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  1. Sent a package usps on Dec. 28th to our grandson at Ft Leonard Wood Mo. from Northern IL.. On Jan. 1st tracking showed it was in Kansas City Ks. Departed there on Jan. 14th delivered the 18th. So it sat in Ks. City 2 weeks??? Sorry, no excuse. Have a friend works in a sort center and he says a lot of the workers keep staying out because of "supposed" contact with people outside work that tested positive. Says it has become an inside joke.
  2. B17 tops the list, my dad flew co-pilot in WW 2 F86 was the last he flew in Korea, he's still there somewhere. F4 Phantom would be third. F4U Corsair Ford Tri Motor. Many more but that is enough for now.
  3. There was a Corvette kit too. Sure would love to see that Firebird kit again!
  4. I have fuzzy dice hanging in my 66 Buick Special. Had them in my first car a 1954 Chevy Belair. My uncle put them in. Later on my wife started hanging baby shoes on the mirror.
  5. Dept manager at the WM my wife retired from said they only stocked about half what they would normally have. A friend who manages a Big Lots said he only ordered about a third of what would be normal and he only received about half that order from the warehouse with a notation that was all he would be getting.
  6. Glued my first parts together since the end of July when we moved. Working on a Tim Flock 55 Chrysler. Still don't have the room quite ready but need to start building before I lose interest again!
  7. Valley Of The Dolls! My sister and cousin were supposed to take my cousin Billy and I to the movies and that was what we ended up seeing!!!
  8. That was my grandma's favorite show. Swear she should have been on his show! She rarely missed a question to an answer. It was on in her hospital room when she passed away. Seeing pictures of him I had forgotten his mustache years!LOL Godspeed Mr Trebek
  9. When I mounted them on a truck or trailer would have it jacked up just enough to clear the floor so I could spin the wheel with a big socket next to the tire as I tighteens the nuts so it would be mounted square. Every day I see those container chassis go by or would be following one wondering how they can afford the tires ruined as I watch them wobble!
  10. Well she is in step down unit now! They had her up and walking she takes all her meals sitting in a chair. Possibly will be released Sunday or Monday if all goes well!
  11. Thanks Joe. She's one tough woman! They got her off the respirator around 12:30 and put her on bi-pap. As soon as her carbondioxide numbers go down a little more in her labs she will be moved out of icu. Just talked to the surgeon and he says she is doing great, even better than he expected at this point!
  12. The wife had open heart surgery this morning. They had to remove the implanted valve and replaced it with a tissue valve. She went through the surgery well the only thing is they still have her tubed as of tonight and will try and pull it tomorrow morning. They decided to leave her on it a bit longer until her lungs get a little stronger. She had thoracic surgery which meant deflating her right lung during the surgery.
  13. Well they have her scheduled for heart surgery on Monday morning. They will first see if they can suture the valve implant in place to stop the "rocking" without opening the heart. If that proves unsuccessful then they will do a conventional valve replacement removing the implant and putting in a tissue valve. They have to wait until Monday because they need the team from Edwards who developed the valve to be there to show them how to remove the implant because the doctors here have not had to do that procedure yet. It cannot be removed without an open heart procedure.
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