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  1. Absolutely fantastic..!!! Starting with a glue bomb of a job and getting it to turn out like this isn't easy. Well done!
  2. Well done..!!!! Waiting to do all mine one day and hope they're as beautiful as yours!
  3. Amazing detail work here and very impressive photography as well..!!!
  4. It's amazing the patience one has to go through this type of detailing. It's outstanding what you've done! I've worked on several real ones so I really appreciate the skill you have to build this kit with such amazing detail.
  5. You nailed it with these two .... well done!!!
  6. These fires were pretty scary. I was one block over from Topanga where the evacuations were made. I was watching the flames and fire trucks from my living room window with my binoculars praying the wind wasn't going to turn towards us! I thought of Gary Cerveny when this was happening. I worked for Gary several years detailing his cars and working on his car collection at the house. I remember he had a large fire truck on the property and I asked him if he was collecting fire trucks as well as cars. He told me that it was in case there was ever a fire there because he had it full of water and also a pump to drain his pool to help fight what ever fire might be approaching. I was told that Gary wasn't there that day the fires came through but it wouldn't of helped anyway as it was a raging monster that went right over everything. Here's the '40 Barris car I rubbed and prepped for the Grand National Roadster Show. Now Gone! Here's a rare glimpse inside when I was working there one day. That's the "NANOOK" Fuel altered on the far right. As you can see I was prepping the "TIMBS" for a show.. Here we are at Pebble Beach with the car > 1948 "Norman Timbs Special". I always enjoyed massaging this car and it was a pleasure to have been a part of it.
  7. I have many more pics but they are all packed away. I hope you guys enjoy these photos anyway and maybe they help in your build one day. Also, I do have other pics with Ivo when he had me work on the 4 eng car. I did lots of paint touch ups on the motor - sanded names off the plastic side windows and polished - lots of detailing and Tommy standing there with me telling funny stories the whole way! Thanks and be back soon, Bill
  8. Time to move it on to the track at Bakersfield for a few shots. I took these photos myself with a Canon AE1 film camera.
  9. The steering area : it was missing gauges and really tired looking! Again, I apologize for such crappy photos because these were old film type and I had to take pics of them with my phone.
  10. Mickey Thompson Funny car pics: Here you can see a before and after photo of the motor. It was pretty rough!! I can honestly say that it was fun turning the wrenches on this car and making it come back to life! ( painting - polishing - researching etc )
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