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  1. I've heard from more than one person that there's some other interesting undercover NYPD vehicles, similar to the 'cop cab' taxi that I haven't managed to find photos of to date (or see in person)...apparently they own a black Camry, complete with Uber graphic in the window to fit in with the billion other black Uber Camrys around the city, and also (more interestingly) a garbage truck (?!).
  2. I got inspired by that recent thread on this kit and really wanted to try one for myself, trying to keep it loosely box-stock without building a new frame and swapping the motor and chopping the top and scratchbuilding half of it...trying to mostly use what’s in the box as best I can. You know how that usually goes tho... This particular issue of this kit only really comes with the stock parts, so that should keep me relatively focused and resisting the temptation to use anything major that DIDN’T come in the box should be a fun challenge. I’ve never done a 57 so I looked at a BUNCH
  3. This is going to be great! Looks killer already! That frame is super clean and nicely done - and I too like your workspace!
  4. That kit more than halved in scale between the original issue and the AMT reissue, if you believe the box 🤪
  5. Thank you sir! A company named Baomain sells a set on Amazon - you get five sizes for $8 or something...super useful for all kinds of things! Thanks Jerry! Wanted to do a few bright paint jobs before I start messing with some more traditional stuff - the bright colors look nice on my display shelf! 🤪 A little more progress today, seeing as I’m replying anyway - polishing day in the shop today! Not totally done yet, but it’s getting shinier! Waiting for the sun to come out again so I can really see the spots I need to perfect, but it’s getting there!
  6. Stumbled upon this this morning, on my way to grab some groceries - not the biggest meetup but some interesting stuff to see!
  7. Can you slice a little off the linkages and drill those circular end pieces out so you can glue them back on? It’s looking great so far!
  8. Yes sir! Just cut on my little Silhouette cutter! They’re, like, $120 but they’re an AMAZING tool for the money!
  9. A little more progress this week - need to get this wrapped up by the end of the month for DSC17, so need to get hustlin’ here... Painted some lettering on the rad: ...with a reverse version on the backside, for my own amusement... Painted the trans so I can start assembling the engine: Then scratchbuilt some linkages for the shifter and started getting the frame assembled: I’m waiting for some little photoetched brackets to arrive so I can start plumbing the brake lines nicely but the USPS is currently taking them on their third trip of the mid
  10. Thanks fellas! Been working on the door numbers this week... First up, cut and applied some masks: Then, Vallejo gold with a band of Createx white through the center: Then, remask: Shoot Createx black over THOSE masks: And remove masks! Need to do some little touch-ups to the black to get it perfect but that’s about what I was shooting for! More soon!
  11. Hey Danno! Those pics were from the NY Auto Show at the Javits Center one year - most years they have some interesting vintage police stuff to see! I don't know for certain, but I would suspect that one's owned by, or perhaps by someone connected to, the NYC Police Museum in lower Manhattan: https://nycpm.org/ It's cool huh? From what I understand it was transport for whatever the historic equivalent of a SWAT team is! I'd like to see it run!
  12. Ohh, this is a really cool project! I like the axle that you made! I’ll be watching!!
  13. WAY cool! Love the paint, as others have said - but the whole thing is just RIGHT!
  14. There was an off-track discussion elsewhere on the forum about a current NYPD vehicle in vintage livery, which reminded me of my collection of weird'n'wonderful NYPD stuff...figured you guys might enjoy seeing some of these... NYPD Moustache livery: NYPD vintage livery: Purple Domestic Violence awareness livery: One of various "cop cabs" that they've had over the years (easily spotted because there'll be two tough looking guys in Mets hoodies sitting in the front 🤪) Rainbow livery for the Pride parade: Red livery (used for filming):
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