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  1. Holy mother that's wild! And I like it, too! Very unconventional forms in the roof area....but I can see all the "right" reveals and detailing that makes it look like it could have been a real car at some point. I'd love to see a front view...I hope it's as cool as the back.
  2. Really cool stuff here--the new roof works incredibly well, the injection is classy, and the bobbed fenders are just what the back end needed!
  3. Spex84

    Modelhaus gold

    I'll give ya 50 bucks. lol. I'm already realizing it will take me years to get through current projects, let alone start new builds. 60-70 kits could last me the rest of my life. I don't know how anyone thinks they're gonna build all 500+ kits in their stash!!
  4. Thanks for the photos! I spotted a maroon full-fendered deuce and an rpu in my hometown last night, no doubt returning from Victoria. I don't see many cars like that around here unless there's a show on, sadly.
  5. Beautiful work! That ladder is inspired. The little paint splats and rings are perfect
  6. My parents had one....so every time I see one these days, it catches my eye!
  7. Spex84

    2020 Corvette

    People are attached to the Corvette's traditional long-hood proportions. Understandable, as it was 100% unique and didn't look like any other car on the road. lol. Joking aside, I get it. Thing is, in order to stay relevant in a world that includes Mustangs, Challengers, the Ford GT40, and "cheap" $180k McLarens...it makes sense to position the 'vette as an attainable supercar. If you look at a car like the DeTomaso Pantera, it was trying to capture that Lambo-like supercar flavor with a domestic V8 engine and mid-engine styling. The Pantera was something like $55k in the mid 80s, whereas a Lamborghini Countach was apparently more like $100k (just from a quick Google search, I could be wrong). Today, when a Ford GT40 is $450k, it makes the mid-engined 'vette at a base price of around $60k look like a smoking deal. (I'm sure they'll be $110k+ in Canada!). If they "look the same" to some people, surely that's part of the appeal, no?? Anyway...I see a lot of that "american supercar" attitude and Pantera spirit in the new C8.
  8. Spex84

    2020 Corvette

    I was fully prepared to be underwhelmed by the C8. From the spy shots, it looked like an unimaginative re-packaging of the same old 'vette, at least superficially. Imagine my surprise...I don't hate it! In fact, it even has shapes and features that make me go "wow". Not a huge fan of the tail end, but overall it's a pretty good-lookin' set of lines. That black graphic element on the side vent is what really saves the design for me...without it, it would look kinda cheap. So good work, designers!
  9. Beautiful model, tasteful mods and very well-sorted. I love the slotted wheels and SuperCushion tires!
  10. I have no doubt that some of kits I'm seeing listed for $45 CAD are 7 buck Ollies or Hobby Lobby sale kits. Lol. Oh well! I'd be like a pig in slop if I found a place with kits for under 15 bucks, let alone $7.99!
  11. I think that's the nicest Eagle I've ever seen! Thinking it must be the same one I saw at the Calgary World of Wheels a couple years back. There's couldn't possibly two Eagles that nice in all of Alberta...could there?? lol.
  12. I have one of these '53 interiors on the way too Looking forward to getting it...Ed's quality is killer.
  13. Watch and weep, then: 57 Chevy in Demo Derby, Salmon Arm, Canada, 2011
  14. Fantastic Thanks for all the photos! I'm unable to pick a favorite, there are too many cool builds here. I like seeing some of the 90s fat-fender stuff, funny enough. I can imagine that style coming back eventually as a tongue-in-cheek salute to "simpler times".
  15. Sweet! This is a very clean build and definitely has that 60s feel. Love that Nassau Blue, it looks a lot like a candy blue.
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