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  1. Best tool I ever purchased, can't find it again.

    Now you can dig holes twice as fast!
  2. Best tool I ever purchased, can't find it again.

    Fair point! Tom - did you look in-between the cushions on the couch? I'm always losing stuff down there
  3. Best tool I ever purchased, can't find it again.

    A shovel is a decent sized thing to misplace!
  4. Yep, I got caught by Arrowhead about a decade ago - it was only a low value order but it never came. Also, Hiroboy - although I understand they're usually good. About 3 years ago I paid for some photoetch that they didn't have in stock and the guy messaged and said "we'll send it when it comes in". I just remembered about that!
  5. Speaking of smart cars

    Funnily enough, in the pic above they've parked them all in the manner that will get you a ticket if you do it with YOUR Smart car...Car2Go specifically warns you when you rent them to park them 'normally' (as in, not nose or tail to the curb) or risk a ticket.
  6. Speaking of smart cars

    For when you need to catch a criminal, but not a FAST criminal...
  7. What did you see on the road today?

    You're right - I wonder if it just has unusually narrow axles maybe? Spotted this two tone color-schemed Bentley nearby last week - wonder if that's a factory paint combination or something custom? Caught my eye anyway! And this cool BMW something-or-other. It sounded like a spaceship as the guy pulled away! Pretty cool, whatever it is: And as proof that you can't have nice things in New York, here's my one neighbor parking by braille, using my other neighbor's car as a guide of when you're definitely in the spot:
  8. What did you see on the road today?

    The proportions on that hot rod above are really weird. Like, itโ€™s not wide enough and the wheelbase is too short or something - Iโ€™m not sure what it is.
  9. Hello Everyone

    What a username ๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿคช Welcome!
  10. Jimmy Flintstone resin skull

    Here's a fun little resin piece that I picked up - I figured it would be fun to show the steps I'm doing to paint this...despite it only being one piece there's gonna be a decent amount of work in getting this painted really nicely I think! There's also going to be a lot of waiting for paint to dry so this won't be the most action packed thread, but I did the first couple of steps at least so here goes... First up, I gave this thing a GOOD wash with some Dawn dishsoap. There's a lot of little nooks and crannies for mold release to get stuck in and I didn't want any surprises when it came to painting and masking this thing. Then, I shot with some Walmart grey primer, checked and cleaned a couple of little mold separation lines and so on and then shot with Createx white sealer as a base color: Next, I thinned down some Createx opaque black (that stuff seems to take forever to dry if you don't), and added some shadow detail in the places where shadow would naturally fall: And on the back too! As you can see, there's a tonne of little details that you can give some attention to on this - the skull guy's tongue hanging out, the hand's nails, the various rings, the stitches on the hand...lots of detail to mess with! It's a really nicely done piece! Once the black had dried, I thinned out some clear yellow and built up at bone-color tint to the skull. The clear yellow will allow the black shading to show through still, but I also like to build up the yellow some more in the darker areas and leave it a little lighter in the high spots: I'm not worried about getting some yellow on the hand at this point - the entire skull part will be masked off when I'm done with it so I can paint the hand separately...I think the hand is going to be a creepy Frankenstein green of some shade perhaps? Anyway... more soon, hope this wasn't boring so far!
  11. Jimmy Flintstone resin skull

    Thanks for all the nice comments everyone! It's a fun little painting project! Just a regular $10 no-name gravity feed one from Chinese eBay, with my cheapie $50 Amazon compressor - nothing fancy! Did a little more on this today - shot the monster hand with some Createx pearl purple (after some 'fun' masking...): Then hit it with some Createx pearl blue: And finally, a little mist of Createx lime green pearl to make it look a little rotten at the bottom: More soon!
  12. Revell Miata Mk1

    I've been wanting to build a full-detail Mk1 Miata (or a Miata NA, as Mazda called them) so I picked up a Revell kit a little while back and started messing with it this week. The detail is pretty good - not as crisp as the Tamiya model of the same car, but this has an engine so it's the only game in town... This isn't going to be a quick build - I'm spending a lot of time researching and referencing to get it as nice as I can make it. I have a Mk2 Miata for reference, luckily, but there's some differences between the cars so I picked up some literature to help. First up, I shot some primer on the body to get an idea of how much work is gonna be involved in getting that as perfect as I can get it: You can probably spot some of the minor stuff this will need to get the body straight, but the main thing that bugged me right away is the fit on that hood: The panel gaps aren't even all the way around, and the front edge of the hood sits low compared to the pop up lights, as you can see. It should be nice and level, like this: Rather than just using filler to bring the hood up and level at the front there I decided to use a little thin styrene strip, which I'll attach here, where the knife blade is: Like so! A little preliminary fitting shows that the front of the hood is now at the right level...but some sanding reveals that it droops a little at the front edges: I added a thin coat of Squadron white putty, let it set and then levelled it out...I think that MIGHT have got things a lot closer - I guess I'll see tomorrow once I squirt some primer on there: Meanwhile, I got the engine halves together so I can what I'm gonna be working with here: I need to strip the chrome from the head, and clean up those molded in plug wires so I can run real my own: Got some great reference material to work from here luckily! I'm really gonna push myself on this build, see how good I can make it - so any pointers and constructive criticism from our wealth of super experienced builders very welcome! More soon!
  13. "NEW" altered Tee body parts pack kit

    Interesting! I didn't know that, thanks Mark!
  14. "NEW" altered Tee body parts pack kit

    Digging up this old thread to ask; does anyone know the wheelbase of the AMT Parts Pack frame shown above?
  15. Revell Miata Mk1

    Thanks buddy! Interesting about the master cylinder - makes sense! I'l have to remember that if I ever make one with the wheel on the other side!
  16. Revell Miata Mk1

