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  1. That's a great one! I've done that too! In fact, this whole thread is great! I'd love to hear more if anyone has any. I quite like using paperclips for things - theyre great for pinning parts together, making small metal brackets or lines - tonnes of possibilities!
  2. Are there build threads for these Kenn? I'd love to see more of them coming together!
  3. Those are AWESOME! I'd love to see a build thread on both of those!
  4. What a great looking build! I never saw a Cobra wagon before!
  5. This looks great so far - I'll be interested to see how you tackle the suspension and that drop. I wanna see a build thread for the Porsche too!
  6. Great looking build so far! I'll be watching!
  7. Just trying an Alclad experiment - I didnt have any of their enamel base, but tried it over some of the same black lacquer that I painted the res tof the car with - came out great! I chromed the front axle, and the rear leaf - soon as this stuff dries I can get on with chassis assembly. The resin brake drums I'm going to use on the front were hole-ier than a Sunday so I've had to give them some putty but hoepfully I can prime them tomorrow and give them some steel Alclad
  8. What a wonderful tribute - and a great looking build!
  9. Today's haul of painted parts!
  10. And the frame getting some color:
  11. Got some paint laid down today - I'm going for a nice traditional all-black body and frame, black leather interior and a pastel green engine and wheels
  12. GREAT scratchbuilding! Really inspirational!
  13. Slow progress on this one, but after a few mock ups and try-agains I settled on a final design for chassis and I've started laying down some primer ready for paint: I'm going to fill the edges and get it nice and smooth before paint, but I'm just glad to have a rough idea of how this will piece together at least! A lot of the time was spent getting the stance right - I ended up using the stock T leaf spring mated to the modified front axle that came with the option parts in the kit. More (slow) progress as I make it!
  14. Thank you for the great welcome everyone!
  15. CabDriver

    31 Ford

    LOVE this! That color is great on this, and I love the weathering on this!
  16. Is it a mobile display table, that will have more little models on?
  17. What a great start, and beautiful worksmanship so far! I'll be following!
  18. Beautiful scratchbuilding! Got any tips for assembling stuff like that trans tunnel from sheet? Do you leave tabs for the seperate pieces to glue to, or fold them and use less pieces? I'd love to hear more about how you did those
  19. CabDriver

    27 T ?

    I really LOVE Deuces, but I've never really built anything earlier from Henry's range, so I figured a T would be a good place to start filling out my collection of pre-war cars. I picked this kit up on eBay - it's a 2 in 1, but I likely won't use many of the optional parts (they're pretty 70s looking, which is probably appropriate for the age of this kit) I'm gonna go for a loose early 60s look here I guess - no particular direction or concept in mind, just the kinda simply modified look that someone could've built in the 60s without a tonne of aftermarket parts. That said, I wanna get a NICE low stance, get this thing in the weeds within reason too. I wanted to try a suicide style rear end - I'm not sure if it's prototypically correct but I thought it'd be cool to have the leaf spring hanging out of the back of the frame so I 'L'd it (it's not a zee shape!) to help get the back end down to account for the much smaller wheels that I'll be running: These wheels didn't come in the kit but I'm guessing theyre similar era and also AMT judging by the distinctive light blue plastic The rears needed some custom spacers to get the rear axle width right so I used a couple of sizes of styrene rod to make the axle width how I wanted I had a cool drum brake part in my parts box that I kinda liked, but I only had a single one, so I resin cast a couple in a simple putty mold and I'll use those on the front where the brake detail will be a little more visible Quick mock up of the chassis and engine - I wanna go with the stock 4 banger - but maybe warmed up a little somehow? More progress as I make it...excuse the rough mocking up so far but I'm trying to get everything kinda roughed in before starting all the clean up before paint
  20. What a great paintjob! It's really coming together nicely! I'll be following!
  21. CabDriver

    T - Touring

    Oh wow, I LOVE that combination of colours! Great paint too!
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