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  1. 'Stink Bug' - AMT Superbug Showrod Beetle build

    I've got a big roll of signwriter's vinyl here that someone gave me - it's designed to be used on vehicles and and store windows and stuff. It's not ideal - proper frisket would be better as it's translucent and thinner...but the price was right on this stuff and it kinda works!
  2. 'Stink Bug' - AMT Superbug Showrod Beetle build

    Thanks guys! For anyone interested, I was googling for pics of built examples of this kit (some of the directions are vague, at best) and found this STUNNING example! Bar: set! https://www.facebook.com/pg/theartofscalemodelingbyeerokumanto/photos/?tab=album&album_id=873092072761148
  3. 'Stink Bug' - AMT Superbug Showrod Beetle build

    Ohh, I messed up ALL of them - and its particularly obvious to me in these bigger-than-life pictures...but I'm pretty pleased with it as it looks on my bench here! It would've made more sense to just outline the letters after, or do the black first...but its slightly easier to lay the vinyl masks up this way and get it how I wanted. Thanks for looking fellas!
  4. 'Stink Bug' - AMT Superbug Showrod Beetle build

    Onto the chassis and interior next...my chassis had a flaw or some damage right out of the box that will need some attention - it'll be ALMOST completely hidden anyway when it's done but it was bugging me so I had to fix it... I cut out the affected area and used a couple of strips of styrene sheet to get the thickness right and build it back up A little filler to smooth it out and it'll be perfect! I painted the underside black to simulate undercoat, and then painted the interior floor Tamiya flat aluminum. Whilst that was drying I painted the trans tunnel, the front axle, the seats and some inner doors that I scratchbuilt as the kit doesn't have any I imagined the interior looking like all green vinyl to match the body - but it was too much green, so I added some black to the seat and bottom of the door cards - much better! I didn't really like the molded-in lapbelt on the seat, so I added a little photoetch and some matt vinyl sign material to the seats I like it! More soon, or as soon as I get to it!
  5. 'Stink Bug' - AMT Superbug Showrod Beetle build

    So, after the paint had dried a couple of days and I was confident I could mask over it I designed some graphics to get the build name on the doors. I cut out the design on my vinyl cutter to make masks - you can just see the cuts on the vinyl if you look closely: This might get confusing with regards the order of events, but it'll all make sense in the end... So, first I masked up the doors: And laid down a Createx yellow-gold pearl base color Then, after that dried for a couple of days gave a gentle gradient from the edges with Tamiya clear red and orange Next up, I masked again (after a couple of days of drying) with this kinda 60s looking funky spiral pattern... And misted on some Createx opaque white. I chose the opaque Createx because it covers REALLY well over any color, but you can mist it on lightly to get some variation in shade too And remove the mask... Confused yet? I was. Next up, I applied masks for the actual lettering... And sprayed black And, carefully started to demask... Looks ok so far... And tada! Needs a touchup on the edges but nothing major - and then it's ready for clear!
  6. So, this is a build for a contest on the Coffin Corner showrod site where members submitted names and everyone got someone else's name and had to build something to suit it. The contest finished last month, but I had a name left and still wanted to finish this one! Well, start it, finally...I've had since September The name I got was "Stink Bug" - and I kept thinking and thinking but I kept coming back to the (obvious) idea of using a Beetle kit. I picked up a Tamiya kit, and a Revell one too but neither of them inspired me much as hard as I tried, but then I saw this AMT Superbug kit on Amazon Daily Deals and had it delivered for $18 😍 Its a nice kit - shows it's age a little with some flash and sink marks and stuff but some really nice pad printed tires and some option parts and stuff - a couple of choices of building options and tires and glass and decals and so on. I actually built the engine up already as per the instructions but decided I wanted to do a more detailed one once I was finished, so I have another kit on the way and I'll come back with some more details on that later. I figured whilst I wait for that I'd handle the body. First up, I glued the separate hood on to see how it fit. I'll leave the trunk lid off so the engine is easier to see - plus I've heard from people who've built this that the trunk doesn't fit anyway with the engine in The fit isnt awful but can definitely be better - so I filled those recessed trim lines on the nose so I can rescribe them and where the top of the hood meets the body will need some reshaping. So, I shot some primer to get an idea of how much work lay ahead Not awful - but the windshield needs a little tidy up, those gutters have some flash, and I need to rescribe the lines on the front and level them out nicely. Some sanding and rescribing later... Whilst the hood fit nice there were a couple of little gaps visible that let light in - really hard to see, but enough to bother me from certain angles so I tucked some round bar styrene in there just to resolve that. Late in the build, if you follow the directions, they tell you to add a couple of mounts inside either door to mount the chassis to the body. I didn't want to mess around with gluing parts to the inside of the finished painted body, so I mounted those now too Fits great! I sprayed the inside of the body flat black, and then sprayed the rest with Createx Pearl Emerald Green - this stuff lays down NICE This is before I've cleared it too! I laid down a couple of layers of clear so that I could mask over it for the next step - this color REALLY pops in the sunlight! Next up, I'm going to lay down some graphics on the doors there - something vintage gasser inspired
  7. What do you drive?

    No pics yet, but I just picked up an 02 Miata - I LOVE it!! I've wanted one forever, and it's totally living up to my expectations so far - and exceeding them, actually
  8. Does anyone make a Second Generation Miata in scale?

    Ohhhhhh, I didn't even think to search for them. Thanks buddy! Anyone built one of these?
  9. Does anyone make a Second Generation Miata in scale?

    Actually, even better would the the facelift version of the car above - that had some little fog lights in the front bumper, but beggars can't be choosers...
  10. I'm looking for one of these: Tamiya and Revell do the first generation version as a kit (the one with the cute pop-up lights), and it seems like Tamiya does the latest version too, but does anyone offer the model above? Maybe one of the resin companies, if I can't get one in plastic...
  11. What did you get today?

    Interesting! I've just started messing with these too - I sprayed some black, right out of the bottle at high PSI 3 days ago and left it. Had a minute to work on some stuff today, picked them up and they were still tacky. This is over Tamiya primer - but the other Createx colors I've sprayed before have worked GREAT! Not sure what to make of it...
  12. What did you get today?

    Paddy Wagon: http://www.showrods.com/showrod_pages/paddy_wagon.html
  13. Whats the weirdest kit in your stash?

    That thing got a Hemi?
  14. AMT Depth Charger Showrod

    Thanks fellas! Just a little update - got the silver laid down on all the parts that need to be candy yellow. Well, most of them, anyway... I got one little drip of paint on the interior part that I was hoping would level out, but didnt...so I had to sand that back for a recoat. Noone would probably notice, but I'd know it was there... Much better! More soon, when the weather allows!
  15. http://www.showrods.com/showrod_pages/flameout.html