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  1. Join the party Dave! Only a small update, but I got the paint on, ready for the graphics!
  2. What a great build! Love the weathering, and it's beautifully built!
  3. Looks GREAT! What a cool idea! Is the rear end a lot wider than the body currently?
  4. Successfully got the first color down! Went with Tamiya Racing White, which is actually a nice creamy colored off-white I'll let that set up, then I'll be masking the bottom half to make the top half a nice strawberry ice cream kinda pink shade, before a single coat of clear to protect them both and then I can airbrush the letting I have planned on the sides. Meanwhile, I can get started on the engine - this is the same shade as the upper part of the body will be
  5. Made a headliner this morning - it wont really be visible when this thing's assembled anyway, but I couldnt stand all the nasty ejector pin marks in the roof Then I laid some silver inside the body, asked the inside and got some primer down. First colour coat next! I'd usually do the body last, but because I'm doing a two tone paintjob and I'll be doing some graphics after that I'll lose a few days letting this thing dry before I can do the next part so I'm getting a jump on that now
  6. Roughly - I'm going to build it pretty much as per the instructions, just with some accessories! Ding ding ding! We have a winner! It's gonna be an ice cream truck!!! I'm going to find room in the back for an ice cream machine and two tone it in suitable pastel-ly ice cream truck colours with some vintage looking dragster style signwriting down the sides
  7. Oh wow! Someone sure does like cuttin' stuff up huh?
  8. I think those wheels look great, actually! This thing's really coming together!
  9. I'm thinking two tone, retro colors with some cool vintage airbrushed lettering on the sides...I'm excited to get it in paint so I'm trying to get the external bits all mocked up so I can get it in primer and start getting some color on there!
  10. Welcome Chris! Looks ok so far - just needs a little more to smooth out those little blemishes and you'll be about there, it looks like! It'd be cool to see a mock up of what you're building there if you have one already!
  11. That's one stunning Porsche Dale! Beautiful colour and immaculately put together so far - good luck with that tricky masking! Looks amazing so far tho!
  12. Next up, I needed to install the front glass to see how that was gonna work out - the fit feels a little vague at best, so I added some small diameter styrene bar to help locate the glass better - I may devise a little clamp to help hold the bottom in place too Next up, I wanted some melting dripping looking sun visors for the interior, so I cut a couple from some thin styrene sheet, made some wire mounts for them, glued it in place and made a couple of locator holes in the top of the body Anyone got any guesses on what I'm building here? I have a 'contraption' to make and install in the back of the bus along with some other thingies and doodads, but I may need to assemble the engine to see how much room I have to play with before I can get too far with that...
  13. The wheel arches would probably need some work too - especially the back one which is opened out. Anyhoo, I'd been waiting for some paint and plasticard to arrive so I could start on this properly and it finally turned up. First order of business, add a melty VW badge to the front ... ...and scratchbuild a licenceplate and surround for the back. I'm going to leave the roof off the body for the moment (it's a seperate piece that allows you to build a pickup I guess) but it will be attached permanently before paint.
  14. Thanks for the heads up on this Cameron - what an amazing build!! Beautiful craftsmanship
  15. Cant wait to see more Anthony! Are you gonna make it it's own build thread? It'd be cool to see THREE DBB's in the 'On The Workbench' section
  16. That's amazing! I wonder how long it will take for someone to figure out how to print out stuff other than what's in the app? I'd buy one in a shot if I could print parts that I could actually use!
  17. Mine too! A fun subject with some GREAT building techniques and a tonne of cool ideas! 10/10 for this thread so far!
  18. Certainly seems like there's a lot of these fun little kits being built lately - mine arrived today! I'm building this for the Beetle Bus CBP - http://www.modelcarsmag.com/forums/topic/116537-der-beetle-bus-build-off/#comment-1694667 I've got a concept in mind for this project - I wont say what it is right away, lets see if anyone can guess it. Not much progress yet, only got a few minutes to mock it up real quick after work, but this is gonna be a mainly box stock build with some scratchbuilding required to get it to where I want it... If anyone else has got a DBB, lets see it! It'd be fun to get a bunch of them in the build off that Disconovaman started!
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