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  1. I absolutely love this build - looks amazing! And it’s cool to still get to see your projects come together now that the other mag is gone...I always enjoyed your SA articles Tim! Ill be continuing to follow along!
  2. Are any of these posts actually WIPs, or just advertising? Like Dann, I’d like to see one of these go together!
  3. I like Future over my Createx when I’m going to be masking and adding more layers too. It’s super thin so it doesn’t build up a bunch of depth and obscure details, but it’s tough enough to mask over and I’ve never had ANY tape I’ve used pull it up. But if tape WERE to pull up something, I’d rather it was clear than something nice that I’d painted...
  4. Weathered and detailed a toolbox for a simple evening project... ...then realised I can’t just have an empty toolbox and now I gotta make/modify/weather a bunch of tools. So much for a simple little project 😂🤪
  5. Thank you sir! Haha! Thanks buddy! Funny you say that - I had to run to the Dollar Tree to get more salt because my wife was sick of wondering where the salt was. Got some of my own, and some other model-related junk whilst I was there...and some weird bootleg stickers 😂 Should have enough salt for a few more weeks of weathering now anyway...won’t be needing those polishing clothes for this one though, I don’t think... Thanks buddy! I’ll detail the frame up some more when I start adding parts to it, but it’s a start anyway... Thank you! ❤️ Ohh, that’s a cool idea! I should try and think of where to utilise that somehow on this (or stash the idea away for the next one...) Having a busy week but trying to keep rolling on this one...shot the engine parts with a loose approximation of an early Ford green, mixed with Testors enamels: I figure if ONE PART on this old hot-rod shop truck should look like it didn’t sit in a field for the last 40 years it should be the engine, so this will be slightly better looking than some of the other parts...more on that once the paint has dried and I’ve found some good Flathead reference pics... Back to the world of dirt and grime, worked on a toolbox for the bed the last couple of nights - used a mix of salt and some Italian herbs for the rust pattern on this one, for some variety... Same tricks as before on the box - shot it with some thinned red this time, then added some decals and made a little metal latch from some photoetched bits: Of course, this seemingly simple mini-project means I need to fill it with a bunch of tools and junk now 😫🤪 Some of the decals I used looked too new, so to get that weathered yellowing sticker look I brushed them with some yellow watercolor paint...looks cool in the bed anyway! And yes, I put an out-of-scale fingerprint in the pastels I’d just laid down when I was photographing this - guess I’ll be giving that some more attention tomorrow. Good thing this is fun! More soon!!
  6. Haha! I wonder if it’s been done before? Would be cool if it has! I’d have a bunch of those planks as shelves if my wife wasn’t around to keep me out of trouble 😂🤪 That’s good advice generally, I’d say. Take the subway, it’s usually faster 🤪 Thanks bud!!! That means a lot coming from you! Funny thing with the styrene planks - when I was thinking which glue to use my brain tricked me into thinking I shouldn’t use anything that could potentially soak through the porous wood and ruin the paint on the top surface. Eventually I remembered it was plastic 🤪. Just used some Createx transparent brown for the grain - I probably should’ve gone for a lighter color to make them realistic compared to the actual wood they likely use for those boards, but I’m happy with the effect...might use this trick on a woody build before too long! Thanks for watching! ❤️ Had a busy couple of days, but got a little done. Wanted to do some kind of skull design on the little gas can that comes in the kit so I cut a little airbrush mask... ...and just shot some black Createx sealer right over the plastic: Just a fun little accessory to throw in the bed - once I’ve clear coated it I’ll add a little metal cap...have something not-ruined in the back there for a little contrast: Next big part to weather was the frame, so here goes again with the Createx brown first... ...then another unhealthy amount of salt: And some airbrushing, pastel-ing, Rub ‘n’ Buff-ing and watercoloring later: I reasoned there would be at least a couple of spots where the metal is showing through, or in the case of the trans mount in the center there they maybe ground the paint down to bare metal to do some maintainence welding and never quite bothered to repaint it. Just a little update - more soon, soon as I’ve done more!
  7. I’d bet if it looks good now, it’ll stay looking good most likely without needing to clear coat. A good automotive wax might help project it from eventually fading and deteriorating but if it looks good now and you’re happy I’d be inclined to leave it alone There’s plenty of debate over whether to clear over decals - I don’t think they’ll suffer usually if you DON’T clear over them, but also I guess it can’t hurt if you decide you want to!
  8. I haven’t had luck with their primers/sealers - no matter what I tried I couldn’t get them to adhere to styrene well enough that I could safely mask over it. If you’re not going to do any masking, you might get away with using them, but even that $1 Color Place primer you can get at Walmart works better than their stuff does on the plastic we like. I use their sealers for other stuff, but ALWAYS over a ‘real’ primer base. For projects like that Impala I posted above there was a TONNE of masking, and I had about 0% confidence in their water-based based Auto Borne products for that job - I don’t see how a water-based paint can bite into styrene as well as regular primer can, and in my experience it just doesn’t work. The Createx reducer however works great for me and isn’t expensive - I’ve used Rx 91% type alcohol too, like some others above, but their own brand stuff works great and a little goes a long way so I don’t mess with anything else very often. For a clearcoat, I haven’t found much that DOESN’T work over Createx paint - I like gloss enamel cut with lacquer thinner right now, but there’s plenty of options in the flavor of your choice out there. As always, opinions vary and mine’s only worth as much as you paid for it, but these have been my experiences with the stuff...
  9. Jaw dropping work! I’ll start clearing a space on my shelf! 🤪😂❤️
  10. Yep! Love all their paints! Very forgiving to use, great price, great colors, and they mix easy as pie. Hard to go wrong with them! You can’t polish them like lacquers or enamels, so you’ll need a top coat, so bear that in mind but I love them! All painted with Createx or Wicked Colors paints (mostly Createx):
  11. Oh man, I’m learning all this stuff as I go - but it’s fun! This weekend’s project - the bed! In continuing the pieced-together-from-5-different-trucks theme of this build, I’m giving it a slightly different look to the other parts I’ve weathered...same technique tho...base coat of brown, then some salt: Then some black, and remove salt: And then a bunch of weathering with watercolor pencils and pastels and we’re getting close to what I had in mind... I figured the bed would almost certainly be pretty rotten after 86 years, but a resourceful New York speed shop would no doubt have noticed the almost limitless amount of free wood laying around the city... What better to replace the bed than free material that’s laying around forgotten on about every block in the city? Cut some strips of styrene, and painted with Tamiya acrylic: Then added some grain: Then some salt, and some blue: Removed the salt and buffed back through the blue in a few spots to make it look like the paint was worn away from endless parts getting dragged across it: And some tricky masking and airbrushing later we’ve got some serviceable NYPD standard issue barriers ready for installation: Added some photoetch screws to ‘secure’ them and got them attached to the bed: Fun little detail I think!!! Looks cool with the other parts too: More to do on the bed still, but that’s this weekend’s progress so far...more when I’ve done more!
  12. I like the blue one! 🤪 That would be a REALLY cool bed-filler for this build! Bring it on! I know you haven’t got that ol’ Datsun slowing you down any more 😂
  13. It’s been a while since we saw the 32 roadster too, I’d love to see that one back on the shelves. Not that it’s impossible to find, but it has been a while...
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