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  1. Updates to the '27...firewall added, interior panels in progress, working on some Firestone tires, and other little tweaks. The thickness of the door panels is problematic...full-scale T bodies have very thin doors and interior panels, which is tough to render in scale and still have the panels thick enough that they don't warp.
  2. Looking crazy so far!! I look forward to seeing more. 60s Show-n-go is one of my favorite build styles. You're right about that front end...putting the "suicide" in "suicide perch!"
  3. Love it! The widebody kit, wheel/tire package, and the paintwork...and the photography's good too! I'd love to know how BlackBox gets these bodykits to fit so well. It's not easy trying to fit a digital model to the compound curves of a real-world model kit, and digital models aren't always dependably accurate to the 1:1 or shaped the same way the model kit is. Maybe they're 3D scanning the kit bodies somehow? Multiple iterations of test-printing and model revision??
  4. Beautiful work! Funny, I have a '36 kit stashed away with a selection of parts including the flipper caps and ribbed bumpers, waiting to become something like this...but I hadn't considered trimming down the Buick grille from the AMT '57 to create a LaSalle-style unit. Clever!
  5. Wicked! Love the exaggerated styling and stance on this model, the cool diorama and the gonzo write-up with illustrations is fantastic too. I don't see many models presented this way and I really dig it.
  6. I have a pretty decent box full of chopped sprue I'd be happy to exchange for a kit, haha!
  7. Fantastic stuff here Cross-border shipping is brutal for small parts, so I'm glad you've figured out a workaround!
  8. Thanks Bernard! I can't claim it's accurate, and the 3D model itself is a dog's breakfast, but it might...just...do. Haha. Since that photo was posted I've corrected the flare at the bottom of the cowl. Much better now. I'll consider doing some basic interior panels and a dashboard next. From watching you scratchbuild interiors for resin '27s, I know making the curved corners of the cockpit and matching seat is a bit of a pain, so those would be good candidates for 3D printing.
  9. Ditto on the Wagon Rod wheels. Can't fault builders for using them when they were the best option around, but their styling is somewhat fat and heavy looking for a '29. Your alternative solution with the Pegasus wheels nails that spry and glamorous Ridler/AMBR look.
  10. So after seeing Craig Stansfield's mention of '27 Roadsters on another thread, I decided to experiment a little over the last few days...still a work in progress, but happy with it so far.
  11. Thanks Michael! I look forward to seeing those parts gracing your projects! If you have any issues, please let me know.
  12. Love the street freak, but the diorama is impressing me even more! All the right grunge in all the right places, all kinds of attention to detail. Beautiful work. And those itty-bitty Tamiya cans are killer!
  13. I've been meaning to model this for a long time, but just haven't got around to it. I have a Blazer I plan to build that needs this grille version, so unless someone beats me to it (and I can just buy one), I'll eventually model it. You're right that the "single headlight with parking light" version doesn't get any love!!
  14. This is looking gorgeous so far! The engine is a work of art, and wheel/tire package and stance look good. The IRS is a must-have for this style of build, so the 3D printed parts are cool to see. And you're building it over 5 days???? What! It would take me 2 years to get this sort of work done, haha.
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