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  1. Also - it seems these long nose builds were something of a trend at the time - from the same magazine that Tim posted the cover of:
  2. Every time I look at this thread I get a little more interested in building one of these of my own…should I be concerned?
  3. Thanks fellas! Keepjng this train rolling - finished up the front end tonight… Made some little brass inserts to fit into the kit pieces so that I can fit matching brakes to the front end too: That gray 3D printed piece replaces the standard kit wheel backer and sits the wheel in the same spot once the brake is on there. Bonus - still got possible steering! And with the brake drum on for a test-fit: Looks like we almost got a roller! Time for a test fit with the body… The nose sits a little low here, but the window glass and the dash bump it up about a scale inch so I think it’s going to work itself out just fine…cleaning up the dash and test fitting the glass is tomorrow’s adventure. Really like how this thing looks though…that view! 😍 Next jobs to do - make sure everything’s still copacetic with the dash and glass in place and then onto the engine and interior. More soon!
  4. Apparently the Muira that got wrecked WAS real…but it had already been crashed and was one of two supplied to the movie by Lamborghini as a rolling shell with no engine. The second (main) car used for filming was immaculate and escaped unscathed, before going missing for a while. They DID destroy SIXTEEN Minis though, but they were presumably plentiful enough at the time that they weren’t too concerned with NOT ruining a bunch of them…
  5. I’m quite enjoying making a special effort to make some good progress every day on this thing…but tonight I took a nap because my wife told me I was getting cranky. To keep the ball rolling though, couple of tiny projects achieved and off the list. First up, these Coupe De Villes ran really nice finned brake drums which may or may not be the same as the Buick (I think?) finned drums in the Revell 29/30 Ford kits. Either way; they look close enough to me so all I needed to do to add this missing detail to this kit was sand the lug-nuts off the kit Revell pieces and they’re good to go: I printed some wheel backs this evening too - I didn’t want to ruin the kit pieces if I could just make some that didn’t need to be modified. With the back end mostly handled, next job is to mock-up the front suspension and steering. I stripped the chrome from the front clip - it was a nice pink under there! Who woulda thought! The steering linkage was broken, and rather than try and reglue that tricky little piece I just replaced the broken center bar with some brass rod - a little more in-scale and a stronger piece as a result… Just a small update - but I’m trying to keep making good progress on this! Tomorrow I’m hoping to modify the drum brakes to fit the front end properly and start to prepare the frame for paint. More soon, soon as I’ve done more!
  6. Great start Scott! It'll look great with a Quickchange poking out from under the back of the body there
  7. SUPER helpful - thank you Claude! Yep, those Caddy drivers were living the dream - they even had seatbelts in these things! 😁
  8. No one specifically answered this question, but yes, it’s the bigger variation. I assume (but don’t KNOW) that the block sizes are the same for all three displacements?
  9. Thanks fellas! A little work on the chassis this evening. It’s your standard one-piece type deal with everything moulded-in, and I’m not intending to hack up a somewhat rare old kit to redo it all (tempting as it is…), but I had a couple of little tweaks that I wanted to make to add some realism - or at least to improve what you’d see if you were standing at a curb looking at this thing. Unmolested frame: Most obvious thing that was missing was a tip for the rear exhaust, and if you peek underneath the rear of one of these cars you see the back edge of the frame a little so I wanted to fix a gap that shouldn’t be there too: Looking forward to the rear axle; this kit doesn’t include any brakes, and there’s a decent sized gap visible where the axle, trailing arms and shocks disappear into thin air so I made some little filler pieces and printed some rod ends to make that a little more realistic: Starting to look more like the 1:1 already! Tomorrow’s job will be figuring out brake drums and then the front end… Meanwhile, whilst glue was drying, I worked on the firewall a little. I wanted to remove the moulded-in wiring and replace it, but I really didn’t want to ruin that nice kit piece either. Lucky this kit came with an extra firewall (allegedly for the same kit, but different enough that I had to modify it some). Kit part top, modified part bottom: I know that, from left to right, we’re seeing the heater, then the brake master - but what are the two parts to the left? Coil maybe, for the smaller part? Not sure what the pill-shaped part represents, and haven’t fully researched…if anyone knows I’d be interested to know too! And that’s about all I got done this evening, aside from starting some clean-up on the engine…more to come on that when I’ve actually made some progress. Thanks for looking!
  10. Acrylics, I THINK - never tried with enamels or lacquers, in honestly…
  11. A cheap (or likely free, if you have a wife or girlfriend) alternative to that chipping medium is regular hairspray. Shoot the 'base' color first (in this case, the metal tone. Then, once it's good and dry, shoot hairspray and let THAT dry. Then, paint your top color (that dark gray / black in this case). Then, using a toothpick, a brush, or whatever else you have to hand and some water, gentlypick at the paint. The water will dissolve the hairspray (which has to be water soluble, or you'd never be able to wash it out of your hair), loosening up the paint on top in a controllable way so you can add chips, scratches, or achieve that 'scaling' look. Simple!
