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  1. JT, no matter what color you do it in, the simba will be large and in charge. Will follow this, Sir
  2. You made that look easy. great build, thanks for sharing.
  3. Looks good. I'll be watching, got to love a COE!
  4. Neet project. Is the ramp bed metal?
  5. Whata wagon, its awesome. And you got one of those tiny boxes, cool.
  6. I do agree, black is much better. It allows you to see the whole car, before my eye was drawn to the bright red interior. Good eye, great car.
  7. Good looken combo you got. I also dig those colors, but will move my own thing thank you.
  8. How big? What do you have going? Do you have a reference pic for people to look at? Something you'd like to shoot for? Or you could listen to JT.
  9. wow man I had to read though this twice. Very cool Idea and inspiration. Impressive.
  10. You did an amazing job with spare part and I like the color.
  11. Good looken engine, I really like the red wiring.
  12. Great paint job, color deep red with the blue tinted windows is great.
  13. Roger that….Just didn't want any misunderstandings. Not condoning violence. ; ) Semper fidelis
  14. Awesome, pretty in pink. And with two hoods? wow, I guess a lady needs more than one dress. ( or so I'm told ) Great work!
  15. It took no time at all for you to imagine your gate and to get it built ( Idea to fruition ). Truly impressive. Your gate came out clean, smooth and functional. Can't wait to see your roof for the trailer. "Stay low, go slow. Kill first. die last. One shot, one kill. No luck, all skill!" I'l break that down for you, move carefully, Think clearly, be precise, all skill. Nice skills, Great work.
  16. Looks awesome JT, alway learn a lot watching you build. Thanks for the in progress pic. Great work!
  17. JT, are you going to make the elevator/lift gate fully articulating or fixed? (articulating) You might try a pole and tube support for gate with a sliding anchor point on the trailer. pole and tube work like an air piston and sliding anchor points would allow gate to open, close or move up and down for stacking trailer. I have followed your work I know you can do this. Still if you think a prayer will help , you got it.
  18. Wow if I saw the on the highway I'd follow it anywhere it went. Neat theme, great skills, Awesome Build!
  19. Wow, Nice project. Looks like lots of alternative engineering went in to the original truck, should be fun to scale down. Thanks for sharing and good luck to you Sir.
  20. Good looken rig you got there. can't wait to do one of those trailers my self. Truckers here in northern California will carry an axe a shovel and tons of extra chain on the back of their rigs. Also one or two giant logs. Sorry I just love logging equipment all the way back to the team of horses with skid tongs pulling log out of the forest. Anyway Good looken rig.
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