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  1. Grrr... Seriously, Flies?

    Are they at least in scale?
  2. Pics of amt Allison engine detaill

    Yep, Allisons Π― Us!
  3. Pics of amt Allison engine detaill

    Guess I'm taking a trip to Buffalo tomorrow - I have $350 here burning a hole in my pocket Wonder if I can get that thing back to my apartment on the D?
  4. Error message on the forum's site

    Happens on my Macbook using Firefox, and on my iPad using Firefox or Safari
  5. Error message on the forum's site

    I do, yep!
  6. News of Revell molding preparing in US

    Got my RR! It's signed too!
  7. News of Revell molding preparing in US

    Meanwhile, reissued Rommel's Rod kits are back in stock (in Tom Daniel's store anyway...) tomdaniel.com/td_store/signed_model_kits/signed_kits_pages/td_mk.031_rommels_rod_18.html Just ordered mine! Exciting!
  8. News of Revell molding preparing in US

    Someone on the Coffin Corner posted this today: "Just got this off FB today πŸ”πŸΊπŸˆπŸ GOOD AFTERNOON everyone ! Some cool news to pass on , straight from the man himself ( Mr. Tom Daniels ! ) The new Revell Germany merger will have a separate line called :Revell USA LLC. They will be releasing in the first 1/4 of 2019 the TDs classic's " Baja Bandito " and " Rommel's Rod " Also east coast model co. ATLANTIS , who recently purchased some old toolings from the Monogram plant in Illinois , will be releasing many old TD monogram kits ( many rare ones we have not seen for sometime ) Starting with the "Ghost of the Red Baron" and the "Lil Red Baron" snap-tite ! This is all good news for the hobby we love !" http://coffincorner.proboards.com/thread/20493/atlantis-model-revell-tooling-stored?page=1&scrollTo=190551
  9. Ollie's strike again

    Urgh, that's why Grandma keeps sending me those terrible kits πŸ˜‚

    I posted a link up to this thread on the site anyway so everyone can see - its SO cool man, nice job! That thing with the passwords suddenly not working is a known Proboards issue - a bunch of members on there have got locked out before and had to make new accounts

    Those guys are good at what they do huh? You TOTALLY did this justice! I saw the pics on the Coffin Corner, but then when I went back to comment they'd gone...I think they got moved and I can't find them or you deleted them maybe? Anyway, GREAT build dude, absolutely amazing!! Love the paint, and you've really captured the look and all the detail of the 1:1!
  12. Revell Miata Mk1

    I've been wanting to build a full-detail Mk1 Miata (or a Miata NA, as Mazda called them) so I picked up a Revell kit a little while back and started messing with it this week. The detail is pretty good - not as crisp as the Tamiya model of the same car, but this has an engine so it's the only game in town... This isn't going to be a quick build - I'm spending a lot of time researching and referencing to get it as nice as I can make it. I have a Mk2 Miata for reference, luckily, but there's some differences between the cars so I picked up some literature to help. First up, I shot some primer on the body to get an idea of how much work is gonna be involved in getting that as perfect as I can get it: You can probably spot some of the minor stuff this will need to get the body straight, but the main thing that bugged me right away is the fit on that hood: The panel gaps aren't even all the way around, and the front edge of the hood sits low compared to the pop up lights, as you can see. It should be nice and level, like this: Rather than just using filler to bring the hood up and level at the front there I decided to use a little thin styrene strip, which I'll attach here, where the knife blade is: Like so! A little preliminary fitting shows that the front of the hood is now at the right level...but some sanding reveals that it droops a little at the front edges: I added a thin coat of Squadron white putty, let it set and then levelled it out...I think that MIGHT have got things a lot closer - I guess I'll see tomorrow once I squirt some primer on there: Meanwhile, I got the engine halves together so I can what I'm gonna be working with here: I need to strip the chrome from the head, and clean up those molded in plug wires so I can run real my own: Got some great reference material to work from here luckily! I'm really gonna push myself on this build, see how good I can make it - so any pointers and constructive criticism from our wealth of super experienced builders very welcome! More soon!
  13. Show Rod time

    Huh! Cool! I'll need to keep my eye out for one of these!
  14. Just ordered some too! Thanks dude!
  15. Show Rod time

    Huh! That's cool Mark! Where did you get yours?