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  1. Thanks ! So - did you brush paint it or airbrush it ?
  2. Yeah - it's the Model Master semi-gloss black lacquer that i think is causing the bubbles and -- I think it might be because I was a bit too "generous" in those areas with the lacquer spray. Most of it was fine. It was just on a couple of areas where I may have been a bit "generous" with the Model Master lacquer that it "bubbled".
  3. Not yet. I checked with my local hobby shop on Monday -- they don't have it yet. But I picked up the AMT Freightliner FLC and the Revell KW W-900 🙂
  4. Just finishing assembling the rear axles now. Here's where my nervousness sets in. I'm not sure exactly how to make sure that all 8 tires are going to be on the ground at the same time after the axles are glued to the suspension ?? I seem to need to do some sanding on the area where the axles set in the suspension arms so that they rest fully "seated" -- and that is why I'm concerned that when I'm done all the paws are on the ground. It's always a "nail biting" part of the assembly for me. LOL. This kit doesn't have the metal axle through the axles that you can just slide the hubs on and off -- it has the "snap-on" inner wheels and I don't want to snap them on before I paint the frame assembly. Suggestions welcome !
  5. Got a bit further... rear suspension is on, attached a couple of the frame brackets. "Keep 'er movin' !"
  6. I talked to several guys at the ATHS national show in Des Moines a couple years back because I saw a LOT of KW's with the Pete air leaf suspension on them. I asked "why ?" -- similar answer -- the KW 8-bag was very expensive and didn't ride as well. Here's a pic of Paul Sagehorn's "Movin' On" KW with the Pete suspension on it.
  7. Congrats !! I see the brackets for the air cylinders are still there -- I think I snapped them off on mine at about week 2 LOL.
  8. Thanks ! I've been reminding myself that it doesn't need to be "perfect" -- I think sometimes I spend too much time on every little imperfection and then I don't get stuff finished. Plus... when it gets to the painting I can guarantee it ain't gonna be anywhere near "perfect"! For this project, I've been telling myself something a good friend of mine used to say... "make it done !". Or ... as Charlie says... "Keep 'er movin' !" 🙂
  9. This is a late post -- so it should not be considered "in the running" for the contest prize (or anything else). I just am interested in FINISHING a project -- and hopefully a little encouragement will help me along (plus the fact that the COVID thing has me trapped at home and I can't travel for work for the foreseeable future!). Stay safe!
  10. Oh I'll keep building ! It's just that I'm out of the running for the prize -- and that's OK with me. My prize will be the satisfaction of FINISHING something! Stay safe.
  11. Hi All: Unfortunately, work and business travel got the better of me at that start of this -- so as I haven't posted any updates to date, I've basically disqualified myself. After being in 3 countries over the past two months on business (France, Canada, Mexico), the COVID thing has killed all business travel (thankfully) and as a result I've got time on my hands again to work on my project. So I'll post my progress on a non-BRBO post and hopefully get into the contest next time. Here's where it is so far. Thanks all ! Stay safe.
  12. I'm not sure which is bubbling up. After spraying the Model Master semi-gloss black lacquer over the cheap-O Wal-Mart flat black enamel spray paint, I saw a couple areas that "bubbled". I had to sand them out and re-spray the Model Master semi-gloss black lacquer. It's possible in those couple areas the Model Master semi-gloss black lacquer was a bit heavy ?
  13. Very nice !! What paint did you use for the "Cummins beige" ?
  14. TBill: I had been using Tamiya [Lacquer] gray primer on the frame/suspension assembly, then spraying it with some cheap-O Wal-Mart flat black enamel (you could blast this stuff and it won't run/sag), followed by some Model Master semi-gloss black lacquer. What I found is that in a couple of spots the paint "bubbled". What "automotive primer" spray paint are you using ? Thanks !
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