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  1. Cool stuff Richard! I think the sharknose works well as a boattail roadster...it definitely has that Hollywood star-power, with a dash of eccentricity. Howard Hughes, maybe :D
  2. Holy smokes Tim, that frame and IRS setup looks amazing! And I dig the magenta, Jordan. Imagine that color paired with a grey tweed interior, haha.
  3. It's clear...but kind of blobby, so I'd suggest using it like Testors tube glue; you don't want it to show anywhere!
  4. Just wanted to share that today I glued together some 1970s-era AMT 2-piece tires with this stuff. After the join was dry, I sanded off the excess by chucking the tire in a Dremel and spinning it against some sandpaper. The seam isn't really visible. Success!
  5. Oink oink! Thanks to a generous fellow modeler, I have obtained a Revell VW street machine kit in the same pink I had as a kid. That one got trashed long ago; hopefully this one makes it So far...it has Beatnik Bandit II wheels and tires, AMT '57 Ford front seats, Corvette door handles, various gluebomb bits that might become an airdam, spoiler, and side vents, corvette taillights, and rectangular headlights. I intend to replicate the Vega taillights that were common to the Mulholland-style body kits. Door panels are Monogram '34 Thom Taylor roadster parts, as is the steering wheel.
  6. I'm just impressed by all the work that must have gone into making the kit....the investment involved in producing it must be considerable! Looking forward to seeing more of this build!
  7. Whoa! That is indeed creative :D
  8. Unique and very cool! It turned out great. Solid execution on some pretty bold design decisions! It flows nicely without getting too cluttered despite all the crazy stuff going on.
  9. If I had an Infini-T, I think I'd try to kitbash it into a Dan Woods-style C-cab.
  10. Stance and proportions are looking good! Those billet wheels look right at home.
  11. Whoa, crazy! I think this idea is definitely worth following through on. I like the DOHC V16 idea!
  12. Well this is different! I like it so far :) The lengthening has helped the proportions quite a bit!
  13. I have a folder on my computer full of shots of 80s and 90s VWs. I don't think I'll go full Mulholland look, but definitely whale tail and Vega taillights, haha.
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