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  1. CapSat 6 added a post in a topic Converting die cast banks to regular die cast race cars   

    You might have to keep your eyes open at toy shows, thrift stores and swaps...you might not find Lionel cars, but I do remember other manufacturers doing 1/24 diecasts for mass market, being available for $10-$20 at toy stores back then. I would figure any NASCAR diecast from 1995-2005 era could work. I have a few of the Dodges from that era (which would have used a similar engine to the one in your profile pic!) that I remember picking up for not a lot of $$$...I think they were made by "Winner's Circle", maybe Hasbro or General Mills? Generally, they were available at Wal-Mart, Toys R Us, etc. back before the bottom fell out of NASCAR replicas completely.
    There are one or two used toy stores around where I live, I would bet that they might sometimes have "played with" cars like these that you could use to raid for the chassis & interiors. You could always check to see if you have any used toy stores in your area.
    When you get into replacing the windows, you might have to be more specific to find the Ford or Chevies that you will need. Also- there are several vendors on eBay that part out older (1990-present) Revell NASCAR kits, you might be able to buy glass sets for a few of these cars that you might be able to adapt.  
    I'd stick to using chassis intended for diecasts, as I think the Revell model stuff would be too fragile under diecast bodies, although windows and other small parts might work from model kits.  
  2. CapSat 6 added a post in a topic Dodge Monaco to Plymouth Fury parts?   

    I have the Yodel "BigAmerican" (Street Machine) Plymouth Fury- IIRC, it comes with the Fury Grille only, but it comes with two sets of taillights. I'll check it when I get home and post something tomorrow.
    Also- in regards to the dog dish caps in the Yodel Kits kits - yes, they are sub-par.
    Fireball Modelworks does a set of Police vented dog dish caps with 6-hole police steel wheels, and those caps are really beautiful.
    The Revell '70 Road Runner caps are great, too- but unlike Fireball's caps, the Road Runner caps do not have the vent holes in them- they're much more like the earlier style ('70-74) cap. Also, the Revell 6-hole wheels are not very nice.  
    Personally, I think the Yodel Fury/ Monaco's body is a little misshapen. I would much prefer to start with the AMT/ MPC 1/25 car, perhaps the Yodel bits can be adapted to the AMT/ MPC kit. 
    Lastly- I believe Missing Link resins (Kevin Lutz) does an earlier Fury Grille in resin...it's a nice repop of the MPC '75-'76 Road Runner grille. You could use that, but then you would either need a '75-'76 "Fury" Road Runner front bumper (which has no turn signals in it, since they're in the grille in a '75-'76 Fury), or you would have to fill the turn signals in a later Monaco front bumper and replate it. Also, you would have to come up with round headlights. For the headlights, you could probably just remove the quad headlights from the Monaco bezels, build a new back, and put the larger round "high beam/low beam" headlights of your choice in them. That's why the old Scale Squads piece for the earlier Fury is a one-piece part- which includes the header panel / grille/ headlights and front bumper all in one.
  3. CapSat 6 added a post in a topic AMT Buick Oldsmobile Pontiac Reissues   

    If you go down the page on this link, it describes Round 2’s tooling inventory program. They are looking at everything they have to see what they can reissue. The ‘64 Cutlass tool is shown in one of these pictures. Looks like they would have to repair the roof for that one at a bare minimum. 
  4. CapSat 6 added a post in a topic Images from the Moebius booth at NNL Motor City, including the two new Novas...   

    I always loved this pic...

  5. CapSat 6 added a post in a topic New kit tool to break cover at this Sunday's NNL Motor City?   

    Who wants to create odds? Here are my guesses:
    Manufacturer (in descending order of the best chances): Revell, Moebius, Round 2
    Make (in descending order of the best chances): Ford (always the crowd favorite), Dodge (Mopars are undeniably hot right now, and there are some truck opportunities that are compelling), Chevrolet, Plymouth (see Dodge), Pontiac, Mercury, Oldsmobile (Vista Cruiser, anyone???), All others...
    Here's what's overdue in my opinion:
    1) Hellcat
    2) Hellcat (at the very least, this powertrain should exist in scale)+
    3) Hellcat (ok, I've made my point)
    4) 1968-69 Mercury Cyclone
    5) 60's Dodge Pickup
    6) 1964-66 Plymouth Barracuda and Dodge Dart 
    7) any 1967-77 Ford Ranchero
    8) 1970 Dodge Dart Swinger
    I guess we'll see...
  6. CapSat 6 added a post in a topic *Outrageous Prices 1973-1974 Road Runner*   

