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  1. If you're there all day getting yelled at because the pics don't turn out, it's your own fault!
  2. Reminds me of the time the mail carrier at my old house crammed a package in to my mailbox- they would put them in from a common door at the back, which opened wide. The individual door on my own mailbox didn't open as wide. I had to take a pocket knife out to the mailbox to cut the box up from the inside just to get it and it's contents out. That was fun.
  3. IIRC the Superfly had a full roof like the annual Grand Prix, while the Dream machine had a targa-style cutout roof - the roof was molded that way, it wasn't something the builder cut out. I think also the Super Fly came with side exhausts, while the Dream Machine didn't. If Round 2 has this tool, they could do one run as a "Neoclassical 70's Luxury Custom", with new box cover artwork, etc. That would be a low-effort-maybe-high-reward offering for Round 2. I'd prefer they mold the full roof and include the side pipes like the SuperFly, though.
  4. Man, they ought to bring one or two of those back. Round 2 has the Mongoose License, I wonder if they could do a McEwen English Leather Corvette from one of those? And perhaps a "name" Omni? I wonder what's up with those Omni bodies though. I don't remember the kit bodies looking quite like that...
  5. If you do a flat bed, maybe you can build a load of parts to haul to a Mopar show (hoods, quarter panels, engines, etc.).
  6. Looking GREAT! I snapped this one at the Mopar Nats in 2017:
  7. Here is my homage to these cars...I couldn’t scratchbuild a 4 door ‘66 Coronet body (I would love to have one, my family had one of those cars when I was little, although not a Hemi!), and I didn’t want to try to modify a ‘67 Plymouth body. I used the next best thing. No ‘68 B body 4 door Hemis were built to my knowledge, but if they were, they might have looked like this...
  8. I know of a white one, a red one, and this one- I saw the gold car for sale at Carlisle in the early 2000's. The Garlits car was supposedly built for the FBI as a test car. One of the others (I think the red one) was special ordered new by a Mr. Floyd Cline, because he wanted a 4 door with dual quads for towing. There was an article in Mopar Action magazine back in the early 90's on both the red and white cars. Their rarity was known even back then. In '66, when the Street Hemi was released, that engine presumably could have been ordered in any B-body body style or trim level. I think I read that there might be a 4-door '66 Plymouth in Europe somewhere.
  9. That's an ambitious project. I like what you did with that Challenger Diamante concept! Call me crazy, but I don't see much Viper in the Charger RT concept. To me, the drop of the front fenders and the shape of the nose look a little more like a Firebird- that drop is what you want to capture, and the Viper nose . Maybe keep the Viper as-is since you didn't cut it up yet, and start looking for an early 2000's Firebird kit? Or perhaps a newer Revell Ferrari California.
  10. Yikes. Maybe draw the paint out of a can, let the metallic settle into a jar, separate and airbrush? I could have sworn I read about a way to do this...
  11. On that Vega chrome tree, it looks like there's a blower set up, as well as some of the stock 4 cyl engine parts. Maybe some of the other "Street Funny" and stock parts will be there, too? I might have to do me a Street Funny...
  12. Maybe match the shade and then don't shake the can? Maybe the metallic will not mix with the rest of the paint, and you'll get a non-metallic color when you spray. You would have to play with it a bit. I agree that the metallic for this color wouldn't show up on a model, based on how miniscule the metallic flakes are in 1:1.
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