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  1. What Did You Have for Dinner?

    Meatloaf , mashed taters with lots of black pepper and sliced beets with a little butter on them! Oh! and a hunk of munster cheese!
  2. Well scraped up enough cash to do our Christmas shopping again this morning. Had to sell about 1/2 my model stash at discount prices to do it but at least we will have presents for the grandkids! Unfortunately had to let a couple Johan kits go in the deal to get it done. Guess that just another hard fact of life! Not a first time and surely not a last for us!
  3. Are We Losing Another Model Seller

    Was at Hobby Lobby this afternoon and their shelves are overflowing with kits! Poor girl was out there with a cart full trying to squeeze more in. She said they aren't selling as good as they were a couple weeks ago. I told her take the 20% sale off and they will! Why would anyone buy them at 20% off when they can wait and get 40% off! She said that they could not do that because all pricing comes down from corporate. Told her they were cutting off their noses to spite their face with that attitude!
  4. What Did You Have for Dinner?

    Last night had homemade chicken and noodles!!!
  5. Are We Losing Another Model Seller

    I'd like to keep the little guy in business too but the only one close now just moved here from a small town south of here and is owned by the wife's brother-in-law whom I will not do business with for personal reasons. That said the only models he has on the shelf are ones that people don't come to get after ordering them. Someone comes in looking for a kit he looks them up on the computer behind the counter, gives them a price (usually high retail) and if they order it he waits until they leave and shops ebay for the best deal he can find. He makes most of his business off RC stuff.
  6. What Did You Have for Dinner?

    Had homemade pizza last night topped with mushrooms, black olives and three cheeses. This morning had an omelet with cheese, mushrooms, black olives and sausage and homemade muffins made from Malt O Meal cereal and bananas!
  7. What Irked You Today?

    If you have a Discount Tire in the area they will mount them. In the last few years less and less places will mount tires that you don't buy from them and most are real sticklers on tread depth and tire condition. Given the sue happy lawyers these days I can understand that too! Some that will quote you an unreasonable price my guess in hopes of scaring you away. I still will hand mount them myself and check for bead leaks then just take them in to be balanced.
  8. Are We Losing Another Model Seller

    Same as most above! They have went from one whole side of an aisle to about 1/3 of a side and since the Revell issue they have had very little to choose from not that their selection was that good to begin with.
  9. What Irked You Today?

    Bill, I have had Fed ex inform me my package was being delivered by USPS only to come back home a day before it was scheduled to be delivered and find it on the porch! I would check the email and would find an email that said "a truck was in your area so we will deliver your package a day early! It came the same day as it was delivered! Where I live the postman won't even leave a package anywhere but the postal package boxes in the mailbox area of the park due to the huge theft problem here!
  10. What Irked You Today?

    What irked me???? Some deleted word broke a window on the car, ransacked it and found the almost 300 Christmas presents for our grandkids in the rear well under the floor of our HHR. We had been out shopping and were at the last stop (Walmart) at the time. A big 4X4 suv parked next to us after we had parked so the car wasn't visible on the stores security cameras. Only have liability so we are sol on that. The only plus was her cousin runs a body shop and happened to have an HHR door off a repair job that had a good window glass in it and her fixed it for free. I'll be going over to "visit" a few days and clean up in the shop for him so I don't feel bad about not paying for the work and window. Hope the grandkids understand. add on top about 3000 in doctor bills medicare is refusing to pay..... Be glad when this year is over.
  11. What Pleased You Today!

    Got warm enough to get two bodies painted and two in primer today!! Going to try and get two painted tomorrow and the second color on one on Sunday and maybe one or two more in paint if I get lucky!
  12. CA fires Horror

    Heard from a local guy that his brother was trying to get out with his family and pets. His wife was following him while he and the dogs and cats were in this 67 GTO when traffic came to a stop. Everyone was told to leave their cars and were loaded onto a couple trucks and the Guard hauled them out via a fire road because the road was overtaken by the fire. He said they had to leave their dogs loose because they weren't very people friendly but the cats were in carriers. Really sad. The car was his High School graduation present from his dad and was still all original. But as he said, those are only things. Maybe can't be replaced but better that than one of the family! Said they had very little warning to evacuate!
  13. Grandpa again

    Congratulations Grandpa, Papa, Grampie or what ever else they choose to label you! We have 14 including our Little Angel Isaac pictured in my avatar. No more will be coming so now we wait on the "Greats" to start coming!

    If you took a 1:1 car and shrunk it down to 1/25 scale the flake would not be visible to the naked eye. So all one can do is try and find paint that has the finest metalflake possible in the color you want.
  15. I believe this show of respect and honor of service for President Bush was President Trump's way of healing the riff between himself and the Bush family.