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  1. Johan 1963 Plymouth Fury

    If you want patterned headliner material and you are near a hobby store that sells sheet plastic, look at the sheets designed to build model railroad buildings. Some of the smaller scale things like bricks or stucco actually look like patterned cloth when you use them in a model car. They certainly have more texture than regular flat sheet plastic.
  2. 1973 GTO Street Machine, !FINISHED! 6/10/18

    Ron, What did you use for tail lights?
  3. 1973 GTO Street Machine, !FINISHED! 6/10/18

    Nice build-the first complete street build with one of my resins. YelloSportWagon did HB Bailey's 73 Grand Am NASCAR car. Both builds look great and you guys got them done faster than I have!
  4. Spark Plug wire

    Try electrical supply shops or go to a real hobby store and look in the model railroading section. They have very fine wire for wiring locomotives or other small electrical things like lights or switches. I found suitable wire in both places, although the small gauge stuff at the electrical supply shop was not cheap. It was 30 AWG (.15mm) Craft supply places like Hobby Lobby or Wal Mart also have beading wire which is very fine gauge as well.
  5. 1973 GTO Street Machine, Up on it's wheels! 6/2/18

    They look great and accurate.
  6. 1973 GTO Street Machine, Up on it's wheels! 6/2/18

    What did you use for decals?
  7. 1973 GTO Street Machine, Up on it's wheels! 6/2/18

    Looks fantastic! Great color choice and the top turned out great. Great build.
  8. Curbside 73 Hurst Olds

    Very nice!
  9. Curbside 73 Hurst Olds

    Nose was gone and rather than shell out $1500 for a Motorealm replacement, I put a 75 Grand Lemans nose on. It will do for now. Buckets, console 400 4 bbl, all options and two extra doors. I bought it to modify. I had a 73 2 door low mile car that had 4 owners but I could not bear to modify it so someone offered me silly money and I took it. This is fun and I can drive it anywhere with no worries.
  10. Curbside 73 Hurst Olds

    My current 73:
  11. Curbside 73 Hurst Olds

    My old 76:
  12. SMH Resins 1977 Buick Century/Regal

    Still looking for a discontinued SMH Resins 1977 Buick Century/Regal. Will try to swap, depending on your needs. Thanks!
  13. Curbside 73 Hurst Olds

    Are you using the stock JoHan chassis or something else?
  14. NNL Milwaukee

    Yes, but I am thinking of doing a separate NASCAR version without the pace car details-is that what you want?
  15. NNL Milwaukee

    Slowly-end of semester Did you want one with formal roof (a la Earnhardt) or the large window style? This is a formal roof car.