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  1. Made some wire wheels for this future project - I don’t really know enough about these 60s FEDs to do this build justice yet, but I felt like making something..,
  2. I read a book once on creative ‘writer’s block’. It suggested ‘zooming out’ from your normal area of interest and finding other sources of inspiration aside from what normally grabs your attention. But, I think, the key there isn’t to just (in the case of overcoming modeller’s block) go build a tuner or a tank or a plane if that doesn’t interest you, but explore some other other areas to find something that DOES get the juices pumping again. Fall down a rabbit hole of vintage hot rod magazines, or racecars, or look at a bunch of interior pictures or Google weird tubular frames or door handles or interesting rare headlights - anything! One of my favorite books for inspiring creativity, even though it’s focused maybe more at artists and writers and musicians, is this one (which you can read for free at this link): https://kingauthor.net/books/Austin Kleon/Steal Like An Artist/Steal Like An Artist - Austin Kleon.pdf It has a bunch of cool ideas and techniques that we can use ourselves to inspire interesting builds, and I absolutely recommend spending a half hour or so going through it and pondering what tricks might work to light your creative fire.
  3. That's a great tutorial - thank you so much for (re)sharing Shawn. You do nice work!
  4. Best I ever got from a Michael's was a 60% off for being a rewards member! And the cashier in my (then) local store told me to try buying a second one right then if I wanted because the coupon might still work for a couple of minutes after being used - got two kits for $20 out the door!
  5. That's SUPER helpful, thank you Bernard! It's often easier just to ask someone who has dealt with these vendors, versus setting up an account and making theoretical order and so on. With the exchange rate as it is, I'd say their shipping works out to be very reasonable! And you're right, they have a tonne of cool stuff! I think I might actually have a few of their resin pieces already, but I suspect I ordered them from someone here in the US at some point - they do nice work! Probably time to order my Christmas gifts to myself
  6. That's a great tip, thanks Bernard! I'm always looking for front axles, so I should order a bunch from them! How are their shipping costs, do you recall?
  7. I just got one of those this past week too - grabbed a 32 5-window kit that I'd been wanting to pick up (but not so much I'd pay MSRP for it ) Would be cool if it's an ongoing thing, or they're semi-regular at least...
  8. Old post - but how DID you make that grille Shawn? Is it photoetched somehow? Looks GREAT!
  9. I’m not sad at all that it rained if you get some more bench time Francis! Truly masterful work as always!
  10. Mine didn’t change yet, but I’m hoping it starts moving this week - did they send you a tracking number?
  11. I'm interested in hearing more about that lemon-scented Tamiya cement 😁
  12. Last cars and coffee of the season Impalas: VWs: Drift cars (I think?) Exotics: And more here: https://public.fotki.com/NewYorkSpeedShop/11-cars/car-shows/cars-and-coffee-at/page14.html
  13. You guys need to go check some of John’s WIP threads - so much amazing stuff to see! 😍
  14. Thanks everyone! Because basically everything attaches to the body on a lot of these TD kits, I really needed to get the body finished and in clear, so that was this week’s project. Used a scan of the original decals that Bob @TooOld kindly provided to redraw them in illustrator: Then cut masks out of Oramask on my plotter, and masked for paint: Shot silver first, then gradually worked through the process, shooting red orange and yellow over top. Decided not to follow the same pattern as the original design, just because I liked my way better 🤪 All done and ready for touch-ups: Because doing all those layers adds those visible paint edges that you can see I used a high-build acrylic clear to help bury those graphics - the acrylic doesn’t polish up as nicely as enamels or lacquers for me, but you can shoot multiple coats quickly and if you get them plenty wet without it pooling you can get decent results: Excited to get this part done so I can actually stick something to something else 🤪. More soon!
  15. Geez, that hood bulge is ENORMOUS. Good luck seeing, well, anything much whilst driving that thing 😂
  16. I wonder what "Unity Graphics" are?
  17. Nice start! I like the color combination!
  18. Even when you add a little weathering your builds are super clean Steve! Nice job!
  19. I took a break from this one to learn some techniques with my lathe and work on a coupla builds for shows and whatnot…but dug it out again this past week and did a little Polished out the body and gas tank: Did some assembly on the engine and got it in the frame: And started assembling the forks after I found some springs I’d been missing for the springer front end - couldn’t resist a mock-up with the tank on to see how it’ll look: Just gradually working through and adding a little piece here and there whilst other projects are stalled for paint-drying time or whatever. More soon!
  20. That's weird - do you have a screenshot of the message?
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