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  1. In the case of reissues, most companies would have sales data for items they released previously. For new items, Revell used to attend some of the larger model events and ask people to submit cards with their ideas. They have also done occasional polls on their website. I’m sure they get all kinds of responses, but I’m also sure that trends in the majority emerge when they look at all of the responses. Also, about 25 years back, Scale Auto Enthusiast Magazine used to run an annual poll on what new, retooled or reissued subjects their readers would like to see. I believe that the AMT ‘67 Nova, Monogram ‘70 GSX, and several other kits were direct results of these polls.
  2. Neat!. Maybe the emergence of Salvino's Kits maybe has helped, too. That has probably stoked some interest in the '80's and '90's NASCAR kits.
  3. Interesting that they are putting this one out again. One of my all-time favorite kits! They just started drying up and are getting a little pricey. I know that they modified the body to backdate it to make the NASCAR version, but I wonder if they would ever release this kit with the Street Machine interior & bumpers, new wheels, tires and exhaust parts for a G Machine version?
  4. IMHO- if they developed a '61-'71 Dodge pickup kit, it would sell well. While we could probably use a new kit of the '67-'71 Chevy and GMC trucks, they were already done. The Dodges would fill a long overdue gap in availability, while the '72 Chevys are still pretty available (and pending another reissue soon), resin grilles and parts to backdate them are available as well. There are resins of the Dodges available, but at this point, either the quality is rangy, the more expensive ones are very good but hard to get (and pay for), and even then, few are really complete kits (except for the Modelhaus kits, which have hit gold bar status). I'd buy several Dodges vs. one or maybe none of a new Chevy pickup kit. I have nothing against the Chevies, but the Dodges would be new. I think a new Dodge would also grab the attention (and some purchases from) of some of your non-Mopar fans as well. Old Mopars in general have had their stock rise greatly among car guys over the past several years. I remember a time not too long ago where Mopars got very little love from the car hobby. Now, you mention "Mopar", and it seems like you get everybody's attention. You see them on TV and the web almost constantly. These cars and trucks have gone from being the shy, retiring wallflowers of the American auto hobby, to the Cool Kids, and I think sales of Mopar kits, diecasts and other hobby items reflect this. I think many hobbyists are getting a little bored with the "safe bets", and want to see more variety. I know I have, and I do. I think Moebius has been very good at picking the surprising bets rather than the safe bets, and they have done well with it. I think doing the Dodges would be in line with that strategy.
  5. Glad you were able to find a few. Yes, that looks like Capelli’s- you enter the door to the left. The store goes WAAY back. I might have to get down there and check it out myself at some point. I seem to remember Simpson’s. I might have been there once in the 90’s. The only store I remember in Northern DE was Mitchell’s, which was a great store but I think they closed nearly 15 years ago.
  6. A small but vocal group of modelers have been stumping for a nice, new detailed Mopar C-Body kit for awhile now. I think if any C-Body were to be done, it should be this one. There is a lot of interest in this car, and I think there would be sales potential beyond the small fringe group, from many modelers that will see it and want to build something different. It could be engineered with Hardtop and Convertible variants, with Hurst- and non-Hurst stock options. It might be offered as a Hurst '70, and a stock '69, so as to allow parts swapping between two or more purchased kits (for instance, if somebody wants a non-Hurst stock '70). Optional parts could have a drag, street toy, and/or modern cruiser theme. This might be more in line with something Moebius would do, but I think it would be a surprisingly good seller for Revell if they ever decided to roll the dice on this one.
  7. Try MCW Automotive Finishes on Facebook. I think they do the body and hood now. You will still need the bumpers, taillights, glass and interior from a '74 Super Charger and you might want to use the chassis from the AMT '71 Charger. They were listing these bodies on eBay for awhile, but I haven't seen them there in several months.
  8. The rear bumper and taillights are the same as in the LA Dart and Hemi Hunter. The Ramchargers Dart had a bumper that is part of the grille, the LA Dart and hemi Hunter do not have a front bumper. I wish somebody would just cast up the Ramchargers front bumper & grille. Maybe check with Harts Parts resin (Google this and the site comes up)- he might offer something you could use.
  9. I don't think there is a preference (it doesn't matter to me, as long as the products and service are good quality), but I think the issue here was that Steve wasn't getting a straight answer.
  10. No problem! If you're down by the Convention Center, you can walk about 9 blocks down (the numbered streets) and 2 blocks over (to get to Market Street) to get to Capelli's. Like I said before, though- I have NO IDEA what that shop is like now. If you have time, that walk takes you to Olde City- there are a lot of things to see in that general area. I hear that the Constitution Center is really good to see. The Liberty Bell and Independence Hall are not far from there. Penn's Landing is really nice. There are about a million places to get something good to eat (Philly is a GREAT spot for food!). Right across from the Convention center is Reading Terminal Market- you can get really, really good eats there. Don't waste your time with the convention center food- just take a walk over to the 'Market. I really hope you enjoy the visit to my home town! Also- due to the Covid-19 situation, it might be best to call ahead to any stores you want to go to and see what their hours might be now. It seems a lot of retail stores have cut their hours lately.
  11. CapSat 6


    Looks great- you nailed it!
  12. Nice one! Looks like something I would have seen at the Mopar Nats!
  13. And Jim, if you stop in at any of these stores, please post and let us know what you think of them!
  14. It depends on exactly where you will be in Philly (sorry, I don't know about the Wilmington scene). It's a big area and some shops are a little more out of the way. If you're heading up to Philly from Wilmington, you could probably stop in at Nicholas Smith's Toys and Hobbies. The have a nice selection of car kits, paint, a few Gofer decals & such. They also carry LOTS of slot cars, some diecasts, and the whole top floor is trains- LOTS of trains. They have some nice sci-fi and military kits. They stock Evergreen plastic. I think it's the best LHS in or near Philly (in PA) at this point (I can't speak for AAA, I have never been there- but I'll have to make a trip!). They have a few slightly older kits on the shelves, and most of the new releases. Definitely worth a stop. http://www.nicholassmithtrains.com/store/go/about-us/ Due to Covid-19, I think their hours are actually 12-5 every day except for Sunday (closed). They're about 2 minutes off of I-476. 476 is the route you would take from 95 (the ramp to I-476 from 95 is about equidistant from Wilmington to the Philly Airport) up to the western and northern suburbs of Philly (like Delaware County, Villanova, Conshohocken, King of Prussia, etc.). Off the beaten path a bit is Modellbahn Ott in Boyertown, PA. That might be a bit out of your way (about an hour west of Philly), but it's another good shop if you happen to be near there. http://modellbahnott.com/ Capelli Hobbies is still coming up on searches. If you're right downtown, they're on Walnut Street down by the (eastern) Delaware river end (311 Market St, Philadelphia, PA 19106). I have not been in that store in about 25 years, so I can't say if it would be any good now. Years ago, I do remember a good selection of model cars, a lot of Foreign kits, and it being pricy. They used to have some car aftermarket stuff stashed in some drawers on the counter side of the store, but that was a LONG time ago. They also had trains, military, figures, other tings. It might be worth a peek if you're right downtown in Old City (it's not far from the Ben Franklin & Betsy Ross Houses, Independence Hall, Constitution Center), but if you're not, then you might not want to make a special trip there, expect parking to be a hassle, etc. I'd be curious to see what that store is like now, because I have no idea about this one anymore. I hear AAA Hobbies is great, but I have never been there. Depending on where you are (downtown or near the Delaware), it might not be too hard to take one of the bridges (Ben Franklin or Walt Whitman) into NJ and check out AAA.
  15. Thank you! I know that some of the AMT kits in that series came with plastic whitewall overlays for the tires. I might even have an extra set if you need them, but check the contents of the T Bird kit- I think they came with some of the things you are looking for. I'm pretty sure that the T birds came with steel wheels, too- as I have a set of the hubcaps from one of the T Bird kits, and like the Chevys and the Mustang, they were designed to install over the steel wheels in those kits.
