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  1. DoctorLarry

    AJ Foyt Olds

    Who did the decals?
  2. That may have been the reason for the reinforcing plates in the rear-to mount the "posts" for the Camaro sway bar to mount to. I wanted this to be as real as possible, and it turned out great, Thanks to Harry and Swede and Tim. All tremendous sources of information. This was kind of a mission build for me after I saw the first picture. It has often been called one of the most beautiful NASCAR cars ever and I agree. It was also probably one of the most innovative cars ever. A real tribute to a bunch of REALLY smart engineers.
  3. Nice build. Something my Swedish friends (from Minnesota) schooled me on.
  4. A good rescue. What's that lurking in the background with what appear to be Laguna window louvers?
  5. I think I have a resin one somewhere. I'll have to look. I bought it for my 76 Buick Century Pace Car project.
  6. Wow! What a great looking set of builds.
  7. Gerald, you are noting the body line flaws in this kit. I had to do some radical reworking when I did the Baker Olds:
  8. Should have come from the factory this way!
  9. Very nice work! Great body fit, paint and concept. Nice job.
  10. It's an auto touch up color-I'll post it later tonight.
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