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  1. That is a really nice build! I really like it
  2. That is really clean. Nice build!!
  3. TaxDude; A Colnago! Very nice! Ive never ridden one, but I know people who own them and they swear by them. That is a brand with some serious history
  4. TaxDude, if we were closer, Id be out riding with you. Cycling is my #1 passion. I do 100-120 miles a week. 6 weeks ago, I just got a new Cannondale Synapse, so I can do some gravel riding. Cause there is a ton of state land near me. Jeff
  5. I have that exact spray booth. I have a (semi) permanent spot for ot, so I hard lined the exhaust to the window. I also duct taped all the corners. It makes it a little stable. I cover the inside with paper and change it before spaying any bodies Ive been using it for about 2 years now, spraying lacquer, enamel and acrylic. I am completely satisfied with it
  6. This is a great looking truck, very realistic. I also enjoy the longer descriptions of the build. I learn a lot from them. Thanks for sharing
  7. Nice job!. I really like the side trim you did.
  8. Looks like your patience passed the test. Very clean build. Good job!
  9. The Liberty Walk cars seem to have a love/hate relationship with car guys. I really like them. And I really like your version. I think it looks good without all the lettering you see on a lot of the real cars. Nice job!
  10. dragstk


    Nice start on this car. I really like how the wood came out. Any pointers on how you did it?
  11. Wow! that is really nice. Ive always liked these cars. You did a great job.
  12. I totally agree with unclescott "Don't let the internet trolls scare you away. Your reviews belong here. " I appreciate the effort you make. I have bought kits kits because of what you doing. Keep up the good work
  13. dragstk

    65 Comet

    This is a really clean build. That color just makes it! Congrats
  14. I did shake the can for a minute or so, I also warmed the can in hot water for a couple of minutes, then shook it again. (this is my normal practice) I did this both when I was trying to spray from the rattle can and before decanting. I suspect that this is just a bad can of paint, as I have never seen this happen before. Im just trying to find a way to use the paint
  15. I sprayed it as thin as I possible could. The first coat barely colored the parts and yet it just ran down the edges. Ive never seen paint this thin
  16. You learn something new every day, sometimes its actually useful I didnt know the skin would dissolve back to paint Thank you
  17. I thought about that but I was worried that the paint would "skin" or get chunks in it. Thanks for the help, Bill
  18. Its zero here, with a 20mph wind. Shoveled a bit this morning and thats the last Im going out today. Already got a couple of hours at the model table
  19. I tried to paint a set of wheels with some Testors lacquer. Using my usual technique, the paint puddled in the low spots and the high spots looked like they had no paint. So I striped them, primed them, this time. And got the same result. I decanted some and tried air brushing several different parts, from my parts box. Thinking maybe the plastic of the wheels was the issue. Regardless of the pressure or amount of paint, I got the same thing. Is there a way to thicken the paint I have decanted? Maybe just a bad can of paint? I like the color, but right now, its completely useless. Any help would be appreciated
  20. Yes, you do like to slice and dice, as you have shown in this and some of your other builds. I really like your work Keep them coming!
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