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  1. Ya some pics are blurry, but I get what you are showing by the captions you've give. Great work, keep it up! Jonathan
  2. The Van Duzen went under ground, again
  3. Awesome work on KITT and nice use of Cat. Kitt-Cat . Looks like a ferocious feline, mine likes to take the chrome bits and hide them. Great weathering, keep it up! Jonathan
  4. Looks interesting, I'll be watching.
  5. I have always liked the power wagon. The Intrepid Fallen Heroes Fund is a great organization that does important work.
  6. Awesome. I love a COE and growing up all cars my parents bought were Volvo. Well done Radomir and thank you Pavel for sharing this build.
  7. Ya man, check youtube for a video "Overland Train - LeTourneau - World’s Longest Off Road Vehicle" . The wife said it reminds her of the lumber machines in the movie ferngully . I know of at least two models - high cab- and -low cab-, and I've seen it in the orange and a yellow.
  8. It does look outer spacy! I will pick one or two up. Sorry I guess I jumped to conclusions and let my anxieties take over. Thanks for the info and the swift kick in the right direction. Jonathan
  9. Gator, Sir your work is great. Thanks for sharing this IH with us. I have come to rely on your wisdom, insight and experience you offer. This is the first of your builds I've seen. Very inspiring, I love the "worked hard put away wet" look. I could go on and on about what I like on this build of yours. Instead I would like to thank you -again- for your help and inspiration. Semper Fidelis, Jonathan
  10. Looks like a good Sunday project. It does look as though you had shave some pieces down (metal flakes). Is this typical for the Metal works models? I never done one, but I do see them for sale. I don't buy them cause I don't know what I'm getting into. Thanks for sharing. Jonathan
  11. Looks like fun in the sun! Happy sunny summer Friday. Jonathan
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