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    Beautiful buid.
  2. The one on the left is my kit. The one on the right is what I think is a bad recast. Same car, obviously but if you zoom in on the interior tub it is full of bubbles and pits, same as the body. The T tops were also cut out, which mine does not have. That could have been done after it was cast. The rear bumper also has a tab on it that mine does not. Just a bad copy.
  3. Finished the 74 LeMans. 73 is pretty much a repeat and next would be 73 Grand Am since all use the same lower door panels. Cutlass will take minor dash mods, new door panels and different seats but I think I have a system down.
  4. And nothing I make is copyrighted or registered, so anyone can copy any of them. I copied a design, they duplicated mine. A little different. All is in the FWIW column, anyway. I just would be concerned that someone would think I would sell something that was that bad. Someone paid $138 for the privilege, so maybe I should be pleased about that (tongue firmly in cheek).
  5. Yes, and I acknowledge that when I make them. In the US, a design patent is only good, as I understand it, for 15 years from the date it is granted. So the design patents would have expired long ago under those circumstances anyway. "A disadvantage of US design patents is the limited period of protection, only 15 years from the date of grant. Once the design patent expires, it cannot be used to enforce rights against those who would copy the design." Source: Foundationlaw.com
  6. Yes, because they would be admitting that they had copied someone else's intellectual property. Especially since the original castings are still available from me. I understand from some threads that I have seen on the board that some out of availability resins had been re-cast by others. Doesn't make it right, but it would be somewhat different. The builder did a killer job on this. I was amazed at the detail.
  7. I do some resin casting for fun on the side, mostly all 73-77 Collonade GM cars. I do it partly because few people (till Robert Burns) did them. I have not come on re-casters of my work that I recall till recently. I did 75 and 76 Buick Indy 500 Pace Cars because I thought they were cool and you could get decals for both. I usually scan EBAY to see what kinds of stuff people are doing and lo and behold I see a 76 Pace Car, advertised as "the only 76 Pace Car kit made". Sure enough, one of my cars. I thought initially it was just a re-sale, which is cool but in looking at the details it was a REALLY bad re-cast of what I had done. Full of bubbles, pits and rough edges. The seller said it would "need some work" but wow, was it bad. I hope nobody associates it with me. Last look it was bid up to over a hundred bucks. It'll take 25 bucks worth of putty and primer to fix that thing up but I guess somebody wants one that badly. I know that others have had similar experiences but this was my first. Probably won't be the last, either. Here is what a master builder did with one of mine:
  8. I already have done the interior for the 73 GS. Paul Hettick used one in this: https://www.ebay.com/itm/155028118173?nma=true&si=pccVAJM3esz%2BZJOyGxJs9pBgFvQ%3D&orig_cvip=true&nordt=true&rt=nc&_trksid=p2047675.l2557
  9. Some of you may have seen or bought 3D printed bodies from Robert Burns (Too Many Projects). The bodies have exceptional detail and are very crisp. The only problem with them (maybe besides cost) is they are only bodies with trim. They don't have interiors , chassis or other incidentals (although I think he has made a generic chassis now). For the Collonade cars (Lemans and Cutlass, Can Am, Regal) an appropriate scale interior candidate is from the Jo-Han 1975 Cutlass. Some resin suppliers simple re-cast this with their bodies despite the fact that it is not accurate (even for the 75 Cutlass). The dash has good detail but the door panels are flat and the seats are terrible. I have done resin castings for the 73, 75 and 76 Buick Regals and so when I got my Lemans body I started on an accurate interior. I'm about 90% done at this point. The Cutlass tub and dash are a good starting point after you get rid of the front seats and console. I'm making this modular so I can do different door panels and seats depending on year and make. Some 73 GTO's, some Lemans cars and Can Am's used different upper door panels. Cutlasses used different upper and lower panels and almost all had different seat patterns. The tubs will reflect the back seat upholstery but everything else will be separate.
  10. Did anybody do the decals for Dale Pulde's Miller Buick Funny Car? Thanks!
  11. What are you going to start with? That car is a fastback rather than formal roof.
  12. JoHan 75 Cutlass has correct molded door panels (flat, though) and mostly correct dash. Seats suck but you could start there. I have one of these and I am working on correct seats, door panels and dash.
  13. Very nicely done-both cars!
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