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  1. CapSat 6 added a post in a topic AMT '55 - '57 1/16th Chevys ?   

    All really nice builds, especially the Corvette! I had one of these when I was about 10, I remember it being a great kit. 
    Now Round 2, please mold the Vette in white, and please add back the blower and custom wheels!!!
  2. CapSat 6 added a post in a topic AMT '55 - '57 1/16th Chevys ?   

    Mr. Modeling Genie- while you are at it with that Charger, can you do a Daytona for my good buddy Bill? And also, give both kits opening headlight doors??? Bill can help you with that...😁
  3. CapSat 6 added a post in a topic AMT '55 - '57 1/16th Chevys ?   

    I have to disagree a bit about the 1/12 Camaro. Yes, it is simple, but it does build up to look really, really good. The engine is excellent, the grille has open slots which helps its appearance immensely, and having poseable steering is very nice as well. I thought they looked pretty good by way of proportions and details. too. 
    I'm a Mopar man, but I just had to build one of those up some time ago. The orange plastic was a holy terror to cover up at that scale, I think I used about 5 rattle cans of Testor's on that body. It turned out really nicely. I sold it off for pretty decent coin some time ago. 
    If you gave me just ONE modeling genie wish, it would be for Revell to tool up a 1/12 '69 Charger, similar in execution to the 1/12 Camaro, and in detail to their 1/25 Charger kit. Throw in a set of Vector mags as the custom option, and I think they would have a 1/12 kit that would actually sell, as we Mopar People have been denied Big-Scale Replica Stock goodness for way too long. 
  4. CapSat 6 added a post in a topic AMT '55 - '57 1/16th Chevys ?   

    Call me picky, but I REALLY would have liked to have seen the '57 Nomad instead of the '55. I would have bought a '57, I did not buy a '55. I'm still trying to scare up a reasonable '57 Nomad. 
    A REALLY sweet 1/16 kit to have reissued would be the MPC '63 Corvette, preferably with all of the  optional racing and custom parts. I'm waiting for that one to eventually come (it hasn't been announced, and don't take this as a rumor!!! It's not on the horizon as far as I know).
    I know we're getting off track here, but for one, I think the Vette would have been more of a must have for most modelers, and b- it's a much more detailed kit than the '55, even if the doors don't open. Instead, we got the '55 Nomad, the 64-1/2 Mustang (yuck. Did you ever see that front window???), and two Firebirds, when one Firebird would have probably done nicely. 
  5. CapSat 6 added a post in a topic More 1/16th Hot Rods to ponder   

    Didn't they rerelease the Phaeton once in the 90's? 
    These were really nice kits. Even with the 80's styling cues, I think they're great builds. It might be just a bit easier to update the Coupe with some parts swapping. 
    The recent AMT 64-1/2 Mustang could lend you a Ford engine for these kits...but then you'd be left with a Small Block Chevy powered Mustang! :(
  6. CapSat 6 added a post in a topic Garage diorama accessories questions   

    That's the stuff. Testors reboxed the Fujimi stuff- it's identical. Great price, too. Have fun building it all!!!
  7. CapSat 6 added a post in a topic Garage diorama accessories questions   

    I don't think you could go wrong with the Fujimi Garage and Tools sets. Please keep in mind that they sell a garage on it's own and a separate tool set. The garage is on the small side, but it's modular, so you can combine it with one or more other garage kits in order to make a bigger garage. 
    The tools set is comprehensive. It comes with: a car lift, many wrenches and screwdrivers, a few tool boxes, battery charger, a desk and chair, a workbench, a roll away jack, jack stands, crates, welding tools, and may other things. The downside is that you have to build and paint everything, but the upside is: you really get a ton of stuff for the price. I also personally think it's all very well detailed and proportioned, much less toylike than some of the preassembled things that are available. If you look online, you can find these sets pretty reasonably priced. There are a ton of pictures available online of these sets, showing you what they came with. Also, Fujimi has come out with newer smaller sets that come with more things (more tool boxes, a parts washer, etc.). The newer sets are perhaps a lesser value, but they're still excellent quality and come with some interesting things. 
    My only real gripe with these sets is that they're molded in a medium gray plastic, I would much prefer that they were molded in white. 

  8. CapSat 6 added a post in a topic MPC 1/16 Shelby Cobra-DONE!! {Finally}   

    That is looking great! I have one of these- I might have to fast track it now!!!
  9. CapSat 6 added a post in a topic Ollie's strike again   

    One other thing I'd like to point out: they have a few Revell Wheels Of Fire/ sorta snap kits: a Porsche Boxter and a PT Cruiser. I'm almost almost always looking for inexpensive easy kits for me to build with my kids. If you're inclined to do the same (even for grandchildren, nieces/ nephews, etc.), then $8 a kit is a really good deal for keeping the little ones engaged in the hobby. If the manufacturers are blowing them out anyway, you might as well take the opportunity to try to grow the hobby a little. 
  10. CapSat 6 added a post in a topic Ollie's strike again   