    That's a big help, thanks buddy! Just strap a seat to it and I'd drive it just like that Had some 'fun' with masking today...first up was the trans tunnel which needed to be a semi-gloss dark-grey kinda color: Not the most interesting job - but I wanted to keep the floors matt-finish so that the flocking will stick better when I get to that stage. With that done, next job was to mask up for the black bottles and hoses and whatnot in the engine bay: Tada! You'll notice that I ignored some of the molded-in hoses...I replaced those with some wire rather than try and paint them: Now that's mostly wrapped up, next job is the firewall. That too has some molded-in stuff that I want to replace...but the shape of this part is MUCH more condusive to just sanding them flat. Before: And after: More on that soon!
  17. Rommel's Mod Showrod

    The Coffin Corner showrod board is having a group build for the recently-reissued Rommel's Rod kit, whereby you have to build a modified version of the kit. I had an idea in mind, and after I finished restoring an original a few weeks ago I was eager to get started on this second version. First up, hacking up the body. A LOT All I'll actually be using from the stock body is the cowl, but I wanted to use the remaining pieces to mock up what I had in my head before making it again from scratch. I'm thinking something like this: Not pretty, but enough to get me started with mocking stuff up anyway...my idea is to keep the long wheelbase of the original, but to have a stretched out front and that little tub body on the back, like so: I wanted to add some detail to the engine, but the kit block has most of that stuff molded in, so I scratchbuilt a new one from styrene sheet, along with a new oil pan: I picked out some wheels and tires so that I could start to make frame, and separated the kit trans so I could use that with my new block: I wanted to use the kit front wheels, but modify them to be skinny little drag style wheels, so I needed some tires: Found this pack of o-rings at the Chinese 99 cent store, which should work great! Then, I used my hacked-together body to make a tape template, which I transferred to brass: Bent it to shape over some round bar to get nice rounded corners: And then attached it to the kit cowl (which I wasn't about to attempt re-making with my limited brass-working skills): And that's about where we're at right now...more soon!
  18. AMT Lil' Hot Dogger Showrod

    MY wife got me this for Christmas (good wife!!): Make a little start on it this week - tidying up some parts for primer, and so on. Started with the engine, as is tradition: Modified the intakes a tiny bit to make room for a resin distributor mount from RMCoM: Assembled the chassis (which wasn't a huge job seeing as this step is only two pieces ) And re-made the floor part because the kit one had some HUGE ejector pin marks in it...it was easier just to cut another one out of some styrene sheet: Anyone built one of these? Anything to watch out for? More soon!
  19. Revell Miata Mk1

    Thanks buddy! Small update for today - starting to think of the proper order to paint the engine - the block, trans, chassis brace, driveshaft and part of the rear axle are all molded in two convenient pieces, so it's going to take a little thinking about to get these painted properly: More soon!
  20. Some kits you know will never be available again . . .

    Don't worry, Steve Scott has been taking preorders for the reissue of this for YEARS, and he's totally going to fulfill those orders any decade now ๐Ÿ™„
  21. What did you see on the road today?

    I'm interested Tom! Not in the cabs though, I can see 4 of those from my window - and a couple of black Toyotas so there's probably at least one Uber out there too on my block I should photograph one of our green cabs though for anyone interested...visitors to our place in Brooklyn are always curious about the boro cabs, which look just like the regular NY yellow cabs, but theyre a disgusting green color In other news, apparently this is the week when everyone in Brooklyn brings their Vettes out of storage: I keep spotting this McLaren driving around at rush hour - sounds NICE! I've seen a couple of these Fiat Spiders around - I like 'em! They're a Miata underneath but with Italian styling: This little 4x4 caught my eye - there's a trend lately that I've noticed around here for lowering these little SUVs and putting more interesting wheels on them: ...but this old beater truck that lives on my block is cooler, to my eyes! Seems to see daily service and probably has for a number of years now. Would be a cool one to build in scale, and a fun weathering project! Probably about a million miles on the thing, all just in this one neighborhood And finally, here's a weird wrap on a nice expensive Porsche: More cool rides and crimes against taste soon!
  22. Lamborghini Reventon...onto the body

    You do such beautiful, clean work Dann! What an inspiration! I always enjoy following your builds!
  23. Revell Miata Mk1

    Thanks buddy! Good question! I agree with the others who say that the Tamiya kit is a little nicer, but I wanted to do a build with an engine! I'm planning a Tamiya one next, and then try kitbashing the two together! I figured it would be a good exercise to build one of these box-stock (ish) first though to get an idea of how it goes together and anything to watch out for. I'd really like a display of all the colors of original-genration Miata, so a blue NA with the Tamiya kit will probably be my next build. Just a tiny update, seeing as I'm posting anyway...got some clear coat on there! Looks SHINY! A couple of little specs of dust that I'll need to polish out (which is almost impossible to avoid seeing as I'm spraying this in my apartment), but not a bad base for a polishing job in a few days!
  24. Revell Miata Mk1

    Ohh, I'd LOVE to see the photo etched bits! Very cool! I'd like to make some photoetch parts for one of these too - but if I do some searching I'm sure there's a set commercially available. Just a small update - got the body color on! I used Createx opaque red - I shot some on a spoon over a few different bases and compared to a red Miata that lives down the block from me and went from there. This paint dries flat, so it'll need clear, but I don't mind having clear coat to polish rather than 'bare' paint anyway - makes it a little easier to not cut through the edges to the base, even if it's not how the 1:1s are painted. More soon!
  25. AMT Lil' Hot Dogger Showrod

    Thanks Vincent! Started doing some assembly on the engine today...love the look of the shiny chrome with that candy red block and trans! I had to sand smooth and BMF the air filter to get it perfect and remove some mold lines - the BMF covered it perfectly! More soon!