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  1. Were you working from a picture of the car? I don't think I have ever seen a picture of a Buick in this scheme-only the Cutlass.
  2. Compare: Look at the roof lines on the 51 car and the 2 car. Or, look at the 2 car compared to the Cutlasses. The fastback style was used on all intermediates. Some were "big window" (triangle) like the Cutlasses and some were "opera window" (rectangle) like the 51 car. The formal roof was not sloped as much.
  3. I've got that picture as well. That is the formal roof line rather than the fastback. That was the one that Tim (Yellowsportwagon) just did with Salvino's bodies.
  4. Yes. I have to get the master right then I will make up the mold and cast them. I'm slowly moving in that direction.
  5. Made some progress. Body is 95% done. I need to do some fill work on the body by the bumpers and finish the bumpers off (the ends were too long) and final blocking. Also need to thin the hood edges so it sits flush. After that, wet sand and one more sealer coat then on to paint. After I paint the body I will make a mold and cast it in resin. Last shot is my chassis/engine. I ordered a salvage kit engine off EBAY so it needs to be wired and plumbed. I painted it and added a Fireball resin Holley. Detail is astounding on his carbs! Then finish off the chassis plumbing, mount the wheels and adjust stance.
  6. I sent the pictures to Speedway Decals. He said he could not get to them till the first of the year and that he was no longer going to do custom work. Hopefully he can do them for me. If not, I guess I learn Adobe Illustrator myself.
  7. Body is almost ready. I have to modify the hood slightly to get the right body lines. It is sitting roughly on the chassis but I have to adjust the mounting points.
  8. What color did you use on the interior? was there a "typical" paint color that teams used?
  9. I made a quick mold off the front end of my Century Pace Car and pulled out a casting. I cut the front end off the Cutlass and glued the Century one on. The hood is left over from a Revell 77 Monte Carlo I cut up for my Hurst Grand Prix project. I got rid of the Cutlass tail lights and modified the area to replicate the Buick. I will make molds of the Pace Car bumpers and cast them then this one is ready for primer.
  10. I'm going to cast the Pace Car this week while I'm in Christmas break from school. I am going to cast the nose separately so I can glue it on my NASCAR race car. I may cast the NASCAR version separately. I am going to cut a Revell 76 Monte Carlo hood down to fit the NASCAR body and cast the bumpers separately so I can use them on both cars.
  11. Since I am almost done with my 76 Indy Pace Car Buick, it is time (while I have some to spare) to start on another vintage NASCAR project. I found this picture on the Petersen Archives web site and thought it was a beautiful car. It was raced on the West coast by Jim Thirkettle and this shot was in the 1978 NAPA 400 at Riverside. It will have a stock rear frame and a T Bird clip like many cars of the era. I built the chassis for my 73 Grand Am project till I found the Petersen archives and found it was all wrong for the car so I had it left over. Pictures are few, but I can fake it. Starting point is a random resin Cutlass body I bought on EBAY. It was warped so I put it in a pan of hot water and gently straightened it out. I will make a mold off the front of my Century Pace car for the nose and since I have done this mod once, I know how to do the rest. One side is not done, the other is about 75%. Fender flares came from an MPC Volare kit. I'm no fan of the new cars, I was in my teens in the 70's when these cars raced. YellowSportwagon is a big encouragement-he builds gorgeous vintage builds. (rather quickly, I might add).
  12. Finished the bumpers and shot some paint. Needs to be wet sanded and re-shot, but It should be ready for casting next week.
  13. Mine is almost done. Tweaking at both ends and almost ready to cast.
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