  16. You might be able to come up with wheels that you could either coat with Allclad or send out to be chromed. The T Bird kit might even come with steel wheels that you could send out for chroming. I do know that the 1/16 AMT '64 Mustang and some of the '55-'57 Chevys they did come with steel wheels. I think some of the 1/16 Chevy kits came with side pipes, or something that looks like Lakes Pipes. Check the T Bird kit for spotlights, I'm not too familiar with those kits, but it does seem that that series of kits came with a few custom parts - for all I know, there might be a set in that kit. Look on eBay for 1/16 parts- sometimes, you see somebody parting out some of the AMT kits, as either they take a new one and part it out like they do with the 1/25 kits, or, they have a 1/16 kit that is started or has a crushed body, and they try to wring out some value with the parts. I look at 3D parts on Shapeways all the time...especially for 1/16 cars, as there are few options for aftermarket parts for these kits. I'm just suggesting the kit pats option because the 3D parts tend to be sort of pricey, and sometimes they are less than ideal.
  17. I'll throw a few in here: The AMT '71 Duster Street Machine has the same basic block, heads, etc. (340 c.i. Small block Mopar) as the stock it, but the valve covers look like Mopar Magnum valve covers. They're not the later "Magnum" design, because the cover bolts are the old LA pattern and not the newer "Magnum" pattern, but if you paint them black, they have a crate-ish look to them. None of the Mopar crate engines came with the pseudo-Viper intake that that kit has, but if you use the Six Pack or 4-BBL intake from the stock kit with the Street machine valve covers, (go ahead, each stock kit comes with one of each intake!), then you have something that looks a Mopar Small Block crate engine. I'm going to use at least one of these in an upcoming build. The Revell Foose '67 Charger has valve covers that look a lot like the Mopar units used on their Hemi crate engines. The rest of the kit has a stock Hemi, but swap on a cross ram intake, or, my personal favorite, the old Jo Han single 4 BBL race intake (which looks A LOT like the old MP M-1 intake), and you have what really will look like a Mopar hemi crate engine. I know these aren't whole engines, but swap on those distinctive valve covers, paint the parts just right, and you'll have engines that will look a LOT like crate engines. I might have to do a few of these up for demonstration purposes. I still think Round 2 should create a Demon engine kit, to sell on it's own with a replica of a Demon crate.
  18. As a huge Monty Python fan, I'll jump in here to say "that was one of Wilde's"...
  19. Wow- that was a peach to start, and you really enhanced it's beauty! Just the right touch right there!!!
  20. Tim- I love this build. It’s right there with my tastes as well. The 340 would have been a great engine choice- I owned a slightly modified ‘74 360 ‘Cuda and I can tell you that it didn’t take much to make that car into a beast! Here’s a pic of a car that I shot back in the very early ‘90’s. Your build really reminds me of this car. I found it on the street in Philadelphia that day. I was very excited to see something like this on the street and in decent condition at the time, and I just happened to have a 35mm camera with some film in it in my car (which was a ‘71 Satellite Sebring Plus) that day.
  21. If you're there all day getting yelled at because the pics don't turn out, it's your own fault!
  22. We have a winner! Not my first choice of what I would want, but I still might need to get one.
  23. Reminds me of the time the mail carrier at my old house crammed a package in to my mailbox- they would put them in from a common door at the back, which opened wide. The individual door on my own mailbox didn't open as wide. I had to take a pocket knife out to the mailbox to cut the box up from the inside just to get it and it's contents out. That was fun.
  24. IIRC the Superfly had a full roof like the annual Grand Prix, while the Dream machine had a targa-style cutout roof - the roof was molded that way, it wasn't something the builder cut out. I think also the Super Fly came with side exhausts, while the Dream Machine didn't. If Round 2 has this tool, they could do one run as a "Neoclassical 70's Luxury Custom", with new box cover artwork, etc. That would be a low-effort-maybe-high-reward offering for Round 2. I'd prefer they mold the full roof and include the side pipes like the SuperFly, though.
  25. Man, they ought to bring one or two of those back. Round 2 has the Mongoose License, I wonder if they could do a McEwen English Leather Corvette from one of those? And perhaps a "name" Omni? I wonder what's up with those Omni bodies though. I don't remember the kit bodies looking quite like that...
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