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  1. I already have done the interior for the 73 GS. Paul Hettick used one in this: https://www.ebay.com/itm/155028118173?nma=true&si=pccVAJM3esz%2BZJOyGxJs9pBgFvQ%3D&orig_cvip=true&nordt=true&rt=nc&_trksid=p2047675.l2557
  2. Some of you may have seen or bought 3D printed bodies from Robert Burns (Too Many Projects). The bodies have exceptional detail and are very crisp. The only problem with them (maybe besides cost) is they are only bodies with trim. They don't have interiors , chassis or other incidentals (although I think he has made a generic chassis now). For the Collonade cars (Lemans and Cutlass, Can Am, Regal) an appropriate scale interior candidate is from the Jo-Han 1975 Cutlass. Some resin suppliers simple re-cast this with their bodies despite the fact that it is not accurate (even for the 75 Cutlass). The dash has good detail but the door panels are flat and the seats are terrible. I have done resin castings for the 73, 75 and 76 Buick Regals and so when I got my Lemans body I started on an accurate interior. I'm about 90% done at this point. The Cutlass tub and dash are a good starting point after you get rid of the front seats and console. I'm making this modular so I can do different door panels and seats depending on year and make. Some 73 GTO's, some Lemans cars and Can Am's used different upper door panels. Cutlasses used different upper and lower panels and almost all had different seat patterns. The tubs will reflect the back seat upholstery but everything else will be separate.
  3. Did anybody do the decals for Dale Pulde's Miller Buick Funny Car? Thanks!
  4. What are you going to start with? That car is a fastback rather than formal roof.
  5. JoHan 75 Cutlass has correct molded door panels (flat, though) and mostly correct dash. Seats suck but you could start there. I have one of these and I am working on correct seats, door panels and dash.
  6. Very nicely done-both cars!
  7. Super glue followed by Tamiya white. A light smear of putty which is very fine and will sand off easily.
  8. The rumor was, I believe it was 7/8 scaled.
  9. Very nice! Paint is gorgeous and your detailing is very sharp. Great build.
  10. Agreed. As cost and quality of printers comes down, it becomes more accessible. I don't know how many people can scan full size cars and develop the files, though. Interiors are time consuming to construct (lots of small pieces) but once done can be infinitely replicated in resin if 3D is not an option. That's my route. I have talked with Robert as well as Paul Hettick and will be developing interiors for his Collonade GM's over time.
  11. I am currently working on interiors for the 74 LeMans and 77 Cutlass. I have already done the interior for a 73 GS but will have to adapt it to Robert's body. It has a slight ridge around the windows inside the body that I have to adjust for. If you can find a tub that works, the rest is just a lot of looking at pictures and lots of Evergreen! The bodies have great detail and proportions, at least to me.
  12. I moved this to the Model Car Under Glass section. Thanks for all of the comments!
  13. This was a modernized version of a "phantom" 73 GTO Judge. My own resin body and interior, oversize resin wheels from EBAY, 72 Cutlass chassis, 66 GTO engine and lots of scratch building. Testor's Flaming Orange paint. A fun build. Trying to think up some decals for it but calling the construction phase done.
  14. Evidently someone did them at some point.
  15. I'm 95% done. I need to put decals on, paint under the hood and finish the engine off. I added a front spoiler, touched up the paint and detailed the A/C.
  16. It needs a donor. The JoHan Cutlass chassis has a molded in engine and drivetrain so if you don't want to open the hood it is fine. If you want a realistic chassis, a 68-72 Cutlass will work or a Revell 66 GTO if shortened. Both have excellent detail appropriate for those cars. There are few Buick engines, though. I used one from the Monogram SSX, which is 1/24 scale but accurate for a Buick car.
  17. Just got the body the other day so I am just getting started on the interior. I actually have one set of door panels done and working on another.
  18. I am actually going to be doing some interiors for some of his cars. I have the 69 Buick Skylark wagon and I just got the 74 LeMans Sport. I am working on the interior for that one as well.
  19. Tim, I have done the interior for this already. No need to use the Cutlass.
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