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  1. I saw the same article today-lots of good pictures, especially of the rear end.
  2. Do the tires come with the gold lines or is that a decal?
  3. Thanks for all the help and the heads up on the decals. They are very nice! Tire decals are a pain, though.
  4. Here is the final product. My own resin body, chassis from Revell 66 GTO, various resin parts, Monogram 1/24 tires, parts from a Bill Elliot Thunderbird and a UNO Buick Regal, Speedway decals (killer) and scratch built everything. Model Master black lacquer and Wet Look Clear. Thanks to Harry Quackenboss for the tip on the Petersen Archives and Yellowsportwagon (Tim) for guidance along the way. Most things came out okay but there are mistakes but overall I am happy.
  5. Final Stages: Chassis done. I added the fuel fill and vent lines, chassis jacks, exhaust and trunk fill panel. Made a window net from gauze bandage and ribbon and added the hold down seat belt. Touched up the paint and it is ready for the body.
  6. Getting near (I hope) to the end on this one. I got some Molotow chrome on the window moldings, added the glass retaining straps and clips to the windows and put the trunk lid pins and clips in. On the chassis I finally finished the 180 degree headers and am mocking up the tail pipes. Made the shroud and carb plate for the hood. There are a few more details to work out then clean and detail the body with decals. Then on to a hopefully shorter build next.
  7. Tim, what did you use for wheel weights?
  8. Began final work on this project. I got the body smoothed out and primed. Shot it with Dupli Color auto paint but was not happy with the finish so I re-shot it with Model Master black lacquer. I have a couple of things to finish on the chassis and finish the underside of the hood. After it cures a little I will wet sand and buff then Molotow and decals. Then on to the Minter Firebird.
  9. I think it was actually the 1973 NASCAR Rule Book.
  10. I could not find a copy. The pages were on Cotton Owens' web site. He had a few pages. I looked on EBAY but could not find the actual manual.
  11. I found a few pages on the internet:
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