  12. This is really awesome. Honestly, when I saw that 3D file online for one of these I HAD to have it, and ordered and started printing it right away. Never occurred to me that there might have been an actual kit I could buy instead 🤪😂
  13. Thanks guys - and thanks @Repstockfor those REALLY helpful links! I’ve been referring to those all day! A little more progress today… First job was finishing up the cleanup on those pieces of window trim behind the door. Took WAY longer than it should’ve but it’s a tricky spot to sand without damaging anything or sanding a dip where I didn’t want one… Worked through and scribed all the panel lines - if I was going with a lighter color I would’ve gone deeper to help add more depth to them, but honestly with a dark color the difference won’t be as noticeable… 3D printed raised-print license plates…went for era correct NY plates (unsurprisingly) 🗽 The chrome on these bumpers is still pretty nice so I’m hoping to keep it that way and not have to refinish them… I don’t know if it’s something particular to this car, but all the reference pics I found of this particular generation Caddy only have a drivers door mirror - nothing on the passenger side. Regardless, my kit didn’t have one so I made one… And then final job of the day was checking the fit of those bumpers to see how they’re going to work out. Front is pretty good, not perfect but close… …and the rear looks pretty good to me - won’t need much finessing at all: Should be a handsome car when it’s done! Still a little more fine detailing to do on the body before I’m ready to lay down primer (which is when we’ll REALLY see how straight this is…) but it’s closer than it was! More soon, soon as I’ve done more!
  14. There’s a decent sized car show here a couple of times a year, and this was e. First of the season…bunch of cool hot rods and classic iron, plus some weird stuff…gallery of pics here, if anyone’s interested: https://public.fotki.com/NewYorkSpeedShop/11-cars/car-shows/valpo-car-show-swap/
  15. A friend gifted me this kit a few months back, and whilst I don’t build a lot of factory-stock projects I’ve always liked this year of Caddy and was super grateful to get the chance to build one. The kit itself is complete (actually, with some extras from a second kit) and had only some light assembly done to it already, so it’s practically like getting to start one of these in 1966 when they were originally issued! There’s not a tonne of detail on the underside of this thing (typical molded-in fuel tank, exhausts, driveshaft, axle etc etc) and I really don’t think there’s much point in getting a cool old vintage kit like this and redoing every little thing…but also, I really like the kind of detailed factory stock builds that people like @StevenGuthmiller build so well - so I’m thinking of adding to and optimizing what IS there but not getting into 3D printing frames and axles and leaf springs and whatnot. I picked up an original dealer brochure for reference… …and thanks to @SfanGoch and a few others on the board, I got a good lead on factory-correct Nocturne Blue paint which arrived this week: Should look something like this, once I get that far (only, a 2 door, obviously…): Like most of these old kits, the body looks GREAT - can’t see anything too obvious that it’s missing or that needs correcting (although I need to study it properly to see…and figure out if there’s meant to be a pillar behind that driver’s door or not on this particular model…) First order of business was to fix this one oversize mould line where the rear fin meets the rear pillar: Need to clean up that window moulding now, but some careful sanding made it look a LOT better already: Getting those big long flat planes along the body is gonna to make or break this build, so I need to do my best work on prep before I shoot any color, but hopefully it’ll all be worth it once I start laying down some paint. Just getting started on this one - any tips or tricks from any Cadillac experts would be much appreciated! More soon, soon as I do more!
  16. I’ve got one of these in this stash ready to be backdated to the original Boyd version, before Foose redid it…I’m excited to see this one come together! Looks great so far - nice work on those interior parts!
  17. Had a birthday today (reluctantly) and got a few cool modeling-related bits… Cheated, and got this for myself… This one was a gift - I’m excited to dig into it…there’s a TONNE of parts in the box for this one! My wife cleared out Hobby Lobby of all their Letraset dry-transfer lettering (she knows how I love this stuff…) Plus this (not car related, but will still make for a fun little project…) And I found these in the jewelry section - they’ll be perfect for little suspension linkages or something similar! Got a bunch of not-model-related car stuff too - stickers, Rat Fink merch, some parts for my 1:1 Mustang, a Mustang shirt (because everyone knows you can’t own a Mustang or Vette without wearing a matching shirt)…I’m a lucky guy!
  18. Still tinkering away with this one - realized I hadn’t posted an update so here’s how it sits now… Got the body painted, and added some lettering: Shot black to try and generate some shadows under the frame to stop it looking too toy-like, and then overlaid some white to match the body…I’m going for a lightly weathered kind of look here but not totally ruined, so I’m going to use this shading to help build realism (hopefully)… Cleared that, and masked to paint some metal tones under there: Went with a mix of Vallejo and acrylic craft paints - I’m not going crazy with the underside, but you can see the rear suspension and driveshaft on the 1:1 trucks pretty easily so I’m just trying to capture that… And finally for this update, shot some metal colors on the steelie wheels and got the tires painted…these will receive some further weathering too: And that’s where I’m at so far…more soon, soon as I’ve done more!
  19. I LOVE it! I wanna build one just like it! Also, what’s that coupe in the background with the pointy nose? I love that too!
  20. I noticed that too - I'd like to give them the benefit of the doubt and hope it's just to stop an already-damaged roof from blowing away or further damaging itself...but who knows...
  21. My wife spotted this today - she did the right thing and snapped a pic (when it was safe to do so) and sent it over to me:
  22. Made a template so I can print customized license plates with actual raised copy - ran a test print of a 60s NY plate tonight to see how they’ll work out
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