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  1. This is all fascinating stuff, thanks for adding these video links to standalone posts. The 3D printer you mentioned in part 1 is the first printer to really make me sit up and say "wow, this could be the one I actually buy!". Acceptable detail at an acceptable price, perfect! As for 3D printing molds for a desktop injection molding machine, when I look at the whole process, the bottleneck is the slight texture imparted to the parts by the 3D printed tooling. If they could be printed perfectly smooth, then it wouldn't be an issue. Metal molds can be polished--witness the complaints that arose when Moebius kit bodies had a slightly pebbly texture, but they allegedly went back and smoothed things out some more (I wouldn't know, I don't have firsthand experience of that issue). Fix that, and everything becomes possible, including 3D scanning and rapidly producing shoddy ripoffs of production kits, haha. Exciting to see what the possibilities could be for scale model production in the very near future!
  2. 2020 Family Truckster !

    So last year I got back from vacation and Chevy had announced a spectacularly ugly truck. I drew a little spoof image satirizing Chevy's current design direction and posted it here. Now it's a year later, and here we go again, except this time I'm not even gonna bother with satire. I mean...wow. WOOF!
  3. Wow, what a serendipitous post--I have the exact same part sitting on my workbench; it was loose in a box of random parts and I was wondering what it was from. Now I know!
  4. MAN, this thing is nice. I'm very impressed by the opening windshield--that's a detail I considered adding to my bare-metal '30 but it seemed too darn finicky to be worth it. Fantastic detailing!
  5. What to do w/junker 4x4s and Toros

    These are awesome!! Thanks for posting I like the square-body Chevy versions.
  6. Period Correct 1940 Ford Gasser

    Nicely done, and from a Lindberg too! I like the color and decal choice and period-correct detailing. My only critique would be that the headers look dangerously close to the ground if the car bounces at all Looks tough as nails though!
  7. 1976 caprice estate wagon

    Love it! I think I learned a thing or two about derby car prep just from observing the details in this model. I like how it's built in a very clear style with parts called out in contrasting colors, almost like a technical diagram. One thing that jumps out at me--I've been to a couple derbies and the cars were never reinforced quite THIS much! Must be a different rule set
  8. Per Dave's request: 1927 Ford "Owl T" Pickup

    Beautiful! This truck has a certain flair that seems contemporary despite the pro-street stylings. I enjoy how the narrow "T" bed and tall '29 cab could potentially look ill-proportioned, but the fat tires and full fenders add visual mass and bring everything together again. I dig those single-rib Radir wheels too. Thanks for sharing these pics!
  9. I can probably join in the new year. Easy...considering that 17 of my current WIPs are "dead" right now!! The oldest is about 18 or 19 years old.
  10. Love this model--I went out and bought the mag off the newsstand because of it, then started a '34 project inspired it. But then it evolved rapidly into full east-coast territory with a low tail end and molded fenders, and I never finished it. Gotta get back on it! The stance and color combo are probably the things that grab me most with this '34, but there are many other details that keep me coming back.
  11. Beautiful! Just yesterday I was admiring a photo of a '40 in red, almost exactly like this one in terms of style in stance, but with blackwalls...thinking maybe I should build a model of it. You beat me to it
  12. Excellent stuff! Those are very cleanly executed models. I think my faves are the yellow and white RPUs. The 80s era isn't my favorite in terms of colors, graphics, and wheels, but when it all comes together the results are impressive. I had a bagful of those centerline-style wheels that I considered junk, but recently I was admiring photos of Lil John's '32 3-window (with the rectangular headlights) thinking that someday, I should build a genuine 80s-mid 90s street rod with all the bells and whistles....and finally put those wheels to good use! I'd like to have some hot rods from every major period, '40s through 2010s, on the shelf eventually.
  13. Mr. Speed '53 Studebaker

    I was unaware of the original "Mr Speed" rear-engine kit. That's darned cool. Looking forward to seeing this come together! I love that one-coat emerald and the molded-in taillights/headlights for the fiberglass body look.
  14. '32 Vicky Survivor Resto/Rescue

    Nice save! Looks much better with the new tires. It's still one ball short, though Gives it character!
  15. 40 Ford period kustom

    Beautiful flow on that chop!!