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  1. I’ll tell you why...because the ‘72 specific parts were modified and used for the Petty stock car. The rear bumper in that kit was modified (bumper housing filled in/ “panelled in”) from the ‘72 piece. I think the same thing happened to the ‘72 front bumper, but it’s less obvious that the ‘72 piece was used as a basis for the Petty front bumper. The Petty hood was totally flat- incorrect for one of those cars. It should have had the creases toward the front of it, like a Satellite hood, or, like an Air Grabber hood that is missing the center dome (which is just like the real hood). On the underside of the Petty kit piece, you can see where they took the ‘72 twin scoop hood and filled in the scoops to make it a flat hood. So - the major components specific to the ‘72 Road Runner have been modified and would need rework in order to be used again for a stock release, assuming they could be found in the first place. It would probably be easier for them to get the components for the ‘71 together to release first. That was last put out in around 1987. Some say that the tooling has since been lost. When Racing Champions owned AMT/MPC in the ‘90’s, they had announced that they were putting the Petty kit out again. I’m not sure how far they got with that project. They might have found the ‘72 Petty bumpers, but then realized that the body would have to be converted to NASCAR trim, and that might have been farther than they were willing to go with that.
  2. My personal fave: 1978 Dodge Magnum. It would have been cool if MPC offered this as an annual back then. Also: we need a Hellcat. Full detail with an engine. Charger or Challenger, doesn’t matter to me, although I think a Challenger would sell better than a Charger would. We need that engine in scale, at the very least.
  3. Me too. This tool would be worth a bit of fixing (headlight buckets, bumpers, turn signal lenses for the lower grille), but it would probably sell as a snap fast kit in it's current form anyway. If they do put it out again, they should at least give it the expanded decal set treatment...
  4. The Torqueflite trans was in the '80's 'Hemi Cuda" and "Pro Street Barracuda" reissues. The hood was last seen in the Pro Street Barracuda and Auto Scape Barracuda. The intake parts, dual distributors, wheelie bars and side windows haven't been seen since the original Missile release. I wonder what's left of this tool? Maybe it's worth a annual style retro release with new decals, box art and nice tires? Didn't they announce that they were re-releasing the Snap Fast Plus version some time ago?
  5. That's a beauty. I don't think I have ever seen one in that color before. There was a guy I went to high school with in the 80's that had a really, really nice triple black one. I seem to remember his had a 350 engine and gate-style floor shifter. That was one sweet car!!!
  6. I remember those hubcaps. You just about nailed them!!!
  7. I think the Coke machines are a nice little bonus. I like the vintage one that came in the Ford Van. I just happened to want both the van and the Coke machine. The van will probably not get built as a Coke van, but the machine will go somewhere, probably outside the service station I eventually want to get built. It’s a bonus for me in the Chevy pickup (which I also want), so I might get one of those, too.
  8. I think the ‘68 and ‘69 Dodge Coronets are the best bets I have seen in this thread so far. I have suggested something like this before for that subject. Round 2 could use the ‘70 body tool as a basis, create new tools for the ‘68 and ‘69 bodies, and while they are at it, massage a few areas that were not very accurate the first time around (mostly the grilles). They could tool up multiple hood options, and make the bodies so that they could offer new variants- like the ‘68 and ‘69 Super Bees. They could of course use the chassis and engine from the ‘70 Super Bee/ ‘69 GTX- between those kits, they have offered 440 4-Bbl (which could easily stand in for a 383), 440 Six Pack, and Hemi engines. Add one of their excellent retro boxes and decal packages, perhaps offer a single racing option (maybe a Dick Landy ‘68 R/T 440 for example), and they could have a winner. The MPC ‘71 Demon also represents a great opportunity. The best path here might be to do a new body, interior and dash for the MPC ‘76 Dart Sport kit. Rather than recreate the original Demon body, they could work on the areas that were incorrect the first time (the wheelhouses were Duster- style the first time around, I believe), and offer the correct body for the first time. I think re-engineering the AMT ‘71 Duster might be trickier. I’d like to know whatever happened to that project- I think Round 2 was working on converting the AMT ‘71 Duster to a Demon some years ago, so I wonder if they hit some hurdles that prevented them from making that happen.
  9. Agree! One-Run-Of-Fun, Limited Edition Neoclassical Custom Pontiac Grand Prix. A disco/ Funk themed box...decals with pinstripes, flames, and lace panel paint. Put me down for two!!!
  10. Hmmm...wheels, grille & headlights, maybe the hood (bonnet? :)), bumpers, right-drive dashboard, a rear spoiler and some interior changes? Along with a decals sheet with options for some of the special packages they offered outside the U.S., those changes might get you a UK/Euro-spec Capri. I think it was offered in Europe a good deal longer than it was offered in the U.S., at least into the mid-80's? It seemed to me that when I visited the UK in the 90's, there were a lot of 2nd gen Capri's there on the streets, sort of like the Camaro or Mustang here. I got a kick out of seeing them as drivers with rust and custom wheels. There were just a few other Capri kits, done by Japanese manufacturers, but mostly racing type-cars. If Round 2 did decide to tool up a few new bits to broaden the appeal of the kit, they could have a good seller in Europe. Overall, the detail level on this kit was pretty decent, and I don't think anything like that had ever been offered before.
  11. They could release it as a "neoclassical custom". For the box art, I would use the same artist that did the recent releases of AMT's '62 T-Bird and Catalina Gasser. Do very dramatic/ dynamic illustrations. They could always unblock all of the parts and see what they have...I think some of the custom parts (side pipes, etc) came with the annual kits even before it's Superfly form. MPC probably just blocked off a bunch of parts for the Sweathogs release. In 1:1, wasn't the Stutz Blackhawk (I think Elvis owned one or two) based on the GP for awhile? That's a car I would love to see a kit of, but that would take fairly radical mods to the GP body going the other way from stock.
  12. There were no body mods to the Capri. The air dam and flares are add ons. I have one of these, but it was an open box when I got it many years ago, so I can't confirm that the Café Racer always comes with stock bumpers, but I'm pretty sure the stock grille was included with these and otherwise it could be built stock.
  13. You are quite welcome, Bill! I hope at least somebody can benefit from all of the time I have wasted on these kits!!!
  14. All true. The 500 hood isn't the same as the original annual hood, as it has underside detail, and the front edge isn't as nice. it definitely wouldn't pay for Round 2 to retool this one, as Revell already has a superior '68-'69 Charger tool. Round 2 even did a snap tool that repeats some of the sins of the glue tool(same '72 grille inserts for the stock '69, for instance). I still have a soft spot for this tool though, warts and all. If they were to bring the 500 back (I think they have only offered it twice, and if you want to build a 500, you must use at least some of the MPC kit, or get the grille in resin), then it might be worthwhile to make a few upgrades while they are at it. The way Round 2 does their decals and boxes, it makes me want to buy almost anything they offer. I have enough MPC '78 Monaco 4 doors to last the rest of my life, but with the new lightbar and wheels, along with the retro box and new decals Round 2 just did for the CHP version, I REALLY want another one now.
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