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  1. One summer I helped a man put his 40 Ford deluxe woody back together. Not sure why it was apart, but at the end of the summer got to go for a ride in a car I helped to rebuild, a proud moment in a boy's life. Thanks for helping me to find that memory! Always learn when watching your builds, keep up the great work Sir. Jonathan
  2. Not to sound like McDonalds but…I'm loven it. I like the IH tractor, got to get some for my self.
  3. Amazing Chevy, love the working lights, bow tie base and goat (GTO) not bad eaten.
  4. Looken good Sir. Sorry to hear about the small tank. Praying for the flooding stop for y'all, but also for rain here in CA.
  5. Wow incredable, great work!
  6. Very cool, I'll be looking for a kit for myself.
  7. Had a teacher who drove a black 88. That car always impressed, had a lot of get up and go.
  8. That is awesome, paint job is beautiful. I like the front end on the E320.
  9. Great beastly rig. Your pics might show more detail if your rig wasn't back lit. Try more than one light (3 is best), have the light beside you or window behind you as you take the pic. Not a criticism I had this problem also as Humboldt CA is not known for its sun. Just trying to help. I enjoyed your w900 make me want to do one for my next build.
  10. Charles I hope you won't mind but I showed you pictures to a CAL FIRE wild land fire suppression team I am working with. They were ALL very impressed, and the older guys all had stories of driving rigs like yours. I am sorry that you couldn't hear their kind words, "incredible", "impressive", "a beaut", "exciting", "legendary". It's been 3 hours and every one is still talking about it. Just thought you should know you've made a lot had working people happy, a bright point in a rough day. Again I really hope you do no mind, If you do I offer my sincerest apology as I meant no harm. Jonathan W
  11. Dusty dirty and awesome. Looks like its been on the road for decades, Great job. Love the winch crane and wood decking. I want do drive this rig!
  12. Looks great with the trailer. Nice work!
  13. Great build Sir. Trailer looks amazing inside and out.
  14. That came out great. I'll say this again - got to love a COE!
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