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  1. IRT - Wow those guys are nuts !

    On to the next season -- no Lisa Kelly, but now we've got "Pork chop" and the kid straight out of kindergarten (as Jack calls him) "Austin". I love this show !!!
  2. Calling her done

    Thanks for the post ! I love the "drama-free fun build" comment ! Your post inspired me to pull out my KW W900 "snapper" and "make it done" ! I often agonize waaayyyy too much over every little thing and projects stretch out for months (usually years). A good "fun build" is just what is needed sometimes. Yours looks great ! Thanks!
  3. Just got this last night

    Thanks for the inspiration ! I pulled out my Kenworth W900 snapper tonight that I had started months ago -- gonna see if I can make some progress on it tomorrow.
  4. A Little International Love

    Transtar II -- still my favorite cabover of all :-)
  5. A Little International Love

    Saw this one on the road this week -- Highway 151 just outside of Waupun, WI
  6. TAT 2018 IH F-4270

    Hi -- yes there are shocks that mount from the frame to the top of the spring shackle as shown in the plans here. The bottom of the shock has a pin molded into that sits in the "notch" shown in the piece -- but it doesn't attach to that little "dot". Thanks for looking !
  7. Just got this last night

    Here are some pictures of the modification I did to fit the Moebius wheels to these "snapper" kits. I basically drilled out the wheel on my drill press and then inserted a piece of brass tubing as a "sleeve" that fits nicely over the kit axle. I'm sure there must be an easier way, but this is what I worked out.
  8. Just got this last night

    If you like, I could send a pic of the modification I did to the Moebius wheels to adapt them to these "snappers". Just let me know.
  9. 1974 Kenworth W900

    Ahh... OK -- re: "then I used the top cap of a 36" sleeper from a 359 Peterbilt snap kit for the roof of the coffin sleeper." That's the "magic" step I was missing. It's too bad someone doesn't make an aftermarket 60" VIT KW sleeper (flat top) that we could just "bolt on". Thanks!
  10. 1974 Kenworth W900

    Hey KJ -- WOW looks great !!! What did you do to change it from an aerodyne to a standard KW 36" "coffin" sleeper ?? Thanks !
  11. Post your "Snap" kits.

    I LOVE it !!! Carlile blue -- just missing Lisa Kelly standing next to it !! I was thinking of a similar build for mine, adding a headache rack behind the sleeper and some tire chains. Which blue paint did you use for it ?
  12. CAT yellow rattle can spray ?

    Hi all: I need a stress-reducing weekend and I thought I'd try to polish off the KW W900 snapper that I've had laying on the bench for what seems like forever. Does anyone know of a close match for CAT yellow that is available in a rattle can spray paint from Testors/Model Master or Tamiya ? I know there are auto/implement spray paints out there, but those tend to be thicker as I understand it. And really, close counts in this case. Thanks all for your replies in advance from a very stressed and over-worked poor sod !
  13. IRT - Wow those guys are nuts !

    Now into the season where they are in Alaska. Man that Lisa Kelly can wheel that KW !
  14. Ahh.. OK. I looked on that site and assumed the only items he had were the ones *pictured* on the "Shop" pages. Then I saw the link for the "product catalog" (which is a document) and there is a lot more in that. Thanks!
  15. TAT 2018 IH F-4270

    Thanks for the pic !! roger that. Well, they're gettin' sanded off :-)