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  1. Humidity last week when I painted was 80-something percent, and today my Alexa told me it was only 50%, so I gave it a shot and laid down three almost-perfect coats of clear. Makes a HUGE difference, I've realised this past week or so
  2. If your weather's anything like NY's weather right now, that's probably due to high humidity...I shot a few spoons the other day to see if it was dry enough in our apartment with the air con for the paint to dry nicely but it blushed and went flat pretty quickly. Cool project though! I like it!
  3. So, I'm doing a series of the AMT/MPC 'Li'l' showrods, and I've already finished the Li'l Hot Dogger and the Li'l Gasser and the next one on my shelf that was calling out to me was the Li'l Mixer. I got this used on eBay YEARS ago and never did much more than give it a quick look over and put it back in the box - it's one of the reissues from a decade or so ago: I started messing with it a little and noticed that a bunch of engine parts are missing (not ideal but not the worst thing...), but also one of the rear axles. That's a bigger deal seeing as it would be a pain to scratchbuild one and have it chromed to match the one I DO have...so it went back in the box for a few days. Then, I had an idea... What if we made the Li'l Mixer even Li'l-er! Haven't got much further than mock up yet and messing with parts - but I think I like it! The frame is scratchbuild and was meant to be a copy of the kit one so that I can make a Li'l Cashbox replica at some point (which uses the same frame and suspension as this kit)...but seeing as I was going to have to do some hacking and cutting and shutting and messing I kept the kit part and messed with the one I'd made. More soon, soon as I've done more!
  4. A few cool (or at least interesting) sightings from around the neighb this past week...that black monstrosity actually drives around here regularly, and I suspect would have been towed if it were not for the cop badge in the window 😂
  5. Walgreens has all their Elmer’s glue for 69 cents right now - at least, the ones near me do. Works great on glass!
  6. What a brilliant build - super fun! I LOVE it!!
  7. Stunning work - I’ve really been enjoying watching this build come together!!
  8. Beautiful work Alan - really like that axle in particular!
  9. Interesting! Thanks Joe! That gives me an idea!
  10. I wonder if paint would make a good resist for this process? Someone with a vinyl / scrapbook cutter could make masks and just spray through them - simplifying the process somewhat compared to the process of printing, using a UV light etc etc Joe - when you mentioned using a Sharpie, would you use it on both sides of the material or just one?
  11. I ordered a catalogue from them (this was a while back, I think I had to pay a couple of bucks or so) and then just called up and ordered and paid on my card - they came really quickly too! Great service!
  12. Thanks for the fast reply Dave!
  13. Would this limit have anything to do with Fotki images not loading correctly in threads currently Dave? Like this one, for example: A lot of the pictures are missing, but the links lead to valid working photos (and if you quote a post with missing images they’ll appear ok in the editor). It seems like the page loads for a few seconds and then often stops before all the images are loaded, even if the links are good. Thanks for all you do for the site BTW - sorry to flag an issue!
  14. Just an experiment to see if quoting a post gets the pics to reappear...sorry for the multiple posts!
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