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  1. 1977 pontiac lemans or Can Am body

    I'm almost done. Bumpers, final measurements. checking body lines and symmetry. Maybe a month.
  2. 1977 pontiac lemans or Can Am body

    I have two Cutlass roofs I cut off of other projects in my spare parts bin...
  3. 1977 pontiac lemans or Can Am body

    here's the one I mentioned. Definitely the standard roof with opera window.
  4. 1977 pontiac lemans or Can Am body

    I saw these decals on EBAY-looks like the regular roofline.
  5. 1977 pontiac lemans or Can Am body

    Got a picture for me? I can graft the Cutlass roof onto one of the resin copies and then fill in the triangle windows to have the formal opera window. I did that for a guy who had an opera window Grand Am. I re-did one of the resins with an opera window for him. LB
  6. 1977 pontiac lemans or Can Am body

    You wanting to do the Lennie Pond Regal?
  7. 1977 pontiac lemans or Can Am body

    Once I get the pace car done, swapping roofs will be pretty easy!
  8. The interiors on these cars are very complex in terms of shapes and patterns. It took awhile to get all of the pieces sorted out:
  9. It took me a long time to get all of the interior parts right. The dash has a lot of compound curves to get right.
  10. 76 Buick Century Project

    I've done the 73 Grand Am before. I'm trying to duplicate the factory bumpers on the pace car here.
  11. 76 Buick Century Project

    Mike: That is my intention. As soon as I get it tweaked, I will cast the body, hood and bumpers separately. I'm still trying to get the look of the bumpers right. I think I have them about right looking. I have re-done them three times.
  12. 1977 pontiac lemans or Can Am body

    Tim: Right now the overlay is glued on. I intend to cast the hood and bumpers separate from the body so the spoilers, hood bump and roof band could be sanded off. It's just a lot easier to visualize everything if they are glued on. Mark, thanks. I did not build that-a guy on the board bought one and did it. He also built one of my Grand Prix kits.
  13. 76 Buick Century Project

    Bumpers are the hardest thing for me to get right and they still look funky, so more work needed. I actually owned a 76 Laguna S3 for about 10 years and replaced the front bumper. That thing took two people to lift!
  14. 1977 pontiac lemans or Can Am body

    Tim, I have two posts with pictures; Buick Brothers and 76 Century Project. Here is the 76 almost done: