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  1. RE: " I imagine one has to cut the tabs to move it forward." It takes a bit more than that. You won't be able to gain enough with just the front axle mount area on the springs in the kit. I had to "extend" the front axle mount surface forward by 0.100".
  2. Got the frame painted. Working on some of the interior tonight. I'm waiting for the exhaust to dry and then I'll be able to drop the engine, driveshaft, and radiator into the frame.
  3. Yep. The famous Gorilla Glue CA (with the blue cap) worked it's magic ! It worked when ZAP CA+ wouldn't (or maybe my ZAP CA is too old). Thanks
  4. Nope. Pacer Formula 560 Canopy glue didn't do the job. I'll try the famous Gorilla Glue CA with the blue cap.
  5. Thanks -- I thought about "Shoe Goo" -- it's messy stuff and tough to work with tight places. I did also see a post regarding using "Pacer Formula '560' Canopy Glue" for gluing vinyl. I've used that stuff for gluing lexan canopies on my RC airplanes - it will glue to anything. I may try that first, as it is easier to work with/less messy.
  6. I'm working on an old AMT/ERTL truck kit that has the 2-piece vinyl tires. The fit on the 2 halves on some of them isn't great -- so I'd like to "tack" them together flush. The instructions say "Do not glue". But, after sitting in the box for over 40 years, some of them aren't perfectly flat, so some "help" is needed. What type of glue would work for vinyl ? Thanks
  7. Thanks for this note -- ugh. I've got a 352 on bench (parked right now). Thankfully, I don't have the front axle on it yet! This is the *FOURTH* AMT kit I've worked on that has a problem with the front axle. 😞
  8. Hey -- thanks for this great pic of attaching the brakes. I have one of these "parked" on my bench right now -- I struggled with the brake attachment to the axles. The instructions were useless and I'm not a driver or mechanic, so it was kind of a mystery since there is no "positive" attachment point for these. Thanks again!
  9. Thanks -- it's been a long time coming, but I WILL finish BOTH these "sister" trucks by year end !!!
  10. Got the frame primered yesterday, and more parts on the engines for these "sister trucks".
  11. Cool. Thanks. Now to find somewhere to get them. I checked one large online model site -- they are out of a lot of the Vallejo stuff. Our local shop doesn't carry them, and our local Hobby Lobby stores are closed 😞
  12. Super -- good info ! Are you brushing it on bare plastic ? Or are you using their brush primer first ? I had assumed that the Vallejo Model Color acrylics were ready to brush right out of the bottle -- thanks for that info about needing to thin them ! Typically how much are you thinning them for brushing ? Thanks again !
  13. Got the "big, black, ominous, 903" painted this weekend. Sorry the picture isn't very good. Frame is getting primered and painted this coming weekend. Looks like decent Wisconsin weather for painting in the garage.
  14. Thanks for that tip about the model air black. I guess right now it's kind of all academic since the online place I checked is out of stock on most of the Vallejo black paints 😞
  15. OK -- so in their color names, if it doesn't say "glossy", then assume it is a flat color ? Also -- from what I've read, these brush well right out of the bottle -- no thinning needed ? Thanks
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