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  1. Revell 2019

    I can kind of live with the Dana, for a few reasons: 1) I have realized recently that I don't flip my models over all too much. 2) other sources for the 8-3/4 would be: the Revell '68-'69 Dodge Dart, AMT '71 Duster or '71 Charger, Revell 1/25 '70 Challenger R/T-T/A. 3) if I really had to scrounge for an 8-3/4, I would not be averse to using one from the Monogram 1/24 Challenger T/A. 4) it could be worse, the Revell 1/25 Challenger "T/A" used a 440 Six Pack! At least it looks like we're getting a nice 340 6-BBL with this kit. I'm really hoping they throw in an optional 4-BBL (bringing them closer to a "Trans-Am" equipped car, Minilites would be nice, too), can anybody confirm whether they do or not??? Somebody should cast up 8-3/4 rears for these AAR's, and also for the AMT '70 Challenger R/T kit. Several casters do nice 727 Torqueflites (probably based on the ones from the Revell '68 Dart or AMT '71 Charger), which are always useful to me, as I don't like to build everything with a 4 speed.
  2. RTS Caravan 71 Roadrunner

    WAY COOL, and GREAT work!!! Captain Satellite approves!
  3. 1970 Superbird

    Nice build! Just don't start telling everybody at the model shows that you mis-matched the nose on purpose to make it look like an original car...that was a happy accident, we're on to you!!!
  4. MPC 80 Plymouth Volare

    Really nice job on that one, Keith! I like the orange paint & body color bumpers! My call would be to leave the hood scoop unattached...
  5. 1979 camaro

    Nice save! I like the retro stripes and the way the tail panel is body color (it was usually black between the taillights). It looks like something you'd see at a cruise or for sale on Facebook Marketplace!
  6. Great Traders List

    I made a great trade with my80malibu...thanks Gabriel!!!
  7. Neat! The only things that don’t seem to fit the design are the wheels and tires. I would change those. I might need one of these!
  8. 3D Printed wheel from HRE

    There should be no problems with these - titanium is very strong and light.
  9. Fireball Rally wheels

    Pm Sent!
  10. Chinese tariff war and models

    I fixed that for you...
  11. Some kits you know will never be available again . . .

    Man- wouldn't THAT be nice to have back!!! I wonder if there is a tooling insert that could be used on their fastback body to recreate this? Other than the '69 Cobra Fastback we saw back in the '90's, what might be left of this one???
  12. Some updates: 1) there is a caster on eBay who offers the dually fenders. I have seen these listings several times. 2) Hart's Parts does grilles, hoods and tailgates for '72-'73, '74-'76, and '79-'80 trucks. They are reasonably priced, and I can vouch for their quality and service, as I have ordered from them before.
  13. 2019 Round2 Car Kit Releases

    No idea! But I just had a few thoughts: 1) It's possible that Round 2 could offer multiple building options for a CHP car in the same box, with absolutely minimal changes to the contents (mostly decals and assembly options): regular patrol car (I'm not sure what to call this except for "car with standard lightbar assembly"), slick top, & training car (these looked more or less the same as the slick top: with no light bar, but instead of door shield graphics, they had large black numbers on the doors). With the right packaging, that would make a super-cool collectible! 2) if they do one with the lightbar, then I think the lightbar in the current Goon Car tool would be incorrect. It looks to me like the lightbar from the old "Force 440" kit would be more accurate for a CHP car (and it was much better detailed), so I'd be very happy if they could find and swap in this part of the Monaco tool for this reissue. 3) Round 2 just did a nice set of steel wheels for the 1978 Dodge Pickup kit. Since the wheels in the Goon Car are stupid-wide, it would be nice if they threw these wheels in with the new CHP car too, along with the MPC Goodyear Polysteel tires. It seems that Round 2 will occasionally create a new wheel tool that would lend itself to being included in more than one kit to add value, so this would be a no brainer. If there is a huge flaw with this kit, it's the stupid-wide wheels and tires. Extra points for doing a new steering wheel, since the "Tuff" wheel in the kit was probably never used in a Cop Car.
  14. Some kits you know will never be available again . . .

    My understanding is that the Matador body tool is actually shared with the Bobby Allison "Stock" (Race) Car kit. They had to wipe the stock details from the body to bring the race car back some years ago (or perhaps that was the last state in which the body tool was in from the '70's). The race car and stock kits shared their basic body, chassis, & engine. The kits differed in the wheel/ tire, interior, exhaust, engine and engine room pieces they provided with each kit. IF Round 2 wanted to, they could restore the stock details, but then it would hamper their ability to reissue the race car, which they have put out at least 3 times since the '90's. I do remember picking one of the later issues of the race car up, and a stock grille was included in the chrome shot (along with the race grille, which was an unplated piece on another sprue). The first reissue of the race car did not come with the stock grille, it looks like the gates were opened up some time after that first reissue from the early '90's. I guess if I ran Round 2, I would run the race car again once or twice with Retro box art under a "one (or two) run (runs) of fun" deal, then I would have the stock stuff restored to the body, IF the tools for the stock interior, stock wheels, custom parts and engine room could be found. In my opinion, it's almost always easier for a modeler to make a stock body into a race body, than the reverse, and most of the time, a given model manufacturer's race body might differ from how it appeared in real life, which might necessitate further mods, so I'd rather see the stock body details on this one. The stock/ custom Matador kit would make a great companion piece to the Gremlin & Pacer kits we have seen lately.
  15. May 2019 Round 2

    I think this is one reason that they tooled them up- if it's anything like the situation with their 5 spoke mags (included in their '69 Barracuda, '68 El Camino, others), the new wheel tooling was done as a "value adder", to breathe new life into some of their often-issued Mopar kits. I would not be surprised if we see this combo appear it their Monaco kit (where it would be most welcome), perhaps even as optional wheels in their '74 Road Runner, and other suitable future Mopar releases.