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  1. Another track closing

    I can’t say this is especially surprising. I have been going there since 1988, to the Mopars at Englishtown event. Over the years, the emphasis on that event shifted from the drags, to the swaps, back onto the drags a bit when everybody started complaining about the high fees the vendors had to pay, and over the past 10 years or so, competing events at that same facility. Lately, while they have the show/swap/race, there also would be dirt biking, carting, solo, and tough mudder events. I think they have been trying to utilize the property as best they can, but at least for now, it doesn’t seem like they’re going to turn it into more retail wasteland.
  2. New kid on the block ?

    It’s true that almost any factory kit of a NASCAR car raced between about 1983-present are super common. The market was flooded, in no small part because NASCAR was hot there for awhile, and also, because in most cases- design a new decal sheet- and BAM! New variant for the same tooling. Even the chassis and engines were carryovers for many years. It doesn’t seem to be quite the same for the older body styles. The Polar Lights Talledegas, Cyclones and Chargers seem to sell for healthy amounts on the secondary market, and whenever Round 2 resurrects a ‘70’s NASCAR Car, they seem to do ok.
  3. New kid on the block ?

    I think this is big news. To Mike's Decals points above- it's true- for years, NASCAR modelers have spent $$$ on resin bodies, decals, then donor kits, paints & maybe wheels or other detail parts to build that "special" model. It's not priced too badly, when it's considered that a resin body, donor kit, and decals would cost about the same or more, all said and done. I think this is a pretty good pick, too: a historically significant car, that lends itself to future decal variants (Petty/ STP, Waltrip/ Gatorade, Earnhardt- almost all of the big NASCAR drivers drove these cars at some point or another). Also- it's only ever been available in resin, never in true kit form. Also- judging by the pics, it looks pretty nice. Of course, we'll have to see the final product, but- from my first look, I'm not grossed out. If it looks this good out of an actual box, count me in for one. Parts count is 128 pieces- so there is hope that this is a full detail (meaning: engine detail) kit. This seems to be quite an effort. Let's hope for a Dodge Magnum!
  4. RIP Dan Gurney, 1931-2018

    Mr. Gurney’s attitude when pulled over by the brown Dodge patrol car was hilarious!
  5. 1969 Dodge “Country Charger” R/T by round2

    It seems that big and little Cragars and “Turbo” style mags seemed to be the most common to be used on vans back then. The MPC GTO kits have nice “Turbo” style mags. I would not be surprised if they show up at model swap meets reasonably from time to time, but to be honest, I haven’t really been looking for them lately.
  6. 1969 Dodge “Country Charger” R/T by round2

    No problem! The Vectors could serve as ‘70’s Van Wheels, but maybe better ones could be found in MPC’s recent ‘67 and ‘72 GTO’s- those turbo mags are maybe more suited to custom vans.
  7. 1969 Dodge “Country Charger” R/T by round2

    The same old MPC Goodyears and so-so Vector wheels that have been in every other Dukes issue, along with the nice new Torq Thrusts that were put in the recent ‘69 Cuda and ‘67 Charger kits.
  8. 1969 Dodge “Country Charger” R/T by round2

    Hmmm...that buildup actually looks dark blue, while the illustration on the box looks black. I ended up cracking and buying one of these. Yes, it has it’s shortcomings, but I still like this kit. I just wish they would find the correct hood and grille inserts one day.
  9. RIP Dan Gurney, 1931-2018

    May he rest in peace. First Brock Yates a few years ago (whom I had the pleasure of meeting- very nice guy- I was a little apprehensive about it, but it was like talking to a buddy in no time), and now, this. My Cannonball heroes are now gone. If you ever get the chance- the book by Brock Yates - “Cannonball!” Is a great read and tells the story about how Mr. Yates invited Mr. Gurney to drive with him in the race, Mr. Gurney initially declined, citing sponsor obligations and other concerns, but then at the last minute, joined in, did the race like the true pro that he was, and seemed to enjoy every minute of it. I just this week blew apart my old build of his Trans-Am AAR Cuda. I built it in around 1993 and I hope to freshen it up for the first Philly NNL, coming up in a few short months:
  10. 75 Charger Funny Car

    If I were to try to make a body like this, the approach I would take is: start with a Revell 71-74 Charger Body, as that body in stock form will have the same front window as the Cordoba/ ‘75-‘77 Charger. You could blend in some pieces from an MPC ‘77-‘78 Monaco 2 door - that’s the closest thing to the Córdoba that was ever offered in 1-25 scale. Those Monaco’s aren’t really pricey if you find them as builts- you could use a rough one for the body.
  11. My call would be to bring the long bed Dodge Pickup kit back. The last stock issue was the 2 wheel drive Little Red Express, of course. If if they could find the tooling insert(s) for the 4x4 parts and wheels, they could first give us the Warlock 4x4. From there, they could use the long bed bed, bench seat interior and chassis last seen in the Monster Truck issue from the mid 80’s. The last time the 4x4 suspension parts were seen was in the Thunderstruck long bed pickup. The stock side trim has been wiped from the bed and cab, but to me - no big deal- make lemonade out of lemons- create a nice decal sheet for a stock Macho Wagon, and put it in a retro box, in the style of the Blackbird Firebird Trans Am, the original Warlock and Little Red Express -a phantom box, one that never existed back in the day. While they are at it, keep some of the custom puller parts from the Monster and Thunderstruck issues. This would take an absolute minimum of investment, assuming that the proper tooling inserts could be found. For the prices nice ones trade for, I think the market would support this. Here’s a short bed, but you get the picture:
  12. Terrible Box Art

    Now I have realized that I need the Monaco.
  13. Terrible Box Art

  14. Terrible Box Art

    I think part of it was: "the rumble from the large V8 vibrates my bowels intensely". I have that text somewhere- I'll see if I can dig it up soon and post it. It truly belongs in a museum. Why did I not buy one of these kits when they were more easily available? Oh yeah- that's right- the contents were actually worse than the box art and descriptions. As a whole, though- they were so bad that they were good. On the flip side of this- Yodel issued their Dodge Monaco and Plymouth Fury 4 Doors as part of a "BigAmerican" series. They had custom wheels, seats, rear spoilers and steering wheels. The contents of course, were the iffy Yodel kits, but- that box art was actually pretty good, inspiring even. It's as if they imagined the "Most Interesting Man in the World" as a Hollywood stunt driver. It makes me want to take one of those Dukes Cop cars and clone one of these.
  15. What would YOU like to see as a model

    More vintage sports cars for sure- I tend to like the big British GT’s such as the ‘70’s Aston Martins and Jensen Interceptors. Also, I’d like to see at least one nice big scale factory stock Mopar, preferably a 1/12 ‘69 Dodge Charger in the same style as Revell’s ‘57 Chevy, ‘63 Corvette and ‘69 Camaro. If they did a Mopar like this, I would buy several. And while we are at it- we need a Hellcat of some kind. Such a significant car should not be MIA in scale.