    I’m simply stating my opinion. If you go to one of the major Mopar shows and see what the complete junk cars and parts are trading for these days, you will see that almost anything by way of a B or E body is considered restorable now. 
    I do realize that many years ago, nicer ones were likely junked or parted, simply because it made economic sense then to invest the time and money in the nicer ones.
    I’m not even criticizing the build itself. Artistic vision is important to me, and I can see that the creator was going for something here. 
    Still- it does look like this one was actually saved to an extent, and to that, I might be inclined to ask the question: could this have been done to another car that was perhaps less rare and / or desireble, or more common, and a similar artistic result would be achieved? I think so. Maybe I’m wrong, but that’s the opinion I’ll stick to. Artisitc value is undeniably a matter of personal taste. 
    Times have changed now - they’re certainly not making any more of these, so they are now out of reach for the average hobbyist to enjoy. Mopars of this vintage were never thick on the ground, and are and will probably continue to be very desireable, and the prices for everything from the best cars right down to absolute junk parts reflect that. 
    In the end, I realize the builder bought it and did with it what he pleased. That’s his perogative. Feeling about it the way I feel about it (and saying so) is mine. 
  7. CapSat 6 added a post in a topic *Outrageous Prices 1973-1974 Road Runner*   

    Or this...
    ...I want to cry a little when I see these. They could do the same thing with a much less desireable car and maybe even have it end up turning out cooler...

  8. CapSat 6 added a post in a topic *Outrageous Prices 1973-1974 Road Runner*   

    And of course, there is this...

  9. CapSat 6 added a post in a topic *Outrageous Prices 1973-1974 Road Runner*   

    These were a thing back in the day. Credit MPC for having their finger on the pulse of Motorsport back then...

  10. CapSat 6 added a post in a topic *Outrageous Prices 1973-1974 Road Runner*   

    In my mind , the "good" ones are the versions with the correct dashboard and chassis  . 
  11. CapSat 6 added a post in a topic *Outrageous Prices 1973-1974 Road Runner*   

    It would be nice if they also found some of the older issues' optional parts along the way: the Baja racer stuff from the '73, and / or the Police car stuff from the '74...
  12. CapSat 6 added a post in a topic *Outrageous Prices 1973-1974 Road Runner*   

    The problem is: you want the good ones!
    It certainly wouldn't hurt Round 2 if they took the beautiful box art from the tin edition, repurposed it for a regular box, and put a new one out, along with the same (comprehensive) decals, correct chassis plate and dash.
    They recently reissued the '70 Super Bee again in a nice, yet different box, that seems to be working for them.   
  13. CapSat 6 added a post in a topic MPC 1971 Road Runner Reissue (?)   


  14. CapSat 6 added a post in a topic MPC 1971 Road Runner Reissue (?)   

    Buddy, I don't disagree with you on any of these points about the Monogram Satellite tool.  You and I seem to really think alike, and like the same things! I just think it's unlikely that anybody short of Moebius will invest in an all new '71-'72 Plymouth tool, since Round 2 and Revell have other "adequate" tools to use. 
    To me, the shortcomings in the Monogram tool are easier to address than those in the MPC tool (mostly the chassis and engine room- which really necessitates a total replace with the AMT '71 Charger stuff). Also- those MPC's have a spindly, easily warped body- I see many of these with wavy, droopy & twisted roofs, in unfixable ways, especially around the windshield. I still wouldn't mind having it back, though.
    When AMT tooled up the new '71 Charger around 20 years ago, that was when I held out hope that maybe we would see a '71 Plymouth variant. That was back when they did new tools of old cars, and the '71 Charger is a really good one. That moment was missed long ago, unfortunately- Round 2 hasn't developed a new tool for an old car ever, in my recollection. About the only thing they will tool up from the ground up now seems to be either new subjects (Camaro, Corvette, Challenger), or licensed spaceship models.   
  15. CapSat 6 added a post in a topic MPC 1971 Road Runner Reissue (?)   

    Funny though- if you look at the underside of the "flat" hood in those Petty kits, it's obviously the twin scoop hood that was seen in the MPC '71 GTX and '72 Road Runner, you can see the outlines of the scoops on the Petty hood.