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  1. AMT 1968 Mercury Cougar XR-7 GT, 390 4-speed.

    Wish someone would kit a new 67 or 68 Cougar kit! Two beautiful Fords!
  2. AMT 29 Ford Old School Racer Build

    That is just a cool looking rod! Great save! I think a person gets more enjoyment out of a build like this that they do out of a new kit!
  3. 1932 Ford Coupe

    That is one sweet looking hotrod!
  4. 1965 El Camino Camper

    Great weathering! Looks like it sat out behind the barn for a long while!
  5. 1965 El Camino Camper

    I actually saw one back in the 70's. It was at a spring shop th a catered to trucks and was there because one of their overload springs had failed on the rear. The camper overhang was longer than that in the kit and there were dolly wheels on the rear that were sprung and stayed in contact with the road surface.
  6. 1972 GTO

    Testors Orange enamel with a coat of clear.
  7. 1972 GTO

    Nothing to write home about. Tough kit to make look good without major redestruction. I was replicating one I built long ago that was a replica of a car the mechanic across the street from us at a Shell station owned when we lived in Portage Wi. Didn't take any under hood shots as there is little to look at kit wise. But it came out a lot better than I had hoped. Even with narrowing the bumper without refinishing it.
  8. Mega Millions.....

    First off make sure God gets his cut as called for. Then... I'd buy property and build homes for all our kids with a trust to pay the taxes and maintenence. Set up trusts for all our grandkids Last make sure the wife and I are taken care of. I'd send her to the Mayo Clinic and say "fix her up" never mind the cost! Then I'd buy me a 69 Malibu and have it redone just like the one I had in the 70's!
  9. Edsel is resurrected.

    Great save! Looks good enough for the gal I go with!
  10. 55' Chevy Convertible

    Nice clean build of the best looking of the Tri 5's!
  11. AGHHHH!Dont drop the airbrush!!!!

    The only airbrush I have is the old can fed Testors and it is still new in the box around 20 years old!
  12. This just in, Revell and AMT, they are the same company

    I went into Taco Bell and tried to order a Dominos Pizza and when the girl looked at me very puzzed and said they don't sell pizzas I then asked for a bucket of chicken but by then the manager had come to the counter and told me either place an order or leave!LOL Some people have no sense of humor so I went two doors down to Taco Johns!
  13. What Do I Do?

    Pay it forward Steve! I'm sure you know someone here that is worthy of this kit and would be pleased to build it!
  14. What Do I Do?

  15. I had the Mod Squad Merc wagon! Made a hot rod out of it and gave the surfboards and figures to a friend along with the band members from the garbage truck kit!