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  1. What Irked You Today?

    Don't try this at home, kids
  2. What Irked You Today?

    Haha, this made me laugh! I can picture exactly what you mean too! Today's irk: the (admittedly temporary) air mattress in our new apartment lasted precisely a month before deciding it prefers to be UN inflated all the time. Sleeping on the floor until we get a replacement isn't super fun
  3. This is great advice, yes! Always worth bearing in mind. A paint booth will be a GREAT investment, and a fold-up one is a great idea if I can find a spot for it. I'm sure I have enough bad habits already that my "delicate" young lady will appreciate me not adding any other peculiar smells to the ambiance of her nice new apartment Luckily ventilation is good there, so I can minimize the health risk by opening windows and airing the place out after shooting even 'less-unsafe' stuff like acrylic - and hopefully keep future-wife happy long enough to have her still be eventual-wife
  4. Now I think this is silly

    It's easy to be like "urgh, that's awful"...but if that guy said "wanna drive this?" I'd be in the cab before he'd finished asking
  5. New place is on the ground floor - I did think of a spray booth though, yeah! Good thinking!
  6. Scale Model Community Discord!

    A Discord server doesn't mean a place to go argue - it's like a chat room.
  7. That interior is gorgeous - super clean building!
  8. That's REALLY helpful, great advice! Thanks for sharing Dave!
  9. Great tip! Thanks Dave! What's in the homemade cleaner? I tend to use water for most of these acrylics and it works ok but it sounds like this stuff might need something stronger
  10. I don't think I can make it this year, but I've been meaning to get out of the apartment and check out a show! I guess LIARS is the closest club/show to Manhattan right?
  11. Does anyone make a Second Generation Miata in scale?

    Meh, close enough - it IS a Japanese car (and they drive on that side, right?) Great build! Got any more pics?
  12. Does anyone make a Second Generation Miata in scale?

    Awesome! Nice build Paul! Does it come with a RHD AND a LHD dash, or just the one?
  13. I'll give it a try! Do you do anything special to clean up after using it?
  14. Ohhhh, great tip! Thank you! I'll try that out!
  15. So, I'm moving in a couple of weeks. Currently I'll shoot primer on my projects in my yard and then the color coats I can do indoors easily enough as I primarily use Auto Air or Wicked Color acrylics and clears. The place I'm moving to doesn't have a yard, roof access or anywhere much to rattle can primer onto a project short of standing in the street outside (in downtown New York - not ideal). I'll be moving in with my fiancee and it's not a particularly big place so whilst I can get away with airbrushing a little Tamiya acrylic or similar on a project here and there I think she'll object pretty quickly to getting ill from rattle can fumes (and rightfully so). We don't have room for a spray booth or anything, and I think I already know the answer to this...but are there any model primers that anyone knows of that are safe to spray (can or airbrush) inside without any specialist ventilation?