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  1. I entered a few builds in the hot rod category and tried multiple times to even make the page load properly so I could even SEE my entries, let alone vote for them. The page was trying to load maybe 500 images and would always time out for me (on multiple laptops, desktops, iPads and phones that I tried it on). As such, I have no idea if anyone even SAW my builds, or was able to vote for them. I’m happy @TimKustom’s excellent 29 won in the hot rods though! Congrats Tim! Holding out hope I maybe won one of the raffle prizes instead ??
  2. I miss Regular Guy - it was ALWAYS an entertaining thread when he started one
  3. Be nice if they got some more of the Lindberg 37 Fords - missed out on those before!
  4. I've had some parts from them, including their Uncertain T clone body, and have been very happy indeed
  5. I have a mental list of cars I dreamed about that I'm going to build at some point! It's a fairly short list - in the last decade I've only dreamed of a pearl orange 69 Charger, a stock red original version Viper and just last week I 'found' a patina'd old MG sports car that I had just seen mentioned in Road and Track...in my dream I found the body and fenders sitting next to a dumpster waiting to be hauled off and I decided they needed to come home with me
  6. What a wonderful tribute to your friend Tim, I loved reading the story behind it! It's a stunning model, beautifully detailed and also beautifully intentioned. I'm sure he loves what you did with it! You did a great job on restoring/finishing it off!
  7. Oh WOW! I don’t have anything much to add that hadn’t been said already, but builds like this are inspiring, humbling and make me want to push myself harder to get this good! OUTSTANDING work - thank you for sharing!!!
  8. I think I picked up the Gunze version once, trying to save a few bucks compared to buying the Tamiya kit...I think my version came with rubber seats for some reason. I like the race version of this car that Tamiya put out too - I'd like to pick up both of those. They're definitely gaining value it seems like...
  9. The white wheel and gauge surround in the black one is cool though (I realize I’m not helping ?)
  10. I’d go for the tan if it were mine...the interior is so tiny that it’ll be hard to see if it’s black and all the nice clean work you always do will be less eye catching. That said, I like the black too ??
  11. Huh, interesting! I like how Tamiya handled that on both of those kits, it makes what would be a fiddly tricky part of the build into a much more enjoyable one. Thanks for the insight!
  12. Looking great, so far! I've been wanting to pick one of these up! Ohh, what did they do with the tooling that was clever?
  13. I've wanted to build one of these forever - love these little cars! I'll be watching!
  14. I enjoyed the Impala part of this project, but I'm REALLY excited to see the Vette part! ?
  15. @traditional - the flames on that burgundy car are INCREDIBLE! How did you achieve the white pinstriped edge? Looks PERFECT! Some great builds in this thread! A tonne of eye candy!
  16. This week’s cool (ish) sightings... This drove past our house - sounded healthy! I’m a simple guy - I see a Miata and I take photos like it’s a Ferrari 250GTO that I just spotted ? Never saw that plaid trim on the doors on one though, I assume that’s aftermarket And some high quality Hoosier parking that amused me Coloring inside the lines is hard ?
  17. That’s also how you get an old rare kit that you’ve wanted forever reissued ??
  18. I don’t even want the pickup particularly, but I want the carts! ?. Guess that’s why they include them...
  19. Huh! Mine has got four of those on the shelves but I haven’t seen an Impala yet ?
  20. That’s a GREAT looking build - I love the olive accents especially, those really make the colorscheme for me @Dennis Lacy
  21. So many amazing builds in this thread! Just finished this gluebomb “rescue”:
  22. I’d been wanted to build an AMT/Lindberg 34 Ford for a while, and also on my list of to-builds this year was something patina’d and some sort of hot rod shop truck. So, killed three birds at once and built this! ? Used a eBay gluebomber as a starting point, and tried to stick mostly to the stock variation of the kit’s building options, but with some little extras for my own amusement. Did a bunch of weathering with pastels and watercolors along with the salt technique for almost all the painted bits, built some better detailed interior parts, made a replacement bed from NYPD traffic barriers (an easy to find source of ‘free’ wood in NYC) and did a couple of little tweaks to the overall look to get what I had in mind for this one. Super fun build - just thinking of starting another variation on this kit, in fact...but man was my bench a mess after this was finished ? Thanks for looking!
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