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  1. Oh- YOU'RE that guy, huh? ;) Actually, I bought quite a few '72 Road Runner grilles, bumpers, valences & taillights the last time around. & I got a '64 Custom Sports Special, which I'm really happy about.
  2. Quite forgivable! How many of us have been able allowed to work on a Gen 2 Hemi???
  3. My favorite projects are replicas of real cars- that is, cars that exist or existed in 1:1, as they existed. Movie cars, friends' cars, cars from my neighborhood growing up. One thing I want to get built soon is a '74 Road Runner that I went to look at many years ago but did not buy. It was a 318 / TF (yes, the 318 was standard that year!) with a bench seat, column shift, oxidized red paint, no stripes, Rallye wheels with no trim rings, A/C, and manual steering. An undercover Hot (warm) Rod. I decided that the manual steering would have been too much (driving a 4,000 lb car with manual steering, with fat tires up front was no fun at all, it turns out!). I should have bought it, sucked it up, and converted it to power steering. If I'm building something as a 'hypothetical" car, that is, something as I want to build it, but not using a 1:1 car as a pattern, then I do try to research them as much as I can. I go to as many car shows as I can, & take pictures of cars on the street. I tend to build them in colors that I have seen them in, or that a particular car is often seen in. I can admire and appreciate wild customs, made up and fanciful things, but I tend to like to build things I have seen or experienced. I want to try my hand at building a garage diorama, complete with spare parts on the shelves. Hemi & Six Pack intakes & carb assemblies, lying there, slightly grungy. Wheels and tires here and there. A short block under a bench. Weird speed parts that have no business in anybody's garage (everybody has at least one orphan part in their garage). None of it pristine. That's how I have seen things like that in other peoples' garages. Or maybe build a scene that shows a small corner of a swap meet.
  4. I would like to see an El Camino like the one on the cover built. It looks like it's part Impala, part LeSabre. Maybe mix the custom parts with an MPC '70 Bonneville and an MPC '76 Caprice? I don't need another project, but maybe somebody else would like to take a crack at that. You're welcome. ;) Also, this reminds me of the Lindberg Box Situation they had for their old 1/32 "Dodge Charger" kits. A green '73-'74-ish Charger was shown on the box, but to my knowledge, they never did a 1/32 kit of that car. Those kits always came with a 1/32 '71-'72-ish Plymouth Barracuda in the box. I say '71-'72-ish, because while most of it looks like a '72 Barracuda with a flat hood, it has quad headlamps, like a '71. They reissued it in the 1990's, along with this El Camino (and both '90's boxes represented the correct makes & models, IIRC). Has anybody EVER found a 1/32 Lindberg '73-'74 Charger anywhere? I know they did a decent '75 (Cordoba-style) 1/32 kit, but I have never actually seen a '73-'74, like the box art showed. My guess is that the actual model never existed. I think the origin of that Lindberg Barracuda grille design was from sketches seen in Hot Rod Magazine back then- I remember seeing a "coming next year" feature for the upcoming '72 cars- there was a sketch of a '72 Barracuda with quad headlamps in it. Maybe that was the plan Chrysler had for the Barracuda until they went opted for dual headlamps in '72? Perhaps Chrysler put that out to Lindberg somehow, and then changed the plan after the kit was tooled up. It might have been last minute cost cutting for a car that wasn't exactly a sales blockbuster. That article also mentioned that the top engine option for the Challenger and Barracuda would be the 400 cube engine, but we all know the biggest engine you could actually get in an E-Body in '72 was the 340.
  5. Looks great! I can almost smell the diesel from the SEPTA Bus that used to go by the house I grew up in on Green Lane in Philly...
  6. CapSat 6

    Modern Cars

    Many exciting cars, true- and many Plain Janes of today will actually give the average muscle car a run for the money now (sad, or maybe not- but true)! But, the Hellcats are Top Dogs in today's Performance World. They are truly Kit-worthy.
  7. CapSat 6

    Modern Cars

    I have to agree with that, and I slightly resemble that remark. I definitely missed out on these as well. First and foremost, I wish Mr. Clearly Scale (not joking, his name escapes me right now) the best of health, as I understand his health problems were/are serious.
  8. CapSat 6

