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  1. As the owner (or at least, husband of the owner) of a tiny kitten that will fit in my pocket, I have discovered that the amount of chaos and disruption to one's life that a cat can bring is NOT proportionate to it's size. I suspect we could own a pet sabre-tooth tiger instead and it would barely be any extra inconvenience. Reminds me of a news story I read in NYC a few years back about a guy who lived across the street from a retirement community, who had a pet tiger. The folk in the old folks home had reported seeing a tiger in the apartment window across the street but no-one believed them; and then one day the tiger bit the guy, and he went to hospital and tried to claim a dog bit him. A particularly large dog, presumably. The hospital staff got suspicious, alerted the police, cops went to his apartment in the Bronx and yep, there's a tiger in there 🙄 Said tiger got moved to Ohio, for some reason, and lived out the rest of his life peacefully, and presumably with a lot more room than he had in his Bronx apartment
  2. I printed up some pairs of narrow rings on my machine, in 0.5mm increments, that I’ve been using to mock up to determine tire sizes for mock-ups They don’t need to be super wide - but having a bunch of ‘tires’ to do mock-ups with to work out stance has been invaluable and a big time saver I found.
  3. That's the larger version of the one I have, which I love...same wash/cure tank as I have too - looks like a decent setup to me!
  4. Awesome, I'm going to try that - I've seen your builds and the finish has always impressed me, so it's gotta be worth a few bucks to try out!
  5. Which do you like - these? https://www.amazon.com/TAMIYA-Polishing-Compound-Fine-Finish/dp/B00XDRKEGC They make a coarse compound too - I should maybe experiment with these! I don't mind putting in the extra work if it's worth it, but I'm not anti finding a better way either!
  6. I really hope all this clearing out of kits means that we're going to get some exciting new stuff! I came across a photo that I took in 2017 of the first time I visited a Hobby Lobby (they're not a thing in NYC) when we went on vacation out of state, and probably 80% of the selection is the same stuff as in my local store today. Wish I'd bought more of the Vending Machine kits that they used to carry, whilst they had them...
  7. Mostly the Rustoleum stuff with the black chair on the can, but the same process works for me with the old Testors lacquer clear too, plus whatever clear enamel I can actually source that week. That said, @RSchnell's process looks simpler and his results speak for themselves so maybe I should pick up the materials to try that!
  8. I like to start at 3200, unless it's REALLY rough, for some reason (or has a bunch of graphics underneath causing stepped edges, etc), get the whole thing to a consistent sheen with no high or low spots or visible orange peel and then work through 3600, 4000, 6000, 8000 and 12000 before polishing with Meguiar's Scratch X, then Novus #1 polish followed by Meguiar's Ultimate compound before wax. I like to use a dehydrator to bake my lacquer for 24 hours after the final couple of coats, and then let it sit for another 24 before polishing. If I'm not using the dehydrator, I'd normally allow at LEAST 7 days, or more if I can still smell the paint gassing out. Some examples below, because who knows if people's advice is good on the internet or not without seeing their work 😆
  9. Here you go, brother Carl: (Apologies for the somewhat hijacked thread - back to regular geegaws!)
  10. Is that for your Deuce project? Or are you going Chebby with that?
  11. I’ve been thinking for a couple of years that I’d like to do an annual tradition where I do exactly that - build something only from all the junk I have laying around, and specifically not buy anything or rob any whole kits to do it. Oh, and not design and print a bunch of stuff either, because if I didn’t have that rule I’d probably wanna do that too and it would end up like every other project 🤪 I was gonna call it Dumpster-Dive December or Junkyard January or something, but I didn’t quite ever get around to doing - but if everyone else is, I probably would want to too!
  12. My word, what a mess. I know Ford knows what they're doing, but was there no better way to route those hundreds of pipes and cables and wires? Looks like a NIGHTMARE to work on
  13. The apartment kit? It's made by Atomic Mass Games, apparently - but I just searched online for "Marvel NYC Apartment kit". They're around the $70 mark, delivered
  14. Not to be a broken record, but I too dislike the new SUVstang. BUT - my beef with it isn't that it shouldn't be named 'Mustang' - its more that it's a missed opportunity. They could've done something REALLY wild and raised the bar. Something incredibly cutting edge, design wise, that makes every other car out there look dated just by existing. Do something amazing with aggressive planes and stance, something so futuristic and wild looking that it would be just as much of a revelation as the original Mustang was, but adapted to a much-changed market place. Lets face it, SUVs are probably the what we're going to be seeing the most of by FAR in the next 20-30 years (compared to sedans and compacts of years gone by), but no-one has made that ICONIC future-classic SUV yet. One that you'd want to own and drive even if you didn't NEED everything it has to offer - just because, as car guys, we think its KILLER. Like the VW Beetle was, or the Mini or other 'regular' cars that were actually kinda extraordinary. Instead, we got something that kinda looks like a Hyundai...but imagine something like this adapted with a higher waist and roofline: Or like this, but a little longer and lower... incorporate the iconic three-bar Mustang taillights into the rear and a futuristic take on a classic 5-spoke wheel pushed right out to each corner I have similar thoughts on what the new version of the Mini could've been too - I'd drive THIS...but not the one we have now: I guess I'd just like to see someone pushing things forward more - but also, I recognize that the team that designed the Mustang SUV likely wasn't designing it for people who want a crazy futuristic cutting edge sportscar that can seat the family AND scare you when you plant your foot to the floor...it was likely much more the 35-45 age demographic of people who want the coolness of owning a 'Mustang', but with room in the back to take the kids places and run to IKEA to get a bookcase before heading to yoga. In the meantime, I'll keep waiting for that SUV that makes me go 'WOW - I WANT one!'
