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  1. Just finished changing drivers side rear spring. Thi is what was on it . The one on the other side isn't any better! Just the spring and new shock on that side made an almost 4 inch difference in height! Never seen one bent like that let alone 2 of them!
  2. Have a local guy trying to trade me a 300 Buick engine for my V6! He decided that the 300 was too big to shoehorn into his jeep! If I swap for a V8 I'll go with a Buick V8 and a 350 trans although I do have a line on a complete setup to go 4 speed!
  3. I thought of that but the lip is double thickness and I'm afraid it will flare the well out if I try it. Going to use some small relief cuts and wood block and big hammer. Don't need much bareley touches the side wall on the speed bumps in the street. Also will be replacing rear springs which are very weak and new shocks. If that result isn't satisfactory then I will go to air shocks.
  4. Need to roll one wheel well lip and do rear springs and shocks. Still trying to get my head wrapped around how to tune this odd fire 225 V6!
  5. Platelets still going up! 127 from yesterdays blood work!
  6. Got my AMT Double Header Kit today that I ordered through Amazon (shipped by Amazon too) and was shocked that all they did was stick labels on the shrink wrap and ship it!!! Box was all beat to h e double hockey sticks but luckily nothing inside was damaged!! Just find it inconceivable that they would do that!!!
  7. First song I remember of his was Uneasy Rider.
  8. The improvements since the valve procedure are stunning! Never realized how poor her coloring had become over time, she actually has ankles now! Haven't seen her legs this small in YEARS! She can actually walk the length of the house without being out of breath! She walked out and back to see our son's garden Saturday and wasn't short of breath! Appears COPD wasn't the main cause of her breathing issues it was her heart! Can't wait to see how things improve after she starts cardiac rehab in a week or so!!!
  9. Her platelet number was at 73 which is still quite low but was up from the night before so they released her with blood counts to be done every few days. Friday her count was up to 91 so it seems that she is slowly adjusting to the new valve they implanted. Next blood test is tomorrow.
  10. No go again yesterday and looks no joy for today either until they can get her platelets up.
  11. About to head north again. Hopefully today will be going home day! Her blood cultures came back negative and he platelets are going up. One more scan of chest and arms to make sure there are no clots and she should be ready to rock!
  12. Just follow the doctors instructions and get good physical therapy and it will amaze her how great she feels and how much more she can do! Have had both of mine done.
  13. Thanks guys. She spiked a temp (low grade) last night and this morning and her platelet count was down so they kept her another night and are running a blood culture test just to be sure and to get her count back up.. Poor wife has so many scars she looks like a road map.
  14. Hopefully the last and the wife can come home. She went up to Northwestern Hospital Tuesday morning for a pre-op dental exam and clearance and the Cardiac surgeon decided to admit he that day so they could get her INR where they wanted it nd to get excess water weight off before her Tricuspid valve replacement. They used a new procedure for the replacement that was less invasive and worked sort of like when they place a stent. While this procedure has FDA clearance for an aortic valve replacement it has not been cleared for this particular valve yet but under the order signed by President Trump they were able to use it on her because she is such a high risk for conventional heart surgery being this is her fourth one and having COPD. They have done 15 in this country so far and she was the first at Northwestern Hospital. Because she is in a study the cost of the device and surgery and all the tests and appointments are covered. Only cost to our insurance are the two days stay prior and the stay in the step down unit after she was moved from CCU. I cannot remember last when her legs were this skinny! First night they took off over 6 pounds of water weight! Everything seems to be going just great although she had to have a second procedure right after because the replacement valve damaged a pacemeker lead so they had to replace it but the plus she got a new generator a year and a half early as the old one only had about 18 months left on it.
  15. My late Great Uncle and Aunt used to sing that song a lot! Had it on an old 78 record. He flew B17's out of England and she was an RAF nurse when he first met her! That brought back so great memories.
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