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  1. Hate to say it but I guess it means we are getting old.
  2. I'm calling it done. Was a real pain and not reallt happy with it, but being the kit it ia I guess just finishing it is enough!LoL
  3. Getting closer Doors glued shut. Getting the chassis was a real pain.
  4. 2nd sister in the last 18 months. She passed following tumor removal surgery to massive organ failure. 30 years ago this month she was diagnosed with leukemia and was given a survival chance of 5% at 5 years. She definitely beat the odds, even out lived the doctor!
  5. In an interview they said it was a crew of 5 which is what was on board when I had my ride a few years back.
  6. He played Capt. Rusty Wallace in the first season of Tour Of Duty.
  7. Here was mine, it was a rescue from the junk pile.
  8. Helped build a couple of these in 1:1. Just took out the side door section. Boy were they squirrley to drive! I did one out of the old Revell?? kit.
  9. Back on this one again. Decided I couldn't replicate the original vuild which was red so went with a creamsicle look! Just finishing up the foil work.
  10. Any tutorals on building a,chopper front fork?
  11. Maybe they couldn't come to a contract agreement with the network! So they walked!
  12. I found it neccessary to sand the edges of the center brace to square it up and fit correctly. Also make sure you get the side panels in the right order. It is a real challenge for sure but can build up nicely.
  13. If you mean like this , make your own like I did!
  14. The problem seems to root in the fact this chromebook only has googles os and most copiers require a MS os. Even the manufactures assistance people could not give me a definitive answer on what will work. Suggested to keep trying different ones. They even suggested that I should run my chromebook through another computer that is connected to a printer!LOL
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