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  1. 32 5 Window Hard Chop (6/13/18)

    I've been having problems with Krylon doing this for the last year and a half or so. It seems to be much "hotter" than it used to be, so I can no longer lay wet coats straight from a spray can without it wrinkling the plastic or primer underneath.
  2. My kinda car...

    Watched this yesterday It really leaves in a hurry, doesn't it! I love how the car looks mostly stock, but it just runs like an absolute beast. Great sleeper. Gotta love the 10.009 too!
  3. For me, Just right in so many ways "Can O' Worms"

    I would suggest wearing latex/nitrile gloves--it's not going to wear off like Alclad does, but the oils from your fingers handling it will dull it somewhat and I noticed when handling painted parts that a small amount was transferred to my fingers, which could have been a problem if I then touched other parts. As with other metalizers, it doesn't look quite the same if clear-coated (ie with Future).
  4. ISO: T'rantula SOHC valve covers

    Looking for some T'rantula valve covers! As far as I can tell, they're one of the more accurate Ford 427 SOHC pieces available. I recently started a project with an AMT 427 SOHC and the valve covers are just wrong. Don't really need or want the whole kit...so maybe somebody out there has a glue bomb with an engine they'd let go. I don't have a huge kit collection, but I may be able to trade small items depending on what you're looking for.
  5. Beautifully done, what a gem. The roll bar is bang-on, as are the other details. I love the faux-original box art too!!
  6. Need help Identifying some 1/25th Tee Buckets

    Nope, photos still not showing up, except for the two shots of the blue broken body.
  7. 32 5 Window Hard Chop (6/13/18)

    Loving the updates! The new hood side flow is perfect, and the Olds looks killer in the engine bay. Nice wiring job. I like the new '40-style X-member and the spring hangars too.
  8. Building a '31 Chevy coupe from a Model A Ford

    Looks like it could be done, with adjustments to the roof profile, belt line molding, A pillars, and visor. This also serves to highlight why getting the right curves and dimensions is SO critical on a model A Ford coupe. If just a few things are off--boom, it's a Chevy!
  9. Need help Identifying some 1/25th Tee Buckets

    Most of these photos are not showing up for me, but the body in the first post could be Tognotti's King T by AMT?
  10. Old Hobby Shop Photos

    Canada imported lots of Renaults, too. There's a derelict example in the forest across the valley from me. I was pretty surprised to find it, until I learned how many small Euro cars were sold here in the 50s and 60s. Love these old hobby shop photos. I really wish I had a local hobby shop to hang around at.
  11. For me, Just right in so many ways "Can O' Worms"

    No problemo!
  12. For me, Just right in so many ways "Can O' Worms"

    James--I essentially dry-brushed the Mr Metal onto the body with a ratty old paintbrush in order to get an uneven splotchy finish. If I had airbrushed it, (or even painted on a heavy coat with a brush) the finish would have been too clean and consistent. The paint dries very quickly; I think it's a lacquer. If you wanted a perfect smooth metal effect, airbrushing would probably help, but I've never actually tried it. This is a very thin paint, but it covers well. It behaves much like Testors metalizers but the colors of the steel and aluminum paints are very slightly different from the Testors product.
  13. 1971 THUNDERBIRD

    Excellent work! The paint, detailing, and high level of finish is commendable. Beautiful. I like the diorama and photography as well.
  14. Over-the-top hot-rod Corvair truck.

    Well that's creative! I love it. I'm so glad there are people out there with both vision and fabrication skills. Can't wait to hear and see it moving under its own power. It would make a totally nutso drift truck if they could get the weight distribution and steering/suspension geometry right. It has the look!
  15. For me, Just right in so many ways "Can O' Worms"

    Here's one taken from a squatting position