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  1. These are all over in the rivers near where I am. This was done well into the 70's around these parts. They are just car bodies, drive lines and interiors were mostly removed.
  2. I have never done water before! This is my first time pouring resin and doing waves or highlights. I added a few more details. I am calling this one completely DONE. It is sitting on my desk now. More PICTURES HERE
  3. Part 5 and the final part. I will post nice high quality pictures here when I get around to taking some. For now you can see how I did the highlights and added some unique details that will keep you staring at it for hours.
  4. I should have started this thread earlier, but just thought of it now after I am over half way through the build. Here is the progress that I have been making. I have been live streaming the build so people can easily follow along if they like. Here is the inspiration Here is what I started with. Moving along with some plaster. Doing the pour of the resin Adding some landscaping just before the water highlights.
  5. I agree. I used this kit for my build of my replica of my real T600. And yes this kit was hard and fitment was not great even though I did some mods to mine. I think box stock it would be hard to get it to look good, especially that aero sleeper. I hated the box stock wheels. Mine
  6. A little update, this project is evolving to tell a story, or memories perhaps. Putting a memory into a tangible thing. I added a motorcycle, the the exact correct make/model, but it will do the job to convey the story. Video to come! More pictures HERE
  7. I forgot to even make a build thread so here are a few in-progress pics and then the final. I also have a video of the entire build so you can see how I did it. There are also archived live stream videos if you have 5+ hours to waste. Replicating a pickup a friend of mine had in high school so when I saw the Revell Datsun 720 offroad pickup kit I knew what I had to do. The only reference of it is memory and this old VHS video. Below will be pictures that will set up the scope of the project. Full write up here. and more pictures The air cleaner is off the carburetor on purpose. (its an inside joke)
  8. I love the camera detail. Most would probably miss that. I did something a bit similar a long while back, not as detailed, mostly because I was using left over stuff from what I had on a whim. I wanted to replicate a landing. https://www.thejunkmanadv.com/the-junk-mans-blog/dukes-of-hazzard-behind-the-scenes
  9. I did some fixing to my old toy backhoe to put it back into service for play for my son. This is not a full restoration, just fixing all the broken parts.
  10. The project is finished. The video is posted.
  11. Not a 50's-60's car but I did a Vista Cruiser from "That 70s' Show" from a Matchbox car
  12. At it again with another restoration. This time a vintage 70's Tonka Forklift. This one is pretty rough. More Forklift pictures here.
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