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  1. Great.

    Is Mike Finnegan some kind of rock star?  lol. Maybe an Irish.....wait a minute, I just googled the name.  OK, a hot rod guy.

    Geez, I'm so old and uninformed it makes others sick.  Me lady still loves me though....

    My view is, this thread sucks, and I don't get it at all.

    What kind of a model is this supposed to be?

    Someone later on posted pics of a possible rendition, thanks for this entry.  The car is actually interesting, my opinion.

    So Joseph, what's going on dude?

    Mike Finnegan and David Freiburger host a TV show called Roadkill. They both work for Hot Rod magazine and Motor trend.  The show is my favorite, these guys do things to cars that I thought only I did (put a Chevy 4.3L V6 boosted by a Ford Powerstroke diesel turbocharger in a Datsun Z).  You can see them on Netflix season 1 only and all episodes are on youtube. If your into cars at all, Watch them! I've included the link to the youtube page, its a list of all the episodes.



    Finnegan's 55 Chevy is a rusted out body with a gasser chassis, fiberglass hood and a big old Hemi. Finnegan first saw a car like this in a movie called "2 lane blacktop" from 1971. I'm sure we've all seen it.

    Joseph I love this car and have plan to make my own. I hope to do the Blasthemi before paint or fiberglass hood. (Sorry pic of a pic.)

    Just awesome work keep it going!


    Again great work on the car.


  2. AMT 53 Corvette, man that thing kick my butt up and down the work bench. I'm not accustomed to that kind of beating, so it sits on a shelf watching my every move like a vulture. 

    I was quitting smoking and trying the patch for the first time. I ended up using a heavier dose patch after running out of the 7mg ones. went out to work on the 53 and nothing fit parts were way to hard to put in. For some reason I chopped the front fenders off, maybe in some hallucination I thought it looked good. I ended up a green pile of goo on the floor; I was ODing on nicotine patch. After clearing my head for a few I got back to the 53, What a mess! I did my best to clean it up but chopping those fenders off was just wrong, still dont know what I was thinking. It does look like i need new carbs:o

    I do not smoke any more and only chop off fenders as last resort.:rolleyes: The Vulture is my nemesis, a reminder and a prize all in one. kind of a love hate thing. Now i do know know it was the patch that kick my A but at the time the 53 was what stood out.

    I too have tried my hand at several Nomads and have never been happy with them, so unhappy with them I'm not sure what Ive done with them. I would guess trashcan.



  3. Ford C600 Tilt-cab flatbed dump, 534 high performance big block, ( I do know that's not a thing ) quad carb Latham blower with exhaust port headers. It pulls the Super wagon (also not a thing) power assist remote operated triple carb straight 6.

    As a child I was surrounded by large industrial machinery; my father worked for Chevron at the refinery in Richmond. I loved to sit and watch the big trucks go by, all pretty in their powder coat paint. I truly enjoyed the single use vehicle made out of spare parts. The refinery had large trucks moving in and out all day, Trains with freight coming and going, Tanker ships docking in the bay and the biggest playground in Richmond. the playground has play equipment that would be to dangerous for kids today, but it was all painted in the same powder coat as everything else in the refinery. That place had it all and on a clear night you could sit and watch the refinery burn off unplanned over-pressuring in the flarestack, think huge flame thrower.

    I've had a box of c600 parts laying around for a year or so. A month ago I sent someone a front bumper out of that box and while digging around I added up all the part and thought I might have a full truck. But I needed exhaust, intake, valve covers and one frame rail was shorter than the other.

    Digging in the Ford parts I found a set of model T valve covers, I think the blower and headers came from the same kit. AMT tall T.  The wagons I6 came out of the parts box too. The Idea came from my power assist walk behind mower and the scissor lift at work. I guess it looks like a giant Radio Flyer.

    This was all in fun and straight out of the parts box. I do have pics of the build and can tell you which kit each part started in, if y'all want that info.

    Thanks for checking out the Ford C600, let me know what y'all think.



  4. The most recent re-issue (2013) was again slightly modified this time building a police version of the Expedition........ Leaving out the police equipment this would build into a mostly stock Ford Expedition, the grill lights are of a style that could be passed off as aftermarket fog lights.

    I do agree did one like that with hood scoop and fender exhaust ports.


  5. The wife said her 2002 ford focus was acting funny. " Vibrates when foot on brake pedal and in R or D. I went out and poked around for a while.

    I found that the motor mounts were broken, causing the vibration.IMG_1093.thumb.JPG.be419fd9eb200de8ef614

    I also found that the transaxle mount to still be in good working order. picked up 2 new mounts. to remove the passenger side mount I had to remove the timing belt cover. Local service shop did the timing belt 3 weeks ago. when looking at the cover I saw where they broke it and then tried to cover/fix it with superglue. but superglue makes fume burns on hard black plastic that show up white. some one tried to cover the burn marks with dark grease. never said a thing when the wife picked it up.


    after replacing the mounts (yes I did them in the driveway) I took a test drive and found the brakes were awful. took it home and replaced the front brake pads, much better now.

    When I removed the front drivers wheel I was shocked, the sway bar link was not attached at the sway bar and the struts were dead.


    took my 3rd trip to Oreilys auto parts, nice friendly people. picked up 2 new sway bar links and a pair of struts. Once again I made a mess in the driveway, but now the car is "like" new and my wife was happy and I still have a Sunday to my self.  Total cost $235.00 + blood and sweat. You ask - Why does this make me happy? It's because the wife was pushing for a new car at $17,000. But shes happy with the focus, and that is what pleased me today.


    I think its a pretty little thing.


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