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  1. Beach Boys Song. Shut Down Dodge Dart

    Seen that song put to the test and they have it backwards! Had a 63 Fuelie and it sucked!
  2. SHORTSTER: custom 57 Chrysler roadster

    Years ago in Portage Wi. a guy shortened a 58 Ford convertible. He would do wheelies down the parking lot road where he lived. The old trailer hitch on the back would be throwing sparks like crazy! The 57 Chevy has a Nash Metropolitan aura to it!
  3. Mark Donohue Javelin AMX

    Yes it is a Johan kit.
  4. Mark Donohue Javelin AMX

    Dave, I built this one out on the road driving truck! Painted the white at home where I stopped for the night before heading out to Madison Wi, painted the red at a rest area the next day when I ran out of hours, painted the blue in the parking lot at the Budweiser Plant while waiting for my dock time, Put on the decals in a booth in a truck stop at 2am thanks to the waitress who kept bringing me coffee and furnished me with a cup of hot water while I waited for a tire repair on the trailer painted the rest of the parts on my way to Minneapolis and finished the kit the morning after I got back home to Portage Wi! One of only two I ever built that way.
  5. Mark Donohue Javelin AMX

    I built this decades ago and it stayed hidden in a box for most of it's life. Thought about restoring it but could never find replacement decals and now I'm glad I didn't. Just cleaned it up and put in in a case as is!
  6. Tim Flock 52 Hudson

    Finally got this one done.
  7. Jigsaw Puzzles any one ?

    I went there the first time you posted this. (maybe another site?) Since I have done over 1000 puzzles of cars old farm houses and semi truck and trains!. also a few airplanes!
  8. For D Day- what is was really like. PICs

    Growing up we had neighbors who were WWII Veterans and of course being kid never understood why they always changed the subject when one of us would ask about the war. That was until 1971 then I found the answer to that. After I was home I found that they were one of the best things that I had going as they now opened up to me and helped me get past my experiences. Over the last 2 decades I made regular visits to the Veteran's Home because I knew some there and I met and befriended many more over the years. It was hard watching as the faded away taking all they could tell us along with them. I went out today and was playing poker with three One Korean War Vet and two WWII Vets. The 92 year old cleaned me out I came home without my pennies! We were watching some of the doings on the TV as we played and Bill says " I always thought I would go back one day but I waited too long." His health was too bad for him to make the trip if he could now. One of the others asked him why he would want to go back there for and he quickly responded with a straight face "wanted to go back and see if I could find my leg!" it just got quiet all around us as he looked from face to face and then opened up with a laugh so loud it brought the nurses and one doctor in to see what was going on! I only wish we could see this kind of fortitude and strength in today's young people!
  9. What Irked You Today?

    When I was ordering the wife's Campbell Soup calendar this year I saw they had the bags listed and ordered her two sets. (total 6 bags) Now we don't have all those pesky plastic bags that hold little to nothing to deal with. Most stores have them foe a buck or two usually with their logo on them. The only issue is Kroger bags for you and the baggers will try and put all the can good into one so you have to tell them that you aren't a weight lifter so they load them lighter!.
  10. What Irked You Today?

    One of my son's sold a car and drove 250 miles to a halfway point to meet the buyer only to wait until the next day (stayed over night) while trying to get the guy to answer his phone or call him back. He drove back home around 10am. The guy finally clls him the next day and just says "something came up" and that was it. The kid asked if he wanted to meet again and the guy say "Naw, just send my deposit back if you would"!!! Well the kid was a little nicer than I would have been and told him he would send half of the 500 dollar deposit they guy had paid. The guy got ticked but that is what the kid sent him as he figured the other 250 covered his gas, time and motel!
  11. What Irked You Today?

    Next time take the higher road and just let it go. Fretting over something like that doesn't do you any good and slapping back just demeans yourself as the other person most likely just don't really care!
  12. What Irked You Today?

    Rats with bushy tails is what we call them! They garbage pick around here chewing through the lids of the plastic garbage containers! We put a guard on the pole that holds our bird feeder. Like a cone that sets on a ball and rocks if something lands on it. It is quite comical watching squirrels climb that skinny pole and then try to get onto the guard!LOL
  13. What Irked You Today?

    What irked me? (yesterday and still does today!) Trying to remove the trim on a newly aquired 1966 Buick Special (bought for me by my son's) so I could reseal it and fix a couple rust holes in the channel the windshield cracked in two spots. Seems it had been resealed a long time ago and the windshield has slid down trapping the lower molding at the bottom edge. The glass being 53 years old was starting to delaminate all the way around making it an accident ready to happen. The neighbor that I borrowed the trim tool from works at a body shop and said that even they would most likely have cracked it because the glass was so fragile. Still doesn't make me feel any better though. Wasn't looking to spend that kind of money for something that I really didn't need!
  14. Mayflower Moving Van Trailer

    In the immortal words of Dave Dudley "she's got a flame from her stack and she's blowin' black as coal!"
  15. Gregg's Status

    Until they don't. I had that option offered to me but I declined. They say I need another fusion done on maybe three more levels but after the first failed I will nt do another until I no longer can walk! I eventually weened myself off pain meds and just deal with the back pain which isn"t a pleasant thing. You acclimate to it to a degree but above that level you just have to become sedintary until it gets to a point you can function half way normally again. Not what I would call "quality" of life but all one cn do is live one day at a time.