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  1. There was a bunch of discussion about this on the Ollie’s thread when they had stock of these recently - if you ordered from Amazon it might well have just been a seller who had bought a bunch of them from Ollie’s and resold on Amazon.
  2. Absolutely! And actually, the weird mix of skills that helps me with my job actually came mostly FROM modelling! Working with architectural and engineering plans I use scaling every day, knowing how to paint is useful, knowing how to cut vinyl and some knowledge of glues and soldering, LEDs, all kinds of stuff - and on the best days I get to design something in scale and see it blown up to real life size! The ultimate modeller’s job! 😍
  3. I've had 2 of those do the exact same thing. Seems like these kit's chrome parts don't have the yellow-y lacquer basecoat under the chrome that we often see...not sure if that's relevant or related...
  4. That caught me out too - I was like "what on earth is a Camaro Yenko Delivery?!" Needs an Oxford comma, or the German equivalent
  5. I never get to talk about this stuff on here because it's usually not relevant to the discussion My ears (eyes) perked up when I saw mention of that Roland VS tho! Most of what I do (without giving too much away or boring anyone) involves nationwide rebranding for large companies - and they typically want the, say, green color on their signs to look the same as the green on their vehicles to look the same as the green on their business cards. Can be a challenge making, say, a lit up sign displayed 40 feet up in the air look the exact right shade of green all day long regardless of light levels, illuminate correctly (which is where printing ultra-thin layers of ink often comes in) and be designed in such a way that it's actually feasible to make it. Ditto, doing an entire rebrand for a company with 5000 vehicles where they want the color of the driver's shirts to match the glossy paint on the truck to match the area manager's business cards. I'm much more involved in the design side of this stuff, but I have to know a bit of everything to make sure I can actually make a color palette work across a bunch of mediums - plastic bags, shirts, a truck, a billboard sign, painted fixtures at a building....or even a sheet of decals
  6. I've been saying to my wife since March that I'm surprised Apple didn't add an iOS update that could compensate for a mask being worn whilst out in public and still allow the phone to be unlocked by the right person (but not the wrong person).
  7. Yeah, I get it - much like the Tampo printing you see on a Hot Wheels. And yes, exactly that, you need to do some thorough cleaning on ANY machine or be prepared to switch parts if you're switching out colors and getting away from the standard CMYK setup. Totally doable though. The Pantone matching in Roland's Versaworks works great for almost all but the pickiest client with the hardest to match color - there's some shades that are just hard to match 100% without mixing something from scratch. Some greens and oranges, for example, or certain purple tones - but 99.99% of the time you'll be able to get really close on these new machines. A lot of the design work I do for bigger clients requires the minimum thickness of ink to be applied to whatever the surface is, and usually to very specific color requirements - can be challenging!
  8. The model that one particular vendor mentioned can run custom mixed ink, so you actually wouldn't get any dot pattern of mixing of colors assuming you get the right color ink from the get-go and tell the machine to run that color. Just the same as buying the right color paint to paint something! The Roland Color Library system would almost certainly match any color that one had a Pantone code for though I haven't really noticed the print on these solvent ink Rolands to be any thicker than any other method of printing - although your mileage may vary depending on the inks used, ink build settings etc.
  9. Oh really? That's a bummer - I expected it to probably be delayed somewhat what with all the 'rona stuff but I hadn't read anything to suggest it was unlikely to be re-released. What did you hear?
  10. No sign of the 30 Ford...or is this list just what the German arm of Revell is releasing?
  11. ALPs printers are maybe 16" wide (at least, the one I had) and use dry ink applied from a cartridge - almost like those correction tape dispensers you can get at Staples. They also run off a serial port and can be difficult to get to run on modern operating systems. Not impossible, but you need to know how to get them to work. As such, a smart decal printer will be using something more modern where you can get supplies off the shelf and run on any recent-ish laptop or desktop machine. That Roland printer is a commercial grade machine that sits about 5' wide and 4' high and costs anywhere up to $15k when new. It uses solvent ink, which is actually closer to paint in terms of how it works than regular ink...it definitely can print white, and do a nice job of it. Ditto silver, ditto gold. Ditto, actually, any color you can get a Pantone code for or a color match for - the machine will figure out the colors for you if they're in the document you supply the printer, but you can also have custom ink mixed to match about any color imaginable and have it use that instead. I have used both, and the Roland machine will definitely be able to provide what you need, assuming you can arrange for the art to be in the correct format. A bitmap, Microsoft Paint file or anything other than a vector will NOT work for this machine, because of the way the Roland software prints.
  12. I use those a lot - and if you have one of the rotating Tamiya paint stands, they fit in the slots on there perfectly to hold the parts
  13. Ohh, this’ll be a cool one! Watching! 🥸
  14. Yeah, the aluminum brace! They still have a version of that on the current model too, I believe. Guess it stops too much flex and twist in the frame and body. Haha! It is pretty close! 😂 Thanks Dann! A little more progress today, after letting the enamel gloss harden up - polishing day! Got the clear fairly smooth and glossy from the get-go, but not to the standard I was happy with: After polishing cloths but before polishing compounds - time for some Novus! And some elbow-grease later... As usual when I’m polishing, I’ll let it sit overnight and give it some more attention tomorrow with fresh eyes (and daylight) - but it’s looking ok I think! More soon! IMG_2809.MP4
  15. Hobby Lobby seems to have stock of the Revell 29s again, so picked up a couple of those and some paint I’d been wanting to try
  16. It is available in the UK: https://www.modelcarsmag.com/subscribe/
  17. Tried out Spazstix chrome for the first time - didn’t get it quite as chrome-y as I can usually get Alclad, but it does lay down nice!
  18. I love it! Super clean, and the colors are great! Looks good with the chopped bed too!
  19. Having someone make a vector of your art is absolutely the way to go - I don’t think the original decal manufacturer was at fault here. Supplying an Illustrator file to the printer might be useful too, so they can easily isolate the layers and colors for production purposes
  20. In the second (I think?) film Doc throws a banana skin into the Mr Fusion...but I kind of remember that it only powered the time circuits anyway? What DID power the hover conversion that made the car fly? Intriguing...
  21. Wonder how far the Delorean could fly before needing a Mr Fusion refill?
  22. Just got mine today - super excited to dig into it! Just from a quick glance I’m already impressed at the amount of content in there - reminds me of the good old days of model mags! Will definitely be subscribing!
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