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  1. 19 minutes ago, Tom Geiger said:

    I saw!  But you will need a lot more space than that!

    You’re not wrong...

    I decided to label by category (gewgaws, engines, lights, whatever) then underneath that a more specific description (Geegaws - stuffed animals, lights - red colored etc. etc.) and then alphabetize the drawers...it’s gonna take a while tho! 😂


  2. A few random sightings from today’s run to the hardware store (mostly taken by my long-suffering wife because I was driving)...

    I know of at least 3 new Vettes near us - and spotted another today.  They’re eye catching!


    A little more in my price range...


    Would also enjoy trying one of these on for size...


    Too nice to be hauling lumber at the hardware store:


    Followed this moron for 15 minutes whilst she took a FaceTime call until she accidentally blew thru a red light because of, you know, taking a FaceTime call whilst driving 🙄


  3. I’ve been wanting to organize my multiple boxes of spares into something, well, more organized - been looking for a good solution and found these in Menards today:


    Got 103 spots to sort everything into now, and the price was right too.  Smaller rack was twenty bucks, the other twenty five.  Had to order some new Dymo tape for the label maker already tho...but it’s nice to have a spot to start laying down some of my sticker collection 😍😂




  4. On 3/23/2021 at 11:49 AM, geemoney said:

    i inherited that car!

    i yanked the wheels/tires off an CHUCKED it...

    now im sorry i did!

    yours looks so good!

    You did it the wrong way round - shoulda kept the car and chucked the wheels 😆

    On 3/23/2021 at 3:28 PM, Bullybeef said:

    With a little imagination it would make for the beginnings of a decent salt flats racer

    It really would! 

    On 3/23/2021 at 4:42 PM, SSNJim said:

    With a little work, that looks like it could be a good basis for a Speed33 kit car. Slap a 33/34 Ford frame under it, come up with an interior, massage the body a bit, and you're in business.

    I've been playing with the Slammers series lately. Just finished a Street Fury, and am working on the Street Heat. Having a blast with them. 

    They’re fun kits aren’t they?  I’d like to do a full-detail version...I think the Testors Aluma Coupe (not the snap kit, the one with the engine and interior) would be a good parts donor too...

    On 4/3/2021 at 4:12 PM, Claude Thibodeau said:

    Hi Jim!

    Interesting recycling work.

    I remember Chip Foose had a late 30's rod coach-built at Boyd's before they split, and the front suspension was akin to a Ford PU "Twin I-Beam" system, except each said I-beam was indeed triangular and flat, made of billet aluminium, narrow at the wheel spindle, and wide at the junction with the body, not unlike your current shape. The shocks were severely canted, and mounted INSIDE the body, therefore not visible.

    You may be able to serach that on the web, and see some pictures. The car was of  a copperish hue. I think it was owned by a gentleman from Plains, NY, who also later bought and repainted the yellow 32 Boydster in black, under Mr Foose supervision. 

    Just my two cents...


    I would love to see that build Claude!  I’m a big Boyd fan, and that sounds like a really interesting one!  I’ll do some research!  Thanks for the heads-up!

    On 3/23/2021 at 10:28 PM, Spex84 said:

    Cool! It's definitely looking better. One thing I wish I'd been early enough to this thread to suggest...would be moving the front wheel "wings" forward a scale 6" or more, so that the front tires are even with the front of the grille, or even projecting a little beyond it. Kit-stock, the wheelbase looks a tad short.


    Actually, yeah, that would’ve looked cool too, you’re right!  I always liked that ‘wheel at each corner’ look!

    On 4/3/2021 at 11:18 PM, Oldcarfan27 said:

    I always had a hard time taking these things seriously. Flight of fancy designs, cheap looking wheels and tire treads that say AMT don't impress me much.

    Glad to see you've figured out how to make a "silk purse" from them!

    Thanks buddy!

    On 4/4/2021 at 6:23 AM, David G. said:

    Lowering the front suspension is certainly an improvement. I'm interested to see what you do with the rest of it.

    My first thought was that those front "wishbones" looked like submarine diving planes, more so now that they're midline. That, along with the "rudder" on the rear deck lid, I might have put a bubble on top and tried to make it a mini-sub. 

    David G.

    That would be cool too!  Definitely has a kinda marine look to it!

    Had a busy week, but got a little more done on the paint...first up was designing some flames.  I want the main color scheme to be dark with blacks and purples and have a bright neon flame cutting through them, so most of this neon green will disappear when I’m done...

    Laying out flames in Illustrator:


    Ended up making a smaller version that runs back out of where the headers will mount but pretty close on the original design...I have an idea for color on the nose and decided the start the flames further back...


    Next up, a base color of Createx black sealer.  It laid down a little lumpy tonight (didn’t notice my moisture trap on the airbrush was full) but this acrylic always seems to level out nicely after a few minutes:


    Now getting to start the fun stuff...I wanted the color scheme to be a kinda galactic space scene, with starts and pretty purples and blues and all that kind of stuff.  Started off with some white patches, and a light mist of splattery white:


    Doesn’t look too good here, but it doesn’t need to - just looking to add some contrast to build candy layers up on top of.  Next up, shot some candy red on the nose and tail, and a little candy blue in the middle.  Now, I want the middle to have more of a blue tint and the front and back to be more purple but you can get more depth and contrast by layering the candies than you can by just shooting one layer...


    Next up, some blue over the red to make purple...


    Starting to add some more light blue fades to add some different hues:


    And that’s the end of my fun for tonight - need to let the paint setup a while before the next steps...more soon!



