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  1. Tiny Lund Charger Daytona WIP

    Tim, what did you use for wheel weights?
  2. Team Associates 73 Grand Am Nascar race Car

    Began final work on this project. I got the body smoothed out and primed. Shot it with Dupli Color auto paint but was not happy with the finish so I re-shot it with Model Master black lacquer. I have a couple of things to finish on the chassis and finish the underside of the hood. After it cures a little I will wet sand and buff then Molotow and decals. Then on to the Minter Firebird.
  3. Team Associates 73 Grand Am Nascar race Car

    I think it was actually the 1973 NASCAR Rule Book.
  4. Team Associates 73 Grand Am Nascar race Car

    I could not find a copy. The pages were on Cotton Owens' web site. He had a few pages. I looked on EBAY but could not find the actual manual.
  5. Team Associates 73 Grand Am Nascar race Car

    I found a few pages on the internet:
  6. Team Associates 73 Grand Am Nascar race Car

    Got my decal sheets from Speedway in the mail today and they are beautiful. They were not inexpensive but great art never is. This will be a very expensive build when it is all said and done but it will look killer, just like the real car. Now I just have to finish the body!
  7. Donnie Allison Chevelle

    Totally agree. They are a lot of fun to drive, as well!
  8. Team Associates 73 Grand Am Nascar race Car

    Got the decal art proof from Speedway decals. Looks great. Hood needs to be longer and narrower and roof needs to be longer but they will look good in the actual colors over foil.
  9. Donnie Allison Chevelle

    Looks good. Do you have a copy of the stock car magazine article on the Allison chassis? We may have posted it here somewhere.
  10. Donnie Allison Chevelle

    Now you are getting into the same territory I did! looks good so far.
  11. Clarence Lovell Torino Cobra

    Could he do the ones for the Grand Am?
  12. Clarence Lovell Torino Cobra

    Tim, did your usual decal person do the decals for this?
  13. Team Associates 73 Grand Am Nascar race Car

    Glued the wheels up and tweaked a few more things. Still needs exhaust and some more under hood details from the real car (shroud, hood pins, carb plate). Test fitted the chassis with wheels and one wheel ended up mis-aligned so I have to fix that. But I am getting closer.
  14. Team Associates 73 Grand Am Nascar race Car

    Not yet. I am going to mount the wheels after I get the exhaust done and then work on painting and decaling the body. It looks pretty killer with the wheels and the stance, though!
  15. Team Associates 73 Grand Am Nascar race Car

    Got some more done. Scratch built the front sway bar and heim joint ends. Mounted the seat after making the racing harness. That has to be the most time consuming and painful thing there is! The photo etch parts are so tiny that it is very hard to do. I used black crepe paper from a streamer to make the belts and then painted them to make them a little stiffer. Threading them into the photo etch was so hard to do! Seat belts are a snap compared to that ordeal. I am now working on the 180 degree headers and then the chassis is done. Because of the contortions involved in building them I am using solder. I have seen a lot of builders make headers out of it so we will see how it goes.