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  1. Car Model History in My Hands!

    Wow, that's neat. I'd almost be afraid to score a genuine magazine car in need of restoration...my skills aren't up to that kind of task! Lots of cool models from the pages of the 60s mags that I'd happily own if I could, though. Good luck with the restoration effort!
  2. The end is near

    I've read a lot of articles that surmised the new mid-engine Corvette would be sold alongside the traditional-arranged version. It makes sense that they'd try to push it up-market considering they have the Camaro to fill in the lower-tier muscle-car space. The design of the new 'vette is a solid yawn for me. Absolutely chunky and boring as heck. Looks like bloated version of the current car with tacked-on vents at angles that don't really seem to belong, like a bad aftermarket bodykit. I bet they'll prime the pump with this derivative and familiar "traditional corvette" shape, wait a few years and then move to an updated version with a full design refresh that pushes the car further in a "supercar" styling direction. Think current Ford GT40 versus the previous "retro" design. They don't want to scare potential buyers off by making something too unfamiliar, but I think they could have pushed a little harder! I may eat my words when the camo-cladding comes off, but...the basic mass of the body is pretty awkward no matter what lines decorate it. I'd like to be wrong though! Still...Mid-engine Corvette. Finally! That's pretty neat and I can't wait to see one out on the streets.
  3. Speaking of smart cars

    To bring this 'round I tried to find a video of people crashing Little Tykes cars in offroad downhill races, but apparently Barbie Jeeps are the ride of choice for that particular sport. Oh well!
  4. Speaking of smart cars

    So if I want to avoid looking like a dork, I'd better get one of these, right? I've always liked the Smart car...I don't necessarily want one, but they're offbeat and useful in an urban setting. Safety-wise--meh, all the used cars I can actually afford (including the one I'm driving now) have terrible crash ratings anyway. If I based my next car purchase on the notion that I need to "win" in a crash...jeez, I'd need something that can pulverize a Peterbilt! I remember seeing a Smart Car crash test back when they were new; I was actually impressed at how well it did, considering. I imagine they'd be a heck of handful in bad weather though...4" deep slush and that short wheelbase would be nasty. Dry roads and short trips is what they're really made for, and that's OK.
  5. Custom Avanti INVERSO concept

    Brilliant! Very effective re-design and exceptionally clean execution..I'm seeing a little Porsche 924 in the nose, too. Neato! That Copperhead interior looks very natural in the Avanti, which is surprising.
  6. Kit Karson's '33 3hree Window Coupe 420c

    Me too! I really appreciate all the cool tricks and clever parts sourcing that has gone into this project so far. Looking forward to seeing more, whenever that happens to be
  7. Wow, love this! I like his style Looks like it's well preserved, considering! Has all the kool mods and accessories, down to the fuel/oil/water cans and swivel buckets. So sculpted, it must be about 60% body filler! The roof looks like '36, the fenders...hard to tell! Custom survivors like this are one of my favorite things; I have a folder of photos of cars like this that I'm gradually adding to as they pop up here and there. Every so often I see one for sale online, but they're rarely so well preserved as yours. I agree with Bernard on the date...It all looks like early 60s AMT parts, not to mention the styling which closely matches show cars of about '58-62 and the model cars in the magazines of the early-mid 60s. One of my favorite details here is how the headlights have been made to look like the frosted white lucite covers that showed up on the show circuit around that time, as in Gene Howard's '50 Buick: Not to hijack this thread, but I just had to post a pic of the '40 I started building a few years back --it's inspired by the same cars and magazines that probably inspired the builder of your survivor model.
  8. Anybody else also a fan of Juha Airio?

    Thanks for this thread-- all incredible stuff and I look forward to digging through that Rik Hoving Fotki album.
  9. 49 Ford

    Very clean build of a back-to-basics hot rod! Congrats on the retirement
  10. 1965 Riviera custom

    Beautiful paint! I'd say it turned out pretty well I'd love to be able to match that...maybe someday.
  11. Spectacular! I kept scrolling down, looking for photos of the actual model, then realized I was looking at it. Love the attention paid to keeping the weathering and materials in scale...usually panel gaps and plastic-y headlights are dead giveaways on late-model supercars models, even well-built ones, but your rendition is extra convincing in those departments.
  12. Serious 3D printing inquiry...

    Those are stunning models indeed! Looks like they're mostly large-scale? The big question is...$$$! Looking at any of these, I wouldn't bat an eye if you told me the finished model was valued at $15k+ and the kits were $1500+. There's an absolute ton of labor in these, from the design and engineering to the construction of the kit.
  13. Fake stuff

    How about real wood trim that has been clear-coated/plasticized to the point where it might as well be plastic? Apparently Bentley's wood burl dash veneer is very carefully applied and treated so it still has the surface texture of real wood. Yawn. I think I'll go fondle a birch, and save $200k
  14. Thanks Douglas. I'll keep looking!
  15. Krylon paint trick, is it for real??

    Interesting. I might have to try that on a spoon sometime...I have been finding lately that Krylon dries with an orange-peel-like finish regardless of how glossy the initial coat is. It's like it gets rougher as it gasses out. Rustoleum doesn't seem to have the same problem. I'd love to be able to use Krylon without having to wet-sand the heck out of it!