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  1. Rest In Peace Sam Bass

    Just saw that he has passed away at the age of 57 years young. He was awaiting a kidney transplant but unfortunately it was not to be. A great loss to the art world and Nascar history.
  2. 1970 Chevelle Underside of Hood Color?

    I remember seeing some that had a dull light cover of body color with primer showing through in places. Like has been said a lot depended on the plant that built it. My 69 Malibu had good cover around the outer edges and faded towards the middle.
  3. Such a deal!

    I remember the Pactra paint at 15 cents. A couple years ago I sold the last two bottles I had I found in an old tool chest I had quit using ! Guy offered 5 bucks for them ! One metallic blue and the other metallic green, still had the price stickers on them and were still good! Had a bottle of a weird purple color but it had dried up.
  4. A friend,no more...

    Glad to hear that! I've learned in my 60+ years not to sweat the little things in life. Life is too short as it is and friends get fewer as we get older.
  5. 1950's White 3000

    Great job on one of my favorite trucks! Was an old one deserted on a gravel lot by the old rail yard in town when I was a kid and we spent many hours "driving" it all over the country! (until bumble bees took it over) LOL Now that I see how one turns out I will have to get one! Thanks for posting!
  6. 70's Swinging meat trailer

    Jimmy Hoffa Where Are You?
  7. Peterbilt 352

    A flashback for me to earlier days trucking! Great job! Might add a little wear to the step under the door, the paint on the edge never seemed to stay very long on them! Love the weathering on the wheel rings on the steers. What tires did you use on this one? They look great!
  8. Yeah, the body looks like it has been through a few too many races and had lots of rough body work done just to keep it race ready! A real shame they did this to so many great kits.
  9. Well Brady does it again

    We haven't watched a game in two years now but the kid called and said it was 3 - 3 late in the 4th so I switched it on in time to see the three penalty's result in the Rams punting it away and shut it off. As far as some saying the Rams should not have even been there, neither should New England have been there. The NFL got what they wanted but unfortunately it wasn't what the fans wanted.
  10. Beautiful T Bird Randy ! Thanks for the tip on the interior !
  11. 70's Swinging meat trailer

    Gunna put Monfort Of Colorado on it? I hauled a few loads for them around 1990.
  12. Drag Slicks

    Are they only a hair over 1/4 inch wide?
  13. Ace-Garageguy, so long

    Be vewy vewy cafewl
  14. Drag Slicks

    Hey Elvin! What do they look like? I have a box with all my extra tires and may have a set in there!
  15. NEED GLASS AMT 1969 OLD 442 W-30

    PM sent!