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  1. Did they include plug wire in the kit? NICE! I assume that's what that is
  2. I’ve been excited for that one too - good news!
  3. Drastic Plastics? https://public.fotki.com/drasticplasticsmcc/mkiba-build-under-c/ Or maybe Scalemates? https://www.scalemates.com/
  4. Wonder if there's a way to wall mount that - any thoughts on if that would be possible Tim?
  5. Love that 1:1! If you're building something along those lines that's gonna be a nice looking project!
  6. Thanks Paul! Thank you! Honestly, painting flames this way is kinda designed to minimize that edge by needing a really minimal thickness of paint, so I don’t suffer TOO MUCH from a pronounced edge. That said, it doesn’t hurt to level things out I’m sure! Mostly, I’m just shooting multiple really thin mist coats of clear and sanding in between multiple times because I like to gradually build up the clearcoat (especially over metallics, to make sure the clear doesn’t ‘drag’ the flakes and ruin the look) and to make sure I’ve got plenty of material to polish it out really nicely at the end. I could probably just lay down multiple coats a few minutes apart and achieve a similar result and not spread it over the course of a week or so…but I’m in no mad hurry here 🤪 Tiny bit of progress tonight - some more work on the interior parts. Nothing super exciting, just Testor’s leather brown with pastels, sealed with a misted-on coat of hairspray. Still learning the secrets to impressive leather…I’ll likely mess with these some more before they finally get installed More soon!
  7. Could be - I haven’t been by recently to see if they restocked, or what happened to that rack of supplies
  8. Of course, he might open the box, decide it IS ‘trash’ (in his opinion) and wish he hadn’t…but I’d rather make my own mind up rather than just believing whatever some dude on Facebook or Youtoob or whatever said… Back on topic, where I work we use a lot of automotive paint, usually custom mixed to some not-off-the-shelf color. We’ve been having real difficulty sourcing paint for the last few months due to a nationwide toner shortage (according to multiple vendors that we deal with). Without the primary toners, you can’t mix the paint. That said, I’m sure the companies who are big enough to get preferential service (eg; the HUGE paint manufacturers and distributors) will be able to get what they need, but this is definitely an issue we’re seeing lately.
  9. Watched this over the weekend and really enjoyed it: The sound is a little shaky at times (they need a better mic that isn’t so directional, it seems) but it’s WELL worth a watch if you want to see some world-class craftsmanship (and jaw-dropping paint). I watched it three times and got inspired and I’m not even much of a lowrider guy! And those display cases! 😍
  10. Where are you getting the bodies from, and what material are they? The best 3D prints I’ve seen are done so nicely that those step lines are so fine and subtle it shouldn’t take much more than a decent primer and some 400 grit to clean up some problem areas…but some of the worst ones I’ve seen (and own) and gonna take half a can of filler primer and a couple of scoops of Bondo… Curious to see what you’re up against…
  11. You’re not even going to open the box and see if you agree with what you heard? Don’t believe everything you hear or read…
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