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  1. Having someone make a vector of your art is absolutely the way to go - I don’t think the original decal manufacturer was at fault here. Supplying an Illustrator file to the printer might be useful too, so they can easily isolate the layers and colors for production purposes
  2. In the second (I think?) film Doc throws a banana skin into the Mr Fusion...but I kind of remember that it only powered the time circuits anyway? What DID power the hover conversion that made the car fly? Intriguing...
  3. Wonder how far the Delorean could fly before needing a Mr Fusion refill?
  4. Just got mine today - super excited to dig into it! Just from a quick glance I’m already impressed at the amount of content in there - reminds me of the good old days of model mags! Will definitely be subscribing!
  5. Good Mail day today! 80 lengths of Styrene bar, some Spazstix to try (hope my Alclad ‘skills’ transfer!) and the new MCM, which looks GREAT from the quick look I’ve had at it
  6. You can order USPS boxes for free from their website to ship in (assuming Pirateship lets you use USPS packaging)
  7. Thanks for the nice comments and ideas everyone! Regarding that tire strap, I’m thinking of making one of these that seem to be popular the last couple of years: More on that when I’ve made a jig to make one (and probably made 20 or so failed attempts ? Back on the slightly easier stuff - I didn’t like the kit headers, so I found some in my parts box and fabricated some little hot rod trumpets ?: Those should work! I wanted to make some door panels that kinda still looked 34-Ford-esque but a little fresh and interesting so I laid out a design using the distinctive round-edged triangle cut-out that the real ones have, but duplicated and rotated to make something a little different - need to do some more on these tomorrow once the laminated pieces set-up fully. I’ve got an idea on an interior colorscheme where there will be a ‘fabric’ insert inside those little triangles. More on that later... And finally for today, picked out a dash - I forget which 1:1 this would be from, but it’s from one of the Revell 32 kits - just getting ready to do some detailing on this, drill out the switches and make some new ones: More soon!
  8. No sir - I’m going to make a little feature of it! That was tonight’s after-dinner project in fact... I wanted to run a spare wheel and tire in the slot there, but I didn’t like the stock bracket that holds them in place. I liked the idea of having some sort of strap to hold it in place though, with a little photo-etched buckle or something and some little metal hold-downs to secure the strap somehow So, drilled a bunch of tiny holes so I could make a little slot in the fender, like so: Made a little filler piece to fill the hole that the mounting bracket would have used, and tomorrow I’ll smooth it all out and get it nice and level. I found this cool textured card in Michael’s - it had an in-scale pattern to it that could simulate some sort of fabric so I’ll use a strip of that to secure the wheel and tire to the fender - should look cool hopefully!
  9. Thank you sir! And thank you too! And thank you as well! Those embossed shapes are actually moulded into the bed already, which makes my job a little easier: Haha! That’s AWESOME! I’ve been messing with getting this thing up on it’s wheels and getting the stance how I wanted it, so I can start going back through and adding some detail before I start shooting some paint. I wanted the nose down a little (a lot), but I didn’t want to mess with the frame or swap out the kit axle. I’d usually just zee the frame, so this is an exercise in creatively using what’s in the box and working around it, a little. Stock axle: Remove spring: Re-attach spring behind axle: This gave me about a 4” scale drop, to where the tires are tight to the inner fenders but it could realistically function...plus it stretches the wheelbase a tiny bit, which I don’t mind: And a check on it’s wheels: It’ll actually sit marginally higher than this at the front but only a tiny bit - the tires are tucked in from stock a little so they could actually steer and not bonk the fenders, and I’d have some clearance for the suspension to work if it were real. You can’t really tell in that mock-up, but the rear axle needed to be narrowed some from stock so those rear wheels and tires would also work in a realistic manner if this was a 1:1 - it’s most noticeable with the fenders off: Next job is going to be getting that engine all cleaned up and prepped, and making sure the kit exhaust setup still works ok now I’ve messed with a bunch of stuff - but I already had to add some 1mm shims to the top of the block to get that upper piece to fit remotely nicely: Looking forward to finishing off ‘loose’ mock-up of all the important parts so I can start going through and doing some of the fun detail stuff! More soon!
  10. Your use of textures is an underappreciated skill on your builds Mark - those latest parts look great!
  11. That's better return on investment than my bank offers! I'm gonna hit Hobby Lobby on the way home to do some more careful investing!
  12. Goes to show how we should be thankful when we can find kits at a decent price...I saw half of those and thought "meh, I can pick one of these up at Hobby Lobby with my coupon for $18" :D. I wouldn't want to pay the prices you're quoting for some of these overseas! A NICE well done new issue kit, sure, but some of these probably have pretty tired tooling and be showing their age by this point...
  13. For anyone looking for a quick and easy place to order this single issue from like I was, Burbank House Of Hobbies has them on eBay (or on their site): https://www.ebay.com/itm/Model-Cars-Magazine-Issue-207/224248732027?_trkparms=aid%3D111001%26algo%3DREC.SEED%26ao%3D1%26asc%3D20180816085401%26meid%3Df2024688822243e0bf3f36d0d9dae9d8%26pid%3D100970%26rk%3D1%26rkt%3D1%26mehot%3Dnone%26sd%3D224248732027%26itm%3D224248732027%26pmt%3D0%26noa%3D1%26pg%3D2380057&_trksid=p2380057.c100970.m5481&_trkparms=pageci%3A99f53a2b-3590-11eb-8565-da24e9585cb4|parentrq%3A29bdcf191760ad33542ef663ffd3aa82|iid%3A1
  14. I figured they were on the shelf with the paint that says “$6.97” under it so they were probably $7 or so (slightly over with tax). I didn’t scan one to see the price though...
  15. Those display cases looked a good deal for $7! Some of those might find their way home with me this weekend I think...
  16. Our local Walmart has a little display with some kits in - not sure if this is a nationwide thing (or if some stores carry them anyway?) but cool to see them stocking some styrene!
  17. I love this thing so much, so much awesomeness! As usual with your builds, I wish I'd thought of it all first
  18. That looks like it was a tedious job Totally worth it though! Looks great!
  19. Agreed! ⬆️ That’d look killer with some multi-strand wire wrapped around it
  20. I’ll give ya three fiddy at the end of the day ?? Outstanding fabrication and execution on this one - really enjoy your projects!!
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