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  1. NNL Milwaukee

    Yes, but I am thinking of doing a separate NASCAR version without the pace car details-is that what you want?
  2. NNL Milwaukee

    Slowly-end of semester Did you want one with formal roof (a la Earnhardt) or the large window style? This is a formal roof car.
  3. NNL Milwaukee

    I always love the old stuff and scratch builds and here are a whole lot of them! Great craftsmanship on display.
  4. 1974 Pontiac Grand Am Pro Touring

    Got some work done slowly. Tried Bare metal foil and Molotow chrome for the first time and painted the lenses. Also tried my hand at making decals for the stripes. Decal paper, a straightedge and some ultra fine Sharpies. Not great but passable for a first try. All parts are resin. Used lowrider carpet and found some cool floor mats online. Shifter boot is painted masking tape and the shifter is a straight pin. Still need to add pedals then on to the engine compartment.
  5. Scale Production in Europe

    Got my order in-had to sign for it as it came from Germany. I ordered some fifteen52 wheels-very detailed and some tires. Very quick shipping and very good quality. Very similar to C1 Models and Ukrainian Scale products. All of them very detailed and all very good service. Only problem is C1 is out of stock on a lot of their issues. Glad I bought two sets when I did. Thanks for the help on this one, folks.
  6. Scott Sharps Trans -Am Camaro, Darin Brassfields IMSA GTS Oldsmobile

    What do you use to model the anodized fittings?
  7. Scale Production in Europe

    Just placed an order. I love global business!
  8. Scale Production in Europe

    How much was shipping if you remember? Thanks for the tip on the flag. My computer will auto translate but I will follow your instructions.
  9. Scale Production in Europe

    Do you submit the order through Google translate and how do they ship and accept payment? Thanks!
  10. Anybody bought things from Scale Production? Website is in German but Google will translate. They have some really nice resins but wanted to know if anyone has bought from them.
  11. Jo-Han Oldsmobile Cutlass Rear Bumper

    Send me an address and I will mail you one. I should have several extras.
  12. 1974 Pontiac Grand Am Pro Touring

    I always wanted a Golden Olive Grand Am or 73 GTO so this was as close as I could find. It really pops on the Jeep.
  13. 1974 Pontiac Grand Am Pro Touring

    After sitting for a long time, I finally started work on this project after doing resin masters for awhile. The body, interior parts, chassis and inner fenders are all my own resin castings. Got some paint on but no foil or trim paint yet. Hopefully I can actually finish a build now! Paint is Chrysler (Jeep) Rescue Green lacquer with Dupli-Color automotive clear. Interior is a custom mix to replicate 74 Grand Am Dark Saddle. Engine is from a 66 GTO with single carb with Fireball BOP Quadrajet. Still have to create the 73 GTO ram Air setup. Progress, albeit slow.
  14. 1973-74 ? Pontiac Grand Am in resin ?

    Complete kit (body,interior tub seats, console, door panels dash) $55 each. I make them to order. Takes about a week to do them. Larry
  15. SMH Resins 1977 Buick Century/Regal

    I'm looking for a SMH Resins Nascar 1977 Buick Century/Regal resin body. If you have one and want to get rid of it, please let me know. Thanks!