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  1. I think that's exactly what's going on with Ridler and AMBR award contenders these days! All the impulses of the hi-tech era persist, it's just that they've been marinated in "traditional" so the end result seems current. *EDIT* So go for it! This guy would love to see what you'd come up with
  2. Yeah, wow. Excellent craftsmanship; you've extracted the maximum out of this old kit! Nice foil work; the "Adventurer" badges look awesome, same with the reflectors (?) on the rear panel. I love the contrast between the paint color and those glowing one-of-a-kind DeSoto taillights. What a sweet ride. I'm appreciating the lack of mold seams in the bumpers, too. Nicely done!
  3. That is some beautiful, precise work. Well done! I'd say you've done that kit proud.
  4. I enjoy this throwback to the years when I eagerly anticipated "Modeler's Corner" articles This build is certainly bang-on for the era. Needs a tweed interior, haha! (Or was that more of a late 90s thing) I'd happily build a 90s style rod, but I really want it to be a chopped fat-fender sedan, and there aren't many kits available! Some aspects of the "high-tech" trend are pretty timeless still. Change the wheels and paint (and maybe the headlights) and this '32 could be updated significantly, even with the 90s-style body mods. Love the hood modifications! I still have sketches in my notebooks of similar ideas from the 90s when I was obsessed with "smoothie/hi tech" styling. I keep a bag of parts I've rejected from all the trad-rod builds in anticipations of eventually building some 90s-style stuff. Thanks for sharing and congrats on finally finishing the '32!
  5. I really dig the appearance of that Chrysler grille in front!
  6. When this thread began, I figured it was a long shot that it would ever reach primer, as ultra-ambitious builds tend to get put on the back-burner. But here we are, just a few months later, and it's lookin' like a car and everything I've been silently cheering from the sidelines the whole time, haha. Very inspiring!
  7. Love it! The raised shape in the tailgate is so 50s, and the curved tuck-n-roll inserts fit the period so well. That pearl is just right; I'm somewhat surprised that a modern color could actually work for a late 50s show truck. I've often looked at those mirrors and thought they'd make cool taillights so it's fun to see them employed as such on this truck. I have my own 50s '34 build that desperately needs finishing. Maybe this week I can wrap it up.
  8. I have floaters, I've been looking at this pineapple for half an hour now, how long does it take? 🤣 Seriously though, recently I noticed I have a couple large-ish floaters that actually affect my vision a little. Apparently, at 36, I'm on the road to being "aged". Whee.
  9. This is brilliant! So carefully observed, and the form-factor of packing a diorama into a flat frame is genius...much easier to store and display (and potentially sell!) than a traditional diorama. I can't decide which detail I like the most...possibly the overlapping rubber flaps that bracket the door, and the way they have slightly curled and frayed edges. Are those made of tape of some sort?
  10. That was an awesome video. Informative, but not too complex. Having attempted to make a couple videos of my own, I have a lot of respect for people who can put together something that is informative, accurate, and engrossing. Even just the scripting is difficult, not to mention all the 3D animations!
  11. Looks like one of the cars from the video game "Fallout!"
  12. Wow, this is looking super cool already! Can't wait to see more of it :)
  13. Got it, thanks Pete! Figured it was something like that. When I was a kid I always dreamed of having something like that little car, haha. Very inspiring stuff.
  14. Wow, that's incredibly cool. I didn't quite get the photoreflector part, but I'll watch the video again and figure it out tomorrow. Neato.
  15. Wow, fantastic. I love the look, and the execution. Great wheel-tire choice, and the de-chromed brightwork complements the black paintwork nicely. I like the Monogram '30 coupe body so much more than the new Revell coupe (sorry Revell *shrug*).... but the combination of both Monogram and Revell parts (and some AMT too!) creates just the right flavor. Well done! *edit* Oh, and killer job on the frame reveals and beltline molding. I actually forgot for a moment that the AMT Phantom Vicky frame doesn't have a reveal.
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