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  1. Excellent work, great looking 2002
  2. Really like that, many years ago I remember going to see an identical green 99 Cobra to that when I was doing a bit of freelancing for an American car magazine over here in the UK. Your model has totally nailed it.
  3. Thanks both, The decals are beautifully printed and have no carrier film. I did find them a little thick though and struggled to get the larger ones to settle. Decalcas advise against using setting solution too.
  4. Thank you. I am really pleased how it turned out
  5. http://www.modelcarsmag.com/forums/topic/151937-revell-ford-gt-lm/ Now completed
  6. Built using Decalcas resin detail kit and Keating motorsports Wynns livery decals. Zero paints Wynns purple, added antenna and pitot tube made from a staple.
  7. Body is now clear coated. It went well but a few areas where it could use a polish so waiting for it to harden off. Added resin fuel inlet and air jack, this is getting close to completion...
  8. Bringing this one back after 5 years! It stalled due to starting a new job and sourcing wheels. The real car now has a set of TSW Nurburgring wheels and I found a close match from a resin caster in Europe. They are on order. Previously I had painted the body with Tamiya rattle cans, opened up the front grilles and modified the Eaton blower to resemble the VMP TVS on my car.
  9. Plenty of time to work on this, chassis is complete, resin wheels and tyres are painted and detailed. Used BMF on the rear firewall and Uschi metallic powder on the discs. The CF decal is Tamiya extra fine weave. Tyres were sprayed in a very dark grey Tamiya mix with a puff of semi gloss clearcoat over the sidewalls, the wheels are a combination of XF1 and flat gunmetal. Body clearcoat next.......
  10. Spent yesterday painting a few detail parts and began work on the cockpit. I have added carbon to enhance the interior and also the aero parts. Additionally, put the motor together and decalled it.
  11. Made a start on this one, drilled out the RH fuel inlet and air jack port. The Decalcas resin parts include a lovely rear diffuser, replacement wheels and brakes. The body is primed and base coated, Zero paints Wynns purple.
  12. Having been overwhelmed by the great response to my 69 GT40 I thought I would attempt a WIP for my next one... The kit is the Revell Le Mans Ford GT and I am using the Decalcas resin upgrade set plus decals for the Keating motorsports Wynns GT AM entry from 2019.
  13. Thanks again everyone for your awesome feedback
  14. Thanks all for your positive comments, it is much appreciated
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