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  1. Dang Steve that looks outstanding.Great job!!
  2. Nice touch adding the amp and subs.I like it.I have one of these waiting to built as well.I'll be following this thread
  3. First Yoann the build is going along nicely.Not much of a painter myself but I can give a couple of tips that seemed to have helped me in the past.First wash the model with dishsoap and warm water.Then shoot it with some primer and then wetsand the primer.It give the paint something to grab a hold of and stick better.Some sand before the primer.Myself I have tried and didn't see the differance. BTW,never throw a model in the trash.You can always save parts fer a future build Keep on building.That's the only way to get better.
  4. I agree with Mike as well.I'ld love to have one.Put a grain bed on it and paint it white and it would look like the grain truck I drove every wheat/bean harvest for my dad several years back Fantastic build.
  5. Nice look merc.Paint looks as smooth as silk
  6. That's a sweet lookin pete Looks like the car hauler is comin along nicely too.
  7. Just got thru all 5 of your post on this build and I must say that this is an icredble build.I really like those wheels and brake drums.Keep up the great work.
  8. Looks nice.Gonna have to show this one to my daughter.She's a spongebob nut.Go figure
  9. Thanks guys.May be awhile before I get much more done on this.Got a couple of other builds I want to get done before getting back on this beast. Tim I'll do that.
  10. Chris,I think you have done an awesome job on this build.Really liking the interior and engine shots.
  11. It's a re issue.I'ld been wanting one ever since I got back into building models several years back.But like you said,I could buy a used car for what they were going for on ebay.I was thrilled when they re released it. I plan on getting another so someday when my skills have advanced I can build one that's heavily weathered.
  12. Been working on this on and off for awhile now.
  13. Started with this.Don't really know why but got to this point in the build an decided to tear it down. Tore it down and stripped the paint Shortened the chassis Here's where I'm at now
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