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  1. Shipping is getting too high any more for buing on line.
  2. A resin body and parts that use a plastic kit for a donor for the rest.
  3. While I love the 64 drag cars the 63 is just a prettier less boxy looking car. Rare to see one in drag form.
  4. I agree, just seems that some of my best and most enjoyable work is on a built up or what was left of one that someone else discarded and I saved from the trash! I guess it is just the challenge and seeing the transformation that makes it so! Just like builds from the parts box!
  5. This kit reminds me of some of the last standard beetles ( supers too ) that came out of the plant in Mexico. They were a mix of parts from the 60s and 70s.
  6. But where is it at???😕 Hard to figure what is up now!
  7. As my Great Granny used to say, it takes all kinds to make the world go round and it you lose even one it will slow it to a stop in time! Took until I was grown and out in the real world to understand what she meant! I'm no artist nor a show quality builder but I sure do enjoy this hobby and even if I don't care for another builders style I still enjoy seeing their work and respect them for their accomplishments and what they bring to the hobby!
  8. If the Pack wins it will be because of a good team effort. Not the ref's and not all Rogers. Rogers seems to have reached his peak and is starting that long slow slide and that"s coming from a diehard Packers Fan! This has been a terrible year for officiating in the NFL! Do away with replays and reviews, go back to rules before 1990 and just play the game!
  9. 🤢🤮 is about all I can say about this one!
  10. While I like several versions of the song Dave Dudley owned it!
  11. Didn't even know such a thing even existed.🤨
  12. I know Jim, I just remembered having this picture I took at a local parade a Rambler Convertible!LOL I wasn't even sure this was an actual vert as the guy also had a matching hardtop in the parade.
  13. So sorry for your loss. Prayers going out for you and family.
  14. I always have said I'd never give that kind of money for any kit but then I would have never had that kind of cash to shell out on something like that! So I guess I'm saying if I did have the cash, I'd probably be one that would if it was something I really wanted that bad! But not as a collector but as a builder as I see no point in collecting. Have seen too many people collect things that are going sky high in value saying that was their retirement plan only to see the ceiling fall in on them in the end! I can't fault or condemn anyone else that does same as I will not beat up on a seller that is just getting what the market will allow for something they own! Ain't my business what he does with it!LOL
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