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  1. The latest in desk top 3d printing-test prints

    You have my attention!!
  2. '47 Chopped Chevy Altered..

    Haha, that's nuts. I love the screwdriver stuffed in the trunk latch hole.
  3. shapeway question??

    One way is to just google what you want, and check out the "Image" results, instead of using Shapeways' search function. It can be faster to navigate too--I find Shapeways to be kind of slow to load. *edit* whoops, Ace already mentioned that approach. Well, I'll back it up then, haha.
  4. Engine wiring question

    Many older kits lack any indication of spark plug locations, but a quick Google search can sort that out. If it's tricky to see the plug locations in photos of built and installed engines, you can always look for photos of just the heads (ie search "392 Hemi heads) and compare to the kit pieces.
  5. Cal Custom 40-40 scoops, which kit ?

    Winner, winner, chicken dinner!! Thanks to all who responded with leads! That's them, all right. I never would have guessed Mustang.
  6. New-'Stalgia '29 Roadster Hot Rod

    I dig it! Windshield needs a healthy chop
  7. Cal Custom 40-40 scoops, which kit ?

    Well this is interesting. I had thought those scoops must be Eldon/Doyusha...but in further comparison, I'm just not seeing it! The scoops on Greg's model appear to be rounded in back, whereas the Eldon parts are V'd. The Eldon scoops have a beveled edge that is constant in width around the perimeter, whereas Greg's scoops feature a bevel that flattens towards the back, much like the 1:1 Cal Custom 40-40! Thanks for the additional angles showing the profile of those scoops more clearly, Greg. I think maybe we have not gotten to the bottom of this yet! *Edit* Or maybe I'm second-guessing myself too much. Still...I'd like to think that maybe there's another cool kit out there that I haven't heard of yet that features these scoops. IMHO any perceived aggression on this thread has stemmed from a misreading of tone, which can be difficult to convey in text. If possible, I would like the discussion going forward to be solely about awesome air scoops that look like Cal Custom 40-40s...and their kit sources.
  8. Another deFoosed Caddy

    I love this so far! It's like an extra svelte version of the Polynesian by Valley Custom. I second the idea of chrome steel wheels with bullets, or Revell Merc chrome reverse....or even some nice wire wheels if they could be found.
  9. Well there's an endorsement if I ever heard one If I wasn't on board before (and I was!), then those lower front shock mounts would have convinced me. Darn nice work! I once bent up some F1 truck-style front shock mounts for a hot rod project, then considered how fiddly they'd be to securely mount, and decided against it. After seeing this, I'm wondering if I should try again. Very inspiring stuff!
  10. 55 Bel Air mild custom.

    Digging this project so far! That chrome sure is dramatic, wow. And fast-dry to boot. I like it!
  11. Cal Custom 40-40 scoops, which kit ?

    Funny, I assumed Doyusha Invader from the start, as it was the ONLY kit I was aware of that had 40-40 scoops...but all the photos I could find of it were too small to make any conclusions, and they appeared to lack the "V" shape of the front openings of the scoops on Greg's model. So I couldn't say for sure. Looks like Greg's were modified to be more accurate to the 1:1 item...now that I look more closely, I can see that the unbuilt version in that original photo has not been modified and has a blunt front, just like the Doyusha scoops. I think we can call this one wrapped up for now, thanks for your help.
  12. Love that Titian Red '40, Tim! What a quintessential 50s color. The machined air cleaners are very sharp.
  13. Cal Custom 40-40 scoops, which kit ?

    Christian, you know me now. Greg was being helpful to me in starting this thread. The "obvious" comment was not directed at you in the first place. I appreciate the feedback of members who recalled various different air scoops that are similar but not what I was looking for. The title of the thread clearly states "Cal Custom 40-40", which is the official name of the 1:1 scoop in question, as pictured in Steve Milberry's post and Greg's "to clear this up" post. If you have the parts in front of you, on the tree with other parts that will indicate which kit they were found in, I'd appreciate a photograph.
  14. Strangers in a Strange Land

    Awesome. I'm glad to see those cars being used, like they should be, making people's lives better. And I'm actually surprised to see things like '56 Fords and '55 Chevys. Makes me wonder how many still survive over there! Last year I watched a short video about the Royal Enfield motorcycle and the repair shops in India...guys welding in bare feet, squatting on dirt floors...able to fix absolutely anything. And then some stunning shots of a pinstriper knocking out perfect double stripes around the perimeter of a freshly painted ellipsoid gas tank. Amazing work.
  15. 59' Cadillac

    Whoa, spectacular! I love that fade paint job, and the hardtop is unique. Very nicely turned out, looks good on those Sovereigns.