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  1. Lil' Red Express

    Sounds like you had fun! That's kinda the whole point Cool truck! I have one of these kits waiting to get built; at first I wasn't into the subject matter, but those 70s-style trucks have been growing on me lately, so I'm looking forward to it.
  2. 34 Ford drag truck

    Looks mean as anything! Looking forward to seeing more!
  3. Hobbico - BANKRUPT!

    Could you share the source of this information, Jonathan? I don't want to believe it
  4. What kind of car is this

    I took some photos of a couple Vauxhalls in a field south of my hometown a few years ago. Sadly, they've since been crushed. As Richard has mentioned, they were imported to Canada and were fairly common here at one time. They're funky little critters, but the one in your photo looks like a clean example!
  5. Grand Canyon Roadster

    Nicely done! I like the rock wall, and the Pinion Pine is quite convincing! I have fond memories of visiting the Grand Canyon, maybe someday I'll get back there.
  6. Congrats Ace! Looking forward to seeing more of both
  7. The Wicked Baron

    The rear wing-arms are brilliant. Love this thing so far! What kind of pins are you using for the suspension? They have a very flat head...I need to buy a whole whack of 'em.
  8. 1948 Cadillac

    Classy! I like the understated color and that Chevy roof, and the stock-style Caddy grille is a welcome addition. I agree the hood could use some massaging. Another prime example of how the Eldorod has tons of potential with a little strategic kitbashing!
  9. LEGO Rat Rod

    Looks like fun, Steve! It's a challenge trying to make something hot-rod-like out of the bricks available. I have some of my childhood LEGO kicking around, made this little rat rod to sit on my desk:
  10. Volkswagen trackrat

    Way cool! This thing would be an absolute blast to drive; it's an overgrown go-kart. I like the transverse Audi mill...makes me wonder if people have swapped those into VWs in 1:1.
  11. Volkswagon MKI custom

    That's a sharp little VW! I love the Thule box and mountain bike combo...I see similar rigs around here all the time (just not so customized).
  12. Serious poll ,Model A or Deuce Coupe ?

    Definitely deuce. Worth WAY too much money to the grey-hair crowd....so I sell it, and then buy 3 Model A coupes with the proceeds
  13. SurfStar '63 'vette

    Some of the crazy projects appearing on these pages lately have inspired me to share this one here...the general idea is to create a '60s custom-rod referencing a bunch of 1:1 1960s hot rods and customs, like the Invader, Asteroid, Manta Ray, Strip Star, Cosma Ray, and others. There will be a mild "surf" theme, but nothing super outlandish. The plan is for Indy-style independent suspension front and rear, and hopefully an opening gullwing door. This project has been creeping along for about 3 months now, so I'll post a few photos to bring things up-to-date. The victim: After pushing the cabin back, filling in the nose, bracing the body: Front fenders cut out and replaced with concave sections of sails from a model sailing ship: Hood roughed in, passenger-side A-pillar removed in anticipation of creating a partial wrap-around window, custom taillight made from Edsel grille and CD jewel case plastic: There are a few more details not shown here (ie, chromed headers will exit from the fender cove), but that pretty much covers it so far!
  14. Still slicing and dicing

    I can't believe how many awesome projects you have running. The electric 'vette looks relatively close to being finished, no? Very creative ideas there; I like the transverse-mounted motor and IFS setup. The Indy-powered Ranchero is so wrong, and so perfect, I love it. The PT cruiser, while much-maligned in its production form, has a ton of promise as a subject for customizing...and your version is looking very cool so far. It strongly reminds me of the PT's original concept vehicle, the Pronto. That thing was so friggin' rad.
  15. Awesome weathering! Love the rust effects, paint fade, and stake bed. I'd also love to know more about the hay bales. ....I keep wanting to believe this truck is the real thing and could drive off at any moment! Well done.