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  1. A friend of mine in high school had a 401/4 speed dual quad AMX that was a very sweet, quick ride.
  2. Sourcing the engine from the JoHan kit?
  3. I use them for spray outs when testing paint colors. THEN the circular file!
  4. Tom, they are cheap but what does one do with the accumulated bodies that are of no use???
  5. Real Jo Han or resin copy? Only real one on EBAY was $225. Must be rare?
  6. Here are a couple of mine: 73 Buick Century all scratch built, 76 Buick Century Pace Car all scratch built. Bodies, bumpers, all interior parts.
  7. Nichels Road Runner and GTO:
  8. .020 styrene rod also works well for seat piping and you can use regular glue to attach it.
  9. I'll cast it after I get settled from moving (ugh)
  10. I favor the Collonades. I have owned three (still own one) and I like their style. You can do 75 Cutlass (Jo-Han snap kit), 76 Laguna (you have to convert a Pepsi NASCAR Chevelle and use Revell 77 Monte Carlo interior), 73 Century, 76 Pace car, 73 Grand Am, 73 GTO, 74/75 Grand Am, 77 Can Am, and 77 LeMans sedan. I am going to do the 75 Buick Pace Car (already started on the interior) and maybe a 77 442. I did the 77 Buick Century in fastback and formal roof NASCAR cars and a 76 Hurst Grand Prix as well.
  11. Duly Noted. The car is modeled as a Gran Sport.
  12. Detailed out with bumpers. Panel lines scribed, tail lights on, bumpers done in Molotow.
  13. Go to the grocery store and look in the coffee filter section. You will see basket filers that are plastic and have metal mesh openings with very fine mesh. That's what I use. I cut the mesh out.
  14. Testor's Citrus Yellow metallic lacquer. Inspiration:
  15. Got the body done and paint on. Finishing the bumpers. It needs to be detailed and then it is ready for a mold.
  16. 1966 GTO had a 115 inch wheel base. Revell makes a very detailed chassis similar to other GM A bodies. The 1977 Monte Carlo has a 116 inch wheel base. Difference in scale is around 1 mm. Any kit small block could be adapted to this if you want some detail.
  17. Yes, when I get it all finished.
  18. This is my latest Buick project. I have completed a 76 Century Indy Pace car, 77 Century fastback NASCAR, and just finished the body for the 77 Century formal roof NASCAR car. This one has been in process for a couple of years and I am determined to get it done this summer. The interior is down to final putty and sanding. The body is shaping up and Is being final tweaked for body lines. Then it needs details: door handles and locks, marker lights and so forth. I am also working on bumpers and tail lights. For some odd reason I always have the hardest time with bumpers!
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