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  1. Double Kit Custom 32 Sedan

    Always happy to see one of these being built. It's looking good so far!
  2. I look forward to following your progress!
  3. What do these go to?

    Upper left are AMT '29 Ford/Ala Kart double kit. That parts tree (when intact) includes a set of 4 small bullet taillights as well. I had never seen the '63 Bonneville custom taillights. Wild!
  4. 46 lincoln coupe

    Way cool. If I ever get one of those lincoln kits, now I know what to do with it!
  5. Wow, cool timing on this post. I was looking for the exact same thing 3 days ago, using the exact same images for inspiration, and found the same threads regarding Fusee chain on MCM! Very cool discovery, so thanks to everyone who posted ideas and links on those threads (and in this one). Definitely going to keep it in mind for that future project...
  6. What went wrong???

    Pete-- I only mildly diluted the Purple Power. It still stripped paint just fine...which is why I thought I could get away with it. It went from 100% effective at maybe 70% strength, to 0% effective, without the addition of any further water. I have also left un-diluted Purple in un-sealed containers, and found it lost its efficacy, as Terry notes above. The Purple I have stored in a zip-lock bag is still effective despite being absolutely thick with dissolved paint and debris. I'd change it out for fresh Purple...but it still works, so why bother
  7. What went wrong???

    A note on purple power--I found that when mixed with water it goes "bad" and doesn't work after a while (I thought I'd save money by thinning it out with water). I suspect that exposure to the air/humidity could potentially have the same effect. I've had my Purple cleaner stored in a zip-lock bag for quite some time now, and it still works well.
  8. 74 Buick Electra coupe

    Nicely done, very convincing! I like the color combination, too.
  9. 2005 Chrysler 300V

    I see these for sale fairly frequently online...in similar condition! Sometimes the photo is upside down and the ad simply reads "Car". Those are even sadder than the pimp-on-a-budget examples with terrible chrome wheels. I lusted after the 300 when it was new, but now....they don't look classy so much as bloated and cheap. Perfect for stuffing a viper engine into, haha! I'd take mine in flat black with some big matte-finish halibrand-style slotted wheels and whitewall tires. Just like what you've built here, but maybe slightly cleaned-up. Very inspirational, thanks
  10. 1/25 Firestone tire wanted

    At first I thought "Oh, I have some of those" but ....all mine are the later versions with "Goodyear" sidewalls. I've never actually seen the Firestone originals in kit form. I'm in the process of chopping up some of the Goodyear versions right now, and applying Firestone decals to the sidewalls to try and get back to their original appearance. The "Invader" show car wore them in the 60s:
  11. Son of Shark Attack

    Crazy!! Looking forward to seeing more of this ambitious project. I'm keeping an eye out for a used toaster oven, thinking of maybe building my own small-scale vacu-former.
  12. Porsche 904 Indy

    One of the first car models I ever built was a 904. I still have it sitting on the shelf, ill-fitting hood and all. Very tempted to try another, but build it Outlaw style this time!
  13. 33/36 Ford Coupe

    The tucked-in tail is very effective, fixes the awkwardness of a stock '34...very cool engineering here Did you dullcote the tires? They look very realistic.
  14. Forty-Mine: 49 Ford & Probe greenhouse mash-up

    Love it! The taillight/trim treatment is especially cool. It definitely captures the spirit of the 49-er retro concept.
  15. Porsche 904 Indy

    Happy birthday and congratulations, the Porsche looks spectacular. I've truly enjoyed watching this one come together. Ditto on the comments about the fender protector helping the proportions out back...lots of unusual features in this car but they all came together beautifully! Feeling inspired now...