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  1. Thanks Dan, I am looking forward to getting stuck into it.
  2. Sorry to hear about the demise of the model mate.
  3. A long time Stray And I am tipping it will be just as many years until it is actually finished.
  4. Work has recommenced on the 51 Chevy custom project. New addition to the plan is to make the doors, bonnet and boot openable. This goes along with lowering it, reducing the size of the windscreen, building a fully detailed big block motor to install and then cap it off with a funky kick-ass paint job. None of these things i have done before. Here is what i am starting with.
  5. Fantastic looking work mate, sorry to hear about the paint problems.
  6. Nice work, look forward to seeing the end result.
  7. Nice! Like your scratch built items in the other thread also. Is that styrene strips used for the wall studs?
  8. Thanks Helix, The trailer was nice to put together, the car itself on the other hand is testing me a little Thanks Mate, Rouse Hill myself, returning to the bench has been the best thing I have done in a long time.
  9. Another update #2. The chassis has been painted and the interior masked. Apologies for the crappy images, I'm still working out the lighting. thankfully the wife has chosen a basic colour scheme, otherwise i would still be there with the tape and knife. A long way to go before i am at the level of you guys, but i am sure having fun working towards that level.
  10. Great looking car Justin, look forward to watching this one.
  11. Great work Stray, thanks for sharing and I look forward to watching the progress.
  12. Cheers Patrick, I am keeping an eye out for the Mini WRC as a possible project down the track a little bit.
  13. thanks guys, she has started putting a list together that she would like done. THe kit appears to be well formed, so i have been told, albeit a basic kit.
  14. Evening guys, the wife presented me with this kit and asked nicely if i would mind assembling it for her. It will be a box stock build, she wants it for her desk at work. What sort of hubby would i be if i said no ☺ So far I think most of the mould lines on the body ready for priming.
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