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  1. Hi All, here is my second finished model for 2021, AMT's Mod Rod '29 Ford Model A Roadster. For the past 3 summer's I've travelled north from Munich to Rømø Motor Festival to watch one of the greatest vintage speed gatherings. Watching these vintage cars race on the beach definitely inspired this build. Built box stock with minor additions such as the real metal mesh in the grill and spark plug wires. Where I wanted this racer to really stand out was in its colour palette. Typically these cars are always done in darker colors or wear older paint jobs. Lots of black on the frame and suspension parts, hand painted numbers etc. My colour inspiration came from running shoes of all places. The body was painted in Vallejo Emerald with Tamiya Semi-Gloss clear and the chassis/wheels and interior were done in Tamiya X3 Royal Blue to get away from the typical blacks. The Grill and engine block were done in Tamiya X7 Gloss Red to give it that racing pop of color. The exhaust was done in Tamiya XF Flat White to stand out amongst the colors and connect well with the white decals. This was a fun build, I highly recommend this kit since it comes with a ton of great parts, and of course 2 full cars, the second '29 is also underway. Thanks!
  2. One of the most unique looking Merc's I've seen in a long time, well done!
  3. Thanks for the comments everyone, looks like I'll have to do another patina'd ride very soon!
  4. I'm not sure how to move this to the Pick-Up section of the Forum after it's been posted, Admins please move it if necessary, thanks and sorry for the mistake.
  5. Hi guys, I'm happy to share my first completed build for 2021, Revell's 1966 Chevrolet Fleetside pickup. I received this model for Christmas this past December and knew straight away I would like to try a weathered rat rod look. My idea for this build was to make it look like a barn find turned shop truck, hence the patinaed body but cleaned up wheels and lowered stance. This was only my second time weathering a model, using Vallejo Rust acrylic paints to build up the rust shades. The body was then sprayed with Vallejo chipping medium plus some salt to get more variation in the chips. The body was then sprayed with Tamiya X-2 Gloss White acrylic, and when dry I used water, a toothbrush and my finger nails to chip and scratch off the paint. The rest is built box stock, I just focused on weathering and dirtying up as many areas of the interior and engine bay as possible. For the rusty chrome it was a mix of sponging on the Vallejo rust shades, and Tamiya semi-gloss clear to give the chrome that faded look. This is a great model kit, everything seems to fit together perfectly, I will definitely pick up another one and give it a different look. Enjoy!
  6. You definitely captured that period style, excellent work!
  7. Here's a turntable of the model to go with the previous photos:
  8. Beautiful work here, one of the best surf wagon's I've seen!
  9. Thanks, the box art definitely doesn't do this beautiful car justice!
  10. Beautiful job, especially the addition of the Fairlane roof, well done!
  11. Great job I love these kind of vehicles!
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