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  1. Got wheels and tires done. Debating on wheter to leave the silver bright or hit it with dullcoat. Discovered one of the cab pivots was 1/16 of an inch longer so had to cut it loose and move it down on the frame.
  2. I have 2 more. The tanker kit will turn into a White 3000 with tank trailer. The kit with the flatbed will be built like a truck I used to see in Indiana that had either dual drive or more likely a tag axle that I would see hauling a short flatbed trailer with a single steel coil.
  3. The driveshaft would have been too long in 1:1 so I made a split shaft and added a carrier ti an added crossmember .
  4. Love these old trucks especially the cabovers! Great built you have going, wish I could afford some of their s stuff. Would love to build an Emeryville! You need to stuff the tires to keep then on the wheels. I know guys use some kind of foam pieces but I have always used rolled up napkins or paper towels.
  5. Was trying to decide what to do with the flatbed from the Ford C600 kit and decided to turn one of my Dodge trucks into a flat bed. Used the long frame rails from the ford to stretch the dodge frame and make cross members.
  6. Well my three sons chipped in together and bought me a new laptop computer for fathers day! They said my 12 year old desktop was too slow!LOL Then we got some more pictures of our great grand son. Asher! This was the best one! He was ready to cool off in his pool with mom.
  7. Tough game as you never know quite what the course conditions will be. I had a game like that once. Third time ever golfing (and my last) using rental clubs. Went with my father-in-law to please my wife. He didn't say a word from the last putt and on the way home. Never ever asked me to go again!LOL
  8. Wish I had one to trade. Love those buses!
  9. That is the stance out of the box.
  10. It is painted.(twice) Orange peeled really bad. Polished it out best I could without burning through and then cleared.
  11. Not my best work but passable for my grandson who loves the series.
  12. I think it was for the storage boxes not offered on the usual day cabs and they had no need of a sleeper. The ones I saw had a shelf all the way across behind the seats.
  13. The dunkin's here became "Donut King" in the late 80's when the Indian owner dropped the franchise., bet he was still making them on site like DD used to in the 60's&70's. We have since got new DD's but the product pales in comparison. Too greasy.
  14. Great job on the conversion! Great looking truck! Years ago there were several of those in this area and a couple Petes too that were owned by large farms!
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