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  1. Spex84


    Thanks for the detail shots and explanation of all the scratchbuilding and hard work that went into this magnificent creation! My first reaction was "haha, a brown UPS Paddy Wagon with a hot delivery girl. Cool idea. Engine swap and Rat Roaster tires". But of course, on second glance, there's a LOT more going on. Fantastic work and a super-solid execution of the concept. I'd say this is a model to be very proud of!
  2. Now that's an ambitious project! I'm going to enjoy watching this one
  3. Beautiful work Dennis! I love that gold-bronze color (Aztec Gold?).
  4. Thanks Craig! I'm so excited to see some of these parts getting used on people's projects. ...Wow, it's been a while since I updated here. Here's a recap of some 2021 additions!
  5. Nice work on that chop! I've only attempted to lean-chop a '34 once...with variable results, haha. The upper door frames and window reveals were the most difficult part to deal with. I like the truck grille! I agree it could use a little shortening, but I understand why you might not want to slice into it. The hemi combined with that wheel/tire package is going to look seriously mean!
  6. Just wanted to chime in that I'd been having the same problem but as of today I seem to be able to open pages normally; I'm using Firefox. For months I had to type the page number into the url bar if I wanted to get anywhere other than the first page I landed on, for instance "comments/page/6". The issue persisted through several Firefox updates. Jeremy, perhaps updating Firefox to the latest version will fix the issue for you?
  7. Spex84

    Show Rod

    That elevated rear 3/4 shot is a treat! Looks like a piece of artwork by Gary Campesi...love it.
  8. This is very cool so far. Tough look, thoughtful parts choices and kitbashing...I look forward to seeing where it goes! Are those the same wheels as in the Shelby Series 1 kit? They look super familiar, and I don't own any Mustang kits.
  9. Turned out very well! The paint work is spectacular. I love seeing tasteful builds using the radical custom options of the 60s....that clear hood is actually pretty sweet too!
  10. Nicely done! The car that inspired you is one of my favorites. I still have the original magazine, purchased at the newsstand, dog-eared with much reading over the years. Something about the proportions of that car stopped me in my tracks. I like your version too!
  11. Looking great so far! I like how the paint and interior upholstery turned out.
  12. Spex84

    Show Rod

    Love it so far! The narrowed '58 tail and basket-handle roof are super cool. I feel like the sides of the body could use some contouring or a molded beltline mimicking the '58 design. Or maybe some radical exhaust headers
  13. Spectacular. I just went through every page of the build thread and learned some new tricks. Excellent work and presentation!
  14. Loving the styling theme on this project so far...it will definitely stand out!
  15. Cool! I'm hoping to build a Blazer soon by combining parts from the AMT with a Monogram Deserter. I think the colors you've chosen (and the wood grain package) will look fantastic together. Looking forward to seeing more of this one!
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