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  1. Should have come from the factory this way!
  2. It is real close. It does have a distributor cap attached, though.
  3. Very nice work! Great body fit, paint and concept. Nice job.
  4. It's an auto touch up color-I'll post it later tonight.
  5. Both are great looking builds!
  6. John, i did a 73 GTO but the mold is wearing out and the detail is getting fuzzy. I have not made a new mold and that's why I have not put any out for awhile. The molds are expensive and time consuming to make and I have been too busy to do casting for awhile.
  7. People post things and never contact me. I'll see a post occasionally but rarely get messages. That's why we have a message board.
  8. Looks like the Hemi "Rat Roaster".
  9. A little auto touch up and some Rust-Oleum clear lacquer. Cheap. dries quickly and good shine. I know Tim likes 2K urethane but that's a little overkill for me.
  10. Anyone remember Falls Cities? (use your imagination to replace "cities").
  11. Did a little body prep and shot some paint:
  12. That was usually the after effects of too many.
  13. Send me a PM. I don't have my stuff on the web or Facebook.
  14. I saw that- funny name for a sponsor "Debt Enhancer". Not a great marketing department but an interesting car.
  15. Here is another one hit wonder (the car, not the driver). This was evidently a one race only Buick Century driven by long time race driver Jim Hurtubise. It is the only photo I can find (Getty Images) from Daytona in 1979. My own resin NASCAR Century, stretched T Bird chassis, 10 hole wheels and tires from the T Bird kit (Elliott Coors) and some random touch up paint from my garage. NASCAR engine from an Olds kit. My usual plumbing and detailing just because I like doing it. Decals from my printer (they are pretty simple).
  16. Those torsion bar chassis were pretty simple!
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