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  1. That might be an approach- "wet clear" it after the color coat has tacked but not dried. I might pick up some clear and give that a shot.
  2. I noticed the paint was squared off versus the rounded scallops on the cars. Knowing how good you are with paint, I suspected a decal. Looking good, as usual.
  3. I went to church with Bobby and his then-wife Kim in Charlotte in the late 1980's. A real quiet and classy guy. Never really hit it big but this was a really pretty paint scheme. Your build looks great.
  4. Are the hood scallops done with decals?
  5. I saw the plug wire shields off with a saw and touch things up with a Molotow pen.
  6. Based on what Jason said, this is what I picked up for my Earhhardt Buick project:
  7. Looking for a discontinued SMH Resins 1977 NASCAR Buick Century. PM me if you have one. Thanks!
  8. He did my Grand Am and Thirkettle Buick decals but said he is not doing custom work any more. Bummer.
  9. Who is doing the decals on these?-the decals make the build!
  10. I kind of like separating the build from the finished product as well. We should encourage multiple pictures of finished modes so people can see the whole car, chassis, engines and interiors.
  11. They look killer. Use them with braided line and fittings and they would look totally realistic.
  12. What did you make them out of, Gerald?
  13. Another real looker. Who did your decals?
  14. Cale Yarborough Busch Olds. 180 headers were used on this one, anyway.
  15. Agreed on that. "corporate" cars are a lot like other corporate things. Terminally boring. I knew Allison used different rear but did not know about the front.
  16. Which is more accurate for 70's cars? Did the "GM" chassis start to be used in the downsized cars of the 80's?
  17. What are the differences between using the T Bird chassis that comes in kits like the Elliot T Bird and the GM chassis that would come from say Oldsmobiles of a similar era? Front suspension? Front or rear steer?
  18. Wow. It really pops. How long did it take for the paint to dry before you could do the second color? In my experience Rust Oleum takes an eternity to dry.
  19. If you have not seen Fireball Motorworks resin carburetors, to call them a work of art is an understatement. I have bought Holley and Rochester Quadrajet carbs and the detail is mind-numbing. That is what I used on the Olds. The Pontiac was another resin copy of a Dominator. Much less detail on that one.
  20. Herb Adams' Pontiac Grand Am home built car did use a Dominator. When I was researching that build the pictures showed one so that's what I used on that one.
  21. Dark Green, Verdant Green, Emerald Green. Typical manufacturers. Same code but different names across divisions.
  22. Same color, different names but matches her car pretty well. Looks good.
  23. Since we have a new board format for "NASCAR Under Glass, I'll be a guinea pig and re-post my Baker Olds:
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