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  1. B.R.B.O. Peterbilt 352

    Super ! Thank you !!! VERY much appreciated !
  2. B.R.B.O. Peterbilt 352

    Yes, I know it's darn slow... but progress still... (and I could really use some help regarding the above post)
  3. B.R.B.O. Peterbilt 352

    Getting the rear suspension on now. Will post an update pic tomorrow. Can anyone post a pic of your 352 axle to show how these brakes are supposed to be attached? The AMT instructions are a bit of a mystery.
  4. Need some assembly help with AMT Pete 352

    Just checking if anyone can help with this ? Thanks
  5. AMT Movin On Kenworth Announced

    Were the season 1 tires 20" or 22" ?? And season 2 ?
  6. AMT Movin On Kenworth Announced

    Anybody know what brand of tire these were ? and maybe model ? Thanks!
  7. Need some assembly help with AMT Pete 352

    OK guys -- More help needed. :-( The attachment of the air brakes to the rear axles is a bit of a mystery. The instructions really aren't helpful. Could someone possibly post a photo of their 352 axles showing how these are attached ? It would be very much appreciated !
  8. AMT Movin On Kenworth Announced

    I can definitely confirm the Pete suspension on it -- Paul Sagehorn had it at the ATHS show in Des Moines a couple years ago and I took this photo of it there.
  9. Need some assembly help with AMT Pete 352

    Ya got that right !!! I'll have another post soon regarding the steering box attachment to the frame rail. That's another mystery to me
  10. Need some assembly help with AMT Pete 352

    Well, Shazam !!! Wow. Thanks so much for posting that picture. That explains a lot. That photo also is nice as it shows the 1:1 suspension -- much better than the AMT kit instructions. I'd love to get a copy of that brochure !! If it could be copied and maybe emailed ? Thanks again for this !!
  11. B.R.B.O. Peterbilt 352

    Well, I've got a straight frame (not twisted or warped), so I'm cautiously optimistic -- and now that I've got this to start hanging parts on that's a good sign ;-)
  12. Need some assembly help with AMT Pete 352

    Thanks! so, in fact, on the kit part, the "fingers" are actually on the wrong side of the angle iron "L". And -- contrary to the instructions, the piece should be located *forward* of the rear axle shock mounts -- not behind them as implied by the instructions.
  13. Need some assembly help with AMT Pete 352

    Yeah -- I'm leaning toward just leaving that piece off and be done with it. Thanks all for your replies.
  14. Need some assembly help with AMT Pete 352

    Thanks ! Yeah about the air leveling switch piece -- I saw a couple different ones at the ATHS truck show in Des Moines and I couldn't make sense out of the piece in the kit or what it was patterned after. These are the kind I saw (on KWs).
  15. Hi all: Two things I need some help with. 1) The piece called "air ride leveling switches" -- the instructions aren't really clear where on the frame rails this piece should go. Are the "fingers just supposed to butt against the rear cross member as I show in the picture ? How do you know where to locate it on the frame rails ? 2) Front springs -- the pin on one of the front springs is higher than the pin on the other front spring. So on one side, you have a gap between the frame rail and the spring mount bracket -- what have you done with this ?? Thanks !