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  1. I am soooo looking forward to going to this!! I recently moved here from NJ and I really miss NNL East.
  2. Thanks guys for all the nice comments. This build is on hold right now as I need to come up with a paint scheme.
  3. Thanks for all your nice comments. I know that this vehicle may not be able to be a real car as I had to alter some features to make it look good. The front tires are tight and if it were a real vehicle it wouldn't turn without hitting the body but I used my artistic license on it. I had fun building it. As far as the color goes it was a happy accident. I started with one color that looked blue in the container but it didn't come out the same blue so I went on to a couple other colors. Somehow it became color changing. I would have preferred a lighter blue but I do like the color change so I decided to keep it.
  4. This is my first complete build since moving to Arizona 4 months ago. I'm looking forward to more! A frankenstein build combining a Jeep and monster tires and wheels. I added the beach-surf scene and flowered the seats, cooler and surfboard. I had this in the WIP but finished it.
  5. WOW! This is some really nice work! I didn't realize that this model could be that cool!
  6. Nice work on this van. I like the color. I remember quite a few of these on the road back in the day.
  7. Thanks guys! I finally got it painted. We recently moved across country from NJ to AZ and I thought lost my airbrush. after tearing things apart I finally found it. I tried different colors of nail polish and somehow got this color. I wanted the vehicle blue after its name - The Blue Crab. Its a color change combination of about 3 different color nail polishes. I'm still working on the surfboard colors. I think they will compliment the blue. More to come! Thanks for looking! Dave
  8. Nice work Pat! I like the creamsickle color and the nice touch on the wheels and valve covers. This reminds me that I built one years ago. I think its buried in a box somewhere. Dave
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