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  1. I will agree that the chassis for that Barracuda kit is pretty close to terrible. The grille is shot from overuse, so getting an older casting helps if you can find one. At worst, do some web research on the rare Savage GT Barracuda, you could always try to clone that grille set up and eliminate the stock one. I still think the body and interior are not too bad, though. The hoods usually don't fit too well (too tight) on these, so I'll warn you to maybe consider going curbside. If you don't want to waste an AMT '71 Duster, an alternative could be to use the chassis from the MPC '75-'76 Dodge Dart Sport. While it's not a modern kit chassis by any stretch, it's a step up from the one in the '69...at least the inner fenders are shaped much more like the real ones, and it seems to fill the fenders better. Also, the rear axle is separate in that chassis. You might be able to prowl the swaps or check eBay for one, and also, you won't need the body from the kit to complete it. The only downsides to the Dart Sport chassis are: some versions have the mid-exhaust pipes molded in, the firewall was hogged out to accommodate the optional Hemi in that kit, and also, the front suspension/ K member detail is light. Maybe use an extra front suspension set up from a new Revell '70 'Cuda, as you get two in the box in each kit. Also, you will have to grind the bottom of the interior tub in the back to make this one work, but again, it's a step or two above what comes in the kit... Personally, I kind of like improving kits like this, but that might not be everybody's cup of tea...
  2. You're welcome, Casey! I get it now...and I agree that many 3D parts do look too angular (or simply wrong!). I do see some parts on that site that look pretty acceptable, though. In a pinch, I would use that Dana, maybe knock some of the sharp edges off of it...Danas do tend to have a more organic look to them than that. I know that 3D has been discussed over and over again here on the board. I for one am pretty excited about the potential for 3D in general, and for 1/16 parts, they seem to be the only game in town.
  3. Just some thoughts: the R/T emblem is on the driver's side headlight door. Depending on if you're doing a Revell or MPC kit, you could either carefully grind the R/T emblem out of the headlight door, or, you could make a foil casting or other quickie mold of the passenger side door (or cut a passenger side headlight door from a donor grille), flip it upside down, and replace the driver's side headlight door with a copy of the passenger side headlight door, or, you could just cover the R/T emblem in black paint.
  4. Here’s a pic of the axles from that kit. I did think of those as a source. I scored some as parts a few years ago... I think the rear is meant to be a Dana 60 and the front is meant to be a Dana 44. That would fit with the applications for stock Chevy 4x4 pickups in the 70’s. Both axles are a little light in detail. I’m thinking of massaging the 60 a bit and casting a few for myself. I don’t cast “professionally” unfortunatlely, and my work output is somewhat glacial. If I could find a caster that was both trustworthy and interested, I would probably want to have them do it instead. In my eyes, the Shapeways piece doesn’t look too bad- it looks as least as good as some 1/25 kit pieces. Casey, why would you not recommend the Shapeways piece? Just curious...
  5. hobby lobby

    It doesn't hurt to keep looking. My guess is that maybe these were in Hobby Lobby's main warehouse somewhere and they sent them out to their stores to fill up some space? Hopefully more of those Chargers (and other recent kits) will hit the streets again! You could always talk to somebody in a Local Hobby Lobby store- they might have a means of doing a stock transfer from store to store. Tell them there are a few of these in Princeton, NJ (how do you know? A friend in Princeton told you...), they could maybe check inventory and have it transferred to your store... I think their home office / warehouse is in Oklahoma City, and I think it would have to go there first, so it might take awhile. I found all of this out because I was looking for a racing set for one of my daughters for Christmas once year, and they told me they could transfer it, but it had to go to Oklahoma City first, which would take about 3 weeks. I ended up driving to another HL about 40 miles out fort the racing set instead, since it was about 2-1/2 weeks from Christmas by that point...
  6. hobby lobby

    I was at the HL in Princeton, NJ last week- they just got about 5 Revell '70 Charger R/T's (stock kit) in. That was unexpected, as they definitely did not have them until recently, and lucky for me as I have been on the lookout for one. Otherwise, all of the markdown stuff from that store was gone (in no small part thanks to me!), and many of the stock tags on the dividers had pen markings on them that appeared to indicate that those tags would change or were discontinued.
  7. https://www.shapeways.com/product/6ECQKCL6V/dana-60-rear1-16?optionId=67016757&li=marketplace
  8. Is the hood correct?

    My personal opinion, after having owned a '74 Barracuda with this hood, is that the one that comes in the Revell '70 kit is not correctly shaped, just as you say above. I do not like that kit hood at all. I would rather use the one from the Revell 1/24 '71 'Cuda Street Machine and cut it down to fit a 1/25 car. Also, there are some available in resin that I also think were mastered from the Revell '71 hood that could be used. You would need to add in scoop trim to the holes in the scoops of the 1/24 '71 hood for a completely stock build.
  9. If they were to reissue the Monster Truck, or even the ThundersTruck, I think many modelers would be happy. They could also issue the Lil Red again, it’s been awhile since we have seen that. I don’t think too many people would be upset about the loss of the side mouldings- lots of work trucks, custom trucks, and of course, the Macho Wagons didn’t have side mouldings.
  10. VW Beetle Aftermarket Performance Parts?

    Look for the Polar Lights/ Round 2 Spider Man and Harley Quinn VW Beetles. Both come with custom bumpers, seats, two sets of custom wheels. The kit is pretty nice (it's been designed as a snap kit, but it has full engine detail), the custom parts seem to look like prototypical custom VW stuff (although I am no expert). I know you are asking for aftermarket stuff, but it would seem to me that these kits would be very good parts sources for what you want to do. Some reviews of these kits might be on the forum for all I know.
  11. Gotta pay to play but OUCH

    "As long as I’ve got my health and my millions of dollars and my gold house and my rocket car, I don’t need anything else.”...
  12. Gotta pay to play but OUCH

  13. Gotta pay to play but OUCH

    And another point- it would seem to me that few buyers of these cars would actually drive them daily, for instance, racking up 18,000 miles a year in their daily commute to work. They most likely have a nice Benz, Bentley or Range Rover for daily driving duties. They probably quickly realize that these cars are not exactly practical. Seems to me that you could probably almost daily drive a nice Hellcat, though...
  14. Gotta pay to play but OUCH

    I read an article in Car and Driver some time ago that said similar things about the cost & process of changing tires on these cars. I seem to remember things like the facts that everything is engineered towards getting these cars to their performance goals (250+ MPH), so tire mounting, materials, processes are that much trickier. These cars are designed with no compromises in regards to attaining their performance. Cost and complexity be damned! I'm sure Bugatti is a little wary about liability if an improperly mounted tire comes apart at 220 MPH, or if an engine disintegrates at speed because something wasn't put back together properly. On the other hand, some of this is probably a cachet thing- buy a car like this, and the buyer would expect a shockingly exorbitant amount for service. You first might think that people with these kinds of resources wouldn't buy into this so easily, but personally, I have seen this kind of thinking in action. My (limited) understanding of the Ferrari World, for instance, is that service records are key to a used Ferrari's value- show that it's been serviced "properly" (as in - factory authorized or recommended) and it impacts the value greatly. Of course, I wish I had R.P.P. (Rich People's Problems)! Not my cup of tea in any case. With that much money, I might play with getting a Ferrari (but much more likely your top shelf Mopars!) but this kind of thing is just out of the realm of common sense for me.
  15. Buddy Baker's 1980 Oldsmobile 442 in 1/25th scale.

    Maybe this company should just start on a Dodge Magnum body and Chrysler Small Block for this chassis.