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  1. Thanks. I've built a couple that I didn't feel really needed to be messed with. Here is a Buick that I finished recently and a Dick Trickle Pontiac built long ago. I guess one could lower the Pontiac more if that's you're preference -- I felt it looked pretty good built box stock.
  2. How was the fit of the new flat nose piece on the body ?
  3. Just starting to build one of these. I've looked at photos of several builds of these kits. It looks like they might need a "stance" modification ? Unlike the '81 Monogram Buick kit, the photos I've seen of the built T-birds look like they might be "ridin' high" in the front ?
  4. And with a few scale "Rainier" cans sitting on the hood 😉
  5. Yeah it's pretty vague -- in looking at some of the build photos, I've seen that bar attached anywhere from at the floor of the chassis all the way up to the top side bar of the roll cage. So it's confused others too 😉
  6. I think I've watched all of the Walt Longmire series at least 5 or 6 times now. Every time I watch it I want a model of his Bronco ! Was that model of Ford Bronco ever made as a kit ?
  7. Yes, interesting. I think the reason I'm so concerned about wet sanding or smoothing the Tamiya primer coat (not that it appears rough) is that in the past I have seen some grainy finish in the color coat that I sprayed over the Tamiya fine gray primer. I just assumed it was because I didn't wet sand the primer coat, and that the color coat was showing that. I guess that's not always the case from what you describe, though.
  8. Thanks for taking the time to write those details. Much appreciated. I was curious if you were using the Comet just for detail, trim areas, etc. or on the entire model body (i.e. if you were wet sanding the large areas of the body and only using Comet in the "hard to get at" places). Thanks again.
  9. Thank you. Are you sprinkling the Comet right on the body ? Or onto the toothbrush ? Thanks for the help.
  10. I'm just looking for steps.. like.. run water over the roof... then sprinkle "X" amount (not sure how much) of Comet cleanser on the wet roof. Then scrub the roof area with the tooth brush . Then put the body under the running water to rinse off the Comet cleanser/primer dust. Something like that ? Greatly appreciate your help.
  11. I'm going to give this a go tonight on my primered body. Soft toothbrush ? Medium? Firm ? Just wondering if this is a real "gentle" thing or if you kind of need to "get after it" a bit ? Any additional info on the process is much appreciated. I'm kind of liking this idea vs. sand paper, as it seems it would be safer on edges, curves, tight areas. Thanks
  12. Thanks for that. Yes, I use the Tamiya Fine Surface Primer rattle can. So you basically wet the body, sprinkle some Comet on it, and then scrub the Comet with the toothbrush ? Then rinse it off in the running water? Just trying to understand your process here.. seems if you had running water on it, the Comet would just get washed away. Thanks again.
  13. I'm not a great painter either ! I try to follow the advice of others here, so I always have been using a primer first -- but I think the deal is, if you use Tamiya spray primer you pretty much have to wet sand it so that you don't end up with a "grainy" or not smooth finish. I just sprayed primer (one light coat, then a second coat 10 min later) on a body. My plan is tonight to lightly wet sand it with 1500 grit before spraying color tomorrow. I'd be interested in hearing from others that use Tamiya spray primer as to what they do before spraying Tamiya color spray paint over it.
  14. Found this today and thought I'd post it. Probably old news to most here, but the instructions for the "stiffener bar" in the Monogram kits is very vague as to where it attaches to the corner of the cage. I was happy to find this.
  15. I had planned on misting the wheels with the Tamiya rattle spray can of "smoke" rather than brushing it on the wheels ?
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