    Modern Cars

    I might just start a new topic: "we need a Hellcat!!!" Even just for the engine. If Round 2 were to do it (they are capable of doing new tooling after all), this would be a great opportunity. They could develop a full detail kit, and also, spin the engine tool off as a separate product- a parts pack, that would come with a 1/25 replica of a Demon Crate, as well as a replica crate for a "Hellephant" engine. I'll bet they would sell tons of those parts packs, for all of us crazies who want to put a Hellcat/ Hellephant engine into something different. I know I would buy a few!!! I have said it here first: a Hellcat Demon plastic kit with provisions for the single seat option, the extra tires & wheels, and actual scale Demon Crate would be Boss. Also, it must be mentioned: a full detail 2015-2020 Challenger tool could have so many variants: Scat Pack, SRT, R/T, Demon, Widebody, Drag Pack. Multiple hood options, wheels, custom parts. Go to Carlisle or the Mopar Nats some time, it's evident that these cars are quickly taking over as the "it" car at car shows. You probably have almost as many new Challengers and Chargers at a given show now than you do vintage muscle cars these days.
  9. CapSat 6

    Modern Cars

    Funny you mention the Grand National. I remember when that car was out, there was no model of it for some time while the 1:1 car was being built. For awhile it was really one of those "why don't they do a model of one?" cars, much like the Hellcat is today. IIRC, Revell-Monogram came out with their GN kit about a year or so after 1:1 GN production stopped. Then again, it only took Revell about 25 years to do a Mustang LX 5.0, which was the "Saturday Night Special" (i.e.- cheap, effective and plentiful!) of American performance cars back then...
  10. There seem to be some shots of 1:1 '69-'70 K&K Chargers out there...if you're looking for info on what colors to paint the various components, you could probably use pics of the undersides of the earlier cars as a guide.
  11. CapSat 6

    Modern Cars

    Agree with all of the above! And- the argument has been made in the past when this comes up that without newer subject matter (meaning: more modern, or representing a decent selection of currently available cars in 1:1), the potential to engage newer modelers is reduced. The occasional Corvette or Mustang just won't do it.
  12. CapSat 6

    Modern Cars

    Testors/ Lindberg did a Gen 1 (2006-2010) Dodge Charger kit that was truly excellent. It was priced a little higher than competing products at the time. I'm not sure of the actual sales for those kits, but my impression was that they weren't exactly hopping off of the shelves. Now there seems to be some slight demand for them, although I haven't really been looking lately. First, a standard Charger R/T and a Daytona were offered...then the tool was revised into an SRT 8 Super Bee...then a REALLY nice Police version (complete with accurate multiple wheel & lightbar options, and police gear for the interior). Round 2 could always elect to run a few more of these, but I get the impression that the first runs for these took awhile to sell through. I do think we should get a full detail kit of the new Hellcat Challengers, if only to rob of their powertrains. Revell has a good start there with their SRT 8 Challenger. Multiple versions could be offered which could make it worthwhile for a kit manufacturer: Hellcat Demon, Widebody, Scat Pack, etc. Given the popularity of these cars in 1:1, I'm a little surprised that nobody has done a Hellcat in plastic, but then again, while the Revell Challeger SRT 8's, AMT R/T's and SRT 8's and Revell 2013 SRT's seem to be widely available, they also do not seem to hop off the shelves.
  13. Call me crazy, but I would like to see a 1/12 Mopar of some kind. Ideally, it would be a '68-'70 Charger, based on their excellent 1/25 kits of the same. Right now, Mopars are just about the hottest thing going in the U.S. and elsewhere, so I could see where this could be a good seller. I built their '69 Camaro and really enjoyed it. I had their '67 Corvette and see where that kit has a lot of potential as well. Still- they were no Mopars...
  14. There is a caster on eBay that does the '80's trucks...he posts here too occasionally. Robert Burns. He had Ramcharger and Crew Cab kits. Designed by 3D and cast in resin, they look very nice. He had some listed a few weeks ago, you need to keep looking, he posts new auctions just every few weeks or months. They're a little pricy for just bodies and grille/ bumper parts, but they are nice quality. I would have pulled the trigger on a Ramcharger, but I got one of his '70 Polaras instead (it's on the way). I'll probably try to get one of those Ramchargers next. I did get one of his '71 Polaras - the quality is very good, and it looks very accurate. I'm very happy with it.
  15. My vote is for the Street Spyder. That and the Super Spyder are the most "period" of them all...they would probably fit in better with your "collection" of '70's builds. The Longshot is essentially the same as the Street Spyder, except for side pipes and fatter tires in the back. I had a few of those Longshots. Red plastic, plus the 80's graphics applied to the optional '70's parts don't really appeal to me. A hobby shop local to me had the Pontiac version (Sunbird?) of the Revell Super Spyder sitting on their shelf for YEARS. When I finally got interested in it, it was gone, of course. If you want to build the '76 or Black Max, you have to go full drag version, of course! The Black max would be a bit more accurate as it has Keystone mags instead of Pontiac Honeycombs (which might fit in better with the ISMA flares, perhaps). While the chassis on the MPC kits are simplified (rear axle integrated with the floor), the engine details in those MPC kits are VERY nice, especially the optional headers & carbs.
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