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  1. Rommel's Mod Showrod

    Yeah!! Ive been trying to think of what to do to incorporate some of those accessories and actually have them be functional components - cool idea!
  2. The Shaft?

    I wonder if, in the time since this thread was last updated, anyone has started making any nice universal joints in metal or 3D? I'd be really interested in seeing scratchbuilt examples too, if anyone has ever made their own?
  3. 3D printing

    3DScaleParts on Instagram has done two different custom commissions for me, and did a great job on both
  4. Rommel's Mod Showrod

    Thanks Bob! This week's achievements included... ...making a rear axle (with a Revell center section) ...making a mount to attach the scratchbuilt leaf spring I made to the chassis... ...Messing with ideas for a rear fuel tank... ...Making some tiny linkages... ...making some engine mounts (I really like this single sided support I made for the trans... And finally got this thing on it's wheels! Next job, for this weekend, is the interior floor...more on that next time: My plan for this build, given that there's a LOT of scratchbuilding, is to get it kinda sketched-in in plastic, like a painter might before starting to add detail, and then go from there...so once I've got the passenger floor done I can start thinking about mounting the grill and then I can start working front to back adding detail and really bringing this thing to life. More soon!
  5. References Scratchbuilding

    And some more of Eric Ritz's gorgeous work:
  6. References Scratchbuilding

    This is a great thread too - beautiful work!

    I'd be really interested to hear how that works out Jon!
  8. Rommel's Mod Showrod

    Thanks for all the nice comments everyone! I spent most of this week messing with the front end - I think I made each part of this 6 times or more by the time I was semi-happy with it... I started messing with some brass pieces and some styrene rod... I couldn't figure out a reliable way to get stubs in there though without doing some serious engineering...so I tried a few plastic variations until I got something I was happy with: I'm going for a suicide front end with a single coil, hence the round 'cup' part in the middle of the axle. Added steering arms and some bolt detail, and made a coil spring from some wire from Michaels: I couldn't work out what to do about suspension linkages...I knew what I was going to do to mount the spring, but using round bar to connect the axle to the frame left and right didn't really excite me. I was looking at these toy grenades on my desk tho... And a little razor-sawing later and I've removed the pieces I needed... Something like this! I like it! A quick mock up, for motivational reasons... Next up - the rear axle - more soon!

    I wonder if it's just one of their standard clea coats?
  10. How weird to see Bensonhurst mentioned on here - just moved there myself! Good luck with the move, congrats!
  11. References Scratchbuilding

    Another of my favorites:
  12. References Scratchbuilding

    One of my favorites:
  13. Rommel's Mod Showrod

    The Coffin Corner showrod board is having a group build for the recently-reissued Rommel's Rod kit, whereby you have to build a modified version of the kit. I had an idea in mind, and after I finished restoring an original a few weeks ago I was eager to get started on this second version. First up, hacking up the body. A LOT All I'll actually be using from the stock body is the cowl, but I wanted to use the remaining pieces to mock up what I had in my head before making it again from scratch. I'm thinking something like this: Not pretty, but enough to get me started with mocking stuff up anyway...my idea is to keep the long wheelbase of the original, but to have a stretched out front and that little tub body on the back, like so: I wanted to add some detail to the engine, but the kit block has most of that stuff molded in, so I scratchbuilt a new one from styrene sheet, along with a new oil pan: I picked out some wheels and tires so that I could start to make frame, and separated the kit trans so I could use that with my new block: I wanted to use the kit front wheels, but modify them to be skinny little drag style wheels, so I needed some tires: Found this pack of o-rings at the Chinese 99 cent store, which should work great! Then, I used my hacked-together body to make a tape template, which I transferred to brass: Bent it to shape over some round bar to get nice rounded corners: And then attached it to the kit cowl (which I wasn't about to attempt re-making with my limited brass-working skills): And that's about where we're at right now...more soon!
  14. Working brass shim stock.

    Thanks for the advice fellas! I picked up some new tips and accomplished what I was trying to do!
  15. Working brass shim stock.

    Great video Bill! Thanks! I'm thinking of making a simple t-tub style body with some brass sheet - the sides are flat, the rear is flat but there will need to be a curve where the sides meet the rear. Anyone got any good tips on shaping a curve into flat sheet like that? Aside from annealing it, should I be bending the sheet over a piece of bar, say, to get a curve in one action, or maybe tapping and shaping slowly to gradually get the shape I want with a hammer or similar? Tips on annealing at home would be helpful too...is that a job my oven can maybe do somehow?