  5. Great looking Modified!

    I've often wondered about this kit - is it REALLY a slammer?  Looks like it has a lot of detail for what we'd normally call a 'slammer' - does it have detail under the frame and separate suspension parts and whatnot?

  6. I like using textured card occasionally for the patterns and grains it has sometimes - used some for the seat cushions in this build to give a kind of fabric look with some wrinkles and whatnot:


    And I found some in Michael’s that had a nice in-scale pattern to look like some kind of fabric strap to hold the spare wheel in place on this one:


    Card definitely has it’s uses!  

    That said, I’d definitely use styrene for what you’re thinking of doing...

  7. I took advantage of the Hobby Lobby 40% off-kits deal right now too (before they take it away again) and grabbed a couple of kits that they’ve added to the selection at our local store.

    Wanted to add a Willys to the collection for a while...I’d actually really like to do one of the more modern Revell 41 kits but I also like a vintage racecar, so this will be a fun one:


    And I’ve had an idea for a severely-lowered and airbagged 70s NYPD cop car build for a while - something a little trashy that some enterprising builder would’ve rescued and given a second life - need to do some research on era-correct paint colors and find some decals next!


    And finally, the mailman brought some acrylic rod that I ordered that I wanted to try machining to make custom brake lights and other cool clear stuff - looks like it’ll work great!



  8. Thanks fellas!

    14 hours ago, alan barton said:

    One suggestion, the AMT windshield frame is very thick in all dimensions.  With a sharp X-acto followed by sanding sticks you can put it on a diet which helps immensely!

    You’re not wrong!  Definitely needs some thinning down before I get as far as chroming it!

    A little progress the last couple of days - got the major components which will be body colored smoothed out and ready for primer:


    The dash and headlamps will match these bits too, but didn’t need quite so much Bondo...

    Shot with some filler primer just to give me something to sand into to level them out nicely - looks WAY better already!


    I’ll give them all another round of sanding and Bondoing and some more sanding tomorrow to get them a little closer to being paint-ready and see where we’re at then.  

    Meanwhile, my acrylic rod arrived so I could start machining the taillights:


    This stuff machines really nicely - you have to be careful not to melt it and work nice and slow - I used an angled cutting bit and got it to where I could make a kinda bullet-shape to match what I had in mind:




    Not done yet, need to round the tips up by hand and then polish them up but they were relatively quick and easy to make.  I might make some little chrome rings to go around them - but also that kind of defeats the purpose of those openings I made for them to emerge from...we’ll see how they look when I get to paint.

    More soon!

  9. 1 hour ago, Snake45 said:

    So, with the first quarter of the year gone, how's everyone doing on their plans? 

    At the beginning of the year, I listed 18 hopeful projects. By this weekend I should have completed five builds, only two of which were on my list. I claim an infestation of shiny squirrels. :lol:

    We’re a quarter through already?! 😩😂  I finished the first on my list, which was “a Model A Highboy with a ridiculous paintjob”.  I think I achieved that, mostly


    Next on my list was a trike, which I’ve started (but it’s taking me a while...gonna take YEARS to do all six...

    This WASN’T on the list but FSM sent me it to review so that was a fun quickie box-stock build:


    I’d better speed up a little here if I’m gonna finish the rest of what I had planned!


  10. On 3/31/2021 at 9:16 AM, Mr. Metallic said:

    The headers from the Ford motor in the AMT Phantom Vickie are actually great for a Hemi too if you have one of those kits in your stash.

    I do NOT have one of those in my stash, but it’s on the to-get list!  Great lead, thank you!

    On 4/3/2021 at 10:17 AM, bobthehobbyguy said:

    Killer paint. First paint was nice but the second is stunning.

    One question how are you going to get the wheels to fit the tires better there is quite a gap between the tire and rim,


    That pic was actually from a different build (since completed)...


    Back on this one, the DSC rules require mufflers if you’re building for the street rod category, so lakes pipes were out - found some headers in the parts box that had the right spacing (as best I could work out, anyway) so I did some choppin’ and gluing and managed to get a serviceable exhaust setup made:


    One final test fit of all the major components before I blow it apart again:


    Everything fits ok and I’m happy with the overall look - now I get to start prepping some parts for paint and REALLY dig into some of the details.  Got the frame in Bondo already to get it really nice and straight and fix all the little sink marks and imperfections...got some sanding ahead of me 🤪


    More soon!


    1 minute ago, Perspective Customs said:

    Sometimes it's not the car, it's the driver.

    True dat!

    Not totally in the spirit of this thread, but got to ride in, then drive, this thing today:


    SUPER fun!  1000cc twin engine, turbocharged, continuously variable transmission like a snowmobile, adjustable air shocks, super lightweight - total blast to bomb around in!  REALLY quick off the line too - accelerates better than about any fast car I’ve ever driven, or feels like it does anyway...

    Took it across some fields and gravel and bumps and definitely not on the little stretch of highway outside the shop because that probably isn’t allowed.  With the sway bars removed it’ll bring the front wheels off the ground REAL easy if it has a little traction!

  12. I tried again to get setup with an account where I can read their reviews and log in to the forum - didn't have any luck, but I did see a bunch of threads on the forum itself about people struggling to read the online content on there. 

    Didn't seem like they really knew what the issue was or how do fix it - which is unfortunate, because the idea of a kind of 'live' magazine that you read online running alongside the 'real' magazine (giving extra extended reviews, stuff that wouldn't fit in the magazine's limited pagecount etc.) is a really smart one.

    Doesn't work if barely anyone can log in though 😕

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