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  1. Very nice, can ya pop the hood so I can see some detail work?
  2. I'm also still trying to cast my own bigger rubber tires for the rear.
  3. If there are any specific things you want to see on please let me know and I will take a detailed photo of it
  4. AZtom. Sorry haven't been on here in a while... 2 spine surgeries. Car has been sitting on my bench collecting dust but for you I will put in the sun and take a couple of new photos today. Hop back on after 1 pm and I will post new photos
  5. Hahaha! Well said! Have fun with one! If you need any insight, please hit me up! I will do my best to guide you
  6. I also just picked up a mold making kit, so I'm going to try and cast my own racks just to see if I can do it. When it comes to making the medal bond as close as possible I use this to start the bond. It's like super glue and baking soda "on steroids"
  7. I know joe! When I see stuff I'm like"how the f did they do that? " here is my first roof rack attempt made out of coat hanger and super glue and baking soda. The thinner the metal the easier to bend it. When you are doing the passenger and drivers side remember to do them both at the same time. As you can see on this one the bends are different. I'm going to pick up some styrene and give that a go. Miles if you want this rack to "go by" on dimensions you can have it. It's just sitting in a box in my garage.
  8. This stuff removes chrome right in front of your eyes in about 1 to 2 minutes. Removes paint from parts in about 5 minutes. Walmart. $6 bucks
  9. Update! Rough fabricated rear end and shocks, roll cage, tic " outlaw" shifter and big " turbo charger"
  10. I built this a little over 15 years ago because I was pissed off that no model company made a wakeboard boat. So I built one to resemble mine at the time. Tried finding the model kit" desert rat" or some name like that. It had a little red truck and a speed boat in the kit. Never could find again. I'm not sure on size because I can put the trailer and boat behind a 1/24 scale and it looks a little to big but when I put it behind a 1/18 scale it looks a little to small. Whatever. It has been sitting in a cabinet for the last at least 15 years.
  11. Sorry to disappoint, both of these bugs are 1/18 diecast. All 3 racks are custom made with (new) tattoo needles that my parents picked up from a yard sale ( 500 count) for a dollar. The one on the 67 looks just like the one I had on my bug when I was a teen, the 51 racks where made by looking at photos on the net. Up close photo for ya.
  12. i was looking at another thread and posted a pic of my flamed unfinished split window bug. A fella asked if I could start a new thread because he had a lot of questions and would like to see pics. You fire away with the questions and I will respond with answer and pics
  13. Love the old school kardrons and linkage with springs
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