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  1. I seem to remember a convertible '78-'80-ish Camaro being offered by Airfix or Lindberg. It seemed stock except for a convertible up-top. Perhaps it was a snap together kit, 1/25?
  2. WORTH IT! That is some beautiful work!!!
  3. Man...the cars we could have had back then! Around that time, I was driving a $500 '67 Dodge Coronet!
  4. You should have seen the one I could have bought (basically a done car, with a built 440!)...but I wisely used that money for a down payment on my first house instead, so- not all bad.
  5. Well...I got rid of it to try to trade up. I sold it to buy another car that I thought was in better shape...I wasn't very careful or patient about the new purchase...so that worked out worse than I wanted it to...but the 'Cuda I sold, while it ran great and was in excellent mechanical condition...needed a TON of bodywork. If I'd have known that they were to appreciate in value so much, I maybe would have kept it, or bought the OTHER one I had a shot at (which seemed like a lot of money at the time, but now, would have been a steal). Oh well, hindsight is 20/20...
  6. Great save. That's an original annual body, you can tell by the way the headlights correctly mount inside the headlight buckets (the reissues had headlights that sat flat and looked kind of bug-eyed). That reminds me of a 1:1 Cuda I used to own- mine was silver, very similar. I kind of miss it.
  7. I'm kind of with you on that. I know that you and I have had a LONG run of collecting old model kits and parts (and I think you and I both derive a lot of enjoyment out of the "archaeology" part of the old model hobby), but if I had to start all over, I would probably ignore the older stuff and simply find a few newer/ more economical kits to work with.
  8. Pretty much every hobby or leisure time activity is an expensive one these days. I have 4 kids, try taking them to a movie! Between tickets, drinks & popcorn, that could be $120. Theme parks? WOW. Trampoline parks? about $25/ hour per kid. Arcades? Same. Sports? To go to games, you're better off going to minor league games, they're usually much more economical. Concerts? Forget it. For a major act, WAY too expensive these days. The 1:1 car hobby: since when did old cars and parts become worth their weight in gold ? And if you want to get into major restoration and rebuilds, that's a TON of money into tools & supplies, not to mention a suitable workspace. My one Daughter is an aspiring artist. Taking her to Michael's for art supplies is never cheap (worth it, though!). Another of my Daughters plays hockey. Hockey puts a HUGE hurting on my budget! A modeler can spread the cost of supplies over several builds. We can elect to build box stock or go crazy and kit bash & throw a bunch of aftermarket parts at a build (at least we have a choice!). The cost of kits has really escalated lately, but deals on opened, started or builder kits can still be found at hobby shows, so that helps. Not every build needs a ton of aftermarket parts, but if a certain project calls for a lot of that, then I would recommend just not keeping track of the cost. The only things I would really recommend to a new builder are: 1) put your time into a subject you're passionate for; 2) start out simple & small, develop your skills, and get more ambitious with time, complexity and cost down the line; and 3) network- you can end up getting a lot of inexpensive advice, assistance, and the occasional great deal on raw material from friends in the hobby.
  9. I believe that is the one. I don't remember the green wagon from the article (I think the Buick was blue), maybe this is a pic from the Toy Museum. I think it was done using some of the '65 Chevelle Wagon.
  10. Back in the 90's, didn't Car Modeler Magazine feature a '65-ish Vista Cruiser (and also perhaps a Buick Wagon) kitbashed by Dean Milano?
  11. The custom intake setup (Judson superchargers?) looks bonkers! I really hope that ends up in the box!
  12. You're welcome. You're having fun and killing it, too! All good!
  13. These are real beauties, gene! They really highlight the potential of these kits!
  14. Now that we're getting Dom's GTX, it's got me wondering what we'll get in the box. I think the most likely scenario is: just a repop of the GTX kit, with the old Satellite hood, 4bbl intake, carb and air cleaner (the intake and cleaner were not stock, but would fit the aftermarket vibe of the movie car somewhat) and new custom wheels and tires. Maybe a big old "noss" bottle (haha!) for the console, and a few other new bits. I wonder what interior bits we'll get? They might tool up a few aftermarket pieces for the interior, then again, maybe they won't. I think Dom's GTX had an aftermarket wheel, so the non-Tuff wheel from the Satellite would not be correct anyway (but it might be in the same tool as that hood, so...we might get it after all). The 2nd F&F '70 Charger kit (remember, Revell did 2 of them) seemed to ignore some features of the movie car for simplicity's sake. The first Revell '70 Charger kit (the diecast) seemed to have a few more details accurate to the movie car that the 2nd version did not have (as the 2nd version shared tooling with the stock '70 Charger). A '72 Rear bumper would be nice, and that's what would match the Movie Mutt , but that's a maybe in my mind. If we get the '72 Rear bumper, a '72 Road Runner front bumper & grille would be nice, but it would not match the Movie Mutt, as that car used a '71/ base '72 grille (which were the same). If Revell did give us a '72 Rear Bumper, they would be part of the way towards a future '72 Road Runner. They could offer it as a 440 6BBL (of which a few were actually made early in '72), which would be a very cool rare musclecar near-ringer. That would seems to fit their pre-German M.O. of adding new parts to older releases to liven them up (as in: Ford Thunderbolt, 429-to-302-to Mach 1 '70 Mustang, '70 GTX to Road Runner, etc.).
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