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  1. What did you see on the road today?

    A few more from NYC this part week or so...
  2. Speaking of smart cars

    And as if by magic, someone renting one of them on my street this morning. The app unlocks it somehow, and you use a keypad to start it with a unique number generated by the app: At 40 cents a minute I think I'd rather just take a cab, but whatever works for people I guess! And a shot of the app, in case anyone's curious - you just pick the blue dot nearest to you, and tap it to reserve the car and start using it. There's more of the little suckers around here than I realised!
  3. Speaking of smart cars

    Also, a Peterbuilt front grill looks mighty big when it's 6 feet away from you at speed and all that's protecting you from it is a thin cloth roof and a squidgy plastic bumper 😂
  4. Speaking of smart cars

    I see a lot of them here in downtown Brooklyn - mostly rentals that you can hire with an app...they're about 40 cents a minute as I recall. They're always parked for weeks on the streets around me until someone else rents them The NYPD have a bunch too - those and Priuses. I had the use of one of these as a company car for a couple of months - I used to commute 40 or 50 miles each way to work and the boss gave me the company's little runaround Smart to use for that. It lasted 7 weeks of 65mph freeway cruising before the trans gave out and I went back to my regular car. It was a drop top too - awful car for long rides but kinda fun around the city as long as your friends don't see you When it would snow the primitive traction control would kick in all the time and make it impossible to get it out of my drive - but with the fuse removed it would donut pretty well on a slippery parking lot!
  5. Sizing Images for Decals

    Ahh, I didn’t consider that this would be about printing decals - for stuff like gauges and licence plates and so on I’ll use printshop on regular photo paper or thinner...but yes, printing on decal paper might be tougher
  6. Sizing Images for Decals

    Got a CVS or a Rite Aid near you? My local store prints photos for 35 cents...and their printers are WAY higher quality than about any desktop machine. A UPS Store or a Staples can do it too...but they're usually more expensive...
  7. Pro Mod -63 Corvette

    Really inspirational work Rick - very cool! Can't wait to see more!
  8. Jimmy Flintstone resin skull

    Here's a fun little resin piece that I picked up - I figured it would be fun to show the steps I'm doing to paint this...despite it only being one piece there's gonna be a decent amount of work in getting this painted really nicely I think! There's also going to be a lot of waiting for paint to dry so this won't be the most action packed thread, but I did the first couple of steps at least so here goes... First up, I gave this thing a GOOD wash with some Dawn dishsoap. There's a lot of little nooks and crannies for mold release to get stuck in and I didn't want any surprises when it came to painting and masking this thing. Then, I shot with some Walmart grey primer, checked and cleaned a couple of little mold separation lines and so on and then shot with Createx white sealer as a base color: Next, I thinned down some Createx opaque black (that stuff seems to take forever to dry if you don't), and added some shadow detail in the places where shadow would naturally fall: And on the back too! As you can see, there's a tonne of little details that you can give some attention to on this - the skull guy's tongue hanging out, the hand's nails, the various rings, the stitches on the hand...lots of detail to mess with! It's a really nicely done piece! Once the black had dried, I thinned out some clear yellow and built up at bone-color tint to the skull. The clear yellow will allow the black shading to show through still, but I also like to build up the yellow some more in the darker areas and leave it a little lighter in the high spots: I'm not worried about getting some yellow on the hand at this point - the entire skull part will be masked off when I'm done with it so I can paint the hand separately...I think the hand is going to be a creepy Frankenstein green of some shade perhaps? Anyway... more soon, hope this wasn't boring so far!
  9. Lil' Hot Dogger Show Rod

    Beautiful work Art - this is the best one of these I've seen built, I think! That wood looks AMAZING, and I like the candy red on the frame. The Alclad came out great on the motor too, really nice job!
  10. AMT Lil' Hot Dogger Showrod

    MY wife got me this for Christmas (good wife!!): Make a little start on it this week - tidying up some parts for primer, and so on. Started with the engine, as is tradition: Modified the intakes a tiny bit to make room for a resin distributor mount from RMCoM: Assembled the chassis (which wasn't a huge job seeing as this step is only two pieces ) And re-made the floor part because the kit one had some HUGE ejector pin marks in it...it was easier just to cut another one out of some styrene sheet: Anyone built one of these? Anything to watch out for? More soon!
  11. Rommel's Mod Showrod

    I WOULD like wires for the front, yeah, that would be cool...I'm trying to at least use a FEW of the kit parts though Couple of little updates this week. First up, finished the lapbelts on the seat: Picked up some embossing powder and Elmers to flock the floor: Came out OK I think! Chromed the kit gas cans with Molotow and added their mounting straps: And did one last quick mock-up of the body before paint: Cant wait to get some clear on this soon! Running out of stuff to paint so I think next steps will all be assembly! More soon!
  12. Zip-Ties

    Ahhhhhhhh! Thanks bud!
  13. AMT Mod Rod '29 Ford Roadster

    Cool project and a great start! I'll be watching!
  14. Zip-Ties

    These look GREAT! i don't really know what monofilament is though - where do you find such a thing?
  15. '65 Falcon A/FX

    Love seeing your builds - great job!