    I went to the Ollie's in Bristol, PA last night and they had a pretty good selection of these. They only had two Slingsters left, looks like somebody there really likes that kit. I did pick up a Surfite- for 3 surfboards and Ed Roth figure alone, it was worth the purchase. 
    Tonight I went to the Ollie's in Hatboro, PA- they had mostly the same assortment, except that they also had Sox GTX's, Mustang 5.0's, Stone Woods Cook Willys (the old one), '48 Fords and Ram VTS's. I did pick up one Mustang 5.0, as I have a casual interest in this kit, so a casual price is just right. I could have bought a bunch of those GTX's just for the Hemis and 8-3/4's that come with them, but I probably already have enough.
    When I brought it up to the counter to pay, the Lady working there said: "you guys must be calling each other up about all of these! Two guys came in and bought two of the cop cars each!". I said: "nope- internet! One guy bought about $400 worth in another store".  She was nice, and I got a kick out of the conversation.  
    Here's a tip: check ALL of the toy aisles, and end caps. Both stores had their models split about 50/50 between two different aisles.
    Now I just need to find one of those Rabbits...
  11. CapSat 6 added a post in a topic 1977 Dodge Monaco/Crestwood wagon.   

    Sorry, did not mean to hijack the thread. If the Monaco Wagon gets made, if it was good quality and looks right, I'd buy one- and also, maybe I'd try to make a deal on a bad body with a good roof that I would try to make a '71 out of. 
    I think once word got out, you would find that it would be a pretty good seller. 
  12. CapSat 6 added a post in a topic 1977 Dodge Monaco/Crestwood wagon.   

    If it were done well, I would buy one. I suspect that if word got out to many of the other Mopar Modelers, it would be a decent seller. 
    I'm going to make a few suggestions (I know, unsolicited!): 
    1) if you offer this kit, you should also offer those hubcaps as pictured. They used to come in the mid-'70's MPC Dodge Van kits. I think most of these wagons were seen with full wheelcovers rather than the dog dish hubcaps that would come with the Monaco donor kit. 
    2) While this subject has my interest, I would be more interested in the earlier Dodge wagons (pictured as below). The earlier cars have more of a relation to the Muscle era cars, and also, a legitimate Super Stock champion race car (Dave Boertman's '71 wagon) can be built from the earlier car. 
    Also, if the '71 style front end is being developed, you could also eventually offer a '71 Coronet 4-door sedan, which also would have some commercial interest, especially from police car builders. 
    You might have no interest to make this project more complicated, but while I would probably buy one '77 wagon, I'd probably buy two '71 wagons, as well as at least one '71 sedan. 
    I have the beginning of this project in a box, using the Monaco body with a '74 Charger front clip to start. It's probably a bit beyond my skills, I might get it done sometime in the next 20 years...😬

  13. CapSat 6 added a post in a topic Revell 2017 Releases   

    I read somewhere long ago that the engineers at Chrysler specified 15" wheels for all Hemi cars at some point. I'm fuzzy about the '66 and '67 cars, but at least for '68 and '69, it was 15" wheels only. In '69, what's now called the recall wheel (styled aluminum wheel, as included in Round 2's '69 Barracuda kit) was to be the styled 15" wheel option for Hemi cars, but as soon as those wheels were recalled, they were replaced with steel wheels with either plain hubcaps, or in some cases, dressier full wheelcovers at dealerships across the country. There are a few old factory photos with Charger 500's with Polara/ Monaco full wheelcovers out there that I think backs this up.
    In 1970, the styled steel wheel (otherwise known as the Rallye wheel) was introduced, and were available in either 14" or 15" varieties, so the 15" styled wheel problem was solved, but I think either in 1970 (but definitely by 1971), the 15" wheel requirement was dropped.
    I think Rallyes might have been a better choice, and maybe would have looked more prototypical, for the '70 Charger kit, but Rallyes can be found elsewhere. My favorites actually come from the old JoHan Superbird (although these probably scale out to 14"...).
    In any case, styled wheels were almost a moot point. Many performance car buyers of the era replaced factory wheels, styled or otherwise, with aftermarket wheels as soon as they could. Many of these cars were delivered with steel wheels because it was thought that the factory wheels would be ditched as soon as possible. 
  14. CapSat 6 added a post in a topic New added to Round 2   

    As much as I love old MPC annuals, the '69 Charger would be a mixed bag at best. That body has been through the mill. They should fix the door scoops, the front fender ends near where the grille mounts, the back window is a tunnel back again, but it's not nearly as good as the originals were, the rear valence is a mess (they should just carve it out of the body and make a new separate piece), and the kit has had the wrong hood (a '70/ Daytona hood, judging by the scoops) since after the first run of the Charger 500 kits from the '80's. They also should try to add back the original grille inserts (they have been using the '72 units since the original run of the General Lee). 
    Once they get the body back into better shape, then I could see them making the effort to try to give it the retro treatment. I think the wire axle chassis is the very least of that kit's problems. I'm not sure that simply restoring a few long lost parts and putting them in a retro box is going to enable many people who know that kit to pony up for new ones at today's prices, not even me.
    All that being said, I still love that tool. I must own about 20 of them now, and must have owned 35 or so (in various versions) lifetime. I grew up building a bunch of those General Lees...
  15. CapSat 6 added a post in a topic MPC '74 Charger--Take Me to School PICS ADDED 3/14   

    Oh- and you might need a set of these. KevinL (Missing Link Resin) sells these...