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  1. Spex84 added a post in a topic Custom treatments for '48 Ford?   

    Sounds like a fun project! Quad headlights tend to be a feature of the medium-to-heavy customs. Mild customs tended to stick to lowering, paint and wheel/tire changes, and accessorizing with spotlights, lake pipes, etc. IMHO these cars need a chop, but suit yourself.
    I'd check out Kustomrama.com and look for customizing ideas from the era, ; there are ideas that have worked on other makes and years that you could apply to yours. The best way to come up with a unique front/rear treatment is to invent something! Chances are, though, that someone has already tried it in the past, either in 1:1 or scale form.
    Are you going for a traditional style custom? Or is it "anything goes"?
  2. Spex84 added a post in a topic Rat rod rust tutorial with sponge   

    That's killer dude Thanks for sharing your technique with such clear photos! Your experimentation and perseverance paid off bigtime.
  3. Spex84 added a post in a topic Mild Kustom 49 Ford - Tribute to Blair Pletcher   

    I love the paint! The green and pearl white combo goes very well with the chromed wheels, spotlights, and other styling choices. A fitting tribute; nicely done.
  4. Spex84 added a post in a topic 34 rat rod pickup   

    Killer paint! The blue is an excellent choice, looks fantastic with the rust and weathering. I love the doors...and the way the rust has been applied realistically to the body seams and gutters.
    I'm building a '37 truck somewhat in this style and couldn't decide on paint colors, had been considering "Gulf" blue and orange, and that's sort of what you have going on here. Looks good!
  5. Spex84 added a post in a topic 1929 rat rod   

    Love it! Reminds me of the one I built a few years back Very similar choices for the stance, gas tank, engine, etc etc.
    I like the license-plate transmission tunnel and brake line detail, very nice.
    Rat rods ARE a lot of fun, aren't they!
  6. Spex84 added a post in a topic Foose Ford Pickup photos...   

    "I don't think the point of people wanting to make it stock is to do a 53, but instead a 56."
    Gotcha--I guess I wasn't clear enough; what I meant is that it might be easier to make a stock '56 out of an AMT '53 (windshield swap, grille swap, etc) than to try and reverse-engineer the Foose '56. So people could buy the AMT and the Foose kit, and transplant the '56 features onto the '53.
    if the Foose license expired, I could see Revell releasing the truck without engine decals (no Roush logos) and with a different wheel/tire and tailgate treatment. The interior colors, unique to the FD100, are decals--so they could be easily changed or discarded.
  7. Spex84 added a post in a topic Foose Ford Pickup photos...   

    Kit looks great to me. The only thing I'm unsure of is the molded-in suspension and rear fenders.
    Can't imagine wanting to make this new kit "stock". It would be like the proverbial George Washington's axe: if the frame, engine, wheels, suspension, tires, hood, fenders, roof, and tailgate are replaced, is it still a new-tool Revell kit? Lol. Better to just start with a stock AMT '53 and update that instead.
  8. Spex84 added a post in a topic The Jupiter 2   

  9. Spex84 added a post in a topic Old Chevy knuckle truck   

    Very interesting subject; I love the weathering!
    The functional arm and stabilizers are cool features too.
    Thanks for sharing it with us
  10. Spex84 added a post in a topic Lindberg '37 Ford convertible custom?   

    Pretty sure that's a re-box of the Testors Boyd's Smoothster.
    I had one of the Testors kits and found the plastic to be awfully soft; the frame got very warped in the box and I ended up using it for parts. The tires on the old kits had a habit of cracking and splitting with age. Very nice chrome though!
    So if the new Lindberg version is molded in better plastic, it would probably be just fine.

  11. Spex84 added a post in a topic 1st gen Bronco Leadsled Kustom?   

    You nutter. This thing is awesome!
    I think the skirts could maybe use a larger radius on their top edge, or perhaps more pronounced roll-under like the original rocker panels.
    And chopping up two new kits, too.
  12. Spex84 added a post in a topic Why haven't the model companies addressed the problem with tire melt ?   

    I just discovered something interesting: the wheel/tire combo that I posted about yesterday (AMT '31 Woody) were 2 of a set of 4. The other 2 are on the front of a rat rod I built in 2010...and that model is sitting on my shelf with no signs of tire melt at all. Same storage temperature and humidity as the set that is now melting...same kit,even.
    The difference? The wheels that are OK were painted with Plasticote automotive lacquer (?) paint. The other 2 wheels that reacted badly with the tires were painted with Krylon Fusion glass black. That pretty much clinches it for me--the Krylon paint must be involved somehow.
  13. Spex84 added a post in a topic Fixing a Bird (or There He Goes Again!)   

    I've been watching this thread, enjoying the correction of what, to me, are kind of nit-picky proportional details (because I'm unfamiliar with these cars, I don't "see" them as well as a true aficionado would). But that AMT body's lack of the peak in the trunk is a spectacular omission. Wow. How the heck did that get missed!
    The results of your modifications speak for themselves. Well done so far!
  14. Spex84 added a post in a topic New reissue AMT '57 Fairlane questions   

    Yo Keyser, I'm that 1%. I love the 60s custom options, it's practically all I'm interested in building right now. Wanna mail 'em to me?
    Just the other day I was looking at a glue-bomb 90s issue of this kit in my stash and thinking "what a shame it's missing the diamond-pleated bucket seats and custom headlights and taillights". I'm building it regardless, but I'll have to scratchbuild some groovy bucket seats.
  15. Spex84 added a post in a topic '61 Ranchero (Old 60's Custom Rescue)   

    This is rad. That the car emerged from the bath relatively unscathed is downright miraculous! I'm glad you were feeling equal to the challenge, because it's going to make a fantastic kustom. You're turning into what the original builder probably wanted in the first place, but didn't quite have the skills to achieve.