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  1. NNL East isnt something you want to miss. Its a really great model show and swap meet in Wayne NJ. I went there for almost 20 years. About 45 minutes from Plainfield. Theres also a show called Super September Showdown in Gilbertsville Pa (obviously in September). https://www.superseptembershowdown.com/ About an hour and a half from Plainfield, NJ Dave
  2. I did some more work on this one. Testing out a grille, getting the stance correct, working on the interior and getting the paint color down. Dave
  3. Nice job! I love those darkened spokes on the wheels. Dave
  4. Two tone always looks great! I don't think I'd lower the roof as you may have an issue with the windshield. As far as the whitewall tires, they look good. The wheels would need to be black between the spokes just my opinion. Dave
  5. Steve, I first put a piece of painters tape on the glass then I used a very small drill in the center of where I wanted the star, but I didnt drill thru the glass. Then I used an exacto knife to cut the cracks by pulling the blade from the drill notch to the outside, then pull off the tape. You may want to try this on a piece of test glass. Dave
  6. Looks good! I agree, its good exercise for arthritic hands as well! Dave
  7. Beautiful shiny paint! You did a great job on this one. Dave
  8. Nice C cab. Those look good as a stock build. Dave
  9. Here is the link to more pics of that one.
  10. ea0863, Thanks for your post. I really like the truck!. I'll bet that '59 Imperial speedster took quite a lot of time to build. I have designed and built a few models like my Imperial Rod. Here are some:
  11. Thanks guys! This will be an Aaron Grote type build.
  12. 1959 Chrysler Imperial I needed to build another bubbletop, so I decided to use this 1959 Imperial as the base. I cut off the front and narrowed the rear section almost an inch and added the frame for the bubbletop. I also made a spot for the axle to go thru the body and used some wide tires with Crager mags front and back. I found a frame in the frame box. The power plant needed to be a Chrysler so I found an old Fire Power Hemi. I’m thinking about putting 6- 2bbl carbs on it. I’m looking thru the seat box for some seats. Once I get the front suspension picked out and mounted I will work on what grill I would like. Thanks for looking and I hope you like it. Dave
  13. This build is looking great! I love the color and how you transformed it to a '73. Dave
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