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  1. I'm thankful for the General kit, but honestly -- why does EVERYTHING have to be Coke ???!!??
  2. Thanks ! I'm wondering if anyone here has done that modification -- if so, how ?
  3. I had heard that the 4300 kit needs to have the front axle moved a bit so that the front wheels are centered in the fender openings. Did you need to do anything for this ? Thanks!
  4. I had heard that the 4300 kit built out of the box needs to have the front axle moved a bit so the front wheels are centered in the fenders. Is this true ? Thanks
  5. Hi -- Looks fantastic ! I had heard that the front axle needs to be moved a bit for the front tires to be centered in the wheel openings. Did you do anything for that issue ? Or did you build it box stock ?
  6. Super. Mine will be an IH 4300 Transtar Eagle. I'll post a pic of the shrink-wrapped kit tomorrow.
  7. Is it too late to get in ??? Maybe this year I'll actually finish something. There's always hope ! Thanks
  8. OMG !!! I'M IN HEAVEN !!!!!! FINALLY THE 60" SLEEPER !!!!!! 🙂
  9. So did you put down a primer coat first? Or just shoot this stuff on bare plastic ? Just reading the can label it says it's a paint and primer all-in-one. Haven't used that before so I'm curious!
  10. I'll take 3 of those kits ! Credit card warmed up and ready! LOL
  11. Yeah.. you ain't kidding it's a real pain. Another marvel of AMT engineering :-( I built this kit when I was like 13 yrs old and no way did I struggle with it like this thing. Was the original kit 40 yrs ago that much better?
  12. Either !! or even better -- both !! And I would love to see a grain trailer kit like the Transtar II Eagle is pulling on the box !
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