  15. Not a car kit, admittedly, but I picked up a kit today that had three pigeons 🤪
  16. Soon as I saw this I had to get one - a 1:48 New York brownstone! Looks like a really cool kit - beautifully molded and detailed and it has a bunch of different ways to build it. A couple of fascias - the one on the front with the staircase and entry door, and one with a roller door so you could easily make a commercial building. The walls can be inverted with different designs on each side so you can change window layouts and have more or less brickwork, and there’s various options of things to put on the roof - traditional NY skylight and door, the water tower or an advertising billboard. Plus, a bunch of cool little accessories - air conditioners, fire hydrants, a bar sign, a hanging sign…and even pigeons! Gonna enjoy building this one - and it’s not dissimilar to a couple of different buildings my wife and I have lived in, in the city! Definitely gonna pick up a couple more of these!
  17. What a great video - really enjoyed that! I didn’t know that the CV taxis were longer! I’ve been in probably hundreds of them and never considered that they were different to all ‘standard’ Crown Vics out there! Figures tho! The NYPD had some yellow cop cars disguised as taxicabs - I wonder if they were a standard length car, or based on the taxis?
  18. Thanks fellas! Didnt have a decent update for a while there, because all I was doing was clear-coating stuff or waiting for clear to dry. Done with that stage now, so onto some more interesting work… Got the body in clear, and mostly polished out: It’s gonna look cool with those stripes running underneath (not that you’ll see them, unless I display it on a mirror, which I may have to… With started some assembly on the frame: As you can see, painted the brake calipers to match the body - I stole those disks from a Revell 32 kit…also gave the tires some layered washes of thinned-down gray acrylic and then hit them with some dullcoat and got the wheels assembled - got some detailing to do on the wheels still… Started assembly of the engine - I like to start with the wiring and plumbing so nothing gets knocked off or damaged whilst you’re having the block a lot. Used a 3D printed Holley Dominator and added photoetch throttle linkages and a home-made return spring: Flocked the floor - mixed up a custom black/silver-speckled embossing powder blend to add a little interest, and added some simple lapbelts. Not going crazy on the interior of this one… And finally, cut a mask for the radiator so I could airbrush a little Mustang logo on there that will be visible thru the front grille if you look up in there - just a dumb idea I had because I can’t leave well enough alone. I always wondered why the vertical stripes on the badge don’t match the traditional two stripes on the body… Plenty to do still, but enough progress for an update anyway - thanks for looking everyone! 🐎
  19. Saw this on the road today - pulled up at the local Cars and Coffee having, apparently, driven there rather than being trailered like you might expect. Sounded cool anyway! I liked this little roadster too:
  20. I really like the stretched-out proportions on this one - looks killer! Love seeing it come together too!
  21. I really enjoy seeing the outstanding craftsmanship on builds like this - that amazing bodywork! WAY cool!
  22. Saw in my Atlantis email today that they’re selling the roadster chassis parts with the axles and suspension pieces, and the competition wheel set on their own, for anyone who might find those useful: https://atlantis-models.com/custom-car-parts-series-roadster-chassis-speed-equipment-atlantis/ https://atlantis-models.com/custom-car-parts-series-competition-wheels-and-mags-chromed-atlantis/
  23. I’m just starting to play with it myself, but taillights printed with red translucent resin would undoubtably work. The clear stuff looks like it wouldn’t probably be QUITE transparent enough, you’d think - but I saw a guy on YouTube polish some clear printed headlight lenses with a Dremel and a polishing bit and they actually looked pretty good! I don’t think printing a usable windshield or glass would be feasible, but theres definitely some stuff you could do! I’ll try and find the video if I can remember where I saw it… Meanwhile in printing adventures today, I got some decent prints with the clear green stuff - and I LOVE how easy it is to clean them up after printing!
  24. They’re not mistakes if you learn from them! Cool build, I always liked this kit! Never built one - I’m gonna have to track one down!
  25. I actually hadn’t considered that you’d need a bigger wash station for a bigger printer - I bet someone makes one! Of course, if you’re printing a couple of smaller things, it’s no biggie to just wash them separately. My normal wash cycle is 6 minutes, and another six for curing, so it’s not a BUNCH of extra time to do two rounds if needed… I picked up some extra vats for my Photon today - the original one had a tiny hole that I spotted in the FEP - it hasn’t caused any damage to the machine luckily, but it time for a change. Got a couple of these for $40 delivered from Amazon - pleased with the quality and they’ve got a nice sturdy metal frame: I also wanted to switch over to a water-washable resin, so I picked up some of the pretty green Elgoo to try: Looks like Halloween! Did a quickie test print on a low res setting to make sure the new vat was going to work ok, and see how the new resin prints…need to tweak my settings because the first few layers separated - guess they need more time on the first layers to help the parts hold together. Was pleased with the first attempt with this new stuff tho!
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