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  1. The easiest solution is to replace the whole engine with the one from Revell’s ‘68 and ‘69 Dodge Darts. It’s a 383 but could stand in for a 400 or 440, and it comes with a really nice Torqueflite auto trans. The exhaust manifolds on the Dart engine are A-body only, but if they bug you, you could use the ones from the Monaco kit, or from the AMT ‘71 Charger. If one would go to that trouble, though, they would probably want to do the whole chassis and engine swap with the Charger kit anyway. I think that engine, when painted the proper blue, would be a great improvement over the MPC kit engine as-is.
  2. The problem is: I have something like 7 of these Monacos already. Can I really justify getting another one??? Hmmm... ... ...yes. Yes, I can.
  3. The caps... ...my guess is that they'll throw in the new ones from the Dodge Pickup. They're a little better than the ones in the Monaco kit, not fantastic...but... ...the box seems to show the Cop Car (ventilated) caps. I wonder if we're getting those, or if we'll be getting decals for the caps representing the vents...
  4. Aww man! I'm too late- I was going to get all cryptic!...
  5. Yes, with some additions. I read on another board that they have retooled the better/ square lightbar for it (I think the one from the old "Force 440" kit), and new wheels (stock depth, I would guess they're the same ones that were in the recent 1978 Dodge Pickup) presumably with skinnier tires. All previous issues of this kit had super-wide steel wheels with MPC's NASCAR tires. I'd like to see if they replaced/ redid the steering wheel (as these always came with the 'Tuff" wheel)- incorrect for probably any Cop Car, a holdover from the days that these were the 2-door Dodge Monaco Sport. It would have been nice if they added a new, improved (more stock) Air Cleaner and Thermoquad carb. That would have been a total Baller move...
  6. No problem, and thank you! I figured it couldn't hurt to ask. All I really need is the back end to one...
  7. I'm revisiting your earlier post, Tony- I was noodling around with some old parts I have stashed away. I don't have much from the '68 and '69 Coronet kits, but I do have a large stash of extra parts from the MPC '68 and '69 Chargers. I do have one or two of those trailer hitches, a set of mag wheels and some of the jack stands, but that's about it from the Coronet kits that I have. I always hated when I would find built '69 and '70 Coronets and they had those custom side scoops glued on!!! PASS!!! I think the MPC '68-'70 annual Charger kits gave a similar building experience to what you describe - a massive amount of extra parts, enough to do 4 building versions out of the box (stock, NASCAR, Drag, custom). Notable are the custom grilles, which had rotating headlight sections- giving the builder the option for projector style round lamps, square lamps, or grille sections. I have never seen that set up built, but it must have been cool when done right. They usually came with open steel wheels, custom wheels (early Pontiac "2 piece drum brake" wheels in the '69 and '70 kits! ), clear custom hoods, single carb, dual carb and injected intake options, roll cages, custom tail pieces with '66-style full width taillights, seat belts, molded license plates, NASCAR dual shock set ups, and more. Those old annuals were a little after my time. I grew up on the "Dukes of Hazzard" and MPC/ERTL "500" and Daytona Chargers, which were descended from the original tooling (with problems). The body had been revised back and forth over the years, perhaps it's the most revised model tool in existence. Some of the body details are a little muddier than they were in the annual days. None of those old optional parts remain in the newer issues, save for the racing gauge panel, oil cooler box, some of the roll cage, and racing headers (which became the stock exhaust manifolds at some point). The newer issues did gain some nice American Racing wheels (before they got really popular), a good blower set up, and 80's style drag hood scoop. Anyway, I was thinking that it would be great if I built all 4 versions of the '69 Charger kit, using just the optional parts from the original annual kit. This could be done pretty easily and inexpensively, as I could use later issues of the '69 Charger kit for the builds, rather than the originals. This would show what a builder could do with that kit right out of the box. I really love these kits for no good reason, so I have a ton of them and I don't think I would even need to buy any to do what I propose. I think that will be a lot of fun, especially the full custom with window louvers, quarter window fillers, clear custom hood, and custom grilles & taillights. I would be interested in seeing how the "NASCAR" version will turn out- it's by no means accurate as a NASCAR racer from that era, but it might end up looking like some kind of club racer. The '69 drag version used Dick Landy graphics, and the equipment won't match his 1:1 Super Stock car, but it would still make a nice "What If?" phantom match racer. I just have to round up a bunch of those stock whitewall Goodyear tires, which might be a slight challenge.
  8. I have some damaged bodies. Maybe we could make a trade- either you could take my damaged bodies as needed, or I could use that one?
  9. Many of us would love to see these back. Unfortunately, I think the '68 and '69 bodies became the '70, so that's all we're ever going to see. Just look at the area where the front fenders meet the cowl on the '70 body, you'll see that it's the same as on the old '68's and '69's, with no cut lines like it should have. Several casters offer '68 and '69 bodies. I think the trailer was last seen in the MPC '70 Challenger. Still, I think this is a popular enough car that maybe we'll see a new tool. Revell or Moebius could start out with a '68 Super Bee coupe (never done before), change some parts around to offer '68 R/T's and Convertibles, maybe even 500's, and perhaps a Dick Landy drag car or two. They could of course engineer all of these parts (different grilles, interiors, tail panels, hoods, etc.) ahead of time, so that they can offer multiple versions. '69's wouldn't be too much of a stretch from the basic '68 tool.
  10. Thank you! The green and gray cars were built early 90’s. The hoods are MPC, with the centers cut out and replaced with flat plastic. As you can see, the one on the gray car has warped. Those hoods are available in resin now. I have looked at using a spare MPC ‘72 bumper to try to modify it for the Revell kit. I just don’t think that will work. The piece on the Jada car might be closer to fitting. Or maybe somebody could sketch it up in 3D...
  11. I can tell you’re a fan of these cars, like me. I wouldn’t give up hope completely that they won’t reissue the kit at some point, but if it were easy pickings, I think they would have done so by now. I never thought the ‘74 would ever come back- I remember when the old ones got expensive (early 90’s) but lo and behold, they did come back. For that matter, they brought back the ‘78 Dodge pickup this year. I did stump on that one for a long time- and was told by a few different sources that that tool was too far gone, but we did get it back eventually. I think Round 2 does listen, they are very astute when it comes to these releases. They don’t leave any money on the table, they just might not have the resources to do every release they want to at once. I think mostly they have to shuffle around those tooling inserts for the chassis and engine, wheels and bumpers to bring the ‘71 back. I would still be worried about that windshield though. Most of the ones I saw were at least slightly bent there. The ‘87 reissue had supports added to the side windows that the originals didn’t have, so they must have had some idea of that issue back then. You did give me a great idea: I might just hunt down one of those Jada (Dom’s Car) die casts, maybe I could adapt that ‘72 rear bumper to the Revell GTX kit and cast it. Personally, I think the Revell GTX/ Satellite is a MUCH better building experience. The details are much better on those kits. If I had the itch to build a bunch of these, I would just start with the Revell kits. I do have a G machine build in the works using one of these, and replicas of my ‘71’s were based on the Satellite kit. I’m in a posting pics mood: First is my last SSP. Second is my first car. 3,4,5 & 6 are replicas of my first ‘71, and a friend’s, both drivers in the ‘90’s. The last two pics are of a Revell Monogram Satellite I acquired that somebody else did. A beautiful build, I’m just going to correct a few very minor things.
  12. That's the reissue from 1987. If you're looking at these, see if you can see the contents. Many of these came with bad chrome, and in some cases, the bodies had that warp in the windshield area. To me, a good unsealed one is worth more than any sealed one!
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