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  1. I don't have the C900, I do have the C600. I don't think they are the same. 600 looks longer http://www.modelcarsmag.com/forums/topic/103705-clarification-amt-c-series-fords/?do=findComment&comment=1460727 I do belive you have seen this post. Looks like you might want to see if Chuck Most has the info you seek. If you want the 600 info let me now. Jonathan
  2. Don't have dynamite, got a bunch M80s. M80s might take some time. Have an old water softener, poorer the salt in the hole in the stump. Really need to rent a stump chipper. Don't want the stump's roots to rot, could spread to the new trees that were just planted to replace the eucalyptus.
  3. Yes Sir, long be for Nike said it my Father and Mother would look deep into you and say " Just do it " also a Navy phrase. That is how I got where I am, never say no to job others dislike or won't do. Top trees, dig out septic systems, tan a hide, tare out 40 years of ivy, replace fog lamps on cell and radio towers, ect. Get the job done, do it right the first time and take pride in your work. I was once known as JD - Jonny dangerous. Also some good Jamaican yardy music helps. Jonathan
  4. Well done Sir. Great work start to finish. The stake bed is amazing, the crane looks ready to reach out and grab you and the use of the V10 to power it is all so awesome. Jonathan
  5. Wake the town and tell the people, 'bout this musical Knowledge coming your way! YES as an Eighties Ska bassist, Prince buster was the sound I tried for. Jonathan JB we know that the Q is relative, A hit to WHO or on what countries chart ( that, which populous didn't know were covers) WE could play -Hit Jamaican songs that are actually covers (that nobody knows are covers) And yes Sir Paul did a cover in 85 I think
  6. Cant tell you which is best, but I have done the Tamiya Morris Mini 1275s rally, twice. Great build, goes together well, bunch of extra goodies and FUN. Even gave one a plow! http://www.modelcarsmag.com/forums/topic/103068-tracked-mini-plow/?do=findComment&comment=1447345 Jonathan
  7. I'm sure this should be under "all the rest". I belive it will get the most attention here and receive the most help. As it's Missusedamame first and second post I'd hope we all could be a little understanding. I'm sure that when a MOD reads it, they will move it if they want to.
  8. Congrats JT, Think I saw two finishes? Nice work Sir. Jonathan
  9. A friends kid is into Thomas as well. Asked him if I could look at them. He pulled them all out for me. The Gordon I looked over had 4 philips head screws, if removed it there are small parts ready to spill all over. (again take pics) It was at the point that the children watching became concerned, so I put Gordon back together. From what I have seen the toy has some nice strait lines and if you only want to redo the body you could, tape off wheel area and the start lever at the top, spray primer and paint then detail as wanted. I use krylon or rustoleum, paint and primer in ONE! My mother used to do things like this for us, I learned so much watching her. She always told us to respect thing for what they are and to see thing for all that they can be. Jonathan
  10. Happy Birthday Sir. Enjoy your day! Enjoying your progress, thanks for the updates.
  11. I do agree with all the others. I would suggest taking lots of pics before doing any more. does make rebuilding easier.
  12. Cobraman are all 650 Car? or do you have the matchbox Big Bull Bulldozer? It says that it has a Cobra engine, really, says so on the valve covers. Im sure there are nicer ones out there but this was given to me years ago and it was played with hard. best pic I have of it, sure it comes up if googled
  13. Just ordered the Del Rio, I want to make the police option. I have a friend in the Rio Dell CA police department. A Rio Dell PD Del Rio. I'll be watching. Jonathan
  14. I found most of a similar kit by MPC at a garage sale. Missing all the guns, but thats ok. Could make some sort of CJ. Loved watching Rat Patrol as a kid.https://youtu.be/YxcmDCo9LLI
  15. Paul your work is great. I had this truck in my parts box and finally but it together, but had used lots of it for other builds. what I started with looks like the parts your using for the wrecker. A little deja vu 'ish. http://www.modelcarsmag.com/forums/topic/103938-41-chevy/?do=findComment&comment=1465372though I thinks your looks better executed. I'll be watching. Jonathan
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