALL of the big brand name tools has declined considerably over the last 15-20 years. The most breakage was with the most expensive of them, Snap off er on! Then if the tool man knew you had warranty he would avoid you and you had to literally chase him down!LOL The Mac dealer you had to fight with and call corporate to get something warrantied. Craftsman was just take it in and get it exchanged but god help you if you lost a wrench of socket because they would kill you with a replacement costs for a single item! I have found that most rounded bolts/nuts were more because of someones misuse of the tools rather than being caused by the tool itself! Local garage here with 4 full time and two part time mechanics furnished a tool box and tools for each of his mechanics (they share specialty tools) and he has mainly tools from Auto Zone and Harbor Freight. Just asked him how that has worked and he says that he has not seen any difference in failure of these tools and the name brands that he and his original two mechanics used in the 30 years past. Just says that there are those who are brand loyal and will always be and others that see a tool as a tool. Not talking the old cheap Taiwan tools with no warranty here.LOL The best sockets I have in my box though are Thorsen that I bought over 50 years ago at K Mart! Never broke a one and even used them with an impact at times! A little chrome peeling is about all that ever happened with them!
  14. For a "at home" mechanic cheaper tools are the way to go. They have the same warranty as the big brands and to mee have held up as well as my Craftsman and Snapon tools have. I come from the days of "Buffalo Tools" which were what a hydraulics machine shop I worked at used. They had used high dollar tools and because of the nature of the work we did on mine equipment breakage was huge and waiting for the tool guy to come around to get replacements was an issue. So they went to the Buffalo store and bought tools and because of cost were able to stock replacements in the tool room and once a month sent the guy to get the broken tools replaced. My tool box is a mix of Craftsman, Snapon, and what ever the brands is from Auto Zone and some Pittsburgh from HF!
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