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  1. Was finally able to wrap this one up. Definitely need some practice on my trim work, but I'm please with the finished result.
  2. All great ideas. Thanks everyone. I'll see what I can come up with.
  3. Need some advice. I either need to build a special paint booth or something. The last few cars I have done, I've had a problem with debris drying into the body when I paint it. Rather it be dog hair, dust or whatever. This is extremely frustratic and I'm desparate for advice. I am currently doing the painting in my garage but I suspect that is the problem but am hesitant to do it inside because of the fumes.
  4. A few updates progress pics.
  5. Very nice guys. I like the original stock look so I think I'm going to go with that. Bought a nice dark red for the body color. More pics to come soon...
  6. Getting this one rolling. It's a 2n1 kit and I'm torn between building it stock or street. Thoughts?
  7. Thanks. I need to work on photographing them when they're done. The lighting in this room isn't the best.
  8. Photos didn't upload for some reason last night. Here's the finished product.
  9. Got it all finished up. Turned out pretty nice.
  10. Not new to modeling, but did take about a ten year break. Just about done with one I started a little over a month ago. The Camaro does seem to have a lot more parts to it, which is fine. I'm up for a good challenge.
  11. Was at the local hobby store the other day and couldn't decide between these two kits so I bought them both. Which one should I start first?
  12. Got the body painted again. Much better results this time. Pickup up some Timaya rattle can paint, covers much more evenly and clean compared to the Testors IMO. Need to do a little more clean up work before calling it done, but I'm pretty pleased with the results so far.
  13. Wasn't pleased with the paint job on the body so I stripped it down. Looking around onlne I found that people have used Easy Off Heavy Duty oven cleaner. Worked like a charm. Little messy but the result is a clean slate to try again.
  14. Here's some more progress. Still need to do some touch up before calling it done. Not a big fan of the body color I chose, doesn't cover well via rattle can. Definatly lots of lessons learned from this one.
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