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  1. You could cut out a Vee in the center of the hood but not all the way to the front and clamp it back together. Then add some half round for the ridge.
  2. Beautiful work. That paint is flawless! I was at the Desert Classic show and somehow I missed this model. Dave
  3. I put in a few more hours on this. I scratch built the rails and they just need to be chromed. I also painted the boom and added the chain and hook. Thanks for looking Dave
  4. Awesome work!! it’s so nice to see another generation getting into model building. Your daughter is showing a lot of talent. Keep up the great work! Dave
  5. I'll be keeping an eye on this one. These years are very versatile for builds. Dave
  6. This came out excellent! Many models are challenging, but that's the fun of it.
  7. I would like to see 1/25th scale stock motorcycles like - Panheads, Knuckleheads, Flatheads, Sportsters, Triumphs and BSA's.
  8. Thanks again guys for your comments. The boom is all done except for the sanding and finishing touches. I used 40 pieces of styrene and one chain for this. Thanks again for looking. Dave
  9. Thanks for your kind comments! I really appreciate them. I did a bit more work on the bed. I added a bed interior. I also put the first coat of gold on the wheels, they aren't glued so they are a bit askew. The fenders are all puttied and I have added half round to them for the pads. I started the boom using flat styrene. There's a lot of bracing to go. Thanks for looking Dave
  10. Nice work! The chassis looks great. Too bad about the warpage, hopefully you can fix it. That box art is killer!
  11. I love all the attention to all the detail you are putting into this. Looking forward to seeing the progress.
  12. Not bad for your first casting. Definitely an interesting shaped car. I like the three headlights and the very different rear end.
  13. Nice color blue! This is going to be a beauty!
  14. My son was very impressed! He is working on next Xmas' challenge.
  15. This was previously in the WIP area. My son gave me 3 gluebombs for Xmas that he got off of Ebay and challenged me to build a model out of all three. They were a 1929 Ford Woodys a 1960 Corvette and a 1975 Mustang. The Mustang was in the worst condition. I didn’t have the heart to cut up the Woodys so I made it into the tow car with a surfing theme. The Corvette I am making into a speed boat and the Mustang I am making in to the trailer. The Woodys didn’t come with doors so I left them out. I added wheels, tires and an engine from the parts box. I had some old mahogany veneer so I incorporated it into the side panels and grained the light wood frames. I hand made the anchor which took two hours) and chromed it then placed it in the spare tire holder on the fender. The surf boards are both scratched built. I wanted a different look for the interior so I hand painted the seats in a Zebra pattern. The Vette will be the speed boat. I narrowed it about 1/4 “ and added the rear fin. I also scratch built the points on the front and the pontoons. Then I cut off the windshield and filled in the wheel wells. I reformed and added a hood from a 1967 Vette. For the interior I used parts of the seating from the Predicta, the dash from a ’55 Porsche and scratch built the rest. The Stang has been a challenge. It was covered in heavy hand painted black on top of a couple other colors and also heavily glued. I cut off the roof and cut off the sides. I added an inner wall to the sides and used the bottom curved piece of rear chassis from the Garbage Truck for the front end. I had to widen the body in order to fit the Vetteboat in. I also hinged the rear for the tailgate. I needed to keep the indentation on the side panel to show it is from a Mustang, but also extended it to insert some of the mahogany wood veneer, I added old fenders and scratch built running boards to bring it together with the Woodys. I then built the frame and inside spot for the boat to sit. the taillights were so glued and melted that I had to scratch build some. My apologies for the dust on the models in the pics. I cleaned them several times but with the low humidity and the Arizona dust it still shows. I have invested about 106 hours in this project. Woodys – 29 Vetteboat – 38 Mustang Trailer - 39 Thanks for looking and I hope you like it. Dave Woodys: Mustang Trailer: Vetteboat: All together:
  16. I did a bit more work to this. Built the rear bed box and cut the fenders into it. I still need to adjust the stance. Thanks for looking. Dave
  17. Here's a combo of a Mercury and a Chevy SSR pickup.
  18. This is really nice! You put in a lot of work and it shows.
  19. I extended the chassis and I think it looks better now.
  20. Glad I could help. This is what inspired me to search for the wheels and tires. I saw this truck at a car show.
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