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  1. Example sources for a Spalding Flamethrower distributor: Revell '55 Chevy, Revell Parts Pack Ford 427 and Pontiac 421. Here's one added to an MPC '57 Chevy engine. Example source for a Vertex magneto: AMT '53 Ford PU (on the custom Desoto Firedome V8 optional engine). For the mag shown below, I cut the top off the AMT '53 PU part, fixed the bad seams, and dropped it on top of a piece of aluminum tubing to form the cylindrical casing. Drilled 8 pinholes in the cap and stuffed the wires in to match the 1:1 inspiration.
  2. Ah yes, the kustom-haters are out in force. You guys have no idea what an ugly custom car looks like. There was some stuff built that makes the Sahara look like a model of taste and restraint. And if you do...how 'bout let's put them in a different thread and keep this one about the Golden Sahara. Thanks!
  3. This speaks to me...I honestly like doing research and mocking up new ideas more than finishing anything. Once the idea is solid and it's down to bodywork and struggling with paint problems, the fun is over! And when it's done and on the shelf, the main reward is that now I can get back to the fun of planning/starting new projects :D
  4. Clever work on that bucket! This model has excellent proportions so far, nice fabrication.
  5. The "no fancy packaging" idea reminds me of the AMT Blueprinter series parts packs, in their minimally-marked white boxes. I love buying bagged kits if it saves me money!!
  6. Love the color combo and those tasty Indycals tires! The kitbashed/scratchbuilt turbine is darn cool too. It may may have been a sow's ear but you turned it into a silk purse. Well done! And thanks for the WIP photos, it was a lot of fun to follow along.
  7. Hmm, I've never seen this before. I'd definitely complain...seems like a bad batch of resin or something of the sort.
  8. Love the concept and excellent execution! The photos are exceptionally well done too. If I squint, I can almost believe it's a real car.
  9. I bet that Mustang didn't have the movie-accurate engine though I actually have the Supra on my shelf. Got it because it was cheap, but one of these days I might even build it! I also wonder what's going to happen to those enormous kit stashes. People are probably going to buy them up for pennies on the dollar at estate sales and re-sell them at full retail, if today's practices are any indication of what the future holds.
  10. This is an exceedingly enjoyable thread Thanks for posting all the WIP and development shots! The 3D modeled and printed parts are inspirational, as is the more traditional hand-sculpting work.
  11. Spex84

    What are these?

    Holy moly those are cool!! Definitely keep them as-is. Folk art for sure, and creative too.
  12. I've got the warm fuzzies over here. Thanks guys :) Chuck, that's a mighty clean model right there! The 2-tone is excellent.
  13. I like this kit and plan to build another at some point. While it has its issues, the body "feels" right to me, which makes me happy to work on it!
  14. Beautiful model. I love all the work put into the detailing and engineering, and of course the paint combo and wheel/tire package are both fantastic. The real car is a stunner, and you nailed the scale version. What a kick, having the owner of the 1:1 purchase the model
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