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  1. It is actually dark red but comes out a little brighter in the pictures.
  2. Getting some color on the interior. Debating on if the dash should be black or oxblood too. Also tring to figure out how to dull the shine a bit.
  3. A really different subject for sure! Should be cool! I heard of them but never ever saw one!
  4. I did on the GMC Astro kit I'm building. I just opened the hole up a bit, will have to do the same with the fan.
  5. I dreamed of owning a 58 - 60 Thunderbird! Just love that body style. A neighbor had a yellow hardtop 58 with black and white interior and his wife had a coral 60 convertible with a white interior. I had a 70 Boss 429 Mustang 4 speed car, minus the Boss 429 and 4 speed !LOL I bought it at a farm equipment auction lot for 800 dollars where it sat back by the fence. Somewhere along the line it had wound up with a 351 Cleveland under the hood backed up with a 3 speed. Drove it for about a year and sold it for 3,000 dollars to a guy who eventually restored it.
  6. That is definitely green! The colors really pop! Have a feeling it's going to be a great build!
  7. Getting some subassembly done. Weather too bad to paint outside for a while. May start some assembly on the trailer too. Did get the Bekins decals in the mail though!
  8. Got the decals for my BRBO build plus a set for a future build!
  9. Engine built. Forst time I ever started at the begining of an instruction sheet!LOL
  10. Got the look of a bare bones workhorse fleet truck! Fantastic job! Like the single exhaust although it seems every truck I drove with a Detroit (other than a 6-71 ) had dual exhaust??? LOL I love cabovers, almost never drove a hood, only when there was no other choice! Felt like I was on top of the world looking down!LOL
  11. Got Bekins decals on the way. Trying to find what rear suspension will work to do a single drive.
  12. He passed away quietly in his sleep with his wife of 12 days short of 42 years and 4 kids around him. He succumbed to his COPD after a 10 year battle with the disease at the age of 63. He was a welder and auto body painter most of his life until his lungs gave out and opened his hobby shop. Unfortunately he wouldn't give up his smoking for 6 months as requested which caused him to be dropped from the lung transplant list. His health and loss of business because of covid forced him to close his hobby shop at the end of October.
  13. Decals in the van are shot am going to try and get Red Ball or Bekins decals for the build.
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