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  1. 1949 Monarch

    Well this is cool!! Loving that Monarch grille...obviously lots of work, but it paid off.
  2. Traditional '40 Ford Coupe Custom

    Agreed! The proportions look excellent so far.
  3. Well this is dramatic! Very impressive so far, cool idea and looks like you're well on your way to making it happen
  4. AMT Parts Packs - Your Ideas & Suggestions?

    My "wanted" list would be similar to mentioned above...these are all things I find myself needing multiples of: -quick-change rearends with axle stubs, transverse leaf springs -'40 Ford style backing plates, Buick finned drums. I made resin copies of the backing plates because I needed 4x as many as I had! -I-beam dropped axle/front suspension with wishbones or radius rods -'32 ford grille shells, chopped or stock -gearboxes (lasalle, 39 Ford, T-5, M22) -vintage carbs (AFB, Rochester, Stromberg...how about some SU carbs, Weber IDA and DCOE) -street roots blower setups with accessory belts and proper cooling hoses (TONS of kits have race-only supercharger options, and it requires kit-bashing/robbing several other kits to make streetable engines) -vintage air cleaners (never seem to have enough of these! Domed,mushroom, ribbed rectangle, Cal Custom 40-30, Flame Arrester, Cadillac, etc). Might seem like a very niche item (and it is!) but I've sold a bunch of sets of 3D-printed Cal Custom 40-30 scoops over the last year, and they'd be way cheaper as an injection-molded Parts Pack, if such a thing was available! -Ala Kart-like chrome-reverse wheels with wheelbacks and backing plates. -Hot Rod tire sets (big n little Firestones, etc) with good wheels to match, with wheelbacks I agree that an LS Chevy mill with induction options would be a great thing to have, for all those resto-mod projects and custom trucks.
  5. 15 center door t

    We don't see too many center-door T's around here! I dig how it looks full-fendered, and raising the roof a little gives it a distinctive appearance for sure. Nicely done, it really has that late '60s/early 70s vibe.
  6. Revell '49 Merc

    Beautiful paint and absolutely antiseptic assembly, well done!
  7. Seven Day T.R.O.G.

    This is really neat. Turns out TROG-style builds are a great use for cast-off parts in the real world AND in scale
  8. Enjoying this so far! Thanks for detailing the various corrections you've made to the body, that's always interesting to follow.
  9. "Just A Car Guy" Blog

    Just wanted to comment that I've popped over to "Just a Car Guy" occasionally for many years now. It's an absolute cornucopia of cool stuff, and worth a visit for any inquisitive human who likes vehicles, history, cool photos, and interesting factoids. Every so often the topic drifts out of my circle of interest...but I'm a junkie for the stuff, so I can always find something engrossing there. For the skeptical, here's a brief model-related link for ya, on the topic of the Fisher Body Craftsman's Guild: http://justacarguy.blogspot.ca/2015/04/a-rare-event-is-coming-up-models-from.html While we're on the blog subject, for those of you who are very visual people, I have to mention the "Le Container" blog...motorcycles, hot rods, machinery, modernist architecture, minimalist art...I've found all kinds of modeling inspiration there. Even just a few minutes absorbing the images and cool ideas start to germinate... http://lecontainer.blogspot.ca/
  10. 41 ford coupe & conv

    Nice work! That Matranga style '41 looks ultra smooth and flowing.
  11. 46 chrysler coupe

    This is a neat idea so far! What I'm not getting is the Chrysler connection. Looks like a Lincoln Continental? A brief online search gives me a page that tells of the Durham Chrysler Continental, but that car didn't look like a Lincoln. Am I just confused?
  12. First Car in Space: a Tesla Roadster

    I'm pretty cynical, but I was wowed by both the engineering achievement and the sense of humor displayed. If the rocket's gotta have some disposable test payload, why not cross-market and put a Tesla in there? It becomes a viral internet sensation (Fake car! Earth is flat!) and generates attention! Watching those boosters land was a treat. I also got a kick out of the launch countdown "Spacesss*x F**kin' heavy, go for launch". I'm tickled pink by the whole thing. Sure, launching more junk into space is probably a bad idea, but this particular object is going to join millions of existing random space lumps, on a trajectory that will take it far, far away from anywhere we'll ever want to fly. For those who are doing the "yaarg, taxpayer money!" thing, for the last time: SpaceX is a private company. Your tax dollars are getting spent on more important things. Like...(redacted).
  13. Grab those bargains off those racks... (HL sale)

    Jeepers. Most of those kits are going for $35-40 up here in Canada still! For even $7.50 per kit I'd load up, regardless of subject. Even converted into Canuck bucks that's a downright steal.
  14. 1957 Dodge D500 Custom Royal

    Beautiful work on a truly unique car! The 3D-printed parts are very cool; those bumpers turned out wonderfully smooth!
  15. resin builds

    I like that full-fendered center-door T in particular! And the Stude pickup . I'm a fan of unusual subjects, and you've clearly built more than a handful, wow.