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  1. Thanks everyone! I sent the body to the purple pond for a few days to think about what it had done, and it’s back in primer ready for another try: In the meantime, I kept myself busy by designing some custom floor mats as a little added interior detail: I used my vinyl cutter to score styrene sheet - once on a higher blade setting to do the stripes and the lettering and a second time on a lower blade setting to cut through the material. Worked great! I shot them with some Tamiya Nato Black (thinned down as much as I dared so the paint thickness didn’t hide any detail) and I’m pretty pleased with how they look! I’ll give them another coat of paint in the morning and they’ll be ready to install! I’ve also spent a few hours cleaning up a bunch of fairly uninteresting parts so I can get the chassis together and start dropping components in for good. More soon, soon as I’ve done more!
  2. Maybe...I never saw a real one with that weird lumpy front bumper but I might be wrong. Maybe someone hit it and it got a fat lip 😂
  3. There’s something suspicious about this Lambo though 🤔
  4. It’s pretty nice, yeah! Walking around in jeans and a tee was just about right for me! Another spot from today, seeing as I’m replying - not sure if this is the worst car for NYC or the best 😂 Also spotted this through a fence - not sure what it is though? Couldn’t see enough of it to get a good idea and I’m not really up on all these big ol’ boats
  5. I must’ve got this one twenty times 😂 “You just need Model Cars Magazine Forum” 😂😂😂
  6. Had the Columbus Day parade go right by our apartment today - a tonne of Italian cars, Cadillacs (they’re the favorite of all the old Italian guys around here) and a bunch of Vettes and bikes and stuff. A good display, all in!
  7. That's a really cool trick! Thanks for sharing - looks super realistic!
  8. Got a couple more little bits done on this whilst the body’s Purple-Ponding - added window cranks and door handles: Added some photo-etch pedals: And did a little work on the frame - I didn’t like the kit rear shocks so I remade them from some aluminum sheet, aluminum tube and photo etch bolt heads: Oh, and got the chrome part of the dash chromed so I can get that done and the interior wrapped up: More soon, soon as I’ve done more!
  9. It’s ok, I have a plan 😂😩🤷‍♂️
  10. It WAS anyway... I tested this clear with this base on spoons before using it for real...laid on two nice light coats ten minutes apart and then one more heavy coat 15 minutes later - worked PERFECT! Shiniest spoons I ever painted! Wasn’t so lucky on the body though...time to go find somewhere that sells Purple Power 😩😂 In good news my Detail Master door handles arrived! 😂🤷‍♂️ More soon, after I go for a nice relaxing walk somewhere 😂😂
  11. Sounds cool Tom! I’d love to see them if you ever them converted to digital - I’m starting to take a real liking to these cars after working on this one! Thanks for your nice comments too David - I did wonder how this thing would look with a nice dark brown interior...but I’m trying to build the kit as my wife’s Grandpa had built it so I went with the red in the end. Speaking of which, I masked the tub today ready for painting sections black ready for ‘carpeting’... The middle section that I masked is to make sure I end up with a nice secure place to glue the seats - I hate trying to glue to a lumpy surface 🤷‍♂️😂 I used some Elmers and some dark grey embossing powder for this build - I found reference pictures of these cars with red OR black interiors but I figured it had enough red already... Et voila! I’m pleased with how that looks - just need to add some PE door handles and window cranks and then I can start on the dash More soon, soon as I’ve done more!
  12. Thanks for all the nice replies everyone! Cool story Tom - do you have a pic of the car in the green? That would make a fun replica - little hand print and all 😂 David - great photo, thanks for sharing! I loved seeing it! Got a little more done on this one...started the foiling on the body (4 hours in and counting...): Plus a little chrome on the interior tub - it won’t be very visible anyway when the car’s done but I can see it NOW so I spent some time on getting that decent at least: And then today I spent some time on the seats, adding some pastels to give the leather a little age and depth, some more BMF on that little ashtray in the center of the rear bench and some lapbelts made with medical tape: As far as I can tell these cars didn’t come with lapbelts (I think?), but also the door panels don’t look anything like any of the reference photos I’ve found online for 53 year cars either, so my “factory stock ish” take on this car still holds together ok 😂 More soon, soon as I’ve done more!
  13. YES! I totally forgot about that! The editor at the time would edit the posts too, as though he was editing the magazine! You’d find “edited for length” or something written at the bottom and 75% of the text in your post would be gone, often leaving it nonsensical and confusing 😂. Unless you were posting about Vega Kammbachs that is.., Anyway, I’m sure this thread itself will be locked soon as it’s not really relevant to MCM...but it’s fun to remember some of the funny stuff that happened there in the name of moderation. That’s probably why a fair few of us are here, right? Their loss, and I’m glad this place exists!
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