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  1. Which engine does JoHan's S/C Rambler have? I think I remember reading that it had the older Nash-based engine (incorrect for a '69 S/C).
  2. '66 Satellite for Revells '67 GTX Stock '51 Mercury for AMT's '49 '67- '73 Valiant 2 or 4 door sedan for AMT's Duster '80-'89 Dodge Diplomat 4 door sedan conversions for... just about anything: Revell 68/69 Dart AMT 66 Nova AMT 68-70 Mopar B bodies AMT or Revell 68-72 Novas AMT 58 Chevy Revell 59-60 Chevies AMT 66-67 Fairlanes and Comets....... That list could go on and on. Just don't forget that a lot of sedans and have different (taller) windshields and roofs than their coupe/hardtop counterparts.
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