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  1. CabDriver added a post in a topic Ambitious project   

    I like seeing projects in progress, personally - post lots of pics with lots of detail is my vote!  It's cool seeing a build come together!
  2. CabDriver added a post in a topic Li'l Gypsy Wagon   

    Hey Bobby, my friend!  How's it going!  Great build so far - glad to see you with something new on the bench!
  3. CabDriver added a post in a topic What did you get today?   

    I got some heavily Z'd Model A framerails for a project that I'm planning:

    Some custom designed Model A grilles:

    And this rear axle with a devil skull centre section:

  4. CabDriver added a post in a topic What did you get today?   

    Ohhhhhh, haha - I was surprised that they made a whole new tool just for a convertible version.  Guess they didnt!
  5. CabDriver added a post in a topic Sno Joke - Showrod Jeep   

    Got a load of little bits done on the Show Plow this week...nothing major but I think I collected enough up to make a post worthwhile...

    First up, mounted the master cylinder to the frame

    Painted and foiled the gas can and axe to go in the bed:

    Painted and added mesh to the show shoes - I'm just painting the grips here with some Tamiya rubber black acrylic

    Got the steering arms mounted

    Painted and cleared the dash

    And painted, foiled and wired the battery.  The connectors are held on with some tiny steel bolts

    More progress as I make it - it's quite a nice day here today, so I might take the opportunity to spray the final wet coats on the body so I can get that polished.
  6. CabDriver added a post in a topic Sno Joke - Showrod Jeep   

    I had a busy week, but gave the pearl body some more coats of pearl white yesterday and a light coat of clear today to level it out nicely:

    Now these I'm REALLY excited about! It took some time and effort to come together... My buddy who runs the local hobbyshop hooked me up with a contact who could print a couple of custom decals for me on a decal machine...and a couple of weeks later I have my own decals! I only have 2 of the logo though, so I had to be careful applying them (especially as I'm not super experienced with decals).

    Here goes nothing!


    Don't mind those holes in the trunklid - lights will cover them when this is done.

    I tore this one, but managed to line it up ok I think...

    With some luck I'll have some time tomorrow to gently mist some clear on them, let it set up 24 hours or so and then lay down some gloss coats. More soon!
  7. CabDriver added a post in a topic Sno Joke - Showrod Jeep   

    Not a great pic because it's kinda gloomy in here but I got some gorgeous white pearl laid down - ready for clear if the weather holds tomorrow!

  8. CabDriver added a post in a topic Sno Joke - Showrod Jeep   

    Got some assembly done on the chassis today - got the shocks and brake lines in place for good:

    Got the brakes and hubs on - and got it on it's wheels!

    It's starting to look like a thing now! There's still some stuff to do on the chassis (the radiator, mount the brake master cylinder, get the engine assembled for good and mounted in place) but in the meantime I laid down abotu 15 thin coats of Tamiya white primer to cover the olive green plastic:

    Ready for some basecoat tomorrow, hopefully!
  9. CabDriver added a post in a topic Sno Joke - Showrod Jeep   

    Made some progress on the Jeep today - actually, little bits over the past few days which I didn't get around to posting until now...

    First up, I Alcladed a load of little bits and pieces that I needed to do

    Something I wanted to try was airbrushing a heatstained effect on the exhaust, so I layered a little Tamiya yellow...

    ...and then some clear blue

    Next up, I ran an oil line from the filter down into the block:

    And wired the distributor:

    Next up, I assembled a Model Car Garage flathead fan to add some more visual interest to the engine - that little M0.5 bolt will hold it in place on the block


    And finally, I made some floormats for the interior tub:

    And got the seats installed

    More soon!
  10. CabDriver added a post in a topic Sno Joke - Showrod Jeep   

    Just a little update - I've not had much chance to get any painting done but I spent a while on the multi-piece body today getting that assembled. It was kind of a PITA - there's no easy way to hold the pieces together as you glue them and it's easy to get them askew, so I carefully tacked them together with a little cement and got it as straight as I could using a cutting mat and a set square to make sure it was about right and then used some more glue to hold it together. It's starting to look like a Jeep now!

    Meanwhile, I ordered the new Revell GMC truck kit to steal the snowplow from:

    Looks like it'll work!

    And I started fabricating some Showrod Snow Shoes to put in the bed of this thing - they still need some clean up and to find some mesh or gauze, but I thought they'd be a fun little detail to add!

    I'm going to go with a Wicked Colors Pearl White for the body, and I found a build on here (before Photobucket hijacked all the pictures) that had some cool custom decals on so I'm going to try and copy them from the pics and create a little tribute of sorts - glad I saved the picture for inspiration! More soon!
  11. CabDriver added a post in a topic Sno Joke - Showrod Jeep   

    Slow but steady progress - not had much time to work on this today, but got a bit done. First up I researched how the plumbing works for the brakes on these and found a diagram:

    And made some simple lines from some craft wire that I've got here:


    I ran out though, so I'll finish those off another day - or find some material to make rubber hoses running up into splitters from the master cylinder.

    Next up, I wanted to do some foil work on the interior tub

    Nothing too fancy - the bed in particular isn't too important because there'll be some stuff in there, but I wanted a little bit of visual interest in there

    And with that done, I removed all but the gaiter from the stock gear levers (note, there's two on these jeeps - the second one is to swap between high and low range gears) and modified them my resin cast skulls and glued in place

    Meanwhile, I've cleaned up the resin bomber seats that I got and got them ready for Alclading - I've got a TONNE of Alclad to do actually, I've been preparing and collecting bits for a few days now so I can shoot them all at once. More progress soon!
  12. CabDriver added a post in a topic Sno Joke - Showrod Jeep   

    It's a semi-nice day, it's not raining (yet) and I've got some time to work on this thing. Time for some clearcoating!

    Ohhhhh, shiny!

  13. CabDriver added a post in a topic Sno Joke - Showrod Jeep   

    Next job I needed to do before I could start assembling the engine was to mask off and paint a little moulded in detail that forms part of the exhaust...

    A little gloss black and Alclad later...

    I did the wheels at the same time but I wasn't pleased with them, so they got cleaned up this morning ready for another go

    I did the brake master cylinder whilst I was at it - shiny!

    And I got the tyres painted too...looking forward to getting this thing sitting on it's wheels! This chassis is going to look WILD with the big tyres and the 4 wheel drive.

    More now - I'm going to do a little more work some something or other whilst I watch the Formula One qualifying for the race tomorrow!
  14. CabDriver added a post in a topic Sno Joke - Showrod Jeep   

    It's funny - before clearcoat it looked like that blue color that you see on Subarus quite often - the rally color that they like to run with the gold wheels.  But with clear over it it darked right up to the kind of shade I was hoping for - which really makes the pearl flip/flop work well and makes the sparkles really shine.  Speaking of which, got the frame and chassis clearcoated:

    And now, having filled some little imperfections in the resin tyres with some filler they're ready for some Tamiya Rubber Black acrylic:

    More soon!  Can't wait to start getting the engine assembled now that the clear has set!
  15. CabDriver added a post in a topic What did you get today?   

    Ohhh, I never saw THAT version of the Deora before - interesting!  Any chance of a pic of the contents?  Too cool man!