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  1. It got so bad at my house, I changed all billing adresses to my work adress. I receive every thing now and all in one piece. No more of this. Cujo?
  2. I really like the blue grille letter. Reminds me of the American flag grille letter decals.
  3. If its metal and a kit I would ask/PM AzTom. He has been my best resource.
  4. Thats awesome, great job! I had a hard time getting the tires to seat properly on the hub, His tires look 100%. Thanks for sharing.
  5. Cant wait! I'm always a fan of red, white and blue truck. Mighty fine work on this snapper. I always learn alot while watching your workbench, thanks.
  6. National lampoon's vacation, Griswold's wagon queen family truckster station wagon (Ford LTD) By George Barris. One of my favorites. But I'm a sucker for a longroof.
  7. That great, a lot of folks in Humboldt try to paint there trucks like yours. They often fail were you have succeeded.
  8. The diameter measurement of the Chevy Van rally wheels, 11/16..0.6875 Hope this helps.
  9. Very awesome and appropriate on National Fallen Firefighters Memorial Service Day.
  10. Yes I asked $$$ , It was sold to a collector by my uncle. The money went to the VA.
  11. hope you find the front axle, at least you have this post as blue print if you have to make a new one.
  12. Tom, Thats it. Reminded me of a monster as a kid. His was a bit rougher looking. Jonathan
  13. Yes thats a Fiero with bike on the back.
  14. Wow Awesome, Steering wheel looks great. My grandfather had a steel wheel Massey-Harris GP. He called it Massey grey. Loved that thing, not sure what happened to it when he past.
  15. A pony you say. Belongs to a buddy, like you he wants his for show.
  16. So it looks like just one cross member. That pic looks just like what I've got on the C600 only it says "2 middle cross members". This is good to know I have 4 more in my stash and would like to do something different. Thanks Aaron for asking the Q and thanks Todd for the A.
  17. Ok I too thought I would find it somewhere. NOPE. I did find the C600 Mail tractor trailer instructions, http://www.round2models.com/files/instructions/amt804.pdf . It's not the C900 and is still a little vauge on the 5th wheel but does show chassis cross members for a tractor.
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