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  1. Lol nope. Nice try though! One indication that it's probably Photoshop: a clean MKIV Supra was sold at auction for something like $130k last year. Too valuable to cut up!
  2. Well, well, well! Now that's a fresh front-end treatment, but using entirely traditional and period-appropriate parts! Well done 😃
  3. I like where this is going! Nice work blending the Viper parts in!
  4. Khyzyl Saleem's work is killer. I love his 3D/2D works....they're pure eye candy, sometimes with only the barest nod to functionality but always with some cool visual "hook". I've been trying to learn some more 3D modeling/rendering with the goal of eventually being able to make something that looks that good *eye roll* We'll see!
  5. Is that wood panelling on the doors of that truck? I kinda like it! Has a mid-60s "Tiki" style going on.
  6. The tooling on that sedan is way older than 2004! Try 1964
  7. I like this! The taillights work really well. Looks like you're using vintage Aurora parts pack spokes on the front wheels?
  8. I've always thought the 2 in 1 version was a pretty fantastic buy. Stock wheels and tires in addition to a nice set of deep chromed steelies with baby moons, teardrop taillights, and a spare 327 Chevy mill to use somewhere else. That red box art version is so wonky, no wonder people didn't jump to attention upon its release (or re-release)! It looks nothing like the actual kit contents (thank goodness). It certainly wouldn't catch the attention of modelers previously disappointed by the sedan version's severe shortcomings. I remember receiving this kit as a gift and thinking "oh well, I guess maybe there will be some good kitbash parts, but the body is trash" only to discover that inside the box was a perfectly acceptable '34! Determined kitbashers can tweak the front fenders, hood/hood sides, and a few other little areas to get a more accurate version. The kit has tons of potential, and your example is a stylish one Tim! *edit* and I love that stocker, Bruce.
  9. I might have some debonder somewhere, but whenever I glue my fingers together (and yes, it does happen!) I can usually get 'em apart with very careful application of an X-acto blade. Needless to say, there are probably better ways to do it than my method ?
  10. Love it!! The visor, jets, and general detailing are very entertaining. Nice punchy color contrasts and highlighted edges; it's stylized but realistic. Now I'm eyeing up some of my kits, wondering which one should become a jet-rod
  11. Very cool mods so far!! Can't wait to see where this one goes...
  12. Spex84

    amt 25 T bucket

    Wow. That's beautiful. Your attention to detail (and very nice photography!) results in a model that could appear to be the real thing at first glance. The gorgeous paint and jewel-like engine don't hurt, either! Saving these photos to my inspiration folder :D
  13. The angle-sectioned fender tops are something I've never seen before. Fascinating! I think the '49 Ford custom grille surround works pretty well, and looks good with the curve of the Tbird hood surround. Now you've got me wondering if I could combine a '57 Tbird and a '49 Ford roof to make a euro-style hardtop custom...
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