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  1. First lady Barbara Bush gone

    Classy Lady, may she rest in peace.
  2. Harry Anderson (night court) Passes

    Sad news. We always liked the show. Watched it in first run and syndicated. Had a great cast and funny and sometimes serious story lines!
  3. Dodge Lil Red Wagon

    Mine was an old IMC kit that I painted wit Testors red enamel waaaaaay back in the day. Over time parts were lost broken and decals went bad. Picked up a parts kit in a trade and finished it up a couple years or so ago. I was building it from what I remembered seeing at US 30!
  4. My Last Modelhaus order

    I put my order in and it appeared that it went through. The next day I had the message that my order was rejected. (never went through) because they were closed down and not accepting orders. Looked to me like they were flooded with orders so bad that they cut it off a little earlier than they had planned. Can't blame them though! I wonder if they will one day let someone else have their molds and the rights to start making their parts again!
  5. Teague Hudson

    Great job! When I built my 52 I debated on whether to do the grey or the late season black car. The decision was made when I found a can of metallic grey in my paint stash that looked close to the right color!
  6. Another Teague 52 Hudson Hornet

    Just an out of box build. The kit was great as it all fit together really nice! Hardest thing is putting the body on! Boy was the Bare Metal Foil chrome work a nightmare!
  7. Lumpy's 40 Ford

    In the wary 60's some guys did that to a guys 58 Ford at a parking lot on what we called the square. The guy was a real hot head so their knew if provoked he would try and Chase down the other guy. They chained his rear axle to a light pole the someone cruised by and yelled an insult about his car. Sure enough he fired it up and took off like a house afire. Well, it was sad news for one of the guys dad's car because that was what the light pole landed on!LOL
  8. Looks like they took the original 64 and added a 65 grill! Look at how the front fenders are squared off on the front rather than the point that the 65 had! Also the hood grill and bumper are straight across rather than coming to a point in the middle so for all intents it IS a 64 on the box!LOL
  9. Lumpy's 40 Ford

    Yep! The idea was he would go to take off and the car wouldn't move, just spin the tires. Problem was they chained it long so the car got a a running start before reaching the chains end and supposedly yanked the rear end out.
  10. 1966 Barracuda Circle Track Car

    I had lost te center piece fror the grill and while trying to find it under the desk found an old piece of fiberglass screen and thought "why not!!!"
  11. 66 GS glue bomb resto

    That color really makes the little Buick stand out!
  12. Fiat Altered

    Yes Double Dragster kit.
  13. takes me back to my early days in trucking! Awesome build! Where is the reefer unit from?
  14. 1966 Barracuda Circle Track Car

    This was the old Street Freak version of the car. I lost it years ago only to have it and a few others returned in pieces that my wife's little brothers had taken them when our stuff was stored in their garage at one time. It sat in the box while I tried to find parts to restore and finally gave up on it. Well after doing a 73 Mustang stock car I decided to do the same with this one! I used am AMT Nascar chassis and adapted it to the body after opening the hood on the body! Turned out pretty nice to my own surprise!
  15. Fiat Altered

    Pretty much built out of box! It was a fun build!