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  1. I’m not remotely in charge here, but other people do! Sounds interesting!
  2. I know the one you mean - I think that's actually from the AMT 'Rides' series if it's the one I'm thinking of. Similar kinda deal though - they put some but 24" wheels in the box and a logo on the art and called it a collaboration Testor's did have a Boyd's Chevy pickup in their lineup though - a replica of the one Boyd built for Van Halen: https://www.ebay.com/p/1100627540 They're not cheap though...
  3. That’s what I call an Italian American!
  4. Thanks fellas! Haha! Thank you! I wanted to paint it a dark purple I think(hence the name)…but that name gives me an idea for another build…hmmm…. I like that you said that! I tried to make a subtle coffin shape with the roof so it tapers a little towards the back…good eye! Working on some of the boring stuff this last couple of days - most of that has been figuring out the floor, which needed to be two pieces because of the way I made the internal structure of the body (what a dummy 🤪) I like the sprint car style steering wheel that comes in the 29 kit so I’ll use that, and I modified the kit Revell dash to fit in this new body. Not decided on the seat(s) yet. Maybe a wooden bench? 🤪😂 Plenty of scratchbuilding and kitbashing fun still to go on the interior there… A little fun thing I had the idea to do - I redrew the standard Ford script logo to read “York”…as in ‘New’. You can take the New Yorker out of the city, but you can’t take the city out of the New Yorker… I think the licence plate will maybe sit in the back window there somewhere and just read “NEW” to complete the concept Cut a piece of styrene sheet with my plotter: Then got it positioned on the back there carefully (the glue will eat thin styrene sheet like this is you’re not careful…) Still working through some of the bigger, less interesting parts (supports in the body for the floor, for example) but I’m starting to get this thing to where I should be able to get a rolling mock-up together and figure out some little bits like lights and wheels and the grill. More soon!
  5. I think you’re excellent at what you do John! Always enjoy seeing your work!
  6. Interesting! I didn’t know about that stuff - thanks for the detailed reply dude! I hope you’re not disappointed too! The parts on that parts tree have my mouth watering already 🤪😂🤤
  7. Another one for my Boyd kits collection! Just need the 55 Nomad and I’ve got all of the AMT American Hot Rod series - the Nomad seems like it’s the rarest of the bunch though… Paid $15 for this one shipped, which wasn’t too unreasonable I thought…
  8. That gives me another idea of something fun to do with my wife's Civic!
  9. What were you expecting to be disappointing about it? Unrelated, and maybe covered already, but spotted that Atlantis is selling their 1/16th drag tires as stand-alone parts, for those of you who have reason to stock up on those... https://atlantis-models.com/funny-car-tires-only-1-16-scale/ They've also got some individual glass sets for some of their kits available - would be cool if they started offering some of their most desirable parts individually!
  10. For those interested, Donn Yost has a step by step paint and build tutorials that you can watch in an ongoing series of videos he posts on Patreon: https://www.patreon.com/ScaleModelTechniques Might well be of interest in anyone hoping to use this enamel / lacquer thinner technique successfully...
  11. I'm sure that's their concern - but they're not making any money either way right now. You can't buy it, and if you did it might not work on your PC/Mac regardless. You'd think they'd want to monetize all that old stuff in the same way Netflix monetizes old shows and movies. Netflix wouldn't be too popular if you could only run it on Windows XP though...they're missing a trick by not having all this stuff available digitally somehow
  12. I haven't really had any trouble building up a stash of the 29s (got 10 plus in the stash now) so hopefully this kit is in similarly plentiful supply too...
  13. You'd think they'd just put them on a disk in PDF format and just be done with it...
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